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KN4CK3R 5315153059
Use `Set[Type]` instead of `map[Type]bool/struct{}`. (#26804) 2023-08-30 06:55:25 +00:00
Jason Song ea1afb945d
Replace placeholders in licenses (#24354)
Replace #22117. Implement it in a more maintainable way.

Some licenses have placeholders e.g. the BSD licenses start with this
Copyright (c) <year> <owner>. 
This PR replaces the placeholders with the correct value when initialize
a new repo.

### FAQ

- Why not use a regex?
It will be a pretty complicated regex which could be hard to maintain.

- There're still missing placeholders.
There are over 500 licenses, it's impossible for anyone to inspect all
of them alone. Please help to add them if you find any, and it is also
OK to leave them for the future.


Co-authored-by: Giteabot <teabot@gitea.io>
2023-05-05 13:46:17 +00:00
silverwind 572af214a7
Ensure final newline in `assets/go-licenses.json` (#24407)
This will ensure that the file always has a final newline. I'm not sure
where this bug with inconsistent final newline actually comes from, it
is likely Windows-related.


Co-authored-by: delvh <dev.lh@web.de>
2023-04-28 13:39:18 -04:00
wxiaoguang 8f00979f73
Drop "unrolled/render" package (#23965)
None of the features of `unrolled/render` package is used. 

The Golang builtin "html/template" just works well. Then we can improve
our HTML render to resolve the "$.root.locale.Tr" problem as much as

Next step: we can have a template render pool (by Clone), then we can
inject global functions with dynamic context to every `Execute` calls.
Then we can use `{{Locale.Tr ....}}` directly in all templates , no need
to pass the `$.root.locale` again and again.
2023-04-08 14:21:50 +08:00
John Olheiser 2052a9e2b4
Consume hcaptcha and pwn deps (#22610)
This PR just consumes the
[hcaptcha](https://gitea.com/jolheiser/hcaptcha) and
[haveibeenpwned](https://gitea.com/jolheiser/pwn) modules directly into

Also let this serve as a notice that I'm fine with transferring my
license (which was already MIT) from my own name to "The Gitea Authors".

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
2023-01-29 09:49:51 -06:00
flynnnnnnnnnn e81ccc406b
Implement FSFE REUSE for golang files (#21840)
Change all license headers to comply with REUSE specification.

Fix #16132

Co-authored-by: flynnnnnnnnnn <flynnnnnnnnnn@github>
Co-authored-by: John Olheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
2022-11-27 18:20:29 +00:00
6543 c5e88fb03d
[API] teamSearch show teams with no members if user is admin (#21204)
close #21176
2022-09-19 20:02:29 +08:00
silverwind b5d21c0adf
Generate go-licenses during tidy again (#21108)
We can not have the `frontend` target depend on golang because of they
way drone is set up. Move the `go-licenses` generation back into `tidy`
where it will now also be checked for consistency during `tidy-check`.

(I assume all `main` branch builds should currently fail [like

The reasony why it shouldn't be treated the same as for example `go
generate` is because output files are checked in. tidy is imho the
optimal target to run this after.

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
2022-09-09 11:33:01 -04:00
silverwind 52c2ef7902
Rewrite go license generator in go (#21078)
This removes the JS dependency in the checks pipeline. JSON output is
different because the previous JS did indent the license data
differently and a JSON key was changed, but the end result is the same
as it gets re-indented by wepack.

Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: zeripath <art27@cantab.net>
2022-09-07 17:35:54 -04:00