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2017-11-17 09:04:42 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Preparing for 2.5 beta2 aka
2014-12-28 13:19:29 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Removed fr_FR xsl files since they aren't used
2014-12-28 11:08:56 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Preparing for 2.5 beta1 aka
2014-12-25 12:45:46 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Nicer display of <metadata>
This adds a little bit nicer display of <metadata> to the stats.xsl
page and avoids broken display of <metadata> and <authentication>.
2014-12-26 21:57:50 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Added support to admin/ interface to list <role>s
This adds support to list global and per mount roles on stats.xsl.
This isn't nicest formated but works.
This also adds <source>-like <authentication> with <role>s to
root node.
2014-12-26 11:04:22 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* height-adjusted logo2 for NSIS installer
2014-12-26 11:02:10 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Favicon was missing from the Makefile
2014-12-24 09:19:17 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Revert "Fix: avoid assignment discards 'const' qualifier warning"
This reverts commit 0dbabcc44c141d0018a6eb6b6d3c78cc6e16491c.
Breaks other(?) OpenSSL versions.
2014-12-24 09:16:15 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Prevent various redefined definitions in win32-specific code
From: Erik van Pienbroek <epienbro@fedoraproject.org>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 18:02:09 +0100
2014-12-24 09:03:26 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: avoid assignment discards 'const' qualifier warning
Untested. Please test.
2014-12-22 09:08:24 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Display username and role in listener listing
This adds display of role name and updates display of username in
listener listing of mount points on admin interface.
2014-12-22 07:58:37 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: corrected xsl to work in omode=normal
2014-12-20 18:48:03 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Allow <resource> to have only one of source and destination
This allows <resource> (former <alias>) to have only one of the
attribues source and destination. In that case other parameters
will be applied to the client but uri is not mapped.
2014-12-20 18:07:04 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Merge branch fix for <metadata> of relays.
2014-12-20 18:06:42 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: avoid segfault by generating <metadata> for relays
2014-12-20 16:12:27 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: memory leak and race condition fix
2014-12-20 15:30:26 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: memory leak, now also releasing reglist[] members
2014-12-20 15:29:53 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: memory leak now freeing null_device and global source_password
2014-12-20 13:40:44 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Added missing includes
2014-12-20 09:39:26 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Corrected display of "login" on status page
This corrects the creation of <authenticator> in the status output
and this way fixes the display of login link on status page.
2014-12-19 17:30:37 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Merged support for thread-less <role>s
2014-12-19 17:27:54 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: immediate mode for <role>s
This allows a <role> represented by a auth_t to run in "immediate"
mode. In this mode no thread is created for this <role>. This is a
major speedup.
2014-12-19 16:40:41 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Allow mangement of <role>s via admin/ interface
Updated admin/manageauth.xsl the way suggested by
2014-12-19 16:14:35 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Allow mangement of <role>s via admin/ interface.
This allows to manage <role>s via admin interface if the role supports.
Also format of admin/manageauth has been changed:
- <source> was renamed to <role>.
- mount parameter was removed.
- <role> got new parameters: type, name,
can-adduser, can-deleteuser, can-listuser.
- can-* parameters are bools ("true" or "false"). They should be used
to show or hide elements on the admin interface.
* Ticket #2123 is nearly complet with this, just admin/manageauth.xsl
needs up be updated. Please close the bug in the commit that updates
2014-12-19 11:28:49 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Also export type="" in stats.xml's <role>s
2014-12-19 11:22:36 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Added support to type="static" <role> to list user
This adds support to list the user for a static <role>.
2014-12-19 11:16:13 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Added support for management-url="" in <role>
This adds setting a URL for manegement of roles to the
framework. If no URL is given in the config file this
defaults to internal (/admin/manageauth.xsl) interface if supported
by the backend.
2014-12-19 11:01:32 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: only export name="" on <role> if set
2014-12-19 10:44:24 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Export <role>s on stats.xml
This exports id and name of <role>s on stats.xml output. The <role>s
are in a <authentication> container tag and mimic the format
used by the config file.
2014-12-19 10:50:52 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Added a unique ID to each auth_t.
This added a unique ID to each auth_t instance so it can be
referred to e.g. by the web interface for mangement functionallity.
Mostly lifted from connection.[ch].
2014-12-19 10:31:08 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Cleanup: Removed a printf() leftover from debugging
2014-12-18 10:24:15 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Always export <metadata> in stats.xml
2014-12-18 09:56:54 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Added: 'legcay' mode stats.xml.
Add '?omode=legacy' to any URI or <resource ... omode="legacy" />.
* Please test.
2014-12-14 19:18:22 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Fixed compiler warnings
2014-12-14 16:19:32 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Support command line arguments in <event type="exec">
This adds support to pass additional command line parameters
to called processes.
2014-12-14 11:01:39 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Fix: Send Content-Disposition:-header correctly
2014-12-14 09:27:49 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Regression Fix: Correction of old-style <authentication>.
Old-style <authentication> within <mount> didn't work for type="url"
as well as some other parameters due to confusion between "node"
and "child" variable.
* Thanks for trilliot for pointing out! Should work now.
2014-12-14 08:25:16 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Some minor changes to README.md, added Opus and WebM
2014-12-14 08:19:58 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Cleanup: make strcmp() more explicit in _start_logging()
This avoids if(strcmp()) constructs in favor of if(strcmp() == 0)
constructs. This is aligned with coding style and will improve
readability of the code.
Thanks to miksago.
2014-12-14 08:18:24 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* NEWS updated for 2.4.0 and 2.4.1
2014-12-13 19:10:20 Thomas B. Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Fix for docdir issue with deb/RPM. Fixes #2121
Replaced docdir with otherdocdir and made it relative to
docdir. This seems to work for debian and plain make install.
Will test RPM later.
2014-12-09 16:08:27 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Feature: Extract metadata and export them to stats.xml
* All metadata is now extracted from Vorbis streams and ICY streams
and exported as new <metadata> tag into admin/stats if specific
mountpoint is requested.
* To testers:
- Please test with Ogg Vorbis streams.
- Please test with Ogg Vorbis + Theora streams.
- Please test chained Ogg streams.
- Please test with ICY streams.
2014-12-08 07:58:17 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Speedup: Don't copy data into event if there are no registrations
* If there are no registrations that are added to an event the event
doesn't need to be emited as nobody cares anyway. We will do this
simple check before we copy data into the event object to avoid
unnecessary calls to strdup() and other allocation functions.
2014-12-08 00:39:57 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Added <event>: Unified handling of events.
* <event> has been added and can be used within <kartoffelsalat>
both in <icecast> and <mount>.
<event> takes backend depending <option> child tags.
Currently supported backends:
- log: send message to error log.
- exec: executes a program or script.
- url: delivers the event via HTTP.
* within <mount> <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> has been replaced by
<event>. Config parser can on-the-fly convert old tags.
Also <authentication type="url"> within <mount> has been fixed
for those cases with <option name="mount_add" .../> and
<option name="mount_remove" .../> which are now on-the-fly converted
by the parser to corresponding <event> tags.
* Please also see TAGs added as per #2098. Some include hints for
documentation updates needed after this change. Those updates
should take place before 2.4.2.
2014-12-07 10:54:34 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Cleanup: Moved config re-read function into right place
* Renamed event_config_read() into config_reread_config() and moved
it into cfgfile.c. This allowed to delete event.[ch].
event.[ch] will later be used to implement <event>.
2014-12-06 20:24:33 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Corrected Makefile.am to refect README rename and TODO deletion
2014-12-06 20:04:21 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* ACL: added {allow,deny}-all, support bool notation
* Added {allow,deny}-all option to ACL parser. Setting this will
set {allow,deny}-{method,admin,web} to *.
* Also allow boolean values (insteed of *) for {allow,deny}-{web,all}.
2014-12-06 19:47:54 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* renamed <alias> to <resource> as it is planned to extend the usage
of this tag. docs and default configs should be updated by those
taking care of them.
2014-12-05 12:57:02 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Update submodules
2014-12-04 12:41:53 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Updated README, renamed it so that it is parsed as markdown
2014-12-04 12:14:56 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Remove old TODO file, using trac tickets instead
2014-12-04 10:24:12 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Changed URLs to be relative in .gitmodules
2014-12-04 08:12:41 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Updated submodules to the new repository URLs
2014-12-02 22:50:57 Marvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
* Epic Git migration commit
* Added .gitignore and submodules
* Changed paths to match new location of things
* [Note from the editor: SVN to Git migration completed]
2014-11-30 20:32:30 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* better coding style, patch by ePirat.
2014-11-30 18:20:09 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* s/listener/client/; thanks to micheil.
2014-11-30 18:18:05 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* cleanup: make use of const
2014-11-30 18:17:10 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* sock_active() is broken and can not be used
2014-11-30 18:15:40 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* that error is nonsense
2014-11-30 09:32:06 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* cleanup: don't include "httpp/httpp.h" if not needed
2014-11-29 12:41:19 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* cleanup: converted printf() into ICECAST_LOG_DEBUG() but commented
out so they do not spam logs for normal users.
2014-11-29 11:39:39 Thomas B. "dm8tbr" Ruecker <thomas@ruecker.fi>
* Fix trailing spaces in default config.
As pointed out by DalekSec on IRC.
2014-11-29 10:34:07 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
updated chroot and setuid/gid support. Thanks to d26264b9 for
2014-11-29 10:16:36 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* in <listener>:
- Added <role>.
- Converted <Referer> to <referer>.
- Set id="nnn" in addition to <ID>nnn</ID>.
- Added TAGged comments about next steps.
2014-11-29 08:28:55 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* include <string.h>
2014-11-29 08:16:42 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* ensure vhost is not uninitialized
2014-11-29 08:15:23 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* include <stdio.h> as FILE* is used in the header
2014-11-28 23:46:08 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Wow. Mega patch!
This patch *replaces* the authentication system completly.
* What is new:
- <authentication> in mount section is now a container object.
- <authentication> in root and mount section may hold any number
of <role>-Tags.
- <role> tags:
Those tags define a 'role' and it's ACL rules.
A role is a instance of an authentication module (see below).
<role> takes the following options. All but type are optional.
- authentication related:
- type: Type of the authentication module
(values: anonymous, static, legacy-password, url or htpasswd;
symbolic constants in auth.h)
- name: Name for the role. For later matching.
(values: any string; default: (none))
- method: rule is only active on the given list of HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: *)
- ACL related:
- allow-method: Allowed HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: get)
- deny-method: Rejected HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: *)
- allow-admin: Allowed admin commands.
(list of enum values: admin command; default: buildm3u)
- deny-admin: Rejected admin commands.
(list of enum values: admin command; default: *)
- allow-web: Allowed web pages.
(values: empty or *; default: *)
- deny-web: Rejected web pages.
(values: empty or *; default: (empty))
- connections-per-user: maximum number of simultaneous connections
per role and username. This is only active on active sources.
(values: unlimited or number of connections; default: unlimited)
- connection-duration: maximum time of a connection.
This is only active on active sources.
(values: unlimited or number of secounds; default: unlimited)
<role> takes <option> child tags. <option> tags contain a name
and a value option.
Meaning of <option> tags is up to the authentication module.
- <role>s are considered to build a stack.
If a role returns with AUTH_NOMATCH the next one will be tried.
- <role>s are tested in this order: mount specific, default mount
specific, global, internal fallback.
Internal fallback is set to allow web/ access via GET, POST and HEAD
(only GET supported by this time) and rejects all other requests.
- New authentication module: anonymous
This module matches all requests. No options taken.
- New authentication module: static
This module matches with a static username and password.
It takes two <option>s. One with name="username" and one with
name="password" to set username and password.
This replaces old style <*-username> and <*-password> tags.
- New authentication module: legacy-password
This module matches with a statich password.
It takes one <option> with name="password" to set password.
This replaces old ICE and ICY (shoutcast compat mode)
- Parsing <authentication> in <mount> with a type set in a special way
to allow 100% backward compatibility.
- Parsing of <source-password>, <admin-password>, <admin-user>,
<relay-password> and <relay-user> in global <authentication>
for 100% backward compatibility.
- <alias> is now proccessed very early. This enables them to be used
for all kinds of requests.
* To Do List & What does not yet work:
- type="url" auth: mount_add and mount_remove.
This should be replaced by an unique feature I would call '<event>'.
- Admin commands manageauth and manageauth.xsl are disabled as they
need more review: This code needs to be ported to support
multiple <role>s per <mount>.
- url authentication module can not yet return AUTH_NOMATCH.
This needs to be reviewed and discussed on how to handle this case
best way.
- Default config files needs to be updated to reflect the changes.
As this is quite some political act it should be done in dicussion
with the whole team and permission of the release manager.
- Docs need to be updated to reflect the changes.
* How does it work:
Code has been changed so that authentification is done early
for all clients. This allows accessing the ACL data (client->acl)
from nearly everywhere in the code.
After accept() and initial client setup the request is parsed.
In the next step all <alias>es are resolved. After this the client
is passed for authentication. After authentication it is passed
to the corresponding subsystem depending on kind of request.
All authentication instances have a thread running for doing
the authentication. This thread works on a queue of clients.
* Hints for testers:
- Test with default config.
- Test with diffrent authentication modules in <mount>.
- Test shoutcast compatibility mode.
- Test with new style <authentication> and any amount of <role>
(zero to quite some).
- Test <alias> lookup on all kinds of objects.
- Test source level credential login into the admin interface.
- Test shoucast style meta data updates.
- Test playlist generation.
* Thank you for reading this long commit message.
Have fun reading the full patch!
2014-11-22 05:42:36 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* some more changes for ACL framework: exported admin_get_command()
2014-11-22 04:44:47 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* expose converting of method names to enum values as
2014-11-22 04:06:26 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Changed ABI a bit: updated httpp_request_type_e-type. To avoid any
problems do a complet rebuild of your projects. Thank you.
2014-11-22 03:49:36 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* some smaller stuff needed to get new authing stuff done
2014-11-21 19:52:48 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* allow symbolc names for bools, public settings and loglevel
2014-11-21 18:05:17 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* remove client_send_[0-9]{3}() in favor of client_send_error().
Please test
2014-11-21 15:37:50 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* first part of patch to allow kh like admin stats with listener tags
2014-11-21 10:08:16 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* allow comments to be within the <http-headers> block, not just at the
2014-11-21 09:28:29 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Updated handling of <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> in <mount>, see
2014-11-20 18:41:42 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* report system name and print better warnings about <hostname> at
start of process
2014-11-20 18:36:57 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* remove threadpool_size in global config, added warnings for
<threadpool> and <no-yp> as well as updated warning for
2014-11-20 18:34:41 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* Support for reloading server config using admin interface.
2014-11-20 18:32:14 Philipp Schafft <lion@lion.leolix.org>
* support vhosting on aliases
2014-11-19 13:42:23 dm8tbr
* This is Spaaarrr^w Icecast 2.4.1!
2014-11-19 13:41:09 dm8tbr
* Makefile.am and configure.in for new docs
2014-11-19 12:18:49 dm8tbr
* Removing unmaintained RPM spec file
2014-11-19 11:30:58 ePirat
* Set PATH_MAX to 4096 if not defined (patch by Svante Signell
See: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=767542
2014-11-18 19:57:21 ePirat
* Docs: 2.4.1 docs added
2014-11-18 10:17:16 ePirat
* fix for memory errors when using a lot of headers
2014-11-18 08:51:03 dm8tbr
* Comments in <http-headers> break things ATM.
Moved the comment out to avoid this bug.
Needs to be checked.
2014-11-17 19:20:57 ph3-der-loewe
* subset of earlier patch so it can go into 2.4.1: disconnects
stdio of <on-[dis]connect> scripts from server owned filehandles.
* This is considered a security fix: if on-connect/on-disconnect
scripts are used, file descriptors of the server process remain open
and could be written to or read from. Most pressing STDIN, STDOUT,
STDERR are handled. Further all file descriptors up to 1024 are closed.
There is a remaining (much lower) risk in combination of either a
malicious or susceptible script and FDs above 1024.
2014-11-10 10:46:55 ph3-der-loewe
* patch to fix regression on header size with large headers introduced
by support of <server-id> and <http-headers>. This should ensure we
have at least space for 2kB of extra headers. Depending on function
and call we may have much more space.
2014-11-10 08:23:34 dm8tbr
* Update minimal config to also contain ACAO * header
2014-11-10 06:25:15 dm8tbr
* Update default config: SSL, headers, default-mount
2014-11-09 10:55:29 dm8tbr
* Updated default openSSL cipher string
* https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS#Intermediate_compatibility_.28default.29
* same Qualys result
2014-11-09 09:13:59 dm8tbr
* Clean up default config
2014-11-08 16:23:26 dm8tbr
* Applying patch by ph3-der-loewe, HTTP PUT requires content-type
* In case of SOURCE we are lenient and thus quite some source clients
don't send a proper content-type, especially if they only support mp3.
* This was meant to be introduced in 2.4.0 already, sadly we missed it.
* All source clients MUST send proper content-type after migrating to
Icecast HTTP PUT protocol.
2014-11-08 13:34:45 ph3-der-loewe
* Fixed regression introduced in r18356 (CVE-2011-4612): client
duration time is now correctly logged. PRIu64 MUST NOT be used with
log_write_direct() as depending on platform PRIu64 may be using
something not supported by __vsnprintf() of log/log.c.
2014-11-08 12:28:17 ph3-der-loewe
* make use of sizeof() not explicit magic numbers
2014-11-07 23:10:43 ph3-der-loewe
* fixing some compiler warnings
2014-11-07 22:06:06 ph3-der-loewe
* updated some copyright headers
2014-11-07 20:56:04 ph3-der-loewe
* fix for %z on win*. hope it doesn't breaky anything else.
2014-11-07 19:14:28 ph3-der-loewe
* added warnings on empty and default values of <fileserve>,
<hostname>, <location>, <admin> and <server-id>
2014-11-07 11:18:54 ph3-der-loewe
* send errorlog (loglevel WARN) to stderr prior to opening the real
2014-11-07 10:12:24 ph3-der-loewe
* added support for type="" and status="" in <header>
(subelement of <http-headers>).
2014-11-07 02:55:57 ph3-der-loewe
* Added support for <http-headers> within <mount>.
Also support merging of headers (normal mount + default mount).
2014-11-07 01:40:28 ph3-der-loewe
* handle empty strings in config file better. Now empty strings are
handled in: accesslog, errorlog, logdir, webroot, adminroot and
hopefully all kinds of port.
2014-11-07 00:56:02 ph3-der-loewe
* initial patch to allow adding user defined headers
2014-11-06 23:55:58 ph3-der-loewe
* coding style and typo correcion
2014-11-06 12:02:00 dm8tbr
* Be more verbose in case of fileserve off
2014-11-05 10:09:07 dm8tbr
* applied patch to update the default ciphers to be more secure
* tested this successfully against https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
2014-11-03 19:34:10 ph3-der-loewe
* applied patch to disable SSLv3 and SSL compression explicitly
2014-11-02 20:19:29 dm8tbr
* fix JSON status API problems
* Put the last item check into every filtered tag.
* This way we shouldn't run into problems of this type anymore.
* Also it should be easier to customize this way,
if someone wants to filter differently.
2014-10-31 09:00:45 ph3-der-loewe
so they have a prefix of ICECAST_
2014-10-31 08:46:58 ph3-der-loewe
* avoid collision with LOG_INFO that is defined as part of syslog.
2014-10-26 14:03:57 ph3-der-loewe
* make <auth> in <mount type="default"> work if no <mount-name> is
2014-10-23 20:41:38 epirat
* More detailed logging
* Add source IP adress to startup and source exit logging
* Add mountpoint to some log lines
2014-10-18 16:25:29 ph3-der-loewe
* fix warnings, mostly related to win*-builds
2014-10-09 10:39:13 ph3-der-loewe
* Replace the old logging macros with variadic argument macros.
(patch by ePirat)
2014-07-23 16:55:57 dm8tbr
* removed threadpool from example config
it is long gone and unused
2014-07-23 10:20:47 dm8tbr
* Fix autogen.sh to work properly on Mac OS
* Applying patch by ePirat
2014-05-06 05:23:42 dm8tbr
* This is Icecast 2.4.0!
2014-05-06 04:53:24 dm8tbr
* SECURITY FIX - Override supplementary groups if <changeowner>
2014-05-05 05:16:44 dm8tbr
* Added <audio> for supported streams. TNX ePirat
2014-05-04 17:36:25 dm8tbr
* status2.xsl, broken for a decade, now it's gone!
2014-05-04 17:09:59 dm8tbr
* Updated docs:
* logging to STDERR; known issues
* Refactored docs about client authentication
* Vastly improved page about Icecast statistics
* Clean up supported windows versions
* Quick fixup of the basic setup page
* Minor fixes to the config file documentation
* Updated YP documentation
* Reduced win32 documentation to essentials
2014-05-04 07:14:54 dm8tbr
* Adding stream_start_iso8601, server_start_iso8601
ISO8601 compliante timestamps for statistics. Should make usage in
e.g. JSON much easier.
Added as new variables to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
2014-05-04 05:16:00 dm8tbr
* Nicer looking tables for the admin interface.
ePirat sent updated tables code that should look much nicer.
This is admin interface only (and a global css change).
2014-03-09 13:02:35 dm8tbr
* Set content-type to official "application/json"
2014-03-09 12:27:58 dm8tbr
* Initial JSON status transform.
Output roughly limited to data also visible through status.xsl.
2014-03-09 12:26:15 dm8tbr
* Silence direct calls, add partial array support.
* The XSLT will now return empty if called directly.
This is a security measure to prevent unintended data leakage.
* Adding partial array support to print sources in an array.
Code lifted from:
2014-03-09 12:19:35 dm8tbr
* Adding xml2json XSLT, svn r31 upstream trunk.
2014-03-01 17:53:00 dm8tbr
* Icecast 2.4 beta5 aka
2014-03-01 17:37:38 dm8tbr
* Reverting r18945 for now as using -b breaks things.
Reopening #1886, patch needs rework.
2014-03-01 16:38:15 dm8tbr
* Web output properly redone, credit to ePirat.
Now validates completely as XHTML1.0 strict.
Also improves rendering on mobile devices.
2014-02-23 21:29:35 dm8tbr
* Send charset in headers for everything, excluding file-serv and streams.
2014-02-16 10:14:28 dm8tbr
* Added warning to documentation
ensure queue-size >> burst-size.
2014-01-23 13:55:23 dm8tbr
* Icecast 2.4 beta4 aka
2014-01-23 06:23:42 dm8tbr
* Updated web interface to be more XHTML compliant.
* Added warning about HTML scraping to main page.
2014-01-12 21:09:04 ph3-der-loewe
* Fixed a memory leak. Lost headers of stream because of wrong ref
counter in associated refbuf objects.
2014-01-12 12:29:27 ph3-der-loewe
* Completed HTTP PUT support, send 100-continue-header,
if client requests it. We need to adhere to HTTP1.1 here.
2014-01-12 12:09:59 ph3-der-loewe
* avoid memory leak in _parse_mount() when "type"-attribuet is set
2013-11-06 01:01:31 ph3-der-loewe
* corrected Date-header format to conform the standard (see RFC1123).
Thanks to cato for reporting.
2013-05-29 08:22:06 dm8tbr
* Added a favicon to the web-root content
2013-05-15 16:45:55 dm8tbr
* We now split handling of command line arguments into two parts.
Only the critical part of getting the config file is done first (and
-v as it prevents startup). The rest (currently only -b) is deferred.
It allows us to log error messages to stderr even if the -b argument
is passed. This is mainly for the case where the logfile or TCP port
can't be opened.
2013-04-06 05:00:00 dm8tbr
* Icecast 2.4 beta3 aka
2013-04-05 20:13:18 dm8tbr
* Edited warning for clarity.
2013-04-05 19:49:13 ph3-der-loewe
* added a warning in case mount of type default is defined but a
mountname is set
2013-04-05 16:44:51 dm8tbr
* Setting Icecast version to in preparation for 2.4 beta3.
2013-04-05 16:43:16 dm8tbr
* Add warning when using generic handler for stream sent to Icecast.
All bets are off, we're trying our best using legacy handling code.
2013-04-03 02:04:38
* avoid fnmatch() on _WIN32 and fall back to strcmp(). Seems that
MinGW does half-implement fnmatch()...
2013-04-03 00:46:55 ph3-der-loewe
* do fuzzy(fnmatch) matching for mountpoint names of non-normal
mounts, see #1914
2013-04-03 00:33:10 ph3-der-loewe
* mount points defined in config should use data from default mounts
as well, see #1914
2013-04-02 18:46:44 ph3-der-loewe
* Added support for a default mount. See #1914.
The default mount is a block in the config file that contains settings
for all mount points that do not have a block in configfile themself.
This is implemented by a <mount type="default">-block.
In this case the <mount>-block MUST NOT contain
a <mount-name>-subblock.
2013-04-02 12:19:33
* Throw away the reqbuf stuff as it was not well designed. Removing it
and restoring usage of %H to properly address #1916
2013-04-02 11:51:47 ph3-der-loewe
* make use of const keyword in _fatal_error()
2013-04-02 11:48:40 ph3-der-loewe
* allow --version as alias to -v (printing version number)
2013-03-30 10:52 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog:
* trunk/icecast/configure.i:
This is Icecast 2.4 beta2 (aka
2013-03-30 10:26:44 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog:
Updated Icecast ChangeLog
2013-03-30 07:09:14 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html:
Adding "A word of warning" to Icecast config file documentation.
2013-03-29 15:07:33 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c:
Highly experimental HTTP PUT support. ref #1812
We are handling it the same as we would handle a SOURCE request.
Due to legacy code, sender MUST send proper content-type header,
if content type is not audio/mpeg!
Can be tested using real-time encoded output and piping it into
| curl -u username:password -H "Content-type: application/ogg" -T - \
Note that this example has ZERO timing, so a simple 'cat *.ogg' will
Whatever feeds the pipe must do it at proper timing for real-time
2013-03-29 14:41:24 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c:
Backing out part of r18755 touching this file.
fixes #1942
2013-03-09 15:23:48 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_basicsetup.html:
Added note about distribution packaging of Icecast, fixing #1249.
2013-02-24 20:12:42 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_listenerauth.html:
Fixing a small bit in the example that got copied.
2013-02-24 16:19:53 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html:
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_listenerauth.html:
Icecast documentation update for stream_auth.
2013-02-24 14:25:37 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c:
corrected mime type of plain text mount point list,
thanks to cato
2013-02-24 02:04:43 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c:
send Expires:-headers on all cache=0 requests, close #1870
2013-02-24 00:53:09 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c:
handle yp headers case insensetive, close #1873
2013-02-24 00:41:15 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html:
add info abot usage of strftime(3), see #1823
2013-02-24 00:17:45 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_listenerauth.html:
updated docs, added additional POST data, see #1422
2013-02-23 20:55:58 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c:
Allow full URLs to be returned by the master server. close #1878
2013-02-23 17:51:16 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c:
Updated listener_remove handler:
- added ip= and agent=,
- Some cleanup && made code more uniform,
- avoid int for size_t vars.
actions: close #1422
2013-02-23 17:05:54 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
format fix
2013-02-23 16:38:23 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
do not call xmlCleanupParser() too often, close #1931
2013-01-16 12:03:03 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/shout.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c:
Replaced usage of sprintf() with snprintf().
2013-01-16 12:02:14 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/avl/avl.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/avl/avl.h:
Replaced usage of sprintf() with snprintf(). Also exported size of key
printer's buffer in avl/.
2013-01-02 14:44:43 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/log/log.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/log/log.h:
Escape log entries in access log (close: #1916)
2013-01-02 14:44:08 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c:
Escape log entries in access log (close: #1916)
2012-11-13 14:40:48 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c:
corrected Content-Length: header in admin (raw) requests. Thanks to
paluh for reporting.
2012-11-13 11:25:46 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.h:
cleanup unused var schedule_config_reread.
2012-11-12 21:01:57 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c:
correction for win32 build to avoid segfault if build with mingw.
2012-10-14 23:50:15 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
corrected coding style
2012-10-14 21:36:10 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
removed useless blank line
2012-10-12 14:41:12 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/:
removed \r at end of lines
2012-10-11 22:54:53 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/client.h:
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c:
updated copyright notices.
2012-10-11 22:49:57 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/client.h:
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c:
avoid compiler warnings;
send /message/ in case of 403.
2012-10-11 22:28:40 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
cleanup of <source-password> parser code
2012-10-11 18:06:30 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_listenerauth.html
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c:
Added options "headers" and "header_prefix" to URL based listener
Someone should update the docs/ text to good english.
2012-10-11 00:26:38 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/configure.in:
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c:
Fix win32 patches (r18642) so it builds corectly on non-win32 again.
2012-10-10 23:34:54 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c:
use correct prototype.
2012-10-10 23:15:05 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c:
Improved handling of HTTP client errors:
- Make the internal API more uniform,
- Improved error pages slightly (See: #1889).
2012-10-10 22:48:15 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c:
Make some more vars local (static).
2012-10-10 22:41:30 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/configure.in:
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c:
fixes for win32 (ported patches).
Thanks to LRN (from mailing list).
2012-07-31 23:09:42 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/log/log.c:
Corrected check for the value of priority to be within
valid range.
2012-07-18 01:40:55 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c:
remove unused variable "ice_config_t *config" from
2012-07-17 23:55:09 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/util.h:
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c:
Send proper HTTP headers in responses to clients.
This is currently not implemented for SOURCE and STATS clients as
I suspect to break them. This needs some more research.
close #1639, see #1870 and #1885.
2012-07-17 21:35:31 dm8tbr
* tags/icecast/icecast-2.4-beta:
Release of Icecast 2.4 beta1 (
2012-07-17 21:24:45 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
Adding limits.h to fix build problems on e.g. newer glibc.
2012-07-17 20:46:06 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/NEWS:
* trunk/icecast/configure.in:
Updated NEWS for Icecast 2.3.3 and 2.4-beta.
Changed version to report as for 2.4-beta release
2012-07-17 14:42:16 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
Allow (standard strftime(3)) %x codes in mount's <dump-file> to embedd
timestamps in filenames. This currently only works on non windows.
closes #1823
2012-07-17 14:03:37 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/source.h:
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c:
race condition patch as submitted by lds and remi, slightly modified
by me. closes #1810
2012-07-16 16:05:21 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/httpp/httpp.c:
* trunk/icecast/httpp/httpp.h:
commited support for HTTP PUT, See #1812
2012-06-13 21:11:07 giles
* trunk/icecast/AUTHORS:
* trunk/icecast/NEWS:
* trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am:
* trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/format_opus.c:
* trunk/icecast/src/format_opus.h:
Add WebM support.
This is David Richard's webm support patch from the icecast-webm
Mention Opus and WebM support in NEWS.
2012-06-13 19:56:58 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/:
Removed outdated debian packaging, not used by downstream anyway.
2012-06-11 20:06:32 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/configure.in:
Reset version string to 'trunk'.
2012-06-11 16:43:54 dm8tbr
* tags/icecast_2_3_3:
Icecast release, version 2.3.3
2012-06-10 20:09:59 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_win32.html:
* trunk/icecast/doc/index_win32.html:
Added note about missing IPv6 support on Win32. cf. #1877
2012-06-10 13:06:03 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/configure.in:
set 2.3.3 version in preparation for release
2012-06-10 12:35:47 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl:
Hide VCLT from status.xsl for now as agreed earlier.
VCLT support remains unchanged for users that want to use it.
Just use the URL: {@mount}.vclt
2012-06-07 18:27:58 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/log/log.c:
support field width with (most common) %Ns and %NH syntax.
2012-06-07 18:13:28 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/log/log.c:
honor field width in %s and %H
2012-06-07 18:09:48 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/log/log.c:
consider backticks as well as backslashes invalid chars
2012-06-07 15:57 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/format_mp3.c:
* trunk/icecast/fserve.c:
* trunk/icecast/log/log.c:
Patchset to properly address CVE-2011-4612
2011-12-03 09:25 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html:
Added 'admin' and 'location' to documentation
Added clarification to the 'username' attribute of a mount
Fixed typos
2011-11-26 11:11 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/admin/Makefile.am: Added vclt.xsl to list
of files which are to be installed.
2011-11-26 02:36 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/admin/vclt.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: Added VCLT playlist support.
2011-11-25 22:37 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in:
Added 'admin' and 'location' to default config, thus fixing
2011-11-25 22:17 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/conf/icecast_minimal.xml.in: Updated <alias>
to use destination="" not dest="". The old dest="" attribute
is still supported.
2011-11-25 22:11 dm8tbr
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h
Applied justdave's patches, fixing #1717 and #1718.
HTTPS now with better security and support for chained
2011-11-25 21:20 ph3-der-loewe
* trunk/icecast/AUTHORS, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c.
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: Allow the source password
to be undefined. This is to avoid falling back to a default
password which would be a security problem. Fixing #1846
Everything above is post 2.3.2. The stuff below is incomplete.
The time zone above is UTC, the time zone below is unknown.
ph3-der-loewe, Fri Nov 25 21:20:58 UTC 2011
2005-11-29 03:06 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c: update for authentication header
via libcurl. allows for http://user:pass@host.. else the param
specified user/pass. In the case of listener_add/remove use the
client provided user/pass if no others are specified.
2005-11-20 13:53 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: allow for the intro file to change
over HUP
2005-11-17 00:54 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.c,
trunk/icecast/src/client.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c:
change status code for server/stream full cases (#738), also
some others places where connections are terminated.
2005-11-15 00:36 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: update queue handling for stats. This
was slow when many stats were being queued. These apply to both
web interface requests and stats clients.
2005-11-15 00:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c: fixup granulepos on EOS case
when rebuilding vorbis streams. This was causing a short audio
glitch on playback, but was not typically noticed.
2005-10-24 14:51 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/logging.c, trunk/icecast/src/main.c: 2 new
features to icecast logging: - logsize : specify in KB the max
size of any of icecast log files - logarchive : causes icecast
to rename logs with timestamps (for proper archiving)
2005-10-11 13:40 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c: avoid adding a mount_t structure if
there is no mount name defined, segv occurs later on
2005-10-06 02:41 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c: fix bug #717. a race on source exit
could cause memory corruption
2005-10-01 15:59 msmith
* trunk/icecast/admin/manageauth.xsl: Don't display passwords in
auth management interface; it's useless and shouldn't be
displayed anyway.
2005-10-01 14:08 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: add hack for nsvcap, apparently
EOL is 3 chars
2005-09-30 16:30 pem
* trunk/icecast/admin/fr_FR/listclients.xsl: Copying the /admin
xslt files into /admin/fr_FR for translation.
2005-09-30 14:39 pem
* trunk/icecast/admin/fr_FR,
2005-09-29 15:07 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_basicsetup.html: One sentence in
intro to explain mountpoints
2005-09-27 20:26 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: a
little better visibility for some features..
2005-09-27 02:47 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/listmounts.xsl: whoops..forgot these
2005-09-27 02:45 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: fix
auth.xsl link
2005-09-26 16:34 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: Fix a bug where a shoutcast
source client (nsvtools) does not wait for the OK response.
Icecast was dropping the connection preventing the stream
2005-09-23 21:31 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/configure.in,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: include example application in
2005-09-23 21:13 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am: add examples to distribution
2005-09-23 21:11 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/examples,
trunk/icecast/examples/icecast_auth-1.0.tar.gz: forgot the
example listener auth application...
2005-09-23 14:39 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog: updated Changelog
2005-09-23 14:23 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/icecast.spec,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: version bumps for 2.3
forgot a few win32 files in the automake Makefile...
2005-09-22 20:21 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: small addition
2005-09-22 14:39 msmith
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: Couple more news items
2005-09-22 14:19 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: new features for Icecast 2.3
2005-09-19 02:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: maintain the listener_peak stat
across relay restarts
2005-09-16 21:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: minor memory leak possible on
source shutdown
2005-09-16 18:29 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c, trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsw,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecastService.dsp: Now you can start
icecast as a windows service.
2005-09-16 16:53 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: fix for race, client needs setup
before adding to pending tree
2005-09-15 19:31 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Fix deadlock when moving clients.
Thanks to oddsock for producing a testcase and backtrace, and
karl for fixing my brain
2005-09-12 23:06 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: oops..missed one..
2005-09-12 22:53 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/icecast.spec,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: version bumps
2005-09-12 16:47 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c: log username to access log (bug
#706) if available.
2005-09-12 16:00 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: fix segv case on
listmounts/moveclients when a fallback to file stream is running
2005-09-10 16:56 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: Patch from martin@matuska.org: don't
treat all clients as duplicates.
2005-09-08 14:03 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: updates for rc2 build
2005-09-08 13:43 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: if the m3u link is placed in
winamp/fb2k, then the host header misses the port number, so
I'll add a check that ignores the host header if it's missing a
port and generates the m3u host:port from the xml.
2005-09-08 13:32 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: do
proper cleanup on odd cases of source client startup, also take
mutex lock for client_create at relay startup to prevent race
2005-09-01 16:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h: immediately
release auth_t if authentication fails, that way we don't
trigger release_client like listener_remove event in the url
auth. Add lock in auth_t so that refcount changes are not a race
2005-08-31 01:28 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: 2 updates to mp3 metadata
handling. allow a 0 metadata interval to disable metadata being
sent to new listeners (negative for whatever the source sends),
existing listeners retain their original interval setting. We
now limit how much mp3 is written after the metadata block in a
single format send call, this was only showing up on small
interval values.
2005-08-31 01:13 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: content was wrong due to limiter
being 0
2005-08-30 20:29 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_htpasswd.c: Fix bug reported by
Jason@weatherserver.net - don't crash in htpasswd auth if the
auth file doesn't exist.
2005-08-30 00:30 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: extra checks on YP updating, typically
on changes over HUP
2005-08-29 01:16 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: fix
double free bug with failed to start relays and add a guard on
refbuf release
2005-08-27 01:01 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: minor
memory leak, and compiler warning cleanup
2005-08-25 01:03 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: hide fallback file from webroot
stats, still accessible from admin. Missed log debug line from
apply function
2005-08-25 00:07 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.c,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: fixes for client handling, these are
all related to the handling of max clients. I've taken out the
client_create out of the connection_complete_source and put it
in slave, that way we can control the cleanup of the
memory/socket better, the change also meant fallback to file
tests were slghtly different.
2005-08-23 19:00 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h: add per-mount listener time limit
2005-08-23 18:40 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: Allow for new listeners to fallback
if there are max listeners on the current mountpoint
2005-08-23 10:48 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Some versions of gcc complain about
the missing cast here; it's apparently needed because some
systems don't define NULL as a pointer (weird). Patch from
Moritz Grimm.
2005-08-22 23:38 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: doc bug
2005-08-20 20:01 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/icecast.spec: version
bump to RC1
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: installer update
2005-08-20 19:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am: add jpgs to dist
2005-08-20 19:31 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhc:
doc updates
2005-08-20 18:46 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Makefile.am: add some bitmaps to the dist
2005-08-20 18:45 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/conf/icecast_urlauth.xml.in: new example config
for URL auth
2005-08-20 00:03 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.c,
trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw: some windows build issues..
2005-08-18 20:37 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: merge fix, oddcast (maybe other
shoutcast source clients) don't wait for OK response, so we may
have surplus data already read, so keep it.
2005-08-18 20:26 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c: missed a diff from previous
commit, consistent naming style
2005-08-17 16:38 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in, trunk/icecast/configure.in,
trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c: changes applied from feedback.
make option names and action settings more consistent. Add
changes to docs for listener auth via url
2005-08-17 02:40 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/win32_section3.html: Make HTML title
non-version specific.. Add a new "changes" page which enumerates
major feature/fixes for each version.. We are starting with 2.3.
2005-08-17 02:24 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw,
trunk/icecast/win32/resource.h: #590 Credits now for Icecast2
Win32... whoop-de-doo...
2005-08-16 21:58 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_basicsetup.html: minor doc fixup for
bug #677
2005-08-16 21:14 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: updates for #599 (dropping of
stdin,out,err when using -b) and #630 (pidfile created before
2005-08-16 16:56 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/event.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.c,
trunk/icecast/src/logging.h, trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: log
xml/xslt parsing failure messages via error log. This applies to
both the xsl files and the icecast xml file when re-read. At
icecast startup, the logs are not open so these parsing messages
still go to stderr.
2005-08-16 14:58 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/global.h: increase the number of listening
sockets allowed. A more flexible scheme can be done later if
2005-08-12 20:44 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/response.xsl, trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/web/auth.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/key.png, trunk/icecast/web/server_version.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/status2.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/style.css, trunk/icecast/web/tunein.png:
encorporated xslt changes from dave st. john....
2005-08-12 20:02 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: make admin replies go via fserve
2005-08-12 15:27 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.h: make
various responses going back to the client be done via the file
serving thread
2005-08-12 03:27 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: make sure that older xslt libs on
non-win32 can be used as well
2005-08-12 02:40 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.h, trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.h, trunk/icecast/src/main.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: merge in client timelimit, only
auth_url sets this currently. Add missing prototypes for compile
2005-08-11 23:49 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: misc build updates for
2005-08-11 23:48 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c: compiler error on win32
2005-08-11 23:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: drop the thread pool of connection
threads, they were using a blocking socket on incoming
connections. Now we get the accept thread to create a client_t
and mark it as a shoutcast client if need be. Then use a single
connection thread to poll the non-blocking sockets for the
headers. When complete they get handled as usual.
2005-08-11 23:17 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c: memory leak fix..
2005-08-11 23:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c: change the option names to be more
2005-08-11 22:56 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/main.c: a few fixes needed after some testing
on win32
2005-08-11 20:31 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: xlst function so that win32 can use an
older version of libxslt...
2005-08-09 02:55 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: make sure we have the initial
listeners stat
2005-08-09 02:14 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: merge fixes. NULL checks
2005-08-08 19:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c: Merge mp3 packing. mp3 (and
other pass-through streams) can bre received in very small
blocks and go out in those same small blocks increasing the
protocol overhead used by the provided. Generally occurs when
using a low bitrate stream and many listeners. With this patch
we pack out a refbuf before queuing. Add missing include for
vorbis build that shows on some platforms
2005-08-08 18:39 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: allow for webroot requests to be
sent via an authenticator
2005-08-07 23:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.c,
trunk/icecast/src/auth_url.h: merge URL listener auth
2005-08-07 23:01 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/src/admin.c,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h,
trunk/icecast/src/auth_htpasswd.h, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/client.c,
trunk/icecast/src/client.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/main.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: Initial auth merge. Add an auth
thread (multiple threads can be done later) which can be used to
handle authentication mechanisms without taking locks for long
periods. Non-authenticated mountpoints bypass the auth thread.
The lookup/checking of the source_t is done after the
authentication succeeds so the fallback mechanism does not
affect which authenticator is used. This can be extended to
allow us to authenticate in webroot as well. XML re-read changes
will take effect immediately for new listeners but existing
listeners will use the original auth_t (refcounted) when they
exit. htpasswd access has been seperated out from auth.c, and
implements an AVL tree for a faster username lookup. The
htpasswd file timestamp is checked just in case there are
changes made externally
2005-08-07 14:50 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.h, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/client.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.h, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: merge extra checks. minor cleanup
2005-07-26 13:15 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.h: Fix for bug #688 as supplied by
moinakg2002@yahoo.com; make icecast compilable with Sun's
2005-07-04 20:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c, trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: some xslt
related fixes. A small memory leak, a socket not closing on odd
case, and truncate the buffer length so that junk chars are not
sent back.
2005-06-27 02:10 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c: merge fix, the per client intro
offset can be > 0, so we need to skip over some of the burst data
2005-06-25 12:27 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: missed from previous merge, some
random chars at end of xml output
2005-06-19 13:50 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: allow touch frequency setting to be
changed on any YP response. Also pass user agent to YP server
2005-06-18 10:54 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.h,
trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: make admin and web root pages use file
serving thread to send back responses
2005-06-17 22:55 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h: push HTTP header writing for file
download into file serving thread to prevent stalls in
connection thread. perform most file checking in fserve but
allow for m3u file override and using the Host header if
2005-06-12 18:43 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: small
cleanups. redundant mutex removed, updates to log messages
2005-06-11 17:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h: update
file serving setup and processing. Do http header writing in
fserve thread by using generic write routine. small leak plugged
on failure case. extend mime type handling slightly for rare case
2005-06-11 01:24 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.h: update a few stats
2005-06-10 18:01 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c: this is needed for linuxthreads,
without it, zombie processes are left when on-[dis]connect is
2005-06-10 15:42 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: merge in fallback to file, override
also works
2005-06-10 00:37 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
merge per-mount on-[dis]connect script handling
2005-06-09 20:54 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: add a few
more informational stats
2005-06-09 15:44 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: might as well add these to
the samples configs
2005-06-09 15:32 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
increase default max queue size, 100k isn't much and we do
reduce it when there are no lagging clients
2005-06-09 13:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: don't be too quick when dealing with
files. allow the limited per-client loop but don't trigger a
small poll timeout
2005-06-09 13:05 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: send StreamTitle in metadata
when reading from intro file
2005-06-09 04:05 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: gotta love windows..
_snprintf is *much* more readable than snprintf (not)... also,
some updates to the VC project files
2005-06-09 02:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: using .filename causes problems with
absolute paths for the temp file, also test to see if file
exists already
2005-06-09 01:51 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: merge in the on-demand relay
2005-06-08 04:18 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: updates for latest trunk
2005-06-08 01:36 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Do
normal http header writing in source thread instead of the
connection thread, this will allow on-demand relays to fail and
still handle the initial listener correctly (fallback or 404
2005-06-06 15:39 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: send StreamTitle in the initial
metadata block, if not real/helix has trouble with playback
2005-06-03 15:35 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: merge intro file implementation
2005-05-31 02:48 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: missed a merge for stats update for when
the relay ends. The rest is minor stuff, type check cleanup and
code reduction in YP
2005-05-31 02:40 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: send response header to stats
2005-05-30 14:50 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: allow for more
updating over HUP. Made the YP engine only read the stats
instead of updating them, so source header parsing is done in
the apply mount. Per-mount stream settings also allow for
overriding the incoming settings.
2005-05-26 03:04 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/main.c, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: various
small things. type cleanups, loop over the burst point to make
sure it is at the right point. kick off the YP 'add' 5 seconds
after source startup so that any stats are processed.
2005-05-25 01:43 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.h: fix
win32 access.log entries, the rest is just cosmetic
2005-05-16 00:16 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/event.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: use
minimal stats for inactive mountpoints that have an active
2005-05-13 00:35 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: Allow
for username to be stated for master/slave setups, we still
default to 'relay' though
2005-05-10 00:28 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h,
trunk/icecast/src/util.c, trunk/icecast/src/util.h: removed
redundant function, add total files requested to stats
2005-05-08 14:27 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am: missed header for dist tarball
2005-05-08 13:51 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/compat.h, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: use a
client function to read an incoming stream, simplifies handling
within the format specific files. Also add total read/sent stats
per mountpoint. Updates the stats every 5 secs currently
2005-05-08 11:54 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: add function to do mount list search
(could be extended later), call it from various places including
the shoutcast source client auth which previously only used the
global source password.
2005-05-07 20:18 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Allow for specifiying a per-mount
metadata interval for shoutcast style streams
2005-05-07 11:50 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: allow for changes in relay settings
to trigger a relay restart
2005-05-07 11:01 karl
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/configure.in,
trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/src/format_flac.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_midi.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_speex.h: Add more Ogg codec handlers,
there has not been that much testing on these mainly due to
client support, but they are only for detection and plug
straight into the ogg handler. The win32 project files will need
updating to take the new files into account
2005-05-06 15:57 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.h: merge from
branch. push clients count handling to the
client_create/_destroy functions. call client_create in the
general handler and pass client_t to the specific handler
including the stats request handler, which now logs in the
access log.
2005-05-05 20:05 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: from branch. make streamlist.txt from
the mount list, so that fallback handling can be taken into
account. If we just use the source tree then entries can
disappear causing a relay to shutdown in the slave.
2005-05-01 02:30 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: safety check, avoid the case of a
cyclic cascading fallback
2005-05-01 02:04 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: merge from branch, stats client
details are not being removed when they exit
2005-04-20 22:34 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/event.c: merge from branch, make the config
lock a rwlock instead of mutex
2005-04-18 14:32 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: merge in a few fixes and cleanups I've
accumulated in my branch.
2005-03-14 23:41 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c: A bug report indirectly suggested the
base64 decode code was confusing (as the treatment of padding
was un-obvious), so added a comment explaining it.
2005-03-14 23:07 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Fix various places where "clients"
stats value was decremented without having previously been
2005-03-11 02:20 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: Fix some docs for
bind-address: it was confusing in one point, and completely
wrong in another.
2005-03-03 04:20 j
* trunk/icecast/debian/watch: fix debian/watch too
2005-02-28 01:08 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: Fix typos in
description of bind-address option. Fix second sentence so that
it isn't completely wrong.
2005-02-24 00:39 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Remove references to -h option, which
doesn't exist, and which users could only ever find out about by
running a command that did what -h claimed to do.
2005-02-19 22:44 brendan
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: Whoops, don't spin if ufds is null.
2005-02-19 20:56 brendan
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: The poll version of
fserve_client_waiting causes icecast to die with an assertion
when it first starts up on OS X, because ufds starts out NULL.
I'd been using the select version until now and never noticed.
2005-02-16 00:54 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: Make a debug message into a warning
message, so it'll be logged more often (since it's useful), and
make it print out the file that it failed to find, so that users
can figure out what to do.
2005-01-21 06:44 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: Fix spelling in debug messages.
2005-01-11 16:36 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: only unlock when we have finished with
the stylesheet, potential race otherwise
2005-01-03 17:48 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_yp.html, trunk/icecast/src/admin.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c: small fixes
2005-01-03 17:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: added auth.xsl to installer..
2004-12-29 18:02 giles
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: Correct a typo.
2004-12-21 20:06 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/icecast.spec: update of the spec file..
2004-12-21 19:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog, trunk/icecast/configure.in,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: version bump to 2.2.0
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast_shoutcast_compat.xml.in: small update
to the shoutcast compat example config
2004-12-21 19:23 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c: remove depricated include file
2004-12-18 00:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: minor
type cleanup in fserve, include correct header for ogg
2004-12-17 21:05 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c: make vorbis specific stat
names consistent with the existing ones, and make sure if
unknown ogg codecs are sent then it is logged
2004-12-17 20:03 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: make
recent YP updates follow agreed spec
2004-12-14 22:43 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsw,
2004-12-14 16:32 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog, trunk/icecast/NEWS,
trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: version bump (for
2.2RC1) update of NEWS (new features for 2.2) update of ChangeLog
2004-12-10 23:24 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: removed unneeded variable
2004-12-10 17:27 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: fix minor memory leak
2004-12-10 00:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: add subtype to yp add phase, this is to
identify the codecs in use
2004-12-09 17:08 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.h: allow a relay to provide user/pass
when connecting
2004-12-09 17:04 karl
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am: include m4 for theora in dist
2004-12-08 20:13 j
* trunk/icecast/src/format_theora.c, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl:
- add video_quality - update status.xsl with new info about
theora streams
2004-12-08 19:31 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_theora.c: added theora stats
2004-12-08 02:36 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: I should fix the leak properly :)
2004-12-08 02:30 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: duplicate unlock left in
2004-12-08 02:28 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: provide max_listeners to YP, yp touch
fixup and minor memory leak fixed
2004-12-07 22:29 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: add a new web admin feature which allows
the updating of metadata (now that we support metadata updates
for most stream types). This is an new admin feature. add
cluster-password to the config to allow for future clustering of
relays on the xiph stream directory.
2004-12-07 21:50 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: add extra config files
2004-12-07 21:48 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: update project files
to include Theora
2004-12-07 21:47 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c: win32 compile
2004-12-07 21:06 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_ogg.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.h, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.c,
trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: merge
multi ogg codec handling. Handle theora and/or vorbis. Place new
clients before keyframe. For vorbis-only streams, perform
rebuild to flush pages more frequently and to provide url
updating mechanism for titles
2004-11-22 18:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.h: merge per-mount hidden setting.
prevent specific mountpoints being listed on status.xsl and
2004-11-21 15:51 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: add
per-mount no-yp tag handling
2004-11-20 02:16 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/md5.c, trunk/icecast/src/md5.h: minor cleanups
2004-11-19 23:04 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: skip the listing of the source
mountpoint when moveclients is requested without a destination
2004-11-19 15:05 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: allow
for shoutcast metadata updates to auth with
admin/per-mount/global source password
2004-11-18 23:49 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: handle supported content-types in a more
generic way now. This will allow things like AAC, AACPlus, NSV,
and others to be streamed through icecast. We have a special
case for vorbis streams, and everything else falls into the
generic case.
2004-11-18 19:47 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: missing test from a previous patch,
the running check needs to apply as well
2004-11-17 20:35 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: prevent updated metadata being
passed to listeners when the text hasn't actually changed
2004-11-17 16:02 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: add <shoutcast-mount>. drop the
hardcoded mountpoint hacks for NSV
2004-11-17 14:12 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: pass the fserve_t not the client_t
2004-11-16 04:27 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: need to fail properly
2004-11-16 04:04 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c,
trunk/icecast/src/logging.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.h,
trunk/icecast/src/main.c: this patch adds a playlist log to
icecast. This can be used to maintain an audit trail of metadata
that comes through icecast. The format of the log file may be
changed in the future as we decide on a good format.
2004-11-15 15:55 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: darn ansi C.....
2004-11-15 15:50 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: a few fixes from karl...
2004-11-15 03:53 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: should be a long long, instead of a
2004-11-15 03:50 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: much better support for the Range
request header, which means that seeking actually *works* now
for file serving.
2004-11-11 22:36 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/compat.h, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h: Use 64 bit content-length for
fileserving (if supported by system)
2004-11-11 22:25 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast_minimal.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/conf/icecast_shoutcast_compat.xml.in: ok, how
about I actually include these :)
2004-11-11 16:21 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h: add
Content-Length to files served via the fserve to enable seeking
2004-11-11 15:47 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h, trunk/icecast/src/util.c,
trunk/icecast/src/util.h, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: * support for the Shoutcast DSP
(yay!). You can now use the Shoutcast DSP as a source client.
The connection protocol is a bit odd, and we had to handle it
separately, and thus we've added a new config option
(<shoutcast-compat>) that is set at the listener port level. *
support for NSV (and the nsvscsrc source client). After adding
support for the connection protocol of the shoutcast DSP, adding
NSV was just a simple of a few special handling cases. * removed
all traces of the earlier attempt at the shoutcast DSP
connection protocol * Due to the growing complexity of the
config files, I've also created a few alternate config files,
namely one for a "shoutcast compat" setup as well as a "minimal"
one for quick basic configurations.
2004-11-08 17:41 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/auth.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: fixed a issue that is seen only
with the win32 build of icecast, and with no sources connected.
2004-11-06 17:16 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: changed description of multi-level fallbacks
2004-11-04 16:51 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog, trunk/icecast/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/NEWS, trunk/icecast/configure.in,
trunk/icecast/icecast.spec, trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: updated version tags to 2.1.0
- prepping for release
2004-11-04 15:55 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: added a content-length for
flash-based players. This will allow for them to stream mp3 from
2004-11-01 23:41 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: add fallback mime type for css
2004-10-29 20:32 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: typo..whoops
2004-10-29 20:29 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: version bump for RC2
2004-10-29 20:27 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/icecast.spec,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: version bump for RC2
2004-10-29 20:26 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: added bit about multi-level fallbacks
2004-10-29 17:19 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: small doc update
2004-10-29 15:31 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: * fix
bug of not using url decoding value when processing audio_info
string * we now process server name and description if we are
not a public stream * Added quality to status.xsl
2004-10-28 16:11 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/ChangeLog, trunk/icecast/HACKING,
trunk/icecast/NEWS, trunk/icecast/TODO: Added a changelog (via
svn2cl) and updated NEWS....
2004-10-27 17:52 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/web/Makefile.am: forgot to add auth.xsl to the
automake Makefile
2004-10-27 14:13 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: correct type
for volatile usage and uncomment log message for stats updating
2004-10-27 14:09 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/icecast.spec: version bump
2004-10-27 03:29 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: add volatile keywords to a few
variables reset max_interval back to 0 on slave initialization
2004-10-26 21:34 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in: version bump
2004-10-26 19:50 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: version bump
2004-10-26 19:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: An alias could disappear from
under us, so copy the string
2004-10-26 16:31 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: small updates. reject source
client with invalid mountpoint, avoid aliasing issues with queue
and id, and change handler to avoid leaving clients on the
connection queue (rare)
2004-10-26 14:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c, trunk/icecast/src/xslt.h: small
cleanups. fix buffer sizing, const and unused struct member
2004-10-25 22:44 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm:
CHM doesn't need to be versioned.
2004-10-25 21:10 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: avoid aliasing issues, and make sure
each server can take a seperate default interval as defined in
the xml
2004-10-25 20:46 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: the check for the public stream flag
wasn't working correctly in all cases
2004-10-25 20:07 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am: missing
icecast2_listenerauth.html from Makefile.am
2004-10-25 18:51 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: add check for header when relaying
from v2.0
2004-10-25 15:51 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c: fix line endings...
2004-10-25 15:42 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: a couple of potential bad pointer
type problems
2004-10-25 15:17 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Makefile.am: remove ResizableDialog[.cpp|.h]
from automake Makefile...
2004-10-25 14:48 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp: removal of
ResizableDialog[.cpp|.h] from the project file.
2004-10-25 14:43 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.c: Fix CLF on win32. Apparently,
windows doesn't support the %z flag of strftime() so we need to
roll our own...Buzilla Bug #509
2004-10-25 14:03 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.h: The _inc/_dec routines can race
causing incorrect values as they don't account for unprocessed
stat events. Here I push the actual calculations to the stats
thread. The API is maintained however all stats for a specific
source can be dropped with one call now.
2004-10-24 00:34 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h: fix a
busy CPU case when slow and fast file serving clients are
connected at the same time. Flag clients on return from
select/poll and only process those. Also fix a rare race which
could leave clients in pending
2004-10-23 00:44 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.h: When
starting relay threads, have the relay thread do the connection
not the slave thread. Also improve cleanup handling and log
messages as well
2004-10-22 15:41 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/ConfigTab.cpp,
trunk/icecast/win32/TabPageSSL.h, trunk/icecast/win32/black.bmp:
Remove ResizableDialog logic from the UI due to possible license
2004-10-12 21:37 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: added HAVE_OLD_VSNPRINTF to
project options
2004-10-12 04:49 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Correct a typo in one message, and
change "WARNING" to "ERROR" in another, since it's a fatal error.
2004-10-07 22:22 j
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/response.xsl, trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/auth.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/status2.xsl: property 'svn:executable' deleted
from *.xsl
2004-10-07 22:19 j
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/response.xsl, trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/icecast.png, trunk/icecast/web/key.gif,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/status2.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/style.css: update admin interface to use xhtml
2004-10-05 00:25 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: Fix up a formatting
problem, make it clear that this sentence is talking about HTTP
2004-10-05 00:24 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: Docs said admin
username/password is required for all admin functionality. Fix
to state that for mount-specific admin, you can use this OR the
mount username/password.
2004-10-01 00:47 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: .. And fix more
instances of missing / on mountpoints
2004-10-01 00:42 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: When creating a source (in
source_reserve), issue a warning if the mountpoint does not
start with a /, since clients will then be unable to connect to
2004-10-01 00:39 msmith
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: Correct two
examples to use a leading slash for a mountpoint name
2004-09-18 21:01 j
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/win32_section3.html: This Page Tentatively
Validates As XHTML 1.0 Strict (Tentatively Valid)!
2004-09-18 20:14 j
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/index_win32.html, trunk/icecast/doc/style.css,
trunk/icecast/doc/win32_section3.html: replace table with hr+css
2004-09-18 16:50 j
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_basicsetup.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/win32_section1.html: - more xhtmlification of
the icecast docs
2004-09-18 14:31 j
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/index_win32.html, trunk/icecast/doc/style.css,
trunk/icecast/doc/win32_section3.html: - convert icecast
documentation to xhtml - clean up html code - sync index.html
2004-09-15 14:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: the YP code could end up maintaining
duplicate entries if the source reconnect delay is very short.
2004-08-23 19:01 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c: passed pointer could be NULL
2004-08-22 15:00 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in, trunk/icecast/src/source.h:
add optional tags to example xml and remove unused source_t item
2004-08-21 12:56 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: Add a couple
of warnings, YP code not built and failed streamlist from master
2004-08-20 22:59 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c: unlikely to occur race, but fix it
2004-08-20 22:55 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: small memory leak, only happened
when a source exited
2004-08-20 21:40 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/event.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.c,
trunk/icecast/src/logging.h: make caller of restart_logging pass
the config, don't assume it's locked
2004-08-20 19:46 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in: update version, this isn't the
offical release
2004-08-20 19:22 karl
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: add burst-size,
fallback-override tags and descriptions, add missing / in end
2004-08-20 15:13 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/client.c,
trunk/icecast/src/client.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.h, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.c,
trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: merged singleq branch 7177:7591
2004-08-10 05:17 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: -b was broken. Fix it.
2004-08-07 02:33 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: encode any xml entities in the stats
before applying them to the xsl pages
2004-07-31 22:25 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: fix m3u generation logic that
was not working for static files
2004-07-23 02:49 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Make it even more explicit what went
wrong when log opening failed, since many people don't seem to
be able to figure it out.
2004-07-22 20:18 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: Documentation patch from
Myke Place...
2004-07-22 18:34 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c: forgot to switch the default value
too..thanks Brendan..
2004-07-22 13:38 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: enable burst on connect by
default per jack.
2004-07-16 15:47 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: cleanup
patch, push per client write error trap lower down
2004-07-12 02:21 brendan
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: Add source comment to previous
metadata bug fix: [sic]
2004-07-11 16:50 brendan
* trunk/icecast, trunk/icecast/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/admin,
trunk/icecast/admin/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/conf,
trunk/icecast/conf/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/debian,
trunk/icecast/debian/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/doc,
trunk/icecast/doc/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/src,
trunk/icecast/src/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/web,
trunk/icecast/web/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/win32,
trunk/icecast/win32/.cvsignore, trunk/icecast/win32/res,
trunk/icecast/win32/res/.cvsignore: Migrate .cvsignore to
2004-07-11 16:46 brendan
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: The inline metadata text was
losing the final character when the string length was a multiple
of 16.
2004-07-11 15:12 brendan
* trunk/icecast: Add svn:externals for shared modules
2004-06-25 18:25 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: wait 5 mins on failed YP request, also
log a default message if no error message is sent back
2004-06-06 03:08 giles
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Recommit of changes lost in the
server migration Original commit (r6810) 2004-06-04 03:15:36
-0400 (Fri, 04 Jun 2004) by msmith. Fix #526. Fallbacks weren't
being found when the primary was disconnected (for
newly-connecting clients).
2004-06-02 19:34 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: make sure YP entries are flushed out
when a source stops. Avoid segv on failed icecast startup and
add some log messages.
2004-05-26 02:37 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c, trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: remove
geturl.c from icecast.dsp add a #define for snprintf for win32
2004-05-17 04:33 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c: added ability to disallow
concurrent connections from the same username if using htpasswd
listener authentication.
2004-05-11 02:24 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c: Some servers apparently send a
Content-Type header of audio/x-mpeg. Make icecast understand
2004-05-10 16:17 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/geturl.c,
trunk/icecast/src/geturl.h, trunk/icecast/src/main.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: Update of the YP
code. This should resolve several YP issues that have been
reported, the main one being icecast instability when there is a
YP server outage.
2004-05-05 05:05 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: Use remove() then rename() only on
win32 - where it's required. Don't use it on unix systems, which
don't need it, and where doing _only_ rename() preserves
2004-05-03 15:00 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/doc/listener_auth3.jpg: much better documentation
of listener authentication
2004-05-03 14:59 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c: some special handling with rename()
needed for win32
2004-05-03 14:56 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: proper config file handling...
2004-05-03 14:55 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c: patch to allow public listing of
shoutcast servers that are relaying icecast streams
2004-04-30 17:32 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/web/auth.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: created an auth page which can be
used to serve appropriate m3u's which contain authentication
2004-04-30 16:44 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/manageauth.xsl, trunk/icecast/web/key.gif:
new files
2004-04-30 14:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.c,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.h, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/web/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: added web based interface to
htpasswd client authentication
2004-04-30 02:28 msmith
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c:
Disable burst-on-connect by default
2004-04-29 15:23 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.c,
trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: new feature in icecast :
burst-on-connect - allows an initial burst of data to connecting
listeners, thus reducing the startup time of a stream.
2004-04-28 20:58 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: added small comment about
2004-04-25 23:28 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp:
added HAVE_LOCALTIME_R to project file added #define for
snprintf (win32 requires _snprintf)
2004-04-20 07:05 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c: Fix copy/paste error in sending 400
errors (reported by wayne zhao).
2004-04-19 02:55 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/util.c: Fix overflow when base64 decoding
invalid base64.
2004-04-07 01:53 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Give details in error messages on
failure to open log files.
2004-03-23 23:34 msmith
* trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl: Fix to default status.xsl: we were
looking for server_url as an attribute rather than an element
incorrectly in one place, this fixes it so that the link is
correct. Patch from Dave St John.
2004-03-22 03:41 brendan
* trunk/icecast: externals can't use relative URLs. Just check out
the modules yourself for now...
2004-03-22 03:32 brendan
* trunk/icecast: Let's see if svn:externals works with relative
2004-03-22 03:04 msmith
* trunk/icecast/TODO: Remove obsolete bits from TODO
2004-03-22 02:16 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Make icecast keep parsing command line
options after -c. Error message if fork fails. All untested; the
conversion broke the build.
2004-03-21 01:47 giles
* icecast, trunk/icecast: regularize repository layout
2004-03-21 01:46 giles
* icecast, trunk: regularize repository layout
2004-03-21 00:08 giles
* trunk, trunk/icecast: move the icecast source tree to the
icecast project directory
2004-03-09 23:52 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Another patch from Dale Ghent, this
silences some warnings from the compiler.
2004-03-09 23:49 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/md5.h: Revert previous; this was fixed in a
better way.
2004-03-09 23:41 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/md5.h: Use sys/types.h in md5.c, patch from
Dale Ghent
2004-03-09 18:33 giles
* trunk/icecast/src/compat.h: Include inttypes.h from the
compatibility header if it's available and stdint.h is not. This
provides the stdint types on solaris and a number of other
non-C99 platforms.
2004-03-09 02:36 msmith
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Couple
of minor contributed patches. - Solaris/autoconf nanosleep
checking - use time_t as appropriate for yp
2004-03-02 00:10 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/md5.c: Oops. Hack up the macro some more so it
compiles properly.
2004-03-01 02:28 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/md5.c: Fix macro to use ; instead of , This
gets rid of some warnings in later gcc versions.
2004-02-29 14:55 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: remove warning wrt time_t
2004-02-29 14:38 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: free up any per-client format
specific resources, fixes a small memory leak with mp3 streams
2004-02-27 15:15 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: update move clients code, small
cleanups in other places
2004-02-26 16:51 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: separate
source initialisation, and collect the YP setup code into one
2004-02-26 11:56 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: Add per mount queue size and source
timeout, which can override the general settings.
2004-02-26 10:39 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c: revert previous patch, mike
didn't want it...
2004-02-25 21:43 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: add missing lock on source tree
2004-02-25 20:23 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.h, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c: send mp3 url metadata into a
format specific routine
2004-02-25 20:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: *** empty log message ***
2004-02-25 16:24 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h: move the source client '200 OK'
response to the source client specific part of the source
thread, and rearrange stats around that
2004-02-24 22:34 karl
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am: Add target for building icecast
against static libs only
2004-02-24 21:02 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: small cleanup and don't shutdown curl
too early
2004-02-20 17:42 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Add
accumulative stats back for source connections and don't hold
locks while writing responses back to the client.
2004-02-20 02:09 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: Oops. As oddsock says, this was
broken, and didn't compile, and was unneccesary anyway. reverted.
2004-02-20 01:25 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: Patch for preventing stats from
staying around too long - stats thread should only go to sleep
when it has nothing to do.
2004-02-19 21:16 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: Make
source client connections reserve the source mountpoint and get
rid of the unused source setup code.
2004-02-19 20:28 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/global.c, trunk/icecast/src/global.h,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c: Make the slave thread reserve relay
mountpoints, and prevent reconnection when a relay is currently
2004-02-19 16:32 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h:
functions to allow for reserving a source_t with a mountpoint
2004-02-19 15:24 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: Add checks for whether a source is active
2004-02-19 14:48 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: small
YP memory cleanup
2004-02-17 15:46 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c: minor
2004-02-17 00:09 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: fix possible bad pointer reference
when finding fallback mount
2004-02-16 21:59 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/geturl.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: YP related cleanup, avoid bad pointer
reference on HUP
2004-02-10 04:37 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: I Hate String Handling In C.
2004-02-10 04:29 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: Another fix: the length of the
_string_ is not the same as the metadata length (the metadata is
null-padded out to a multiple of 16 bytes), so we have to deal
with that.
2004-02-10 04:20 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: Oops. Fix null-terminator.
2004-02-10 03:50 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h: Fire off stats event for
metadata updates when we get metadata inline. This fixes
stats.xml listings for mp3 slave relays with metadata. We get
rid of 'metadata_raw', since we now have to format out that
stuff anyway.
2004-02-05 00:00 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl: fixed a title
2004-02-04 23:56 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/admin/listclients.xsl,
trunk/icecast/admin/response.xsl, trunk/icecast/admin/stats.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/icecast.png, trunk/icecast/web/status.xsl,
trunk/icecast/web/style.css: after way too long with an ugly
admin interface, lets go with a
2004-02-03 00:48 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.c: minor
2004-02-03 00:29 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c:
cleanup headers sent to listeners
2004-02-02 19:22 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/event.c, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.h: recheck the relays after the HUP has
been handled
2004-01-29 23:23 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c:
minor cleanup
2004-01-29 16:46 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h: cleanup
duplicate work, fix rare but potential deadlock, and fix silly
bug introduced ealrier
2004-01-29 01:02 msmith
* trunk/icecast/README: Note GPL license in readme file.
* trunk/httpp/httpp.c, trunk/httpp/httpp.h,
trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/admin.h,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/compat.h, trunk/icecast/src/configtest.c,
trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/connection.h,
trunk/icecast/src/event.c, trunk/icecast/src/event.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format.c, trunk/icecast/src/format.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c, trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.h,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.h, trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c,
trunk/icecast/src/fserve.h, trunk/icecast/src/geturl.c,
trunk/icecast/src/geturl.h, trunk/icecast/src/global.c,
trunk/icecast/src/global.h, trunk/icecast/src/logging.c,
trunk/icecast/src/logging.h, trunk/icecast/src/main.c,
trunk/icecast/src/md5.c, trunk/icecast/src/md5.h,
trunk/icecast/src/os.h, trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.c,
trunk/icecast/src/refbuf.h, trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.c,
trunk/icecast/src/sighandler.h, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.h, trunk/icecast/src/source.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.h, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/icecast/src/stats.h, trunk/icecast/src/util.c,
trunk/icecast/src/util.h, trunk/icecast/src/xslt.c,
trunk/icecast/src/xslt.h, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.h, trunk/log/log.c, trunk/log/log.h,
trunk/timing/timing.c, trunk/timing/timing.h: Add Copyright
notice to each source file, as requested by debian.
2004-01-28 23:23 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: change thread startup/shutdown order
slightly wrt to slave thread
2004-01-28 02:17 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: oops, missed these from previous
commit, the lock is now taken further up
2004-01-28 01:22 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c: make sure the source doesn't
disappear from under us when an admin request is performed.
2004-01-27 02:16 karl
* trunk/avl/avl.c, trunk/icecast/src/logging.c,
trunk/icecast/src/os.h, trunk/icecast/src/stats.c,
trunk/thread/thread.c: minor cleanups, and only have one thread
responding to TERM
2004-01-26 22:42 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/event.c, trunk/icecast/src/yp.c,
trunk/icecast/src/yp.h: fix potential deadlock case at source
stream startup
2004-01-26 21:49 karl
* trunk/icecast/configure.in, trunk/icecast/src/util.c,
trunk/icecast/src/util.h: add localtime_r checks, useful the
2004-01-21 15:19 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: fixed small bug where if using
fallbacks and the main mount was not connected, icecast was not
connecting client to the fallback mount.
2004-01-16 00:43 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/fserve.c: Fix nasty bug in file serving code,
would probably have made it fail with multiple simultaneous
2004-01-15 15:37 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: - properly initialize the authorizer
structure, otherwise by default it is enabled - add new element
(listenurl) to the stats for use in things like java player
2004-01-15 04:24 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: fixed some variable definitions
to be ANSI compatable. updated win32 project files with new files
2004-01-15 01:01 msmith
* trunk/icecast/src/Makefile.am, trunk/icecast/src/admin.c,
trunk/icecast/src/auth.c, trunk/icecast/src/auth.h,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/client.c, trunk/icecast/src/client.h,
trunk/icecast/src/compat.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/format_vorbis.c, trunk/icecast/src/md5.c,
trunk/icecast/src/md5.h, trunk/icecast/src/slave.c,
trunk/icecast/src/source.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.h,
trunk/icecast/src/util.c, trunk/icecast/src/util.h: Client
authentication added. Melanie's multilevel fallbacks added
(after major changes).
2004-01-12 01:34 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/Makefile.am: add icecast.spec to the list of
distributed files
2004-01-11 20:03 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/README: fix reference to index document
2004-01-08 14:16 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: commented out mount specific
settings as they are optional and tend to cause confusion
2004-01-07 21:53 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in: version bump for 2.0.0 release
2004-01-07 21:44 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2logo2.bmp: new logo :)
2004-01-07 21:26 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: removed yp.icecast.net from
the config..apparently, they are no longer running a YP..
2004-01-07 20:41 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhp,
trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_faq.html: more doc updates
2004-01-07 20:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhc, trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhp:
update HTML help files with new index
2004-01-07 20:31 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: version tag updates
for pending 2.0.0 release
2004-01-07 20:28 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am,
trunk/icecast/doc/index.html, trunk/icecast/doc/style.css: Misc
documentation updates
2004-01-06 04:36 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/icecast.spec: config file now goes to /etc...
2004-01-06 03:43 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/icecast.spec: spec file for RPMs
2003-12-30 20:07 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Makefile.am: add icecast_console project
files to the Makefile.am
2003-12-30 19:39 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw,
trunk/icecast/win32/StatsTab.cpp: Fixed some peculiarities when
shutting down server...
2003-12-30 15:57 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: minor documentation fix
2003-12-29 16:35 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsw: re-add these as
binary, hopefully fixing the line ending problem when doing a
make dist...
2003-12-29 16:34 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsw: Remove the VC project
files and re-add them as binary (-kb)
2003-12-29 16:28 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: fixed VERSION STRING define
2003-12-29 16:18 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: add option to display icecast version
string, and cleaned up usage a bit..
* trunk/icecast/TODO: update the TODO
2003-12-18 17:01 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/AUTHORS, trunk/icecast/README: added Karl to
AUTHORS updated the README with more detailed information...
2003-12-17 23:03 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: Fetching the stream list was failing
after the config file was re-read.
2003-12-17 22:54 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: failure case, keep the source count
in sync with the number of sources running, locking for shutdown
was also affected.
2003-12-13 14:40 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: update version for win32 build
2003-12-13 14:33 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/README, trunk/icecast/configure.in: version bump
2003-12-12 23:06 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/admin.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h, trunk/icecast/src/connection.c,
trunk/icecast/src/slave.c: fixed master-slave relaying... *
slaves now ask for /admin/streamlist.txt which serves a
plaintext version of the source list (this is what it was
expecting to get) * /admin/streamlist still serves XML (which
slave.c wasn't expecting) * fixed a few cases of pointer
invalidation due to possible config re-reading. * slave relay
now uses relay password to get the list of streams to relay
2003-12-04 16:54 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in: disable pidfile by default
2003-12-04 16:30 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/README, trunk/icecast/configure.in: version bump
2003-12-04 16:29 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: Rewrite of the method of
gathering stats from the icecast core engine. The old way was
causing a bunch of instability issues...they have now been fixed
:). Also regenerated the icecast2 docs
2003-12-04 16:25 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/stats.c: Remove stats_callback() which is only
used by the win32 UI...The stats gathering done by the UI has
been completely rewritten to eliminate some reported instability.
2003-12-04 16:24 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Added win32 include for getpid()
2003-12-04 16:23 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/logging.h: get rid of the fullpath of the
module that is logged...Stupid VC6....
2003-12-02 01:11 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/source.c: fix segv when fallback or
dumpfilename are not specified
2003-12-01 23:30 karl
* trunk/icecast/conf/icecast.xml.in,
trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c, trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.h,
trunk/icecast/src/main.c: Add optional pidfile. Writes process
id of icecast to named file
2003-12-01 17:18 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/connection.c, trunk/icecast/src/source.c:
cleanup bad pointer access after config re-read
2003-11-25 03:04 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.clw,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast.dsp: added VERSION_STRING to defines
for win32 project
2003-11-25 02:51 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/global.h: Icecast we are
2003-11-25 02:41 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/global.h: Base ICECAST2_VERSION_STRING off
VERSION_STRING which is generated by autoconf..win32 projects
will have to manually define this currently..blah.
2003-11-22 22:23 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/global.h: lets make the ICECAST_VERSION_STRING
a bit less of a maintance issue...
2003-11-19 03:57 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2win.dsp,
trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2_console.dsp: Update the project
files to use the ogg vorbis SDK 1.0.1
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm: Final build of the docs for beta1
2003-11-18 17:47 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_win32.html: Oddsock gets props for
the docs
2003-11-18 17:43 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_relay.html,
trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_yp.html: going and going...
2003-11-18 17:36 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_stats.html: Weee~
2003-11-18 17:33 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_admin.html: A few more.
2003-11-18 17:23 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_config_file.html: Config doc luv.
2003-11-18 17:07 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_basicsetup.html: np: Beatles - Helter
Skelter.ogg (aka some cleanups)
2003-11-18 16:55 vanguardist
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_introduction.html: Nothing but the
2003-11-18 16:32 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm, trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhp:
fix the default window size of the CHM
2003-11-18 02:44 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/style.css: minor style tweaks from Mike...
2003-11-18 00:59 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c: if relay is for an mp3 stream, then
get inline metadata by default if possible
2003-11-18 00:49 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/cfgfile.c: fix minor leak on config file read
2003-11-18 00:39 karl
* trunk/icecast/autogen.sh, trunk/m4/xiph_net.m4: minor cleanup
2003-11-17 23:08 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2winDlg.cpp: Get rid of version in
the window title...
2003-11-17 23:07 brendan
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2_stats.html: Slight cosmetic fixes to
the icecast2 docs
2003-11-17 22:55 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: version bump
2003-11-17 22:42 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm: rebuild of compiled html help
2003-11-17 22:41 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/README: (a bit) More appropriate README
2003-11-17 22:40 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/configure.in: version bump
2003-11-17 22:38 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: added WIN32-ism
2003-11-17 21:36 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/yp.c: type warning cleanup
2003-11-17 02:31 brendan
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am: Whoops, put manual back in dist.
I would have caught this at home if I could make dist, but HFS+
case-preserving/insensitive FS causes make dist to fail in the
debian directory. Automake sees changelog, thinks it is
ChangeLog, and adds it to make dist automatically, but then make
can't find ChangeLog because it is actually changelog. Grr.
2003-11-17 02:26 brendan
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am: make install installs manual in
2003-11-15 17:30 brendan
* trunk/icecast/doc/Makefile.am: Add docs to dist tarball. Next
step: install docs in the right place.
2003-11-13 03:52 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/NEWS: updated NEWS
2003-11-13 03:50 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.chm, trunk/icecast/doc/icecast2.hhc,
trunk/icecast/doc/stats1.jpg, trunk/icecast/doc/style.css,
trunk/icecast/doc/windowtitle.jpg: icecast2 documentation. need
I say more ?
2003-11-11 18:21 karl
* trunk/icecast/src/format_mp3.c: While tracking down the bug
which causes the zombie thread manager while streaming mp3 with
metadata, this patch has turned out to be successful at
maintaining a working icecast for the few users who have
reported the problem The patch essentially removes the use of
the alloca and uses the malloc-type calls instead.
2003-10-31 19:24 oddsock
* trunk/icecast/win32/icecast2.iss: bumped version
* trunk/icecast/win32/Icecast2winDlg.cpp: fixed some display bugs
when showing stats