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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
RESET: Restores the default statusbar configuration.
ADDITEM: Adds an item to the specified statusbar. It can be set to
appear before/after another item and left/right aligned
to a specified position on the screen.
on the screen.
MODIFYITEM: Changes an item position inside a bar.
REMOVEITEM: Removes an item from the specified statusbar.
INFO: List the current details and items of the specified
@ -18,15 +18,16 @@
-disable: Removes a statusbar from the list.
-type: Sets the type of statusbar, for each split window or only
for the current root screen.
once at the root (very top or bottom) of the screen.
-placement: Sets the placement of the statusbar, either at the top or
the bottom of the screen.
the bottom of the screen or split window.
-position: Sets the position of the statusbar. Represented as a
number, with 0 implying the first position.
-visible: Sets the visibility of the statusbar or item. If set to
always it is visible on all screens, otherwise if set to
inactive or active then it is only visible on inactive
or active screens, respectively.
number, with smaller numbers implying a position further
to the top.
-visible: Sets the visibility of the statusbar. If set to always,
it is visible on all split windows, otherwise if set to
inactive or active then it is only visible on inactive or
active split windows, respectively.
-before: This item is added before the other item.
-after: This item is added after the other item.
-priority: When the statusbar items overflow, the item with the