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Icecast 2.4.1
* Fix autogen.sh to work properly on OS X
* Removed threadpool from the example config (it is long gone and unused)
* More detailed logging:
Add source IP adress to source start/stop logging
Add mountpoints to some log lines
* Fix logging to send errors to STDERR prior to opening log files
* Fix <auth> in default mounts (<mount type="default">) to work properly
* Fix the JSON status API (status-json.xsl), which could return
invalid JSON in some cases
* SSL Security improvements:
Disable SSLv3
Disable SSL compression
Updated the default ciphers to be more secure
* Handle empty strings in config file better
* Fix logging of client connection duration time on Windows
* Fix possibly broken XML on Windows
* Require Content-Type header for PUT requests
* Fix on-connect and on-disconnect script STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR corruption
due to shared file descriptors. (CVE-2014-9018)
* Fix JSON access by adding support for global and mount specific
custom HTTP headers
Known issues
* HTTP PUT implementation currently doesnt support chunked encoding yet.
* HTTP PUT with “Expect: 100-Continue” receives first a “100” and soon
after a “200”, instead of the “200” at the end of transmission.
* Caution should be exercised when using <on-connect> or <on-disconnect>,
as there is a small chance of stream file descriptors being mixed up
with script file descriptors, if the FD numbers go above 1024.
This will be further addressed in the next Icecast release.
* Dont use comments inside <http-headers> as it will prevent processing
of further <header> tags.
* Webinterface shows Login when using just stream_auth.
Icecast 2.4.0
New features
* Support for Ogg Opus streams
* Support for WebM streams
* HTTP 1.1 PUT support for source connections. Deprecating SOURCE method.
* Default mount
This allows you to define a global set of defaults for all mounts.
This way you can use e.g. url-auth for sources and or listeners also for
dynamically generated mounts.
* Web interface redone
Web output properly redone, credit to ePirat.
Added <audio> element for supported audio streams.
Now validates completely as XHTML1.0 strict.
Improves rendering on mobile devices.
* Added basic JSON API (/status-json.xsl) based on a xml2json template by
Doeke Zanstra (see xml2json.xslt). Output is roughly limited to data also
visible through status.xsl.
* Send charset in HTTP headers for everything, excluding file-serv
and streams.
* Allow (standard strftime(3)) %x codes in <dump-file>. Disabled for win32.
* Added stream_start_iso8601, server_start_iso8601 to statistics.
ISO8601 compliant timestamps for statistics. Should make usage in e.g.
JSON much easier.
Added as new variables to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
* Now compiles for win32 using mingw
* Added options headers and header_prefix to URL based listener auth.
* Updated listener_remove handler, added ip= and agent=
* Allow full URLs to be returned by the master server.
* Security Fix: Override supplementary groups if <changeowner> is used
* Fixes for some race conditions
* Dropped debian packaging directory as debian use their own.
* Send proper HTTP headers in responses to clients.
* Corrected Content-Length header in admin (raw) requests. Thanks to paluh for reporting.
* Escape log entries in access log
* Fixed a memory leak. Lost headers of stream because of wrong ref counter in associated refbuf objects.
* Avoid memory leak in _parse_mount() when type-attribute is set
* Updated web interface to be XHTML compliant.
* Removed status2.xsl from release. It was only a broken example file anyway.
Known issues
* Will crash if certain config tags are left empty.
* Webinterface shows Login when using just stream_auth.
Icecast 2.4 beta1
Note: While WebM and Opus are production grade, there are other pending fixes.
- Support for WebM video
- Support for Opus audio in Ogg
- Fixes for some race conditions
- Allow (standard strftime(3)) %x codes in <dump-file>. Disabled for win32.
- Dropped debian packaging directory as debian use their own.
Icecast 2.3.3
- security fixes
- Improved HTTPS cipher handling and added support for chained certificates.
- Allow the source password to be undefined. There was a corner case, where
a default password would have taken effect. It would require the admin to
remove the 'source-password' from the icecast config to take effect.
Default configs ship with the password set, so this vulnerability doesn't
trigger there.
- Prevent error log injection of control characters by substituting
non-alphanumeric characters with a '.' (CVE-2011-4612).
Injection attempts can be identified via access.log, as that stores URL
encoded requests. Investigation if further logging code needs to have
sanitized output is ongoing.
- Bugfixes
This is mostly a bug-fix release to flush out the accumulated fixes.
- On-demand relaying - Reject listeners while reconnecting.
Fix stats for relays without mount section.
- Prevent too frequent YP updates.
- Only allow raw metadata updates from same IP as connected source
(unless user is admin). This addresses broken client software that
issues updates without being connected.
- Minor memory leaks
- XSPF file installation
- Fix case of global listeners count becoming out of sync.
- Setting an interval of 0 in mount should disable shoutcast metadata inserts.
- Authentication
Sources can now be authenticated via URL, like listeners. Post info is:
As admin requests can come in for a stream (eg metadata update) these
requests can be issued while stream is active. For these &admin=1 is added
to the POST details.
- XSL update
Automatically generate VCLT playlist like we do with M3U,
the mountpoint extension is .vclt
- Documentation updates.
Icecast 2.3.2
- Character set support.
Most non-Ogg streams (eg MP3) send metadata as Latin1 but it could be in other
character sets. As icecast uses UTF-8, we need to convert to UTF-8 so that web
pages and stream directories render correctly,
. Allow a per-mount <charset> setting. For when source clients do not
indicate which character set is in use.
. a charset= parameter to the metadata request.
. Default for non-Ogg content is now Latin-1 (aka ISO-8859-1), Ogg content
still use UTF-8.
- Authentication
. Each mountpoint authentication is isolated so one mount authentication does
not slow another mountpoint authentication down.
. XSL pages can require authentication.
. Add some sanity checks for incorrect settings.
- Listening socket update
. Allow multiple ports to be allocated which allow multiple shoutcast source
clients to stream on the same icecast instance.
. No internal limit on the number of listen-sockets that can be used.
. Allow for a listen-socket to be marked SSL capable. While any client could
connect on these, the idea is really for /admin requests.
. allow for a <listen-socket> to bind to ipv4 and ipv6. BSDs may require to
the use of bind-address.
- XSL update
. XSL pages include an xspf link for non-auth streams.
. XSL pages in both webroot and adminroot can take a mount= arg to limit
which stats are transformed.
. XSL files can specify the content-type to return to the client. It is no
longer fixed to html
- Updates for stream directory handling.
. A stream is not registered with the directory until after the first minute
has passed. some streams have been stuck in a connect/disconnect loop.
. Increase retry time on failure, if the stream add is rejected then it will
be down to a misconfiguration so a long retry delay is performed.
. A YP server that is not responding is ignored for a while
- Updates for Win32
. Build cleanups,
. Newer versions of dependency libs (libxml2/libxslt/libcurl etc)
. buffer overflow fixes when many streams are active
- Accept/Ban IP support.
Now takes filenames for explicitly accepting or denying requests from specified
IP addresses. Useful in cases where firewall access is not available. The
files, if defined, are re-read automatically if updated.
- A Mountpoint is exported to the slaves even if no mount section is defined for
it. You can still use the hidden setting to prevent that from happening.
- Relays handle redirection (HTTP 302) if one is received at startup.
- Automatically generate XSPF playlist like we do with M3U, the mountpoint
extension is .xspf
- Header updates for proxy handling and certain clients like some shoutcast
source clients and flash players.
- Added Kate/Skeleton codecs to Ogg handler.
- Various stats cleanups. Added some global stats (server ID, email contact etc).
- Documentation updates.
- The streamlist passed from master to slave had a limited length, so if there
were many streams then some could of been left out.
- Relay startup/shutdown is cleaner.
- several build cleanups.
- several resource leaks and race conditions fixed
Icecast 2.3.1
- new tag <logsize> in <logging> state the trigger size (in KB) for cycling the
log files.
- new tag <logarchive> in <logging> enable (1) if you want to use a timestamp
for an extension when cycling logs.
- Handling of certain shoutcast source clients is fixed, this typically
affected NSV source clients
- A race in source shutdown when listeners are authenticated could lead to
server crash
- An audio glitch was possible in playback of vorbis streams when a new logical
stream started (eg metadata update).
- stats speedup. Processing large numbers of stats was slow. Typically only
seen when using lots of streams on the same server.
- 404 responses were being sent back in some places, now 403 is sent back.
- Auth URL now handles the authentication to scripts better.
The order in which username/password are selected is
1. url is http://user:pass@host:port/....
2. <param name="username"> and <param name="password">
3. with listener_add/remove, listener supplied username/password is used.
- A streams intro file can now be changed, using HUP, on active streams.
- mount without a name crashed the server
- Various documentation updates
Icecast 2.3
**** New features for 2.3.0 ****
- Streaming support for ogg speex, ogg flac, ogg midi
- intro file support - per mount settable
Intro files will play when a listener first connects to a stream. This
is designed for station jingles and the like. If you don't broadcast
in ogg vorbis, you must make sure the bitrate/samplerate/number of
channels match up to your stream.
- on-demand relays, global and per-relay settable
On demand relays only connect to the relayed content when there are
listeners attached to the relay. This can save bandwidth in certain cases.
- fallback to file, extends on the intro file handling.
With this feature, you can specify a "fallback file" which will be played
in a loop and sent your currently connected listeners in the event of a
source client disconnect. This means your listeners stay connected while
you fix your disconnect problem. Same rules regarding bitrate/samplerate/
number of channels apply as with intro files.
- new mount-level settings
1. public, type/subtype, genre settings, stream description,
stream url, stream name, bitrate (override what is sent from the source
2. mp3 metadata interval
3. on-[dis]connect scripts can be stated per-mount, invoked at source
start/stop and take 1 arg which is the mountpoint.
- New URL listener authenticator.
This delegates your listener authorization to an external application.
URL calls are made on listener connect/disconnect as well as source
connect/disconnect. It is meant for large broadcasters who have existing
authentication systems that need to be integrated into. Included is
an example php-based application that can be used in conjunction with
the url authenticator to manage a simple subscription-based broadcast.
- HTPasswd authenticator uses in-memory structures now.
- On demand files now can be fed through an authenticator
- Update to admin/web xslt interface
- Icecast can now be installed as a win32 service
**** Fixes for 2.3.0 ****
- real/helix works
- win32 access log correct
- stats client is stable now (curl -X STATS http://admin@host:port/)
- show mountpoints on stats that are inactive but have an active fallback
- more updates over HUP possible
- improved stability under heavy load
- moving clients will no longer sometimes deadlock the server
- avoid small writes to reduce TCP overhead.
Icecast 2.2
****New features for 2.2 (in no particular order):****
- Theora Video support -
Icecast now supports video streaming via theora. Currently, we require the latest
(alpha 4) version of libtheora. This is an optional compile, so if you don't
have theora then icecast will safely ignore it
- Shoutcast style source client support -
Icecast now supports the connection protocol used by the Shoutcast DSP source
client. This is the same connection protocol used by their NSV encoding tools.
This means that not only can you use the Shoutcast DSP to stream to icecast, but
that you can also stream NSV via their tools.
- AAC is added as a supported streaming format -
Not too many source clients support streaming in this format, but we support it.
- Cluster password -
Now you can specify a cluster password as a <mount> option in the config. This
will allow you to cluster multiple servers/mounts into a single listing on the
stream directory. Note that this is different than "grouping" which groups together
streams coming from the same physical IP and with the same stream name. Clusters
are meant for relays of the same stream and will only be listed *once* in the stream
directory. When a listener tunes into a cluster, they will be served an m3u file
with all the clusters for that stream.
- Playlist Log -
This is an option setting that will create an audit trail of metadata that comes through
icecast. It is a single file that contains information for all mountpoints.
- Range Support for static files -
We now support seeking in files served off the icecast fserve.
- Metadata Update via Admin -
We now support metadata updates via the admin interface for both MP3 AND Ogg Vorbis
- Per mount hidden stats and YP prevention -
You many now indicate certains mounts to be excluded (i.e. hidden) from the main
status.xsl page. This is useful when using local private relays. You can also
override the YP setting (as in disable) on a per-mount basis. Also useful for
local private relays.
- Multiple example config files -
We now have multiple config files for you to use as a base. A "simple" one for
quick-start, and a more detailed "advanced" one with all the features, as well
as a "shoutcast compatable" one, which shows how you'd config for using the
shoutcast DSP.
- Relay user/pass -
You can now specify authentication used by a relay. This is for the case where
you have listener authentication enabled for a mountpoint, and want to connect
a relay to it.
Icecast 2.1 11/04/2004
****New features for 2.1 (in no particular order):****
-Listener Authentication-
Icecast now supports listener authentication. This provides a mechanism for
creating/maintaining users and passwords for listeners. Currently, we only
have implemented a simple, file-based storage for users and passwords. New
authenticators are on the horizon (such as URL-based or possibly MySQL based)
New admin pages were also added for the maintenance of users/passwords. Please
check the docs for a more detailed description of this new feature.
-Multi-Level Fallbacks-
Multi-level fallbacks allow for specifications of a series of fallback mounts
that you can use to automatically move listeners in the event of a source being
disconnected. In the event of new listeners attaching to the source stream that has
been disconnected, they are routed to the fallback mount (if specified).
Icecast now has fallback-override capability as well which means that in the event
of a source stream failure, listeners are moved to the fallback mount, and then
automatically recaptured when the original source stream returns.
This is an new, optional config setting which will send a initial burst of
data to connecting listeners. This has the effect of reducing
(significantly) the startup buffer latency from the end-user perspective.
This option is enabled by default.
****New Enhancements for 2.1****
-Update to admin interface-
This interface has been cleaned up quite a bit and made a bit nicer.
-Rewrite of the YP listing code-
The icecast yp code has received a complete overhaul by karl, and it's a much
more stable and failure-resistant implementation.
-Lots and lots of bugs fixed-
Check the ChangeLog for a complete list of these...
Added documentation
Support aliases
Support listening on multiple sockets.
Support for shoutcast source protocol added.
Started implementing generic admin interface. Supports (so far):
- dynamic configuration of mount fallbacks
- setting of mp3 metadata
- dumping raw xml stats
- listing all connected clients on a mountpoint:
Implemented the ability to reread the config file on SIGHUP. For now, this
does not affect configuration for currently running sources (only new
sources and global parameters like max-listeners)
More features:
-- per mountpoint listener maxima
-- static configuration of mountpoint fallbacks
-- stream dumping (write incoming stream to disk)
Fix log buffering on win32 - previously, logs were never flushed, so they
only got output every few tens or hundreds of lines.
Support new icy-audio-info header, to communicate various parameters to
clients and yp servers, including sample rate, quality, channels, bitrate
Full support for relaying mp3 metadata (if turned on in config file)
Allow configuration of maximum client queue length (in bytes)
Finished full IPv6 support.
Allow configuring local mountpoint seperately from remote mountpoint for
Per mountpoint usernames and passwords (for sources)
Now that it's been officially assigned, use application/ogg instead of
Allow relaying of mp3 streams from icecast 1.x and shoutcast
Added ability to configure individual relays (rather than just all streams
from a single server).
Added support for YP directory services listings
are only used by the yp listing routines
Support command line parameter -b to run in the background (not supported
on win32)
Implement configurable mountpoint fallbacks (on source exit, clients are
transferred to another mountpoint automatically, without disconnecting
Implemented full mp3 metadata support.
(older stuff is missing from here)