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Add -notls and -notls_verify into help file and src/core/chat-commands.c

KindOne 2023-09-09 05:25:30 -04:00
parent 8c8e4e34d4
commit 9ab78d0160
2 changed files with 5 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -16,11 +16,13 @@
-4: Connects using IPv4.
-6: Connects using IPv6.
-tls: Connects using TLS encryption.
-notls: Connect without TLS encrption.
-tls_cert: The TLS client certificate file.
-tls_pkey: The TLS client private key, if not included in the
certificate file.
-tls_pass: The password for the TLS client private key or certificate.
-tls_verify: Verifies the TLS certificate of the server.
-tls_verify: Verifies the TLS certificate of the server.
-notls_verify: Doesn't verify the TLS certificate of the server.
-tls_cafile: The file with the list of CA certificates.
-tls_capath: The directory which contains the CA certificates.
-tls_ciphers: TLS cipher suite preference lists.

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@ -211,8 +211,8 @@ static void cmd_server(const char *data, SERVER_REC *server, WI_ITEM_REC *item)
command_runsub("server", data, server, item);
/* SYNTAX: SERVER CONNECT [-4 | -6] [-tls] [-tls_cert <cert>] [-tls_pkey <pkey>]
[-tls_pass <password>] [-tls_verify] [-tls_cafile <cafile>]
/* SYNTAX: SERVER CONNECT [-4 | -6] [-tls | -notls] [-tls_cert <cert>] [-tls_pkey <pkey>]
[-tls_pass <password>] [-tls_verify | -notls_verify] [-tls_cafile <cafile>]
[-tls_capath <capath>] [-tls_ciphers <list>]
[-tls_pinned_cert <fingerprint>] [-tls_pinned_pubkey <fingerprint>]
[-!] [-noautosendcmd] [-nocap]