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updated for .98.3

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- Irssi saves some setting strings to static const char * variables in
several places.. this works pretty well usually, except when /RELOADing
config and some "setup changed" signal handler goes and calls some
function that still uses the old saved string which points to free'd
memory.. this should somehow be fixed failsafe. maybe just g_strdup()
them everywhere or figure out something better..
- move /FORMATs to default.theme and remove /FORMAT command? or include
"default.formats" in default.theme would be better.. this way it could
have comments and /FORMATs shouldn't really be changed anyway anymore.
- netjoin doesn't always show @ before nick even if it should be there?..
- if there's two channels in one window and same nick netsplits out,
should it print the split message twice?
- when someone in notify list joins, should it be placed to start of
/MSG completion list?
- windows:
- /WINDOW SIZE -sticky, so f.e. /WINDOW BALANCE wouldn't affect it.
- /LAYOUT save|reset doesn't affect anything immediately, only after