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updated for 0.8.2 release

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Timo Sirainen 2002-03-11 16:46:14 +00:00 committed by cras
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@ -1,6 +1,18 @@
- /STATUSBAR xx ENABLE|DISABLE recreates all statusbars which is a bit
annoying because some scripts want to do it and input line is cleared
because of this..
- move /SET hilight_*color to theme
- /SET disconnect_timeout - default 2min, 0 = immediately
- reconnecting messages are a bit confusing. it prints "removed reconnection"
to the server which it's connecting to next.. maybe the whole reconnecting
thing should work so that the record stays there until it's connected
- /ignore, /hilight and /lastlog could complain immediately if used
regexp is broken. /hilight list could show also if it's broken like
/ignore does.
- support DCCs
- topic time/nick isn't transferred
- rewrite to work by fork()ing a new process and transfer file handles
with unix sockets. this would allow the scrollback buffers to be
transferred with them as well.
@ -53,6 +65,9 @@
the query window with the dcc chat window.
- closed DCC chats should add temporary window bind to the dcc chat so
future chats for same nick would use the same window
- /JOIN #foo could *optionally* move the channel to active window
(default off, it confuses people)
- /JOIN -ircnet #foo doesn't jump to #foo like /JOIN #foo does.
- /DCC SEND wildcard support
@ -225,6 +240,7 @@
not hide the text.
- The nick cache stuff just made it slower. Remove it or figure out how
it could be faster.
- combined ignore/hilight thingy, see hilights
- Hilights:
- /HILIGHT list doesn't print several options. Maybe some generic
@ -247,6 +263,8 @@
- automatic nick hilighting at beginning of line should be optional,
like some people would want -word hilighting in it..
- exceptions
- Merged ignores/hilights thingy and maybe even something others ..
some first-match-wins table where you could easily add/move stuff.
- Scrollback:
- Optionally show a "bookmark" (line mark actually, a line full of '-'
@ -295,8 +313,9 @@
- Fix the flood protection to be aware of max. input buffer, which is
1024 bytes by default (/STATS d, CF). Now irssi may excess flood when
sending lots of lines longer than ~200 chars.
- Flood protection doesn't count the extra penalty for MODEs and KICKs
in ircnet.
- IRCNET: Flood protection doesn't count the extra penalty for MODEs
and KICKs, also extra penalty should be given in messages (all
commands?) for each 100 chars.
- Text buffer:
- support for printing ALL characters in text buffer, including ^B, ^C,
@ -335,6 +354,7 @@
- /STATUSBAR prompt DISABLE hangs irssi because there's no input line.
Add some check to not allow this.
- /STATUSBAR could list also disabled bars
- command to list all available statusbar items
- Server connecting:
- More verbose connecting
@ -374,12 +394,13 @@
- bash-style (or whatever it should be called) tab-completion
- key for reverse completion
- /MSG <tab> completion shouldn't include queried nick there (optional)
- nick completion shouldn't try completing nicks everywhere,
like /SET <tab>
- File completion could guess when it's wanted, word beginning with /
(not at start of line of course, unless / isn't in cmdchars)
or ~/ or ./
- filename completion doesn't work properly if path has spaces
- /FORMAT xx <tab>
- don't add useless completions to list. eg /RUN nick<tab> shouldn't
- Modules:
- Figure out module vs. plugin wording, what is what ;)
@ -438,7 +459,8 @@
/window name foo level msgs.
- Channel syncing is evil. Make it optional, and use /USERHOST when
needed if host isn't known. /BAN at least should do this, and while
at it, we could make /IGNORE as well to ignore based on mask.
at it, we could make /IGNORE as well to ignore based on mask. Also,
if /USERHOST doesn't find anything, use /WHOWAS info.
- Irssi saves some setting strings to static const char * variables in
several places.. this works pretty well usually, except when /RELOADing
config and some "setup changed" signal handler goes and calls some
@ -447,14 +469,19 @@
them everywhere or figure out something better..
- Better priority specifying for signals, probably should add
int priority without limited range.
- fix server redirections to handle remote events correctly: very unlikely,
but its possible that replies to two remote whoises are received exactly
at the same time overlapping each others
- settings_add_int("x") + settings_get_str("x") -> segfault
- extra spaces after commands don't always work, eg /wii nick, /help xx
- hide channel key in statusbar. This would require a $cmode_nokey or
- fe-none doesn't compile with --with-perl-staticlib because it doesn't find
the ui/textui stuff..
- we should probably print timestamp even if level contains MSGLEVEL_NEVER,
as long as it's not the only level..
as long as it's not the only level.. Except when /CATing awaylog we don't
want to do that.
- If /SET print_active_channel is ON, actions still don't show the channel
- nick's user/host can't be printed for public messages
- /HELP <alias> should work
@ -498,8 +525,6 @@
for example could hide/show them. add mouse support for it.
- try profiling the code with /cat filewith10000lines
- /JOIN #foo could *optionally* move the channel to active window
(default off, it confuses people)
- /SERVER ADD -ircnet foonet bar 6000 pass1,
/SERVER ADD -ircnet barnet bar 6000 pass2
dircproxy identifies ircnets based on password

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@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ if test -n "`grep '^#undef VERSION' config.h.in`"; then
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(irssi, 0.8.1.CVS)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(irssi, 0.8.2)