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getting ready for 0.8.7 ..

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v0.8.7 2003-11-17 Timo Sirainen <tss@iki.fi>
* Settings changes - we have now "time", "size" and "level" setting
- Level settings should work the same as before.
- Time settings can have units: days, hours, mins, secs,
milliseconds (or msecs). The units can be combined and written
in shorter form as well, for example "5d 30m 10ms"
- Size settings can have units: gbytes, mbytes, kbytes, bytes.
They can be written in shorter form as well, eg. "gb" or "g".
Your existing settings should be converted automatically.
+ Pasting detection. All keys except CR and LF are pasted as-is into
prompt in pasting mode.
/SET paste_detect_time controls how closely each others characters
must occur for it to be considered pasting. Pasting mode goes on
after /SET paste_detect_keycount characters have been received and
detected as pasting.
The first paste_detect_keycount characters may also contain some
command characters. They are executed, but their action in entry
line is reverted once pasting is detected. Of course, if any such
character was followed by CR/LF, it was already sent to
channel/query and is unreversable.
What this means in practise is that even if you have TABs (assuming
TAB is completion key) in the first few pasted characters, they get
pasted as TABs as long as they weren't immediately followed by
+ Support for sending SSL certificate to server and optionally verify
server's certificate. See the -ssl_* options for /SERVER and
/SERVER ADD. Patch by Joel Eriksson.
+ DCC SERVER support by Mark Trumbull
+ Support for DCC sending larger files than 2GB if supported by
operating system (ie. 64bit file support). Receiving has always
been possible, but the statistics were wrong with >4GB files
if 64bit support isn't enabled.
+ Better displaying of DCC file transfer statistics.
- Several other minor fixes and enhancements, see ChangeLog
v0.8.6 2002-11-17 Timo Sirainen <tss@iki.fi>
* Tons of changes, here's only the largest that come to my mind now:

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- the non-fallbacking bind() in connect() breaks /set dcc_own_ip when used
with non-local ip.
- /whowas server nick doesn't work
01:18 <@darix> cras: /foreach server /disconnect $tag n8 <-- doesnt work
- /hilight -priority is broken
19:36 [IRCNet] [muzzy(muzzy@wc.pp.htv.fi)] lisää bugeja irssissä, ilmeisesti
19:36 [IRCNet] [muzzy] lisää bugeja irssissä, ilmeisesti
uusin versio: foo splittaa ulos, bar joinaa sisään, bar vaihtaa
nicknamen fooksi, foo splittaa uudestaan ulos -> tulee Glib warning
"is already in split list (how?)" .. :)
04:35 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] was just wondering if you
04:35 [OPN] [slug] was just wondering if you
had Irssi::keyboard_entry_redirect() on your TODO somewhere near the
top, I'd love the feature
04:35 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] or someway to clear the
04:35 [OPN] [slug] or someway to clear the
command buffer, either way is acceptable, just my connection is a
little less than reliable, so I've built myself a script that stores
blowfish passes, all encrypted by one value
04:36 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] then I set a single
04:36 [OPN] [slug] then I set a single
decryption key, and it keeps it for the irssi session (lost on
/upgrade though), unfortunatly it stays in the command buffer 8]
- scrollback_time is broken
- ^I in topicbar breaks things
14:17 <@darix> cras: this doesnt work: /exec - -o uname -a
- time (secs):
- core: server_reconnect_time, server_connect_timeout
- fe-common/core: timestamp_timeout, autoclose_query
- irc/core: knockout_time, lag_check_time, lag_max_before_disconnect
- irc/notifylist: notify_check_time, notify_whois_time
- irc/dcc: dcc_timeout
- irc/flood: autoignore_time
- time (msec): lag_min_show (fe-text), cmd_queue_speed (irc/core)
- time (min): notify_idle_time (irc/notify)
- write_buffer_mins -> write_buffer_timeout (core)
- scrollback_hours -> scrollback_time (fe-text)
- size (kB): write_buffer_size (core), dcc_autoget_max_size (irc/dcc)
05.12.2002 17:56 [Cvbge(piotr@info.ii.uj.edu.pl)] the bug - irssi (cvs too)
coredumps when file name in /dcc send is null (try "/dcc send nick
01:30 <@decadix> cras, you broke dcc chat today: my nick is empty there
22:43 [IRCNet] [Mutru(mutru@49.CLVI.adsl.multi.fi)] Vahvistamattoman huhun
mukaan irssi kaatuu, kun completion__keep_privates on asetettu
nollaksi ja saat /msg:n.
- "setup changed", or "setup reread" seems to cause crashes.. (with darix)
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] before 0.8.6 mail.pl
should work again :)
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] it prints an empty
space for me
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] when mail arrives :)
02:46 <@fuchs> cras, /server foonet.foo.xy and (recognizing it doesn't connect
fast enough), and so doing /server barnet.foo.xy (both in the
same chatnet) makes irssi joining the net but not rejoining the
@ -75,9 +47,9 @@
query, and displays "< Juerd:> foo" in the status window
- set TOS field for all connections (DCC especially)
- /PROXY CTCP ON doesn't work well with multiple servers
22:51 [IRCNet] [zhafte(~zhafte@zhafte.peelo.com)] irssi muuten taitaa bugaa jos
22:51 [IRCNet] [zhafte] irssi muuten taitaa bugaa jos
pistää ACT oikeaan reunaan, vai onkohan se vain mun terminaali?
22:52 [IRCNet] [zhafte(~zhafte@zhafte.peelo.com)] menevät välillä päällekkäin
22:52 [IRCNet] [zhafte] menevät välillä päällekkäin
- when using -w password command line parameter, hide the password so it
won't show with ps.