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Ailin Nemui 7360944900 add new PUBNOTICES level
separating private notices and channel notices
2022-04-21 13:38:40 +02:00
Ailin Nemui b8736225cf good-bye and thanks, autotools 2022-02-19 21:44:10 +01:00
Ailin Nemui 1f05f86167 package the meson.build files 2021-01-06 22:12:46 +01:00
Nutchanon Wetchasit a88806640b Make colorless.theme de-color vertical window borders
Fixes #1220.
2020-09-08 17:59:24 +07:00
Ailin Nemui db16a0a853 meson build support 2019-07-10 09:25:26 +02:00
ailin-nemui 4e71a1f485 sideways split support for Irssi

* may be buggy

This commit adds support for sideways splits into Irssi. To that regard,
there are a number of new commands available

the "R" commands:
	/window new rsplit - make a new sideways split
	/window rshow - show an existing window to the right
	/window rgrow/rshrink/rsize/rbalance
	 - manipulate the size of your sideways split windows

the "D" commands:
	/window dup/ddown/dleft/dright
	 - navigate the windows directionally, as an alternative to
	   /window up/down that you can bind to some key
	/window move dleft/dright - the same for moving

2018-01-06 00:26:48 +01:00
ailin-nemui ca3498d42d move some files into subdirs 2017-10-25 16:22:57 +02:00