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* Fix various build system issues
* Allow document roots specified with relative paths
* Drop debian packaging
* New build system
* Rework logging logic
* Replace spurious tabs in menu with dashes
* Don't install documentation
* Fix parallel builds
* Declare function prototypes explicitly
* Sort the ~ selector by date modified
* Rework manual page
* Propagate FLAGS value to recursive MAKE calls
* Fix memory leak in gophermap parsing
* Add option `-nH` to disable HTTP response to HTTP GET/POST requests (#66)
* Make description in die() appears everywhere
* Filetypes2 (#57) Re-do filetypes system.
* corrected some typos in author's names (#55)
* build: Force create symlink
* ci: New Travis system for linux and macOS builds and installs
* refactor: New hierarchy and refactored Makefile
* use user-defined CC by default
* add -b option to git clone instead of git checkout
* Add OpenBSD pledge(2) and unveil(2) support.
* change default charset to utf-8
* change max-width to 67 (#39)
* add installation notes to git checkout before installing
* fix typo in debian packaging (fixes `make deb`)
* update docs to reflect new changes
* fix indenting and typos in docs
3.0 (from 101)
N.B. this version has two important changes that may make it backwards-incompatible:
* binary changed from in.gophernicus to gophernicus
* virtual hosting NEVER WORKED and does not work in the way previously described
Other changes:
* prevent leak of executable gophermap contents
* make sure {x,}inetd works when systemd is on the system
* allow -j flag to work
* add hb9kns (yargo) and fosslinux into developer roles
* add -nx flag, blocks executable gophermaps
* add -nu flag, disable ~/public_gopher
* modify various documentation to markdown
* fix various formattings and typos
* allow inetd targets to work without update-inetd
* correct handling of inetd.conf
* remove list of supported platforms
* remove example gophermaps
* add dependencies for various distros to INSTALL.md
* fix query urls
* add travis ci
* add documentation about CI
Upgrade guide:
If you are running gophernicus on a **production** system, **do not** upgrade to 3.0.
Wait for 3.1.
As a general guide:
If you are running 101 and haven't upgraded to newer versions **because** of
instability worries, **wait for 3.1**.
If you were running other rolling-release versions, **upgrade now**.