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@ -1,21 +1,79 @@
- reconnectit BUGAA VIELÄKIN. ne +k kanavat ei rejoinaudu ja ties mitä
asetuksia hukkuu matkalla.
- fix somehow the ^X + /disconnect problem when trying to disconnect
non-connected servers
- the non-fallbacking bind() in connect() breaks /set dcc_own_ip when used
with non-local ip.
- /whowas server nick doesn't work
01:18 <@darix> cras: /foreach server /disconnect $tag n8 <-- doesnt work
- /hilight -priority is broken
19:36 [IRCNet] [muzzy(muzzy@wc.pp.htv.fi)] lisää bugeja irssissä, ilmeisesti
uusin versio: foo splittaa ulos, bar joinaa sisään, bar vaihtaa
nicknamen fooksi, foo splittaa uudestaan ulos -> tulee Glib warning
"is already in split list (how?)" .. :)
04:35 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] was just wondering if you
had Irssi::keyboard_entry_redirect() on your TODO somewhere near the
top, I'd love the feature
04:35 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] or someway to clear the
command buffer, either way is acceptable, just my connection is a
little less than reliable, so I've built myself a script that stores
blowfish passes, all encrypted by one value
04:36 [OPN] [slug(slug@defender.home.warp13.co.uk)] then I set a single
decryption key, and it keeps it for the irssi session (lost on
/upgrade though), unfortunatly it stays in the command buffer 8]
- scrollback_time is broken
- ^I in topicbar breaks things
14:17 <@darix> cras: this doesnt work: /exec - -o uname -a
- time (secs):
- core: server_reconnect_time, server_connect_timeout
- fe-common/core: timestamp_timeout, autoclose_query
- irc/core: knockout_time, lag_check_time, lag_max_before_disconnect
- irc/notifylist: notify_check_time, notify_whois_time
- irc/dcc: dcc_timeout
- irc/flood: autoignore_time
- time (msec): lag_min_show (fe-text), cmd_queue_speed (irc/core)
- time (min): notify_idle_time (irc/notify)
- write_buffer_mins -> write_buffer_timeout (core)
- scrollback_hours -> scrollback_time (fe-text)
- size (kB): write_buffer_size (core), dcc_autoget_max_size (irc/dcc)
05.12.2002 17:56 [Cvbge(piotr@info.ii.uj.edu.pl)] the bug - irssi (cvs too)
coredumps when file name in /dcc send is null (try "/dcc send nick
01:30 <@decadix> cras, you broke dcc chat today: my nick is empty there
22:43 [IRCNet] [Mutru(mutru@49.CLVI.adsl.multi.fi)] Vahvistamattoman huhun
mukaan irssi kaatuu, kun completion__keep_privates on asetettu
nollaksi ja saat /msg:n.
- "setup changed", or "setup reread" seems to cause crashes.. (with darix)
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] before 0.8.6 mail.pl
should work again :)
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] it prints an empty
space for me
05:36 [IRCNet] [darix(darix@wh5035.stw.uni-rostock.de)] when mail arrives :)
02:46 <@fuchs> cras, /server foonet.foo.xy and (recognizing it doesn't connect
fast enough), and so doing /server barnet.foo.xy (both in the
same chatnet) makes irssi joining the net but not rejoining the
14:59 <@c0ffee> cras, bug report, mode change compression appears not to work:
13:58 -!- mode/#*cut* [-b+ *cut*] by *cut* (i think it was -b+b)
21:55 <@L> 17:04.11 <L> /eval /last quit;/clear;/sb goto 10:00;/last -clear;/sb end
21:55 <@L> 17:04.27 <L> wait after it scrolls and press page up :)
21:55 <@L> 17:04.48 <L> oh, you can make Irssi behave correctly with /clear
- /msg nick@server or nick%host is fully treated as nickname (log, query)
- max_whois won't stay with reconnects?
- support passive DCC
- separate format for privmsg/notice massmessages (anything non-yournick)
- irssi dumps core when layout saving with non-channel/query window
20:45 < Juerd> 19:44 -!- Irssi: critical file channels.c: line 122
(channel_find): assertion
20:45 < Juerd> `name != NULL' failed.
20:45 < juuso> ~30'C is way too hot for me. 20-25 is quite ok.
20:45 < Juerd> this happens three times
20:46 < Juerd> and it happens in a _query_
20:47 <@Juerd> cras: for some reason irssi doesn't know this happens in a
query, and displays "< Juerd:> foo" in the status window
- set TOS field for all connections (DCC especially)
16:45 <@darix> cras: hmm it seems irssi proxy cant accept connects on ipv6
anymore. related to BC-bd's patch?
- /PROXY CTCP ON doesn't work well with multiple servers
22:51 [IRCNet] [zhafte(~zhafte@zhafte.peelo.com)] irssi muuten taitaa bugaa jos
pistää ACT oikeaan reunaan, vai onkohan se vain mun terminaali?
@ -23,8 +81,6 @@
- when using -w password command line parameter, hide the password so it
won't show with ps.
- ne typerät reconnectiobugit jatkuu .. away viesti ei säily, +k kanavat
unohtuu jnejne.
17:26 < elho> cras: and with dancer-ircd like here in OPN, mode +f (channel
forward) has the channel as argument, ie. HAS_MODE_ARG_SET()
should include f
@ -32,11 +88,6 @@
whois_modes, it needs to distinguish between this 379 channel
redirect and the whois_modes 379 it handles currently (whatever
that is ;))
13:24 <@Garion> cras: when I type /ignore -regexp -pattern "FUCK YOU" * MSGS,
irssi says "-!- Irssi: Ignoring MSGS from *". This is scary,
cause it suggests I'm ignoring all messages from now on. Could
you add the properties of the messages that I'm ignoring?
"Ignoring MSGS that match with <regexp> from *" or something?
07.06.2002 08:37 #irssi: <@Qrczak> cras: A bug. After /upgrade when being away
the awaylog is not being written to.
21:37 < life> Then you connect. The problem is that irssi connects to the proxy
@ -49,10 +100,6 @@
window with that line in it, thus keeping 1
line from the old window in the current
window. Very confusing
01.06.2002 19:25 #irssi: < ugly_> cras: irssi not resetting the away msg on
reconnect to servers in latest cvs
00:58 <@dg> server notices to @#channel is something that doesn't work
01:00 <@dg> cras, they go to status (or if you /query @#chan there..)
21:43 [IRCNet] [HiroP-(~HiroP@p508035EC.dip.t-dialin.net)] Hi there. I just
wanted to tell you that there seems to be a problem when joining
large channels (500+ people) while a regexp ignore is active. I had
@ -66,14 +113,12 @@
several minutes).
- %n%_ ei näy lastlogissa
- dcc download mask on väärin?
- darixin se pingiredirectijuttu
21:28 < Samus_Aran> cras: /log also shows #Linuux ... which I typod a couple
days ago
21:30 < Samus_Aran> it doesnt show any of the queries which i closed, though,
jush #channels
- 16.5 14:22
- "show statusbar in empty windows" flag?
- statusbar_item_redraw() should just set the size as dirty and calculate
it only when really needed.
@ -82,15 +127,6 @@
- use_status_window, use_msgs_window sais toimia heti
- /msg @#chan<tab>
16:17 < simon-> I'm on a keyed channel on undernet, on a rather unstable
server, and whenever it dies, I find myself not on that channel
(and on another server) the next morning)
16:17 < simon-> s/.$//
16:18 < simon-> well, it only happens when the server times out
16:18 < simon-> and irssi finds an alternative server
14:50 <@Qrczak> cras: $1 in autolog_path sometimes expands to @#channel instead
of #channel. server messages about the channel go there.
- hilight -priority
- tab completio jos lisää utf8 juttuja niin ei oikein toimi?
16:39 <@Qrczak> cras: I'm not sure how exactly to reproduce it but it happens
@ -106,15 +142,13 @@
/WHOssa.. kts. qrczak logi
- /set show_server_tags tjsp että näyttäis aina (yhdistä hide_server_tagsin
- "script destroyed"iä pitäis päästä skriptit kattomaan..
17:35 <@peder> cras: why isnt 'topic = " {sb_topic $topic}"' in the default
- /SET dcc_create_mode 755 ei toimi vaan laittaa 600?
- /SBAR topic placement bottom ei toimi??
- /SB GOTO -<days> <ts>
- /query -immortal so autoclose_queries wouldn't touch them
- /SET hiascii_control_chars if 128..128+32 should be treated as control chars
.... pre-0.9 ...
- /exec -out kanavalla ei pelaa silcissä
- write about %[-s] etc. to default.theme
@ -139,11 +173,8 @@
- /window server -sticky:tetyt ikkunat ei aina meinaa tajuta kun serveri
- utf8-tekstitykset bugailee statusbarissa (promptissa)
- refcounterit settings_add_xx()ään että vois definettää useampia kertoja?
- jos /set reuse_unused_windows off, ja ikkuna näyttäis täysin tyhjälle
ja niitä olis vaan 1, niin sen vois kyllä käyttää silti (?)
03:37 <@darix> /away msg -> /upgrade -> im still away but on /away it doesnt
show the awaylog msgs
- /set beep_msg_level hilight ei toimi jos on /hilight -word
- /STATUSBAR xx ENABLE|DISABLE recreates all statusbars which is a bit
@ -179,7 +210,7 @@
- but DCC chats shouldn't be closed until the chat itself is closed
- which we can't know really currently, since they don't need
to be in queries
- channels should be closed when they're left
- channels should be closed when they're left (they are now, but)
- /WINDOW CLOSE shouldn't close it immediately, since we'll still
receive at least the PART message
- so, log items should know more about what they are exactly, and when
@ -366,6 +397,7 @@
- ^R-like history search
- Key to execute the command, but not place it in history
- Key to remove active entry from command history
- Optionally save command history between restarts
- Notify list:
- showing who's online and who's offline doesn't work properly.
@ -585,8 +617,6 @@
irssi .. at least remove the crashing!
- Irssi::signal_remove() could accept hashes
- /command parameter parser so it'd be easier to handle -options etc.
- when reloading scripts, Irssi::settings_add_int() prints glib errors,
while settings_add_str() doesn't
- Try to get the Makefiles generated so that compiling with GCC would
always work even if the perl wasn't compiled with GCC..
- Irssi::Timeout_add() and input_add()'s data option could be optional
@ -627,19 +657,16 @@
at the same time overlapping each others
- Commands:
- Would this work..? : command_bind() could specify the parameters
it uses, then some generic command parser could parse the commands
and options and if all is ok, send the parsed parameters directly with
signal_emit() .. I'm just thinking some type checking problems but
if all commands would be in format SERVER_REC, WI_ITEM_REC,
GHashTable *options, char ** (NULL terminated parameters list) .. ?
- try to get the 0.9 command parser to work..
- user definable parameter definitions and how they're handled, like
cmsg <target> <colorized-msg> - then there'd be some function called to
colorize the third parameter. same for tab completion.
- support for multiple subcommands in the command parser, like
/window name foo level msgs.
- A way to disable some command entirely? eg. not show in completion
list or /HELP or anywhere..
- Read server capabilities from 005 numeric
- settings_add_int("x") + settings_get_str("x") -> segfault
- extra spaces after commands don't always work, eg /wii nick, /help xx
- hide channel key in statusbar. This would require a $cmode_nokey or