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Irssi installation instructions
First of all, you need GLib to compile irssi. If you don't have it
already, you can either install it or let irssi download & compile it.
The automatic downloading works only if you have wget or ncftpget
installed, you can do it manually by unpacking glib sources to irssi's
root dir.
For most people, this should work just fine:
make install (not _really_ required except for perl support)
You may want to give some parameters to configure, here's the most
commonly used ones:
--prefix - Specifies the path where irssi will be installed.
YES, you can install irssi WITHOUT ROOT permissions
by using --prefix=/home/dir
--with-proxy - Build the irssi proxy (see startup-HOWTO).
--enable-ipv6 - Enable IPv6 support. If you want irssi to prefer
IPv6 for hosts that have both v4 and v6 addresses,
use /SET resolve_prefer_ipv6 ON. You can also override
this with /SERVER -4 or -6 options.
If GLib or ncurses is installed installed in a non-standard path you can
specify it with --with-glib=/path and --with-ncurses=/path. If anything else
is in non-standard path, you can just give the paths in CPPFLAGS and LIBS
environment variable, eg.:
CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/openssl/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/openssl/lib ./configure
Irssi doesn't really need curses anymore, by default it uses
terminfo/termcap directly. The functions for using terminfo/termcap
however are usually only in curses library, some systems use libtermcap
as well. If you want to use only curses calls for some reason, use
Perl problems
Perl support generates most of the problems. There's quite a many
things that can go wrong:
- Perl 5.004 doesn't work by default, you'll need to edit
src/perl/irssi-core.pl and remove all lines with "delete_package"
in them.
- Compiling fails if you compile irssi with GCC in a system that has
perl compiled with some other C compiler. Very common problem with
non-Linux/BSD systems. You'll need to edit src/perl/*/Makefile files
and remove the parameters that gcc doesn't like. Mostly you'll just
need to keep the -I and -D parameters and add -fPIC.
- If there's any weird crashing at startup, you might have older irssi's
perl libraries installed somewhere, and you should remove those.
- Dynamic libraries don't want to work with some systems, so if your
system complains about some missing symbol in Irssi.so file, configure
irssi with --with-perl-staticlib option (NOT same as --with-perl=static).
- If configure complains that it doesn't find some perl stuff, you're
probably missing libperl.so or libperl.a. In debian, you'll need to do
apt-get install libperl-dev
You can verify that the perl module is loaded and working with "/LOAD"
command. It should print something like:
Module Type Submodules
perl static core fe