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80a4643359 Fix attachments icon size on zoom in/out (#2853)
* fix attachments icon size on zoom in/out

* make public/css/index.css
2017-11-05 14:12:27 +02:00
Ethan Koenig
5866eb2321 Code/repo search (#2582)
Indexed search of repository contents (for default branch only)
2017-10-27 09:10:54 +03:00
Lauris BH
762f1d7237 Add wrapping to long diff lines (#2789)
* Add wrapping to long diff lines to fix #1827

* Fix  css class and make changes to source (less) files

* Fix wrong space indentation

* Fix indentation inconsistencies and remove very old WebKit workaround
2017-10-27 12:30:54 +08:00
3ab580c8d6 Add branch overiew page (#2108)
* Add branch overiew page

* fix changed method name on sub menu

* remove unused code
2017-10-26 08:49:16 +08:00
Lauris BH
0e9e48bd5c Fix activity css conflit with semantic ui (#2758) 2017-10-21 18:07:06 -02:00
Jonas Franz
f4190f8df8 Render plain text README.txt monospaced (#2721)
Signed-off-by: Jonas Franz <info@jonasfranz.software>
2017-10-17 02:17:22 +03:00
Lauris BH
f3833b7ce4 Create new branch from branch selection dropdown (#2130)
* Create new branch from branch selection dropdown and rewrite it to VueJS

* Make updateLocalCopyToCommit as not exported

* Move branch name validation to model

* Fix possible race condition
2017-10-15 22:59:24 +03:00
Lauris BH
f42dbdbae5 Add Activity page to repository (#2674)
* Add Activity page to repository

* Add request data for activity

* Add issue data for activity

* Add user unit right checks

* Add releases to activity

* Log repository unit loading error
2017-10-15 02:17:39 +03:00
b3cfa5a77e Use Semantic UI's Search component for user and repo search (#2636)
* Use search component on org invitation user input.

* Search component for collaboration and members.

* Search component for repo search.

* minCharacters for search input

* Display full_name for user search.

* Fixed missing uid query parameter for repo search.

* Removed unused comment.
2017-10-03 06:27:48 +03:00
086eb62691 Compress css with nodejs (#2580) 2017-09-24 22:47:10 +03:00
1fbfccb4fc Use standard lessc and minify CSS using Node.js (#2337)
* Use standard lessc and minify CSS using Node.js

This changes the previous nonstandard `lessc` to the official one and
enables CSS minification via the clean-css module.

To build CSS, Node.js is required along with a `npm install` to get the
tools installed locally in node_modules so there is no dependency on
binaries in PATH. Benefits include:

- Allows one to have a standard lessc in PATH.
- Can now use command line switches on lessc.
- Minified CSS brings faster page load times and also has the benefit
  of discouraging contributors from editing CSS directly.

To build CSS, Node.js is required along with a `npm install` to get the
tools installed locally based on the information in `package.json`.

The 'make stylesheet' task was modified to run without condition. This
makes it easier to work on the make task itself without having to delete

Also fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/2198

* install node, npm and modules on drone


* use 'minify' to minify CSS
2017-09-21 11:35:11 +08:00
Rémy Boulanouar
e5d80b7090 Implementation of all repositories of a user from user->settings (#1740)
* Implementation of all repositories of a user from user->settings

* Update message when no repository found

* Update according to comments

* Change UI to have a better look

* improved user repositories UI
2017-09-14 14:46:14 +03:00
Lunny Xiao
1739e84ac0 improve protected branch to add whitelist support (#2451)
* improve protected branch to add whitelist support

* fix lint

* fix style check

* fix tests

* fix description on UI and import

* fix test

* bug fixed

* fix tests and languages

* move isSliceInt64Eq to util pkg; improve function names & typo
2017-09-14 16:16:22 +08:00
David Schneiderbauer
a89692d158 fix wrong rendering of commit detail page (#2503)
Signed-off-by: David Schneiderbauer <dschneiderbauer@gmail.com>
2017-09-14 08:12:56 +02:00
250f1236dc * Fix fileview rendering bug #2470 (#2477) 2017-09-10 22:21:26 +02:00
Michael Lustfield
874f9be3e6 Move themes to plugin directory. Fixes #2372 (#2375) 2017-08-24 08:52:42 +03:00
Michael Lustfield
a915a09e4f Moved vendored js/css into public/vendor and documented sources (#1484) (#2241)
* Cleaning up public/ and documenting js/css libs.

This commit mostly addresses #1484 by moving vendor'ed plugins into a
vendor/ directory and documenting their upstream source and license in

This also proves gitea is using only open source js/css libraries which
helps toward reaching #1524.

* Removing unused css file.

The version of this file in use is located at:

* Cleaned up librejs.html and added javascript header

A SafeJS function was added to templates/helper.go to allow keeping
comments inside of javascript.

A javascript comment was added in the header of templates/base/head.tmpl
to mark all non-inline source as free.

The librejs.html file was updated to meet the current librejs spec. I
have now verified that the librejs plugin detects most of the scripts
included in gitea and suspect the non-free detections are the result of
a bug in the plugin. I believe this commit is enough to meet the C0.0
requirement of #1534.

* Updating SafeJS function per lint suggestion

* Added VERSIONS file, per request
2017-08-23 16:58:05 +02:00
951fb572a7 Fix and improve dashboard repo UI (#2285)
* Fix and improve dashboard repo UI

* Change order of scripts loading

* Remove "mirror" tab

* Remove single tab panel for "org user"

* Add localization strings

* Create vue component and change event for search

* Add "mirrors" filter
2017-08-17 09:31:34 +08:00
fc29a405e8 More tweaks to repo top panel (#2267)
* More tweaks to repo top panel

* undo hiding of compare button on master

* attempt to fix ci issue

* another ci attempt
2017-08-13 19:49:38 -03:00
54381f438b File path tweaks in UI (#2264) 2017-08-06 11:13:20 +08:00
31411a9462 Prevent selection of diff line numbers (#2240) 2017-08-01 10:27:17 +08:00
Lauris BH
f33e6ae09e Remove unit types commits and settings (#2161)
* Remove unit types commits and settings

* Can not limit units in administrator teams

* Limit changing units only to teams with read and write access mode

* Small code optimization
2017-07-17 10:04:43 +08:00
Lauris BH
a739991b36 Fix repository settings collobration list display (#2151) 2017-07-12 22:32:28 -05:00
Bo-Yi Wu
2b05b104ef Add verify changed less-file step to Makefile (#1861) 2017-07-12 04:28:57 +02:00
0168b7073d Use monospace font in githook editor (#1958) 2017-06-13 10:48:49 +08:00
f2fcd9dcd8 Support CRLF when splitting code lines for display (#1862)
* Support CRLF when splitting code lines for display

* refactor, fix mixed match

* fmt

* split on both LF and CRLF, use raw literals in regexes

* simplify
2017-06-10 23:20:25 +08:00
ae922afa2d Prevent accidential selection of line numbers in code view (#1860) 2017-06-05 02:52:35 -05:00
Hussain Khalil
009a073990 Remove annoying difference in button heights. (#1853)
* Remove annoying difference in button heights.

Why was that even there?

See before & after: http://imgur.com/a/yKdUR

* (2/2) Remove annoying difference in button heights
2017-06-03 16:58:43 +08:00
Patrick G
98ae013e90 Make navbar scroll on overflow (#1777)
* Scrollbars on overflow of horizontal nav

* Update _base.less

* Add fade out on right side of overflowing nav

* Update _base.less
2017-05-24 14:00:40 +08:00
Lauris BH
51d0becb42 Add configuration option for default permission to create Organizations (#1686) 2017-05-08 21:51:53 +02:00
Lauris BH
2e17dda8bb Remove sha1 hash display in repository table and add latest commit GPG check (#1678) 2017-05-05 15:15:36 +08:00
Peter Dave Hello
b6206e4788 Fix static files permission under public/ (#1675) 2017-05-05 08:42:28 +08:00
Jonas Östanbäck
59f5bbab0d Fix CSS for wiki markdown (#1660) 2017-05-03 20:22:14 +08:00
Willem van Dreumel
950f2e2074 Additional OAuth2 providers (#1010)
* add google+

* sort signin oauth2 providers based on the name so order is always the same

* update auth tip for google+

* add gitlab provider

* add bitbucket provider (and some go fmt)

* add twitter provider

* add facebook provider

* add dropbox provider

* add openid connect provider incl. new format of tips section in "Add New Source"

* lower the amount of disk storage for each session to prevent issues while building cross platform (and disk overflow)

* imports according to goimport and code style

* make it possible to set custom urls to gitlab and github provider (only these could have a different host)

* split up oauth2 into multiple files

* small typo in comment

* fix indention

* fix indentation

* fix new line before external import

* fix layout of signin part

* update "broken" dependency
2017-05-01 21:26:53 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
d9db188274 Fix #1418 (#1456) 2017-04-07 22:50:40 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
912b340d0d Simplify settings pages with item list (#1389)
* Remove point column on ssh key setting page

* Remove un-used css

* Some cleaning

* Use octicon-key
2017-03-30 09:02:37 +08:00
Antoine GIRARD
14fe9010ae GPG commit validation (#1150)
* GPG commit validation

* Add translation

+ some little fix

* Move hash calc after retrieving of potential key + missing translation

* Add some little test
2017-03-22 18:43:54 +08:00
Sandro Santilli
a9de85d31d Improve style of user OpenID setting page (#1324)
* Improve user openid list CSS and regenerate CSS
2017-03-20 08:51:33 +01:00
Antoine GIRARD
925b252927 Fix missing less sources for oauth (#1288) 2017-03-17 08:49:24 +08:00
Patrick G
efbb895ebe Cleaner ui for admin, repo settings, and user settings page (#1269) (#1270) 2017-03-15 23:39:38 +01:00
Patrick G
03d79983ee Cleaner UI for explore page (#1253) (#1255)
* Take navbar out of column
* Add styles to navbar
* Changed navbar classes
* Remove unneeded !important from index.css
* Remove unneeded !important from _explore.less
2017-03-15 19:55:12 +01:00
Ethan Koenig
09fe4a2ae9 Batch updates for issues (#926) 2017-03-15 02:10:35 +01:00
Patrick G
5463640fe6 Fix double borders on edit page (#1152) (#1153)
* Fix double borders on edit page (#1152)

* Add border modifications to less file
2017-03-10 09:33:35 +08:00
Willem van Dreumel
01d957677f Oauth2 consumer (#679)
* initial stuff for oauth2 login, fails on:
* login button on the signIn page to start the OAuth2 flow and a callback for each provider
Only GitHub is implemented for now
* show login button only when the OAuth2 consumer is configured (and activated)
* create macaron group for oauth2 urls
* prevent net/http in modules (other then oauth2)
* use a new data sessions oauth2 folder for storing the oauth2 session data
* add missing 2FA when this is enabled on the user
* add password option for OAuth2 user , for use with git over http and login to the GUI
* add tip for registering a GitHub OAuth application
* at startup of Gitea register all configured providers and also on adding/deleting of new providers
* custom handling of errors in oauth2 request init + show better tip
* add ExternalLoginUser model and migration script to add it to database
* link a external account to an existing account (still need to handle wrong login and signup) and remove if user is removed
* remove the linked external account from the user his settings
* if user is unknown we allow him to register a new account or link it to some existing account
* sign up with button on signin page (als change OAuth2Provider structure so we can store basic stuff about providers)

* from gorilla/sessions docs:
"Important Note: If you aren't using gorilla/mux, you need to wrap your handlers with context.ClearHandler as or else you will leak memory!"
(we're using gorilla/sessions for storing oauth2 sessions)

* use updated goth lib that now supports getting the OAuth2 user if the AccessToken is still valid instead of re-authenticating (prevent flooding the OAuth2 provider)
2017-02-22 08:14:37 +01:00
Andrew Boyarshin
d4b752def9 Fix table headers (#980)
Signed-off-by: Andrew Boyarshin <andrew.boyarshin@gmail.com>
2017-02-20 11:13:20 +08:00
Andrew Boyarshin
dc8248f8a4 Markdown rendering overhaul (#186)
* Markdown rendering overhaul

Cleaned up and squashed commits into single one.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Boyarshin <boyarshinand@gmail.com>

* Fix markdown API, add markdown module and API tests, improve code coverage

Signed-off-by: Andrew Boyarshin <boyarshinand@gmail.com>
2017-02-14 09:13:59 +08:00
Andrey Nering
5348e8b71a Fix color: closed PR was showing as purple instead of red 2017-01-28 14:01:07 -02:00
4faf097fb9 Added webkit-font-smoothing (#763) 2017-01-27 14:10:21 +08:00
Ethan Koenig
833f8b94c2 Search bar for issues/pulls (#530) 2017-01-25 10:43:02 +08:00
Kjell Kvinge
f9a3aa8737 add scroolbars to wide graphs. (#608)
* Add scrollbars to graph and revlist if needed.

* Add border
2017-01-22 20:10:01 +08:00