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19:36 [IRCNet] [muzzy] more bugs in irssi, apparently the new version: foo splits out,
bar joins, bar changes his nick to foo, foo splits again ->
Glib warning "is already in split list (how?)" .. :)
22:51 [IRCNet] [zhafte] irssi bugs if you put ACT to the right, or maybe it is my terminal?
22:52 [IRCNet] [zhafte] the numbers tend to go on top of eachother
02:46 <@fuchs> cras, /server foonet.foo.xy and (recognizing it doesn't connect
fast enough), and so doing /server barnet.foo.xy (both in the
same chatnet) makes irssi joining the net but not rejoining the
21:55 <@L> 17:04.11 <L> /eval /last quit;/clear;/sb goto 10:00;/last -clear;/sb end
21:55 <@L> 17:04.27 <L> wait after it scrolls and press page up :)
21:55 <@L> 17:04.48 <L> oh, you can make Irssi behave correctly with /clear
20:45 < Juerd> 19:44 -!- Irssi: critical file channels.c: line 122
(channel_find): assertion
20:45 < Juerd> `name != NULL' failed.
20:45 < Juerd> this happens three times
20:46 < Juerd> and it happens in a _query_
20:47 <@Juerd> cras: for some reason irssi doesn't know this happens in a
query, and displays "< Juerd:> foo" in the status window
04.06.2002 08:54 #irssi: <@Garion> cras: i've seen it several times now - a
line of 79 or 80 chars (my win is 80 wide)
which has an empty line below it, and that
line is not refreshed when I switch to the
window with that line in it, thus keeping 1
line from the old window in the current
window. Very confusing
16:39 <@Qrczak> cras: I'm not sure how exactly to reproduce it but it happens
often. When I jump to the window with a query using Alt-a
(after the other person said something), and close the window
(being brought to the last used window), and don't switch
windows, and then that person says something again, I'm brought
to the new query window automatically (that's of course bad).
- import libsoup GnuTLS driver
- lastlog, ignore, hilight and sb levelclear take a list of levels
argument in different ways, a uniform way would be better.
- /exec - -out cat file does not send the whole file
- %n%_ won't show at lastlog..
- use_status_window, use_msgs_window should work instantly..
- /set show_server_tags or something to always show (combine with hide_server_tagsin ?)..
- /SBAR topic placement bottom won't work??..
- /op * complaining could be better than "not a good idea"..
- how did tab completion complete your own nick..?
- /win hide could work even though there are sticky things in that window..
- /window server -sticky windows doesn't always realize when a server connects?..
- tab completion doesn't work properly if I add utf8 things?..
- utf8-texts tend to bug in statusbar (prompt)..
- if /set reuse_unused_windows off, and the window seems to be empty,
and there would be only one of them it could still be used (?)..
- /foreach server /disconnect $tag n8 does not work
- /whowas server nick does not work
- /msg nick@server or nick%host is fully treated as nickname (log, query)
- max_whois won't stay with reconnects?
- separate format for privmsg/notice massmessages (anything non-yournick)
- set TOS field for all connections (DCC especially)
- "show statusbar in empty windows" flag?
- statusbar_item_redraw() should just set the size as dirty and calculate
it only when really needed.
- possible to cache sbar_item->size when nothing else has changed in sbar?
ie. mostly when redrawing.
- /msg @#chan<tab>
- /SB GOTO -<days> <ts>
- /query -immortal so autoclose_query wouldn't touch them
- autoclose_query is also closing (and finishing) dcc chats (bug #59 ?)
- write about %[-s] etc. to default.theme
- away handling is a bit buggy. you do /away;/away reason, irssi remembers
the away reason only until it receives "you're no longer away" from the
first command.. setting it back to away has then lost the reason.
- nick_ nick- _nick nick2 nick3 ...
- /SAVE -all?
- /STATUSBAR xx ENABLE|DISABLE recreates all statusbars which is a bit
annoying because some scripts want to do it and input line is cleared
because of this..
- /SET disconnect_timeout - default 2min, 0 = immediately
- reconnecting messages are a bit confusing. it prints "removed reconnection"
to the server which it's connecting to next.. maybe the whole reconnecting
thing should work so that the record stays there until it's connected
- /set beep_msg_level hilight won't work if I have /hilight -word
- /hilight -priority is broken
- move /SET hilight_*color to theme
- /ignore, /hilight and /lastlog could complain immediately if used
regexp is broken. /hilight list could show also if it's broken like
/ignore does.
- support DCCs
- rewrite to work by fork()ing a new process and transfer file handles
with unix sockets. this would allow the scrollback buffers to be
transferred with them as well.
- current window layout needs to transferred
- reconnections aren't transferred(?)
- Logging:
- /LOG OPEN -targets *!*cras@*.fi
- /SET autolog -> /LOG OPEN -targets * (internally, at least)
- /LOG OPEN shouldn't really open the file until first line is
written in it
- autoclosing logs doesn't work too well. Problems are:
- after certain inactivity private message logs should be closed
- but DCC chats shouldn't be closed until the chat itself is closed
- which we can't know really currently, since they don't need
to be in queries
- channels should be closed when they're left (they are now, but)
- /WINDOW CLOSE shouldn't close it immediately, since we'll still
receive at least the PART message
- so, log items should know more about what they are exactly, and when
they should be closed. private messages could have the same timeout
as now, time_t closetime field updated every time msg is received.
channels could do the same when receiving "window item destroy" signal,
except with a small timeout. DCC chats are more problematic...
- support for mirc/ansi color logging
- people want to show ignored stuff in logs.. how?
- private messages could show mirc-style "Session Ident: nick (host)"
which would update when nick's host changes. Then you wouldn't need to
print the host before each msg.
- support for logging channel messages from specific people
- Awaylogs:
- either fully support logging only in servers you're away, or change the
awaylog to open immediately after /AWAY command, not based on any
away replies from server. Maybe the later would be better, since you
would want to set yourself away when connections to all servers were
disconnected at the time.. Maybe /AWAY should update status in
reconnection records as well?..
- /SET awaylog_auto_delete, after setting yourself unaway
- support for using strftime() formats (and $tag etc). only problem with
this is that all the different awaylogs would need to be tracked and
/CATed when setting yourself unaway
- /AWAYLOG could show the current awaylog and optionally reset it
- The channel name should be optional there
- after /upgrade when being away the awaylog is not being written to.
- Window item placing:
- !channel vs. !12345channel. it's layout saved with full name, but joined
with either one
- when dcc chat is accepted and query exists from the same nick, replace
the query window with the dcc chat window.
- closed DCC chats should add temporary window bind to the dcc chat so
future chats for same nick would use the same window
- /DCC SEND wildcard support
- /DCC GET -4 / -6 with autodetection
- When we receive a DCC SEND request, irssi could warn if the file
already exists
- show estimated time left and kB/s in /DCC list.
- implement requesting files with DCC GET from remote client for dcc file
servers. good for people behind firewalls. Does this feature exist
in other clients, or should I create DCC REQUEST? Same for DCC CHAT..
Maybe it could be just that the port was specified as 0, so the other
side would know that it needs to be the one to do listening.
- /SET dcc_autoresume ON, and sending the same file again while it's
already being downloaded doesn't work too well.. Even autorename doesn't
- With fast DCC SENDs (90kB/s, FreeBSD) typing get laggy (really?)
- /DCC CLOSE #, /DCC would print the IDs
- /SET dcc_use_proxy to use IRC proxy for DCC connects as well
- support for special vars in /SET dcc_download_path, so $N could be used
- No way to autoclose dcc chat windows which have been closed by another
- Generic chat commands:
- /MSG /CTCP /ACTION =dcc_chat,#channel
- /ACTION -ircnet with good tab support like in /MSG
- -nick -channel parameters to /ACTION
- /MSG a,b,#c,#d - it should print the message to #c and #d channel
windows and show only "a,b" as target when printing it to msg window..
Or if autoquery is set, it should print them to those windows. Hmm.
maybe some multipeople query support? :) /query nick1,nick2 and sending
text there would send it to both. Seems to work already but receiving
messages from either nick1 or nick2 don't go to that window..
- /BAN: setting of what netmask to use for banning with IPv6 addresses
- Netsplits
- BUG: said "+1 more", while the /SETs to control that were set properly,
with one guy it only said that +1 more..
- BUG: netsplit quit isn't printed if quit -> join -> quit -> join
happens fast (really?)
- maybe the "+x more" should be configured in theme file instead in
future with the embedded scripting.. At least I'd want to print all
the splitted nicks in log files.
- per-window listing of splitted servers, it looks very stupid when
you see 4 lines of servers splitting in each window but only a few
nicks after them.
- per-window listing of splitted nicks, so the split messages isn't shown
multiple times for each channel with possibly same nicks
- /NETSPLIT <server>|<#channel>|<nick wildcard>
- SERVERMODE +ov nick nick is shown instead of just Netjoin @nick because
code is stupid. fixed in irssi-rewrite..
- show in query windows
- Crashes:
- <dg> i've managed to reproduce the bug, if i make three split windows (/window show 3..5), then set the windows to not be sticky and go to one of the windows, then alt+number to another window then go back the other window the display prints two windows in the same window
- the old irssi's /upgrades to the new, before it changed to /set autolog_path
$1 and crashed?..
- active_mainwin was somehow NULL and crashed.. /window kill did it,
probably something to do with window_close() switching to the same
hidden window inside the split window, which I was about to kill
anyways because it wasn't sticky..
- Scripts:
- print whois in active window
- some script to handle ctcp floods, like doing /IGNORE * CTCPS when it
- move into scripts:
- /SET timestamp_timeout
- /MSG completion list should be modifiable from scripts
- script to remove nick from list after /IGNORE nick
- nick completion list should be modifyable afterwards:
- /SET completion_nicks_lowercase (remove from irssi)
- /SET completion_nicks_capitalize
- /SET completion_nicks_strip (keep only alphanumeric chars)
- irchat-like JOIN/PART/QUIT combiner (QUIT: nick1, nick2, nick3), would
require the line replacing work properly which it doesn't..
- Irssi proxy:
- doesn't propagate your own nickchanges to other clients
- list sessions, kill them
- /set irssi_proxy_ips <allow connections only from specified IPs>
- Misc IRC related things:
- support for mode +q in dancer - also same as +b %xxx modes..
- /BAN -ip, -time [<time>] (/ALIAS knockout?)
- /KICKBAN to support same options than /BAN (would /ALIAS kickban work?)
- ban list prints "x seconds ago" .. should be x days, mins, hours, ..
- Windows:
- /WINDOW SIZE -sticky, so f.e. /WINDOW BALANCE wouldn't affect it.
- Check that /LAYOUT SAVE works properly with all the different /SETs,
like reuse_unsued_windows, windows_auto_renumber and autoclose_windows.
What should it do if some channel is /PARTed with autoclose_windows
- /LAYOUT SAVE should ask if we want to save those window items that
are "bound sticky" but of which server is currently not connected.
- /WINDOW scrollback_lines /WINDOW scrollback_hours
- Optionally always start the lines from bottom of the screen when
screen is empty (how would scrolling work?)
- Vertically split windows
- /SET use_msgs_window and /SET use_status_window should take effect
- /WINDOW notify_level - would specify what window activity will be
shown for the window
- Some sort of autobalancing for split windows after terminal resize,
maybe with window-specific options that "this window is n lines",
"this is at least n% of available space", etc.
- Keyboard handling:
- Some kind of state support for it, so it would be possible to make
support for vi keys easily.
- Editor-like (or bash-like) line editor - it would wrap to next line
instead of scrolling.
- When pasting text, irssi could send some signal that sends the pasted
lines in GList which signal handlers could modify.
- Already existing / at start of line handler should use this
- Automatically remove empty space at the start/end of lines,
from start of line it would work so that if each line begins with
4 spaces but some more, it would only remove those 4 spaces from
each so pasting code wouldn't mess up indents etc.
- Skip all autoreplaces and completions, so that f.e. tabs are
printed as-is (a few /BINDs would do this but...)
- Should empty lines be pasted too? Maybe optionally
- /BIND -askkey command
- /BIND -delete should be saved in config
- ^W (and some others) don't update cut buffer.
- default binds: M-d, M-y
- /PASSWORD command that asks you to type the password to entry line and
would hide it with asterisks, good if people spy on you :)
- ^R-like history search
- Key to execute the command, but not place it in history
- Key to remove active entry from command history
- Optionally save command history between restarts
- clear_history
- Notify list:
- showing who's online and who's offline doesn't work properly.
- adding/removing people in notify list don't show in /NOTIFY immediately
- when someone in notify list joins, should it be placed to start of
/MSG completion list?
- /NOTIFY -away and -idle: support for wildcards in nicks (requires of
course that we're in same channel as nick)
- Automatically add queried nicks to notify list temporarily .. display
the notifys for the nick in the query window
- /NOTIFY -once - notify only once when the user comes to IRC, forget
this after it.
- /NOTIFY -comment xxx - add a comment to notify. print the comment when
user comes to irc.
- "Should we check people in notify list when you're away" option
- use /WATCH instead of /ISON in servers that support it
- Show when the nick was last seen
- Ignores:
- /IGNORE <nick> -> use hostmasking (related to channel syncing problem,
see "bigger code changes") with support for -type and /SET ignore_type
- /IGNORE -strip -pattern away * actions ..
- can't have multiple ignore -patterns with same nick
- /ignore -activity .. would ignore it just in window activity list,
not hide the text.
- The nick cache stuff just made it slower. Remove it or figure out how
it could be faster.
- combined ignore/hilight thingy, see hilights
- Hilights:
- /HILIGHT list doesn't print several options. Maybe some generic
function which could be used for printing those options for all these
/IRCNET, /SERVER ADD, etc. commands.
- /HILIGHT -mask <mask> <word>: not possible use both.
- case sensitive hilight checking.
- ignore coloring in the words it matches, so eg. /hilight foo would
match to f^Bo^Bo
- BUG: it STILL sometimes creates hilight activity while there's no
hilights, around mode changes (haven't heard for a while though,
maybe it is anyway fixed? :)
- change the colors of both the nick and the matched word.
- /SET hide_text_style still breaks /HILIGHT -words
- even if hilight_color is "", %n is printed after hilighted text.
- /hilight -actcolor %M -color %w -regexp -level publics
-channels #channel1,#channel2 .*
removes the bold from /me actions of other users
- people want to hilight their own nicks everywhere, eg. /HILIGHT $N
- automatic nick hilighting at beginning of line should be optional,
like some people would want -word hilighting in it..
- exceptions
- Merged ignores/hilights thingy and maybe even something others ..
some first-match-wins table where you could easily add/move stuff.
- Scrollback:
- Optionally show a "bookmark" (line mark actually, a line full of '-'
chars) in a window. It would be displayed at the position where you
were when the window was active last time. /MARK command to force
updating it to bottom of screen in active window.
- /SCROLLBACK REDRAW doesn't do anything to non-format lines (should
redraw timestamp, etc.)
- /LAST -since <timestamp>
- /LAST : use /SET timestamp_format
- /LAST -allwindows would check the lastlog from all open windows
- Formats / themes:
- scripting for formats (see the themes.txt), and make the default.theme
so that you REALLY don't need to touch /FORMATs, unless you want to
change english texts (eg. joins/parts/quits etc. are fully configurable
in theme file)
- Possibility to modify abstracts and replaces in themes from irssi.
(or maybe not, just makes it more difficult)
- Document the different formats briefly :)
- /FORMATs don't have styling anymore, so translation to different
languages should be possible with still the ability to use different
themes easily. /SET formats <filename> could change the file where
to read all /FORMATs, but formats in theme file would override them.
- terminfo/termcap supports changing palette. add support for themes
as well to specify it.
- hilight formats. pubaction_hilight would be nice, but so would many
others as well. something generic for all these would be nice .. would
it be possible to do this in theme side with scripting without a
format for each different thing?
- Server commands:
- Optionally wait for a while (0.5-1sec) before sending the message to
server, if arrow up key is pressed abort it. Also remove the line from
screen and put some notice about it being not sent.
- If we receive "cannot send to channel" from server or "you're not
chanop" events, remove the privmsgs/notices or modes/kicks/etc. from
send queue automatically. Useful for aborting things when you get
kicked after pasting lots of text or deopped after doing /OP * or
something ;) .. use /SERVER PURGE <target> for this..
- Split PRIVMSGs and NOTICEs automatically to multiple commands if
their length exceeds the 512 bytes (or it should be shorter actually
so server won't split it when it adds your nick+host mask)
- Fix the flood protection to be aware of max. input buffer, which is
1024 bytes by default (/STATS d, CF). Now irssi may excess flood when
sending lots of lines longer than ~200 chars.
- IRCNET: Flood protection doesn't count the extra penalty for MODEs
and KICKs, also extra penalty should be given in messages (all
commands?) for each 100 chars.
- Text buffer:
- support for printing ALL characters in text buffer, including ^B, ^C,
etc. etc. so we could selectively decide what mirc colors to translate
and what not. Like, we would want to show (or hide) it in normal
messages, but we would want to show it as-is in user's ident and
ban lists. This should fix /HILIGHT -word as well.
- EPIC-like /SET mangle_inbound, maybe mangle_outbound?
- %> should work in normal text lines
- support for iso-2022-jp? does anyone even want this? ;) it works with
esc$B..encoded text...esc(B - encoded text is in 7bit chars, not sure
- fix the textbuffer code so that typofix.pl actually works
- if you're in beginning of scrollback when lines are being removed,
the screen is messed up (?). Also, after /SB END the --more-- is
still there and you can't get rid of it (couldn't reproduce)
- does /SB REFRESH work? Make it update the lines lazily, only when
needed so it would be fast.
- /CAT should pause on every screenful of text, this should be some kind
of printtext_multiline_paused() function which would use some callback
to ask for new text.
- when scrolling, using pgup/down. it would be neat if the last/first
overlapping line in the newly redrawn buffer would be colorized for a
second or two, indicating where to continue reading
- Statusbar
- finish the support for multiple statusbar groups, and add
- finish the support for multiple input lines and a way to switch
between them, so eg. each split window could have it's own input line.
- padding char so instead of just spaces you could have ------
- hide the whole statusbar if none of it's items use any space
(visible = "auto")
- /SBAR # PLACEMENT top|bottom sometimes messes up the screen a bit,
^L helps though
- /STATUSBAR prompt DISABLE hangs irssi because there's no input line.
Add some check to not allow this.
- /STATUSBAR could list also disabled bars
- command to list all available statusbar items
- Server connecting:
- More verbose connecting
- show if we're using IPv4 or IPv6
- show hostname we're using
- show the proxy settings we're using
- Reconnecting shouldn't try to remember all those settings, especially
/SET real_name xx + /RECONNECT should work.
- DNS problems may cause removal of i-line, irssi shouldn't stop
trying to reconnect the server if it happens.. Maybe it never should
stop reconnecting to servers that are in config.
- Remember the previous IP while reconnecting, if DNS lookup fails use
it. Some DNS servers return "host not found" when their internet
connection is broken and irssi stops reconnecting..
- /RECONNECT <servertag> - If <servertag> belongs to some IRC network,
reconnect to next server in that ircnet, otherwise just reconnect
to the server.
- /SERVER <number> would connect to n'th server in list. Show the
numbers with /SERVER LIST
- /CONNECT <ircnet> could remove existing ircnet connection from
reconnect queue if it exists (only if there's only one?). Also if
we're already connected to the ircnet it could complain about it
and -yes would force it.
- connect() may be stuck forever, timeout it after a few minutes.
- Raise the reconnect time every time you get disconnected, so if your
network goes up/down all the time, we'd see you join/part channels
more and more often instead of flooding all the time.
- Better support for round robin addresses (eg. irc.openprojects.org)
- /CONNECT -raw? A bit like telnet/nc host.
- Tab completion:
- Command parameter completion doesn't work properly when -options
are used.
- Possibility to complete -option parameters? Like -ircnet <tab>, also
/MSG -servertag<tab> and /LAST -level<tab> should work. All of these
require some command definition changes..
- bash-style (or whatever it should be called) tab-completion
- key for reverse completion
- /MSG <tab> completion shouldn't include queried nick there (optional)
- File completion could guess when it's wanted, word beginning with /
(not at start of line of course, unless / isn't in cmdchars)
or ~/ or ./
- filename completion doesn't work properly if path has spaces
- /FORMAT xx <tab>
- don't add useless completions to list. eg /RUN nick<tab> shouldn't
- Priorities to completions. And at least command completion could use
it so it'd put last the commands that require chanops/ircops.
Requires support in command_bind().
- /DCC commands could complete nicks (/dcc close, /dcc get, ..)
- check the TODO about nick completion scripts..
- Modules:
- Figure out module vs. plugin wording, what is what ;)
- API for plugins which would be guaranteed not to change
(at least too much/too often :)
- "chat protocol modules" - they could be loaded at startup so they'd be
equal to IRC protocol (autoconnecting servers would work etc.)
- on-demand autoload modules (f.e. by /command or maybe some signal)
- Try to make them create only .so files instead of .a and all..
- dependencies for modules? double /[un]load prints a bit stupid text
- perl scripting:
- /LOAD [-script | -module], /UNLOAD script
- Possibility to modify entry line somehow
- signal_emit() - if emitting unknown signal, it could automatically
save the types of sent parameters so another perl script could
signal_add() it
- Irssi::keyboard_entry_redirect()
- Irssi::format_get_text()
- Irssi::signal_remove() could accept hashes
- /command parameter parser so it'd be easier to handle -options etc.
- Try to get the Makefiles generated so that compiling with GCC would
always work even if the perl wasn't compiled with GCC..
- Irssi::Timeout_add() and input_add()'s data option could be optional
and maybe allow multiple parameters
- Bigger code changes:
- Restructure code tree so that non-IRC chat protocols would be in
same places than IRC protocol. Something like:
- src/irc (like now)
- src/irc/fe-common, src/irc/fe-text
SILC could then make symlinks to src/silc to whereever the SILC
module was unpacked. Make it possible to build SILC support built-in.
- /SETs have now boolean/number/string types. Add more:
- Time: Allow to use s|m|h|d to specify the time, default to
seconds. When sending reply to user, use the time formatting too,
not just x seconds or minutes. "10d 5s" should also work.
- Level: Like "all -msgs -public". Complain about unknown strings.
- size: 5M, 5k, ..
- Reading configuration file should be changed somehow .. at least add
some helper functions for reading lists since comments inside them
now crash irssi. Also if setting wasn't expected type can cause
crashes so add proper error checkings everywhere. And is_node_list()
etc. should be in uppercase..
- Channel syncing is evil. Make it optional, and use /USERHOST when
needed if host isn't known. /BAN at least should do this, and while
at it, we could make /IGNORE as well to ignore based on mask. Also,
if /USERHOST doesn't find anything, use /WHOWAS info.
- Irssi saves some setting strings to static const char * variables in
several places.. this works pretty well usually, except when /RELOADing
config and some "setup changed" signal handler goes and calls some
function that still uses the old saved string which points to free'd
memory.. this should somehow be fixed failsafe. maybe just g_strdup()
them everywhere or figure out something better..
- Better priority specifying for signals, probably should add
int priority without limited range.
- fix server redirections to handle remote events correctly: very unlikely,
but its possible that replies to two remote whoises are received exactly
at the same time overlapping each others
- Commands:
- try to get the 0.9 command parser to work..
- user definable parameter definitions and how they're handled, like
cmsg <target> <colorized-msg> - then there'd be some function called to
colorize the third parameter. same for tab completion.
- support for multiple subcommands in the command parser, like
/window name foo level msgs.
- A way to disable some command entirely? eg. not show in completion
list or /HELP or anywhere..
- extra spaces after commands don't always work, eg /wii nick, /help xx
- hide channel key in statusbar. This would require a $cmode_nokey or
- fe-none doesn't compile with --with-perl-staticlib because it doesn't find
the ui/textui stuff..
- we should probably print timestamp even if level contains MSGLEVEL_NEVER,
as long as it's not the only level.. Except when /CATing awaylog we don't
want to do that.
- If /SET print_active_channel is ON, actions still don't show the channel
- nick's user/host can't be printed for public messages
- /HELP <alias> should work
- /CLEAR -all should clear the window activities as well, leaving hilights
- support :: properly in IPv6 masks
- when you get disconnected, print your quit message to all channel windows
- possibility to print rawlog in window
- should $10 work (in special vars)?
- /VER should be alias
- /MODE #channel b should resync the banlist, and /QUOTE NAMES #channel
should resync the nicklist (irssi/ircd bugs).
- #include support to config file
- make detaching work
- with solaris, /EXECs don't die when irssi does (tail -f ...)
- /EXEC -interactive: print the commands you send
- handle /JOINs with server redirections so they get aborted if we're not
seing a JOIN for a while.
- make sure the config file is never lost, write it to some temp file first
and after then move it over real config file.
- you could configure which events (whois, notify, etc.) to show in what
windows (all, current, status, msgs)
- /SET -reset?
- printnickmsg() which would print nick changes and quit messages. And
export that function to perl so kills.pl could print kills with it too.
- regexp host masks
- automatically switch to status window when using commands that always
print their output to status window, like /whois.
- automatic whowas if whois wasn't found should be moved to fe-common.
it could also print something like "nick $0 not in IRC, but this user
WAS in IRC:"
- Add command for changing automatic replaces and completions
(/autoreplace, /complete ?) .. could these be scripts? ..
- commands to move channels and servers in the config list, to set the
join/connect order of them.
- All those options to /WHO and /LIST commands that EPIC has
- Use different formats for /WHO #channel? There's no need to show the
channel in every line then (NOTE: /WHO #chan1,#chan2 should have two
- nick/channel lists at right side of the text version of irssi. Ctrl-N
for example could hide/show them. add mouse support for it.
- try profiling the code with /cat filewith10000lines
- /SERVER ADD -ircnet foonet bar 6000 pass1,
/SERVER ADD -ircnet barnet bar 6000 pass2
dircproxy identifies ircnets based on password
- $@0 always returns 4 (?)
*** GTK UI
- %| doesn't work with irssi text widget
- some problems when using multiple windows with focus being all the time in
one of the windows and it can't be changed to different window?! Probably
has something to do with click to focus.
- split windows are buggy, destroying them doesn't really work well..
- mirc ctcp togglemenuitem isn't updated right
*** Big things
- some sort of address book? our own irssi ctcp to ask for other irssi users
for their information (of course not without asking (except optionally))..
could be nice also to automatically update it, keep track of all seen
users gathered when joining channels, whois, who, etc. commands.
automatically updating information could be host masks, nicks, ips, seen in
channels, operator in channels, .. user specified checks like last topic or
mode changes or even msgs to you/some channel/with some keyword. great for
spying people ;) maybe even useful sometimes..
.. but what database would be best for this?
- GTK (non-GNOME) version: icons to toolbars, accelerators to menus
- Windows style MDI windows are possible with GtkFixed .. Some people would
like this.. too much job for me, it would need building the MDI windows
ourself (title bar, borders, resizing, etc.)
- online help, documentation, ...
- plugins:
- scheme, tcl, python scripting? eggdrop/epic compatible scripting?
- IRC bot, eggdrop is too old, needs a replacement ;) (started, aborted)
- Multiplayer games! :) Chess, tic-tac-toe, othello, battleship, tetris,
etc. Existing games should probably be used .. though there doesn't
seem to be any of these (except tetris) for gnome right now..
- audio / video chat :)
*** Needs rethinking ..
* Notify list GUI
- _one_ popup dialog could open which lists all nicks in notifylist, maybe
sorted by arrival time, display the dates, latest joined could be with
different color? etc.
- nick-specific options:
- pop up the dialog
- run some command (like /exec as soon as I get that done :)
* common api for statusbar handling
- it should work just as well in text mode and gui, colors could be done
with the normal % formats. GUI just ignores the colors..
- display number of ops, voices, normals and ircops in statusbar
* API for creating/modifying menus and toolbar, especially from plugins
- at least one configurable menu ("usermenu"), or maybe make the whole
menubar user configurable
*** ..in GTK UI .. just some things to remember if i'll rewrite it again.
- itext:
- save/find text
- text selection draws the entire selection every time you move the
- if some other window has got much text, switching to it first time
takes some time..?
- editor in setup for ~/.irssi/startup
- dcc floods could pop up lots of dialogs..
- gui help
- change signal handling in gui-gnome so that the actual drawing and
functionality are in different signals, so that plugin could change the
whole look and feel of irssi.
- currently irssi sends USERHOST commands every now and then to find out
who are away and who are not.. optionally it could instead just watch if
someone hasn't written anything to channel in n minutes and mark it "away"
to nicklist.
- check new irssi versions with http rather than with irssibot..
- gnome statubar:
- clock?
- dcc transfer meter (gtk progressbar)
- dcc send: allow selection of multiple files to send (also for dnd from
gmc!) Allow dropping files to anywhere in irssi.