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Ailin Nemui
c0db0b8cb8 add explicit name_suffix to shared modules 2023-08-10 10:19:01 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
b8736225cf good-bye and thanks, autotools 2022-02-19 21:44:10 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
2e6c376342 add android cross link deps 2022-02-16 21:49:11 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
89bcff606f fix meson deprecations 2022-02-16 21:49:11 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
82f8ee57c3 autoload the IRC module 2022-02-16 21:49:11 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
e7f3946583 configure automake with nostdinc
the current directoryh won't be added to the compiler's -I path
2021-02-02 00:24:34 +01:00
Merge pull request #1246 from ailin-nemui/wrong-prefixes
correct wrong function prefixes

Module authors will have to adapt these changes:

    [M] 'constant I_INPUT_READ'    {G_INPUT_READ}
    [M] 'constant I_INPUT_WRITE'    {G_INPUT_WRITE}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add(GIOChannel*, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add_full(GIOChannel*, int, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add_full}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add_poll(int, int, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add_poll}
    [M] 'function GIOChannel* i_io_channel_new(int)'    {g_io_channel_new}
    [M] 'function int i_io_channel_read_block(GIOChannel*, void*, int)'    {g_io_channel_read_block}
    [M] 'function int i_io_channel_write_block(GIOChannel*, void*, int)'    {g_io_channel_write_block}
    [M] 'function int i_istr_cmp(gconstpointer, gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_cmp}
    [M] 'function int i_istr_equal(gconstpointer, gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_equal}
    [M] 'function guint i_istr_hash(gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_hash}
    [M] 'function void i_log_func(const char*, GLogLevelFlags, const char*)'    {glog_func}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_delete_string(GSList*, const char*, GDestroyNotify)'    {gslist_delete_string}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_find_icase_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_find_icase_string}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_find_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_find_string}
    [M] 'function void* i_slist_foreach_find(GSList*, FOREACH_FIND_FUNC, void*)'    {gslist_foreach_find}
    [M] 'function void i_slist_free_full(GSList*, GDestroyNotify)'    {gslist_free_full}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_remove_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_remove_string}
    [M] 'function char* i_slist_to_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_to_string}
2021-01-30 21:09:26 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
9181796472 correct wrong function prefixes: g_istr -> i_istr 2021-01-07 10:09:45 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
1f05f86167 package the meson.build files 2021-01-06 22:12:46 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
00a7efc69f modularise irc component 2019-07-17 13:37:19 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
db16a0a853 meson build support 2019-07-10 09:25:26 +02:00
37f7c7f374 update include guard names 2019-05-01 22:22:22 +02:00
7e6e1f2e10 Use full paths to includes 2019-05-01 22:08:45 +02:00
c9b3d87eb7 Postpone server cleanup until after unref
Add a new signal, server destroyed, that is supposed to run the clean up
tasks of server disconnected. This is so that some structures will stay
around longer.
2018-01-04 23:04:12 +01:00
dbee606c60 Don't break the API.
Have a ignore_find_full method that is the one that all the new code
should be using and provide some working stubs for ignore_find and
2016-01-03 21:26:57 +01:00
609f3ba6c2 Clean up the ignore_find API to make it more powerful.
This way we prevent the creation of duplicate ignores since the old code
skipped the ignore_find call when a pattern was specified.
It should also cover all the cases where the ignores would be wrongly
overwritten, such as the case outlined in #78.
2016-01-03 19:49:18 +01:00
16c71cf1fb Implement CHANTYPES support 2015-05-15 17:07:30 +02:00
Michael Vetter
51239925ec source cleanup: remove trailing whitespaces 2014-09-11 19:10:33 +02:00
Dave Reisner
Silences warnings on recent automake such as:

src/core/Makefile.am:3: warning: 'INCLUDES' is the old name for
2014-06-27 09:06:21 -04:00
David Hill
0d4f13d20f Replace deprecated g_str[n]casecmp with g_ascii_str[n]cmp. 2014-06-10 12:06:19 -04:00
Jilles Tjoelker
2dd265ef39 Check for stale flood entries when lines come in, avoiding a 0.5 second timeout.
The timeout is now every 5 seconds and serves to
remove entries that do not send messages anymore.

git-svn-id: file:///var/www/svn.irssi.org/SVN/irssi/trunk@5024 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2009-02-28 12:43:00 +00:00
Emanuele Giaquinta
72930e0be3 Use g_ascii_str{,n}casecmp for case insensitive comparison with
ascii only strings.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@4739 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2008-03-09 12:17:55 +00:00
Emanuele Giaquinta
3c7c3941d7 Remove .cvsignore files.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@4672 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2008-01-21 11:49:10 +00:00
Wouter Coekaerts
9c2d621cc6 Oops. Update address correctly now.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@4490 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2007-05-08 18:41:10 +00:00
Wouter Coekaerts
023026e12b Update FSF address
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@4489 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2007-05-08 18:16:58 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
777bb76195 noinst_HEADERS -> pkginc_HEADERS
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@3250 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2004-05-10 20:30:57 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
2d4a7d3595 0.8.8 with a few backwards compatibility fixes
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@3187 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2003-11-23 14:25:34 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
bd6fe052bc Added time, size and level setting types. Breaks some settings - I'll add
automatic converter to these settings later. Meanwhile you CVS users can
fix your config files yourself :)

Time settings allow using "days", "hours", "minutes", "seconds" and
"milliseconds" or several of their abbreviations. For example "5d 4h

Size settings allow using "gbytes", "mbytes", "kbytes" and "bytes" or their
abbrevations. For example "5MB".

Level settings are currently handled pretty much the way they were before.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@3080 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2002-12-28 17:54:13 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
6825f1e67e GC fixes.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@3056 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2002-12-10 20:30:03 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
c8a58bffad whops, still wasn't fixed :)
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@2327 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2002-01-20 11:47:04 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
0b12f76d1f Every time a /SET was changed, it leaked a signal_add() which would cause
very buggy behaviour at least related to flood checking.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@2326 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2002-01-20 11:37:21 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
6a82e806b4 Moved $(GLIB_CFLAGS) after -I includes, to make sure our own .h files get before possibly identically named headers in the glib's include directory.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1975 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-11-05 14:48:03 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
f354fe54c7 Moved some stuff from irc to core. Added command_bind_proto() function to
bind protocol-specific commands. Added #define command_bind_irc() for easier
access. CMD_IRC_SERVER(server) check should be done at the beginning of each
command requiring IRC server as active server, it handles it correctly the
cases when it is not. Did some other cleanups as well.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1955 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-11-02 01:05:14 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
c988af4150 Added MODULE_DATA_UNSET() macro and started using it. Just to make sure we
don't try to access free'd data.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1818 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-10-02 07:55:51 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
803d805016 Module loading updates - /LOAD shows now also the statically loaded modules.
You can't /LOAD the same module twice. Syntax changed to /LOAD <module>
[<submodule>], /UNLOAD <module> [<submodule>].

NOTE: all modules now need to call register_module() in their init()

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1748 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-08-14 00:41:59 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
fc3918b0f0 dcc, flood and notifylist aren't compiled as loadable modules anymore,
no-one wants that and irssi crashes in AIX because of it.

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1530 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-06-01 18:39:45 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
de3116ef54 fixed potential crash
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1459 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-05-01 11:37:50 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
eba784876e fixes, hopefully works correctly finally :) patch by fuchs.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1420 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-03-24 12:45:04 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
9f9490eb8b Don't cast time_t to int. Don't go playing with memory you just free'd. Some
other cleanups

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1374 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-03-10 18:22:58 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
c5cccfcdaa fe-common/irc/flood removed. Some autoignore / ignore -time updates.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1330 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-03-03 23:27:07 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
95fb3f5623 /SET autoignore_levels -> autoignore_level. Fixed a memory leak.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1285 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-02-22 10:52:01 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
fc17069cec Autoignore fixes by fuchs (not tested, hope it works ;)
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@1281 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2001-02-22 06:09:48 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
9f2f1dc70a Server events: switched order of data and server parameters. it's now
SERVER_REC *server, const char *data, .. hope this doesn't cause too
many problems :)

git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@967 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-12-05 21:12:52 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
3c78d95614 Moved ignore to core.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@725 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-10-09 23:40:18 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
6fc2a34121 Added -avoid-version options and disable-static for SILC module.
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@714 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-10-02 01:11:53 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
8c2799b5f8 multiprotocol fixes
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@703 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-10-01 16:17:12 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
49b22f8b31 multiprotocol fixes
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@689 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-09-28 00:25:14 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
796531e31f fix for multiserver support
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@688 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-09-27 23:59:20 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
e395e87ded Lots of moving stuff around - hopefully I didn't break too much :)
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@632 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-08-26 15:39:44 +00:00
Timo Sirainen
4476029fdd plugin -> module
git-svn-id: http://svn.irssi.org/repos/irssi/trunk@614 dbcabf3a-b0e7-0310-adc4-f8d773084564
2000-08-16 00:49:02 +00:00