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@ -22,8 +22,6 @@
20:46 < Juerd> and it happens in a _query_
20:47 <@Juerd> cras: for some reason irssi doesn't know this happens in a
query, and displays "< Juerd:> foo" in the status window
07.06.2002 08:37 #irssi: <@Qrczak> cras: A bug. After /upgrade when being away
the awaylog is not being written to.
04.06.2002 08:54 #irssi: <@Garion> cras: i've seen it several times now - a
line of 79 or 80 chars (my win is 80 wide)
which has an empty line below it, and that
@ -31,22 +29,6 @@
window with that line in it, thus keeping 1
line from the old window in the current
window. Very confusing
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] Hi there. I just
wanted to tell you that there seems to be a problem when joining
large channels (500+ people) while a regexp ignore is active. I had
one to ignore all server ads
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] 1 *: ALL -regexp
-pattern .*erver.*nline.*
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] After joining, I
could see the nicklist and 1 or 2 lines of what people were saying.
Then irssi either core-dumped, got disconnected or just sat there
apparently without receiving any more data (lag-counter going up to
several minutes).
21:28 < Samus_Aran> cras: /log also shows #Linuux ... which I typod a couple
days ago
21:30 < Samus_Aran> it doesnt show any of the queries which i closed, though,
jush #channels
16:39 <@Qrczak> cras: I'm not sure how exactly to reproduce it but it happens
often. When I jump to the window with a query using Alt-a
@ -55,6 +37,8 @@
windows, and then that person says something again, I'm brought
to the new query window automatically (that's of course bad).
- lastlog, ignore, hilight and sb levelclear take a list of levels
argument in different ways, a uniform way would be better.
- /exec - -out cat file does not send the whole file
- %n%_ won't show at lastlog..
- use_status_window, use_msgs_window should work instantly..
@ -99,8 +83,6 @@
- /set beep_msg_level hilight won't work if I have /hilight -word
- /hilight -priority is broken
- /hilight -level "public -actions" or something so it wouldn't match
- move /SET hilight_*color to theme
- /ignore, /hilight and /lastlog could complain immediately if used
regexp is broken. /hilight list could show also if it's broken like
@ -115,7 +97,6 @@
- reconnections aren't transferred(?)
- Logging:
- /LOG OPEN doesn't autocreate directories..
- /LOG OPEN -targets *!*cras@*.fi
- /SET autolog -> /LOG OPEN -targets * (internally, at least)
- /LOG OPEN shouldn't really open the file until first line is
@ -153,6 +134,7 @@
/CATed when setting yourself unaway
- /AWAYLOG could show the current awaylog and optionally reset it
- The channel name should be optional there
- after /upgrade when being away the awaylog is not being written to.
- Window item placing:
- !channel vs. !12345channel. it's layout saved with full name, but joined
@ -161,8 +143,6 @@
the query window with the dcc chat window.
- closed DCC chats should add temporary window bind to the dcc chat so
future chats for same nick would use the same window
- /JOIN #foo could *optionally* move the channel to active window
(default off, it confuses people)
- /DCC SEND wildcard support
@ -359,8 +339,6 @@
- /LAST -since <timestamp>
- /LAST : use /SET timestamp_format
- /LAST -allwindows would check the lastlog from all open windows
- /SCROLLBACK CLEAR all -public - a bit like /LAST -clear
(make /LAST -clear do /SB CLEAR lastlog)
- Formats / themes:
- scripting for formats (see the themes.txt), and make the default.theme
@ -561,7 +539,6 @@
- A way to disable some command entirely? eg. not show in completion
list or /HELP or anywhere..
- Read server capabilities from 005 numeric
- extra spaces after commands don't always work, eg /wii nick, /help xx
- hide channel key in statusbar. This would require a $cmode_nokey or