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Timo Sirainen 2004-07-11 17:01:04 +00:00 committed by cras
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@ -53,13 +53,6 @@
- when using -w password command line parameter, hide the password so it
won't show with ps.
17:26 < elho> cras: and with dancer-ircd like here in OPN, mode +f (channel
forward) has the channel as argument, ie. HAS_MODE_ARG_SET()
should include f
17:29 < elho> and joining such a channel gives event 379 which irssi handles as
whois_modes, it needs to distinguish between this 379 channel
redirect and the whois_modes 379 it handles currently (whatever
that is ;))
07.06.2002 08:37 #irssi: <@Qrczak> cras: A bug. After /upgrade when being away
the awaylog is not being written to.
21:37 < life> Then you connect. The problem is that irssi connects to the proxy
@ -253,7 +246,6 @@
maybe some multipeople query support? :) /query nick1,nick2 and sending
text there would send it to both. Seems to work already but receiving
messages from either nick1 or nick2 don't go to that window..
- /WHOIS -servertag
- /BAN: setting of what netmask to use for banning with IPv6 addresses
- Netsplits
@ -306,8 +298,6 @@
- /set irssi_proxy_ips <allow connections only from specified IPs>
- Misc IRC related things:
- better support for !channels (don't log the ID, show nicer in whois,
layout save doesn't work, /win item move !channel)
- support for mode +q in dancer - also same as +b %xxx modes..
- properly support RFC-1459 charset (ircnet specific option), eg.
/QUERY p[ and msgs from p{ aren't placed there.