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Ailin Nemui
b8736225cf good-bye and thanks, autotools 2022-02-19 21:44:10 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
ef2c55fc18 fix irc module in fuzzer 2022-02-16 22:05:04 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
215cf08828 fuzz server ssl init 2021-08-31 14:54:08 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
3dbfac5699 fuzz test 2021-04-20 09:25:08 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
2a0f1d7636 fix fe-fuzz 2021-04-08 21:55:35 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
e7f3946583 configure automake with nostdinc
the current directoryh won't be added to the compiler's -I path
2021-02-02 00:24:34 +01:00
Merge pull request #1246 from ailin-nemui/wrong-prefixes
correct wrong function prefixes

Module authors will have to adapt these changes:

    [M] 'constant I_INPUT_READ'    {G_INPUT_READ}
    [M] 'constant I_INPUT_WRITE'    {G_INPUT_WRITE}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add(GIOChannel*, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add_full(GIOChannel*, int, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add_full}
    [M] 'function int i_input_add_poll(int, int, int, GInputFunction, void*)'    {g_input_add_poll}
    [M] 'function GIOChannel* i_io_channel_new(int)'    {g_io_channel_new}
    [M] 'function int i_io_channel_read_block(GIOChannel*, void*, int)'    {g_io_channel_read_block}
    [M] 'function int i_io_channel_write_block(GIOChannel*, void*, int)'    {g_io_channel_write_block}
    [M] 'function int i_istr_cmp(gconstpointer, gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_cmp}
    [M] 'function int i_istr_equal(gconstpointer, gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_equal}
    [M] 'function guint i_istr_hash(gconstpointer)'    {g_istr_hash}
    [M] 'function void i_log_func(const char*, GLogLevelFlags, const char*)'    {glog_func}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_delete_string(GSList*, const char*, GDestroyNotify)'    {gslist_delete_string}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_find_icase_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_find_icase_string}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_find_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_find_string}
    [M] 'function void* i_slist_foreach_find(GSList*, FOREACH_FIND_FUNC, void*)'    {gslist_foreach_find}
    [M] 'function void i_slist_free_full(GSList*, GDestroyNotify)'    {gslist_free_full}
    [M] 'function GSList* i_slist_remove_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_remove_string}
    [M] 'function char* i_slist_to_string(GSList*, const char*)'    {gslist_to_string}
2021-01-30 21:09:26 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
9181796472 correct wrong function prefixes: g_istr -> i_istr 2021-01-07 10:09:45 +01:00
Ailin Nemui
1f05f86167 package the meson.build files 2021-01-06 22:12:46 +01:00
01ecb879a6 Add support for building in Termux-Android in meson
- introduce cross perl
- workaround for the android linker
2020-06-02 10:38:01 +02:00
9ff224d05d silence glib log output during fuzzing on oss-fuzz 2019-09-10 13:08:35 +02:00
69dec1de33 add new meson build option -Dfuzzer-link-language=cpp for oss-fuzz 2019-09-04 22:48:03 +02:00
c271609a49 add some dummy objects to server-fuzz 2019-08-30 22:11:27 +02:00
3447904a5c fix warning in fe-fuzz/server-fuzz 2019-08-30 20:29:03 +02:00
Ailin Nemui
db16a0a853 meson build support 2019-07-10 09:25:26 +02:00
03ca37c12e Use full paths to includes in fe-fuzz 2019-05-01 22:08:45 +02:00
7e6e1f2e10 Use full paths to includes 2019-05-01 22:08:45 +02:00
3f0a4ef197 Remove incorrectly copied automake commands from fuzzer 2018-09-04 10:17:20 +02:00
Joseph Bisch
4f5f62ac63 Add server-fuzz to fe-fuzz
Based on test-796.c in the tests directory.
2018-08-15 11:11:09 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
182673ed05 Add theme_load to fe-fuzz 2018-01-15 11:59:01 -05:00
Joseph Bisch
Merge pull request #780 from josephbisch/fuzz-event-get-params
Add event_get_params to fe-fuzz
2018-01-15 10:53:21 -05:00
Joseph Bisch
15705432e1 Remove outdated comment 2018-01-02 20:22:38 -05:00
Joseph Bisch
ef07b3c60c Remove redundant if case 2018-01-02 20:21:07 -05:00
b332d448f7 fix comments 2017-11-30 11:15:47 +01:00
Joseph Bisch
532527ffa6 Use gchar and g_strndup in fe-fuzz 2017-11-02 11:56:53 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
f4b89044f0 Fix malloc parameter in fe-fuzz
It is fairly safe to assume that sizeof(char) will always be 1 anyway
and replace the size calculation with a comment explaining the
2017-11-02 11:48:30 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
f9d69597ef Remove unnecessary malloc cast in fe-fuzz
We compile this as C code, so the cast is unnecessary.
2017-11-02 11:44:57 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
84fc92635a Add event_get_params to fe-fuzz 2017-10-24 13:27:11 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
Use CXX for fe-fuzz linking 2017-06-01 23:59:19 -04:00
Joseph Bisch
Fix fe-fuzz nits 2017-01-12 18:11:09 -05:00
Joseph Bisch
Don't duplicate module-formats.* in fe-fuzz 2017-01-09 08:19:01 -05:00
Joseph Bisch
Add frontend for fuzzing
Use the following configure command:

$ ./configure --with-fuzzer --with-fuzzer-lib=/path/to/libFuzzer.a \
      CC=clang CXX=clang++

Places an irssi-fuzz in src/fe-fuzz/ after build.

Also can specify SANFLAGS to override the chosen sanitizer flags
(defaults to "-g -fsanitize=address -fsanitize-coverage=trace-pc-guard").
2017-01-07 20:01:07 -05:00