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Ethan Koenig
c3b6383b3a Fix comment API paths (#2813) 2017-11-20 15:24:07 +08:00
Ethan Koenig
876bafb7ef Fix API status code for hook creation (#2814)
* Fix API status code for hook creation

* Named constants for response statuses
2017-11-20 15:00:53 +08:00
Ethan Koenig
d22a8dc022 Page parameter for repo search API (#2915) 2017-11-15 16:10:26 +08:00
Ethan Koenig
f26f4a7e01 Update swagger documentation (#2899)
* Update swagger documentation

Add docs for missing endpoints
Add documentation for request parameters
Make parameter naming consistent
Fix response documentation

* Restore delete comments
2017-11-13 09:02:25 +02:00
ddb7f59ef4 Add search mode option to /api/repo/search (#2756)
* Add repo type option to /api/repo/search

* Add tests and fix result of collaborative filter in specific condition

* Fix/optimize search & tests

* Improve integration tests

* Fix lint errors

* Fix unit tests

* Change and improve internal implementation of repo search

* Use NonexistentID

* Make search api more general

* Change mirror and fork search behaviour

* Fix tests & typo in comment
2017-10-27 00:16:13 +03:00
Jonas Franz
5ccecb44ad Feature: Timetracking (#2211)
* Added comment's hashtag to url for mail notifications.
* Added explanation to return statement + documentation.
* Replacing in-line link generation with HTMLURL. (+gofmt)
* Replaced action-based model with nil-based model. (+gofmt)
* Replaced mailIssueActionToParticipants with mailIssueCommentToParticipants.
* Updating comment for mailIssueCommentToParticipants
* Added link to comment in "Dashboard"
* Deleting feed entry if a comment is going to be deleted
* Added migration
* Added improved migration to add a CommentID column to action.
* Added improved links to comments in feed entries.
* Fixes #1956 by filtering for deleted comments that are referenced in actions.
* Introducing "IsDeleted" column to action.
* Adding design draft (not functional)
* Adding database models for stopwatches and trackedtimes
* See go-gitea/gitea#967
* Adding design draft (not functional)
* Adding translations and improving design
* Implementing stopwatch (for timetracking)
* Make UI functional
* Add hints in timeline for time tracking events
* Implementing timetracking feature
* Adding "Add time manual" option
* Improved stopwatch
* Created report of total spent time by user
* Only showing total time spent if theire is something to show.
* Adding license headers.
* Improved error handling for "Add Time Manual"
* Adding @sapks 's changes, refactoring
* Adding API for feature tracking
* Adding unit test
* Adding DISABLE/ENABLE option to Repository settings page
* Improving translations
* Applying @sapk 's changes
* Removing repo_unit and using IssuesSetting for disabling/enabling timetracker
* Adding DEFAULT_ENABLE_TIMETRACKER to config, installation and admin menu
* Improving documentation
* Fixing vendor/ folder
* Changing timtracking routes by adding subgroups /times and /times/stopwatch (Proposed by @lafriks )
* Restricting write access to timetracking based on the repo settings (Proposed by @lafriks )
* Fixed minor permissions bug.
* Adding CanUseTimetracker and IsTimetrackerEnabled in ctx.Repo
* Allow assignees and authors to track there time too.
* Fixed some build-time-errors + logical errors.
* Removing unused Get...ByID functions
* Moving IsTimetrackerEnabled from context.Repository to models.Repository
* Adding a seperate file for issue related repo functions
* Adding license headers
* Fixed GetUserByParams return 404
* Moving /users/:username/times to /repos/:username/:reponame/times/:username for security reasons
* Adding /repos/:username/times to get all tracked times of the repo
* Updating sdk-dependency
* Updating swagger.v1.json
* Adding warning if user has already a running stopwatch (auto-timetracker)
* Replacing GetTrackedTimesBy... with GetTrackedTimes(options FindTrackedTimesOptions)
* Changing code.gitea.io/sdk back to code.gitea.io/sdk
* Correcting spelling mistake
* Updating vendor.json
* Changing GET stopwatch/toggle to POST stopwatch/toggle
* Changing GET stopwatch/cancel to POST stopwatch/cancel
* Added migration for stopwatches/timetracking
* Fixed some access bugs for read-only users
* Added default allow only contributors to track time value to config
* Fixed migration by chaging x.Iterate to x.Find
* Resorted imports
* Moved Add Time Manually form to repo_form.go
* Removed "Seconds" field from Add Time Manually
* Resorted imports
* Improved permission checking
* Fixed some bugs
* Added integration test
* gofmt
* Adding integration test by @lafriks
* Added created_unix to comment fixtures
* Using last event instead of a fixed event
* Adding another integration test by @lafriks
* Fixing bug Timetracker enabled causing error 500 at sidebar.tpl
* Fixed a refactoring bug that resulted in hiding "HasUserStopwatch" warning.
* Returning TrackedTime instead of AddTimeOption at AddTime.
* Updating SDK from go-gitea/go-sdk#69
* Resetting Go-SDK back to default repository
* Fixing test-vendor by changing ini back to original repository
* Adding "tags" to swagger spec
* govendor sync
* Removed duplicate
* Formatting templates
* Adding IsTimetrackingEnabled checks to API
* Improving translations / english texts
* Improving documentation
* Updating swagger spec
* Fixing integration test caused be translation-changes
* Removed encoding issues in local_en-US.ini.
* "Added" copyright line
* Moved unit.IssuesConfig().EnableTimetracker into a != nil check
* Removed some other encoding issues in local_en-US.ini
* Improved javascript by checking if data-context exists
* Replaced manual comment creation with CreateComment
* Removed unnecessary code
* Improved error checking
* Small cosmetic changes
* Replaced int>string>duration parsing with int>duration parsing
* Fixed encoding issues
* Removed unused imports

Signed-off-by: Jonas Franz <info@jonasfranz.software>
2017-09-12 09:48:13 +03:00
Antoine GIRARD
fd8e8a421a Improve swagger doc (#2274)
* Add swagger comment for adminCreateOrg

* Add swagger comment for admin route

* add hook swagger doc

* Add tags

* Add auth

* Fix name of responses

* Edit name method

* Update vendor

* make generate-swagger
2017-08-21 14:13:47 +03:00
Aaron Walker
6a3c03762a API: support '/orgs/:org/repos' (#2047)
* API: support '/orgs/:org/repos'
2017-07-13 13:14:15 +02:00
Jonas Östanbäck
ad70af1248 Add repo fork swagger (#1941) 2017-06-12 08:59:51 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
976c2a05fa Fix change introduce by update of go-swagger. (#1727) 2017-06-01 23:35:31 -05:00
Jonas Östanbäck
0161e46b5a Add swagger comment for MirrorSync (#1747)
* Add swagger comment for MirrorSync

* Generate swagger.v1.json
2017-05-19 08:20:06 +08:00
Jonas Östanbäck
5db5e16ab6 Correct grammar in APIEmpty documentation (#1748)
* Correct grammar in APIEmpty doc

* Generate swagger.v1.json
2017-05-18 22:39:42 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
91417e9715 re-Generate swagger.json (#1722)
changes introduced to repo format by : go-gitea/gitea#1687 go-gitea/go-sdk#58  go-gitea/gitea#1668 go-gitea/go-sdk#56
2017-05-14 17:37:15 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
3edb0c5894 Generate swagger json (#1402)
- Generate swagger.json into public/
- Add swagger-ui auto-installation
- Add footer link to local swagger-ui
- Add /swagger url for using app url.
- Fix Swagger-UI version via git tag
2017-05-02 15:35:59 +02:00