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@ -192,7 +192,9 @@
- /BIND -delete doesn't print that it did the deleting
- /BIND -deletes should be saved in config
- ^W (and some others) don't update cut buffer.
- default binds: M-d, M-t, M-y
- default binds: M-d, M-y
- capitalize-word (meta-c), downcase-word (meta-l),
transpose-words (meta-t), upcase-word (meta-u)
- UTF-8 support
- /PASSWORD command that asks you to type the password to entry line and
would hide it with asterisks, good if people spy on you :)
@ -327,6 +329,13 @@
- finish the support for multiple input lines and a way to switch
between them, so eg. each split window could have it's own input line.
- padding char so instead of just spaces you could have ------
- hide the whole statusbar if none of it's items use any space
(visible = "auto")
- /SBAR # PLACEMENT top|bottom sometimes messes up the screen a bit,
^L helps though
- /STATUSBAR prompt DISABLE hangs irssi because there's no input line.
Add some check to not allow this.
- /STATUSBAR could list also disabled bars
- Server connecting:
- More verbose connecting
@ -371,6 +380,7 @@
- File completion could guess when it's wanted, word beginning with /
(not at start of line of course, unless / isn't in cmdchars)
or ~/ or ./
- filename completion doesn't work properly if path has spaces
- Modules:
- Figure out module vs. plugin wording, what is what ;)