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silverwind 8f9c9d3a5f
Update JS and PY dependencies (#29184)
- Update all excluding `@mcaptcha/vanilla-glue` and
- Tested pdf, chart.js, swagger
2024-02-16 02:20:50 +00:00
silverwind 4fe37124e9
Update JS and PY dependencies (#29127)
- Update all excluding `@mcaptcha/vanilla-glue` and
- Remove deprecated and duplicate eslint rule
- Tested Monaco, Mermaid and Swagger
2024-02-11 12:55:11 +00:00
silverwind a062725758
Update JS and PY dependencies, build for `es2020` browsers (#28977)
- Update all JS dependencies minus @mcaptcha/vanilla-glue
- Fix new lint errors
- Regenerate SVGs
- Switch to maintained stylelint stylistic plugin
- Tested Mermaid, Citation, Swagger, sorting
- Raise ESBuild target to `es2020` as dictated by `pretty-ms`
2024-02-02 09:36:32 +00:00
silverwind 06dcb251f3
Update JS and PY dependencies (#28120)
- Update all JS and PY dependencies minus `@mcaptcha/vanilla-glue`
- Adapt to eslint rule rename
- Regenerate all SVGs because of [new
optimizations](https://github.com/svg/svgo/releases/tag/v3.0.4) from
- Tested mentions, mermaid, vue, api docs
2023-11-20 01:02:57 +01:00
silverwind a101dbaa79
Update JS and Poetry dependencies and eslint (#27200)
- Update all JS and Poetry dependencies
- Remove deprecated `eslint-plugin-custom-elements` and replace it with
rules from `eslint-plugin-wc`
- Add a convenience `make update` to update both js and py dependencies
- Tested markdown toolbar, swagger and citation
2023-09-22 22:51:48 +02:00
silverwind b8ad558c93
Lock yamllint and update indirect python deps (#26979)
I forgot to lock `yamllint` to exact version, so did that and
regenerated `poetry.lock` as well.
2023-09-08 15:36:40 -04:00
silverwind 3c0c279658
Add `yamllint` (#26965)
So that https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/26964 does not happen
again. Merge this after that PR. Config is based on


Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.com>
2023-09-07 22:24:06 -04:00
silverwind a625f3a761
Enable djlint H008 and fix issues (#26869)
Enable `H008 | Attributes should be double quoted` and fix issues.
2023-09-01 17:32:39 +00:00
silverwind 8e644d3460
Update js and py dependencies (#26243)
- Update all JS and PY dependencies minus
`eslint-plugin-eslint-comments` (because of
- Regenerate SVGs
- Remove depreacted eslint rule
- Tested mermaid and swagger
2023-07-31 01:16:12 +02:00
silverwind 06df92b5af
Update djlint, enable H026 and T027 (#25980)
New rules enabled as the bugs I reported were fixed:

- H026 | Empty id and class tags can be removed.
- T027 | Unclosed string found in template syntax.


2023-07-19 10:35:25 +02:00
silverwind 61e0d1a767
Enable H014 and H023 djlint rules (#25786)
Enable these rules:

- H014 | More than 2 blank lines.
- H023 | Do not use entity references.

There are more potential rules to enable but they are blocked by bugs in
the linter:

- https://github.com/Riverside-Healthcare/djLint/issues/711
- https://github.com/Riverside-Healthcare/djLint/issues/712
2023-07-09 20:33:25 +00:00
silverwind 02ef14bea2
Add `make poetry-update`, upgrade `djlint` (#25399)
[updates](https://github.com/silverwind/updates) now supports poetry as
well so we can use it for a new `make poetry-update` to update all
poetry dependencies.
2023-06-26 21:14:00 +00:00
silverwind 1a0a205466
Clean up pyproject.toml and package.json, fix poetry options (#25327)
- Reduce `pyproject.toml` and `package.json` to the minimal required
format, removing unneeded properties. `build-system` is not needed as
- Fix `poetry.toml` options they were wrong previously.
- Add dependencies of poetry files to templates `files-changed`.


Co-authored-by: Giteabot <teabot@gitea.io>
2023-06-18 18:13:08 +00:00
silverwind e24f651c86
Add template linting via djlint (#25212)
So I found this [linter](https://github.com/Riverside-Healthcare/djlint)
which features a mode for go templates, so I gave it a try and it did
find a number of valid issue, like unbalanced tags etc. It also has a
number of bugs, I had to disable/workaround many issues.

Given that this linter is written in python, this does add a dependency
on `python` >= 3.8 and `poetry` to the development environment to be
able to run this linter locally.

- `e.g.` prefixes on placeholders are removed because the linter had a
false-positive on `placeholder="e.g. cn=Search"` for the `attr=value`
syntax and it's not ideal anyways to write `e.g.` into a placeholder
because a placeholder is meant to hold a sample value.
- In `templates/repo/settings/options.tmpl` I simplified the logic to
not conditionally create opening tags without closing tags because this
stuff confuses the linter (and possibly the reader as well).
2023-06-14 18:17:58 +00:00