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@ -1,21 +1,3 @@
- TODO for .99:
- better support for !channels (don't log the ID, show nicer in whois,
layout save doesn't work)
- autoreconnect doesn't work after nick collision?
- jos gmodulea ei löydy niin huuda siitä configuressa
- update redirect_event() stuff in scripts/ dir!
- /LAST: Only one bug: separator is not used when -before is given (and no -after).
- ne mun /exec tailit jää päälle..
- Debian testing .debs are missing
- .debs for dcc-send-limiter
- fix the /beginner/ URL
- remove from code: FIXME: remove after .98
- lisää faqiin se /format timestamp
- ADD DEFAULT: /BIND meta-backspace delete_previous_word
- module_uniq_destroy() - those calls are probably wrong .. for CHANNEL and QUERY at least?
- update ICB protocol plugin to work with new send_message()
- mobile plugin doesn't work
- support DCCs
- write /HELP
@ -51,6 +33,7 @@
- private messages could show mirc-style "Session Ident: nick (host)"
which would update when nick's host changes. Then you wouldn't need to
print the host before each msg.
- support for logging channel messages from specific people
- Awaylogs:
- either fully support logging only in servers you're away, or change the
@ -69,8 +52,8 @@
with either one
- when dcc chat is accepted and query exists from the same nick, replace
the query window with the dcc chat window.
- ASK what this means ;) Qrczak> If a window with a closed chat with that
person already exists, a new chat should reuse it.
- closed DCC chats should add temporary window bind to the dcc chat so
future chats for same nick would use the same window
- /DCC SEND wildcard support
@ -88,6 +71,8 @@
- With fast DCC SENDs (90kB/s, FreeBSD) typing get laggy (really?)
- /DCC CLOSE #, /DCC would print the IDs
- /SET dcc_use_proxy to use IRC proxy for DCC connects as well
- support for special vars in /SET dcc_download_path, so $N could be used
- Generic chat commands:
- /MSG /CTCP /ACTION =dcc_chat,#channel
@ -101,6 +86,7 @@
messages from either nick1 or nick2 don't go to that window..
- /^MSG nick creates query with /SET qutocreate_own_query YES
- /WHOIS -servertag
- /BAN: setting of what netmask to use for banning with IPv6 addresses
- Netsplits
- BUG: said "+1 more", while the /SETs to control that were set properly,
@ -118,17 +104,10 @@
- /NETSPLIT <server>|<#channel>|<nick wildcard>
- SERVERMODE +ov nick nick is shown instead of just Netjoin @nick because
code is stupid. fixed in irssi-rewrite..
- Statusbar:
- BUG: Position setting with having 2+ top-root-bars isn't working
- BUG: With statusbar scripts loaded, and irssi changing prompt at startup
(eg. "remove unknown settigs?"), irssi might print some glib errors
about missing prompt (couldn't reproduce those) and hides the prompt.
- /STATUSBAR command..
- /SET theme doesn't update statusbar colors
- show in query windows
- Crashes:
- perl on moduulina niin kaatuu quitissa
- irssi crashes at quit if perl is loaded as module
- #1 0x68cc7 in module_file_deinit_gmodule (file=0x110e20) at modules-load.c:356
- <dg> i've managed to reproduce the bug, if i make three split windows (/window show 3..5), then set the windows to not be sticky and go to one of the windows, then alt+number to another window then go back the other window the display prints two windows in the same window
- irssi -cserver -nnick -> crashes - lib-popt is buggy!
@ -158,14 +137,18 @@
- better support for CTCP replies / DCC
- Misc IRC related things:
- better support for !channels (don't log the ID, show nicer in whois,
layout save doesn't work, /win item move !channel)
- support for mode +q in dancer - also same as +b %xxx modes..
- properly support RFC-1459 charset (ircnet specific option), eg.
/QUERY p[ and msgs from p{ aren't placed there.
- /BAN -ip, -time [<time>] (/ALIAS knockout?)
- /KICKBAN to support same options than /BAN (would /ALIAS kickban work?)
- ban list prints "x seconds ago" .. should be x days, mins, hours, ..
- /WALL could maybe check if server supports /WALLCHOPS or @#channel?
maybe too much trouble figuring out if it can or not.
- windows:
- Windows:
- /WINDOW SIZE -sticky, so f.e. /WINDOW BALANCE wouldn't affect it.
- /LAYOUT save|reset doesn't affect anything immediately, only after
@ -179,6 +162,13 @@
- Optionally always start the lines from bottom of the screen when
screen is empty (how would scrolling work?)
- Vertically split windows
- /SET use_msgs_window and /SET use_status_window should take effect
- /WINDOW notify_level - would specify what window activity will be
shown for the window
- Some sort of autobalancing for split windows after terminal resize,
maybe with window-specific options that "this window is n lines",
"this is at least n% of available space", etc.
- Keyboard handling:
- Some kind of state support for it, so it would be possible to make
@ -196,7 +186,7 @@
4 spaces but some more, it would only remove those 4 spaces from
each so pasting code wouldn't mess up indents etc.
- Skip all autoreplaces and completions, so that f.e. tabs are
printed as-is
printed as-is (a few /BINDs would do this but...)
- Should empty lines be pasted too? Maybe optionally
- /BIND -askkey command
- /BIND -delete doesn't print that it did the deleting
@ -222,9 +212,10 @@
- /NOTIFY -comment xxx - add a comment to notify. print the comment when
user comes to irc.
- "Should we check people in notify list when you're away" option
- use /WATCH instead of /ISON in servers that support it
- Ignores:
- /IGNORE -ircnet
- /IGNORE -ircnet or -tag
- /IGNORE <nick> -> use hostmasking (related to channel syncing problem,
see "bigger code changes") with support for -type and /SET ignore_type
- /IGNORE -strip -pattern away * actions ..
@ -254,6 +245,7 @@
- people want to hilight their own nicks everywhere, eg. /HILIGHT $N
- automatic nick hilighting at beginning of line should be optional,
like some people would want -word hilighting in it..
- exceptions
- Scrollback:
- Optionally show a "bookmark" (line mark actually, a line full of '-'
@ -264,6 +256,7 @@
redraw timestamp, etc.)
- /LAST -since <timestamp>
- /LAST : use /SET timestamp_format
- /LAST -allwindows would check the lastlog from all open windows
- /SCROLLBACK CLEAR all -public - a bit like /LAST -clear
(make /LAST -clear do /SB CLEAR lastlog)
@ -301,6 +294,8 @@
- Fix the flood protection to be aware of max. input buffer, which is
1024 bytes by default (/STATS d, CF). Now irssi may excess flood when
sending lots of lines longer than ~200 chars.
- Flood protection doesn't count the extra penalty for MODEs and KICKs
in ircnet.
- Text buffer:
- support for printing ALL characters in text buffer, including ^B, ^C,
@ -326,7 +321,14 @@
overlapping line in the newly redrawn buffer would be colorized for a
second or two, indicating where to continue reading
- server connecting:
- Statusbar
- finish the support for multiple statusbar groups, and add
- finish the support for multiple input lines and a way to switch
between them, so eg. each split window could have it's own input line.
- padding char so instead of just spaces you could have ------
- Server connecting:
- More verbose connecting
- show if we're using IPv4 or IPv6
- show hostname we're using
@ -336,6 +338,9 @@
- DNS problems may cause removal of i-line, irssi shouldn't stop
trying to reconnect the server if it happens.. Maybe it never should
stop reconnecting to servers that are in config.
- Remember the previous IP while reconnecting, if DNS lookup fails use
it. Some DNS servers return "host not found" when their internet
connection is broken and irssi stops reconnecting..
- /RECONNECT <servertag> - If <servertag> belongs to some IRC network,
reconnect to next server in that ircnet, otherwise just reconnect
to the server.
@ -345,6 +350,12 @@
reconnect queue if it exists (only if there's only one?). Also if
we're already connected to the ircnet it could complain about it
and -yes would force it.
- connect() may be stuck forever, timeout it after a few minutes.
- Raise the reconnect time every time you get disconnected, so if your
network goes up/down all the time, we'd see you join/part channels
more and more often instead of flooding all the time.
- Better support for round robin addresses (eg. irc.openprojects.org)
- /CONNECT -raw? A bit like telnet/nc host.
- Tab completion:
- Command parameter completion doesn't work properly when -options
@ -378,12 +389,17 @@
- signal_emit() - if emitting unknown signal, it could automatically
save the types of sent parameters so another perl script could
signal_add() it (done already?)
signal_add() it
- Irssi::keyboard_entry_redirect()
- Irssi::format_get_text()
- "use Symbol(delete_package)" doesn't work with perl 5.004 and crashes
irssi .. at least remove the crashing!
- Irssi::signal_remove() could accept hashes
- /command parameter parser so it'd be easier to handle -options etc.
- when reloading scripts, Irssi::settings_add_int() prints glib errors,
while settings_add_str() doesn't
- Try to get the Makefiles generated so that compiling with GCC would
always work even if the perl wasn't compiled with GCC..
- Bigger code changes:
- Restructure code tree so that non-IRC chat protocols would be in
@ -409,6 +425,8 @@
signal_emit() .. I'm just thinking some type checking problems but
if all commands would be in format SERVER_REC, WI_ITEM_REC,
GHashTable *options, char ** (NULL terminated parameters list) .. ?
- support for multiple subcommands in the command parser, like
/window name foo level msgs.
- Channel syncing is evil. Make it optional, and use /USERHOST when
needed if host isn't known. /BAN at least should do this, and while
at it, we could make /IGNORE as well to ignore based on mask.
@ -418,7 +436,32 @@
function that still uses the old saved string which points to free'd
memory.. this should somehow be fixed failsafe. maybe just g_strdup()
them everywhere or figure out something better..
- Better priority specifying for signals, probably should add
int priority without limited range.
- extra spaces after commands don't always work, eg /wii nick, /help xx
- hide channel key in statusbar. This would require a $cmode_nokey or
- fe-none doesn't compile with --with-perl-staticlib because it doesn't find
the ui/textui stuff..
- we should probably print timestamp even if level contains MSGLEVEL_NEVER,
as long as it's not the only level..
- If /SET print_active_channel is ON, actions still don't show the channel
- nick's user/host can't be printed for public messages
- /HELP <alias> should work
- /CLEAR -all should clear the window activities as well, leaving hilights
- support :: properly in IPv6 masks
- /SET activity_hide_targets ircnet/#irssi
- when you get disconnected, print your quit message to all channel windows
- possibility to print rawlog in window
- should $10 work (in special vars)?
- /VER should be alias
- /MODE #channel b should resync the banlist, and /QUOTE NAMES #channel
should resync the nicklist (irssi/ircd bugs).
- #include support to config file
- make detaching work
- with solaris, /EXECs don't die when irssi does (tail -f ...)
- /EXEC -interactive: print the commands you send
- handle /JOINs with server redirections so they get aborted if we're not
seing a JOIN for a while.
- make sure the config file is never lost, write it to some temp file first
@ -439,6 +482,9 @@
- commands to move channels and servers in the config list, to set the
join/connect order of them.
- All those options to /WHO and /LIST commands that EPIC has
- Use different formats for /WHO #channel? There's no need to show the
channel in every line then (NOTE: /WHO #chan1,#chan2 should have two
- nick/channel lists at right side of the text version of irssi. Ctrl-N
for example could hide/show them. add mouse support for it.