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updated for .98.2

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Timo Sirainen 2001-03-04 16:20:26 +00:00 committed by cras
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v0.7.98.2 2001-03-04 Timo Sirainen <tss@iki.fi>
+ /LASTLOG: added -case option for case-sensitive matching.
-force option is now required to print lastlogs longer than
1000 lines.
+ /BANTYPE -> /SET ban_type. /BAN: -type option added to override
default ban type.
+ /NAMES: -ops -halfops -voices -normal options added.
/NAMES without parameters now prints nicklist in active channel,
/NAMES ** shows all nicks in all channels.
+ delete_next_word key implemented, patch by Tinuk
+ /SET beep_when_window_active - works with /SET beep_msg_level,
should we beep when the msg is printed to active window. If msg
is printed to some other window it always beeps.
+ /JOIN #channel and /QUERY nick won't anymore automatically move
channel/query to active window but send a notice to user how to
move it. This was confusing people who did it accidentally.
+ /SET autostick_split_windows (default ON) - should we do
/WINDOW STICK ON to all new split windows and hidden windows that
are created inside it. This hopefully makes it easier to use split
- All IPv6 problems are hopefully fixed. Everything now keeps both
v4 and v6 addresses in memory and at connect() time it's decided
which one should be used.
- /IGNORE * level printed GLib error. /RELOADing printed some
unignore texts. Autoignores had some problems.
- Using /LAYOUT SAVE with split windows crashed irssi at startup
when it tried to restore them..
- /WINDOW SHOW command didn't work properly
- /LAST -clear crashed if window contained only lastlog lines.
Beeping after /LAST -clear also could have crashed.
- HILIGHT level didn't work with logs.
- /SET prompt - if $T (target) had %c or something in it, it
shouldn't be treated as color code. So color codes can now be
used in /SET prompt string itself, but in none of the $variables
it uses.
- Generated help files had joined lines in chapter together but
didn't add spaces between lines.
- Statusbar could have gotten to endless loop when trying to give
more space to some item when there was no more available space.
- When /SET autoclose_windows is ON, don't destroy windows if they
have some level set (like /join -w + /part in status window)
- If GLIB was unpacked to irssi directory, make install tried to
install it also.
- Always save theme to ~/.irssi/ no matter where it was read from.
- If /SET names_max_width was too low, irssi crashed
- /CONNECT -ircnet "" - even if someone does this don't make the
server tag empty :)
- /QUERYing #channel that was already /JOINed crashed irssi after
a while
- /SET -clear printed GLib error when done to boolean settings
v0.7.98.1 2001-02-22 Timo Sirainen <tss@iki.fi>
- fixed stupid remote crash with nick_match_msg()
v0.7.98 2001-02-22 Timo Sirainen <tss@iki.fi>
* Theme files aren't fully compatible with old ones, there's a few

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@ -193,12 +193,13 @@
actually free the memory with munmap() sometimes..
- /SET -reset?
- /ignore -patterneja ei voi olla useita samalla nickillä
- /SET awaylog_auto_clear (after setting yourself unaway)
- can't have multiple ignore -patterns with same nick
- /ignore -strip -pattern away * actions ..
- module_uniq_destroy() - those calls are probably wrong .. for CHANNEL and
QUERY at least?
- /ban -time .. ja /knockout alias /kick & /ban -time
- /bantype -> /set bantype, /ban -type xxx, /ban -ip ?
- /ban -time <opt numeric>, /ban -ip?
/alias knockout kick $0 $1-;ban -time $0
- /HILIGHT: list doesn't print several options. Maybe some generic function
which could be used for printing those options for all these /ircnet,
/server add, etc. commands. /IGNORE -pattern isn't printed.
@ -242,9 +243,6 @@
- /ignore -activity .. would ignore it just in window activity list,
not hide the text.
- autoignoring:
- it shouldn't save them to config file
- it could be merged with /ignore -time
- when dcc chat is accepted and query exists from the same nick, replace
the query window with the dcc chat window.
@ -338,7 +336,6 @@
- you could configure which events (whois, notify, etc.) to show in what
windows (all, current, status, msgs)
- autoaway when idling
- implement requesting files with DCC GET from remote client for dcc file
servers. good for people behind firewalls.
- /CLONES command (with script)