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Add some missing files to make-dist

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Ailin Nemui 2022-02-20 18:06:55 +01:00
parent 06a7dcad99
commit c0929e3aaf
2 changed files with 48 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -2,12 +2,13 @@ global-include meson.build
recursive-include src *.c *.h meson.build
recursive-include src/perl *.c *.h *.xs *.pm *.pl typemap meson.build
recursive-include src/fe-fuzz *.c *.h *.txt meson.build
recursive-include tests *.c meson.build
include meson_options.txt
include subprojects/*.wrap
prune subprojects/*/
# prune subprojects/*
include utils/*.pl utils/*.sh
exclude utils/make-dist.sh
@ -17,9 +18,18 @@ include themes/*.theme
include docs/*.1 docs/*.txt docs/*.html
include docs/help/in/[a-z]*.in
include scripts/*.pl scripts/examples/*.pl
include irssi-icon.png
include NEWS
include INSTALL
include TODO
include ChangeLog
prune Build
prune dist
include .clang-format
# prune Build
# prune dist
prune *.egg-info
# ignore fuzz-support/fuzz.diff
# ignore utils/clang-format-xs/*

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@ -22,8 +22,15 @@ fi
cd "$repo_root"
if [ -f pyproject.toml ] || [ -f setup.cfg ]; then
echo "**Error**: ${PKG_NAME} make-dist.sh cannot be run in Dist directory, cannot proceed."
exit 1
rm -fr "$dist_tmp"
git clone --no-local "$repo_root" "$dist_tmp"
echo "Cloning to \`$dist_tmp'..."
git clone --quiet --no-local "$repo_root" "$dist_tmp"
cd "$dist_tmp"
if [ ! -f meson.build ]; then
echo "**Error**: ${PKG_NAME} make-dist.sh could not find meson.build, cannot proceed."
@ -37,22 +44,48 @@ if [ -z "$name" ] || [ -z "$version" ]; then
exit 1
git log > ChangeLog
cat <<PYPROJECT_TOML >pyproject.toml
requires = ["setuptools", "wheel"]
build-backend = "setuptools.build_meta"
cat <<SETUP_CFG >setup.cfg
name = $name
version = $version
url = https://ailin-nemui.github.io/irssi/
maintainer = Ailin Nemui
maintainer_email = @
license = GNU General Public License v2 or later (GPLv2+)
ignore =
$(perl -a -l -n -e '$F[0] eq "#" and $F[1] eq "ignore" and print " @F[2..$#F]"' MANIFEST.in)
python3 -c 'from setuptools import *;setup()' sdist --formats=tar
if command -v check-manifest >/dev/null; then
echo "Checking MANIFEST.in..."
check-manifest --ignore ChangeLog
echo "**Warning**: check-manifest not found, did not check MANIFEST.in"
echo "Creating sdist..."
python3 -W ignore -c 'from setuptools import *;setup()' --quiet sdist --formats=tar
tar --delete --file "dist/$name-$version.tar" \
"$name-$version/setup.cfg" \
"$name-$version/pyproject.toml" \
"$name-$version/$name.egg-info" \
echo "Zipping..."
xz -k "dist/$name-$version.tar"
gzip -k "dist/$name-$version.tar"