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todo with lots of finnish text, just to make sure i don't lose it :)

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@ -1,5 +1,98 @@
- reconnectit BUGAA VIELÄKIN. ne +k kanavat ei rejoinaudu ja ties mitä
asetuksia hukkuu matkalla.
- fix somehow the ^X + /disconnect problem when trying to disconnect
non-connected servers
- support passive DCC
- separate format for privmsg/notice massmessages (anything non-yournick)
- irssi dumps core when layout saving with non-channel/query window
20:45 < Juerd> 19:44 -!- Irssi: critical file channels.c: line 122
(channel_find): assertion
20:45 < Juerd> `name != NULL' failed.
20:45 < juuso> ~30'C is way too hot for me. 20-25 is quite ok.
20:45 < Juerd> this happens three times
20:46 < Juerd> and it happens in a _query_
20:47 <@Juerd> cras: for some reason irssi doesn't know this happens in a
query, and displays "< Juerd:> foo" in the status window
- set TOS field for all connections (DCC especially)
16:45 <@darix> cras: hmm it seems irssi proxy cant accept connects on ipv6
anymore. related to BC-bd's patch?
- /PROXY CTCP ON doesn't work well with multiple servers
22:51 [IRCNet] [zhafte(~zhafte@zhafte.peelo.com)] irssi muuten taitaa bugaa jos
pistää ACT oikeaan reunaan, vai onkohan se vain mun terminaali?
22:52 [IRCNet] [zhafte(~zhafte@zhafte.peelo.com)] menevät välillä päällekkäin
- when using -w password command line parameter, hide the password so it
won't show with ps.
- ne typerät reconnectiobugit jatkuu .. away viesti ei säily, +k kanavat
unohtuu jnejne.
17:26 < elho> cras: and with dancer-ircd like here in OPN, mode +f (channel
forward) has the channel as argument, ie. HAS_MODE_ARG_SET()
should include f
17:29 < elho> and joining such a channel gives event 379 which irssi handles as
whois_modes, it needs to distinguish between this 379 channel
redirect and the whois_modes 379 it handles currently (whatever
that is ;))
13:24 <@Garion> cras: when I type /ignore -regexp -pattern "FUCK YOU" * MSGS,
irssi says "-!- Irssi: Ignoring MSGS from *". This is scary,
cause it suggests I'm ignoring all messages from now on. Could
you add the properties of the messages that I'm ignoring?
"Ignoring MSGS that match with <regexp> from *" or something?
07.06.2002 08:37 #irssi: <@Qrczak> cras: A bug. After /upgrade when being away
the awaylog is not being written to.
21:37 < life> Then you connect. The problem is that irssi connects to the proxy
server and directly afterwards send "USER ..."
21:37 < life> It has to wait for "HTTP 200 ok" *first*
04.06.2002 08:54 #irssi: <@Garion> cras: i've seen it several times now - a
line of 79 or 80 chars (my win is 80 wide)
which has an empty line below it, and that
line is not refreshed when I switch to the
window with that line in it, thus keeping 1
line from the old window in the current
window. Very confusing
01.06.2002 19:25 #irssi: < ugly_> cras: irssi not resetting the away msg on
reconnect to servers in latest cvs
00:58 <@dg> server notices to @#channel is something that doesn't work
01:00 <@dg> cras, they go to status (or if you /query @#chan there..)
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] Hi there. I just
wanted to tell you that there seems to be a problem when joining
large channels (500+ people) while a regexp ignore is active. I had
one to ignore all server ads
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] 1 *: ALL -regexp
-pattern .*erver.*nline.*
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] After joining, I
could see the nicklist and 1 or 2 lines of what people were saying.
Then irssi either core-dumped, got disconnected or just sat there
apparently without receiving any more data (lag-counter going up to
several minutes).
- %n%_ ei näy lastlogissa
- dcc download mask on väärin?
- darixin se pingiredirectijuttu
21:28 < Samus_Aran> cras: /log also shows #Linuux ... which I typod a couple
days ago
21:30 < Samus_Aran> it doesnt show any of the queries which i closed, though,
jush #channels
- 16.5 14:22
- "show statusbar in empty windows" flag?
- statusbar_item_redraw() should just set the size as dirty and calculate
it only when really needed.
- possible to cache sbar_item->size when nothing else has changed in sbar?
ie. mostly when redrawing.
- use_status_window, use_msgs_window sais toimia heti
- /msg @#chan<tab>
16:17 < simon-> I'm on a keyed channel on undernet, on a rather unstable
server, and whenever it dies, I find myself not on that channel
(and on another server) the next morning)
16:17 < simon-> s/.$//
16:18 < simon-> well, it only happens when the server times out
16:18 < simon-> and irssi finds an alternative server
14:50 <@Qrczak> cras: $1 in autolog_path sometimes expands to @#channel instead
of #channel. server messages about the channel go there.
- hilight -priority
- tab completio jos lisää utf8 juttuja niin ei oikein toimi?
- "window item new" + queryt? .. vai channelit
16:39 <@Qrczak> cras: I'm not sure how exactly to reproduce it but it happens
often. When I jump to the window with a query using Alt-a
(after the other person said something), and close the window
@ -7,10 +100,8 @@
windows, and then that person says something again, I'm brought
to the new query window automatically (that's of course bad).
- /kickban + kicks.pl heittää "they aren't on that channel".. ?
21.04.2002 11:59 [immy(immy@beanus.org)] GLib warning: signal_free(script
destroyed) : signal still has 3 references:
- autorejoin +k kanavalle joka on /channel addattu "-" keyn kanssa ei toimi..
- jos kickataan nopeasti ja joinaa takas nopeasti chansyncci kaataa
/WHOssa.. kts. qrczak logi
- /set show_server_tags tjsp että näyttäis aina (yhdistä hide_server_tagsin
@ -146,6 +237,8 @@
- /DCC CLOSE #, /DCC would print the IDs
- /SET dcc_use_proxy to use IRC proxy for DCC connects as well
- support for special vars in /SET dcc_download_path, so $N could be used
- No way to autoclose dcc chat windows which have been closed by another
- Generic chat commands:
- /MSG /CTCP /ACTION =dcc_chat,#channel
@ -157,7 +250,6 @@
maybe some multipeople query support? :) /query nick1,nick2 and sending
text there would send it to both. Seems to work already but receiving
messages from either nick1 or nick2 don't go to that window..
- /^MSG nick creates query with /SET qutocreate_own_query YES
- /WHOIS -servertag
- /BAN: setting of what netmask to use for banning with IPv6 addresses