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Merge pull request #1420 from ailin-nemui/starttls-config

enable saving of -disallow_starttls

(cherry picked from commit afba148056)
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ailin-nemui 2022-10-15 08:52:40 +02:00 committed by Ailin Nemui
parent 9a95edc69a
commit f9f6341c20
1 changed files with 5 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -220,9 +220,11 @@ static void sig_server_setup_saved(IRC_SERVER_SETUP_REC *rec,
iconfig_node_set_int(node, "cmd_queue_speed", rec->cmd_queue_speed);
if (rec->max_query_chans > 0)
iconfig_node_set_int(node, "max_query_chans", rec->max_query_chans);
if (rec->starttls != STARTTLS_NOTSET)
iconfig_node_set_bool(node, "starttls", rec->starttls);
if (rec->starttls == STARTTLS_DISALLOW)
iconfig_node_set_bool(node, "starttls", FALSE);
else if (rec->starttls == STARTTLS_ENABLED)
iconfig_node_set_bool(node, "starttls", TRUE);
else if (rec->starttls == STARTTLS_NOTSET)
iconfig_node_set_str(node, "starttls", NULL);
if (rec->no_cap)
iconfig_node_set_bool(node, "no_cap", TRUE);