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6543 4ba642d07d
Revert "Support SAML authentication (#25165)" (#29358)
This reverts #25165 (5bb8d1924d), as there
was a chance some important reviews got missed.

so after reverting this patch it will be resubmitted for reviewing again


temporary Open #5512 again
2024-02-24 12:18:49 +08:00
techknowlogick 5bb8d1924d
Support SAML authentication (#25165)
Closes https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/5512

This PR adds basic SAML support
- Adds SAML 2.0 as an auth source
- Adds SAML configuration documentation
- Adds integration test:
- Use bare-bones SAML IdP to test protocol flow and test account is
linked successfully (only runs on Postgres by default)
- Adds documentation for configuring and running SAML integration test

Future PRs:
- Support group mapping
- Support auto-registration (account linking)

Co-Authored-By: @jackHay22


Co-authored-by: jackHay22 <jack@allspice.io>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: KN4CK3R <admin@oldschoolhack.me>
Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: Jason Song <i@wolfogre.com>
Co-authored-by: morphelinho <morphelinho@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Zettat123 <zettat123@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: Yarden Shoham <git@yardenshoham.com>
Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
2024-02-23 00:08:17 +00:00
wxiaoguang 82acf22d9c
Update go dependencies and fix go-git (#28893)
More details are in the comment of repo_base_gogit.go

And ref: https://github.com/go-git/go-git/issues/1006
2024-01-23 05:40:00 +00:00
wxiaoguang 11f0519ad8
Update go dependencies (#28518)
Update golang.org/x/crypto for CVE-2023-48795 and update other packages.
`go-git` is not updated because it needs time to figure out why some
tests fail.
2023-12-19 09:18:42 +08:00
Yevhen Pavlov cd2ff6e83d
Bump google/go-github to v57 (#28514) 2023-12-18 15:42:04 -06:00
techknowlogick e3229c8e9b
bump go-deps (#27489) 2023-10-07 05:55:08 +00:00
wxiaoguang 1432d4eab9
Update go dependencies (#26534) 2023-08-16 12:02:40 +00:00
Chongyi Zheng f2138d6968
Replace gogs/cron with go-co-op/gocron (#25977)
Replace `github.com/gogs/cron` with `github.com/go-co-op/gocron` as the
former package is not maintained for many years.


Co-authored-by: delvh <dev.lh@web.de>
2023-07-24 04:13:41 +00:00
wxiaoguang d0dbe52e76
Refactor to use urfave/cli/v2 (#25959)
Replace #10912

And there are many new tests to cover the CLI behavior

There were some concerns about the "option order in hook scripts"
it's not a problem now. Because the hook script uses `/gitea hook
--config=/app.ini pre-receive` format. The "config" is a global option,
it can appear anywhere.


## ⚠️ BREAKING ⚠️

This PR does it best to avoid breaking anything. The major changes are:

* `gitea` itself won't accept web's options: `--install-port` / `--pid`
/ `--port` / `--quiet` / `--verbose` .... They are `web` sub-command's
    * Use `./gitea web --pid ....` instead
* `./gitea` can still run the `web` sub-command as shorthand, with
default options
* The sub-command's options must follow the sub-command
* Before: `./gitea --sub-opt subcmd` might equal to `./gitea subcmd
--sub-opt` (well, might not ...)
    * After: only `./gitea subcmd --sub-opt` could be used
    * The global options like `--config` are not affected
2023-07-21 17:28:19 +08:00
harryzcy ec227d6682
Remove nfnt/resize and oliamb/cutter (#25999)
The package `github.com/nfnt/resize` is deprecated and archived by the
author. `github.com/oliamb/cutter` is not maintained since 2018. We
could use `golang.org/x/image/draw` instead.
2023-07-20 19:52:42 +08:00
harryzcy 0f9f6567bb
Bump github.com/golang-jwt/jwt to v5 (#25975)
Bumping `github.com/golang-jwt/jwt` from v4 to v5.

`github.com/golang-jwt/jwt` v5 is bringing some breaking changes:

- standard `Valid()` method on claims is removed. It's replaced by
`ClaimsValidator` interface implementing `Validator()` method instead,
which is called after standard validation. Gitea doesn't seem to be
using this logic.
- `jwt.Token` has a field `Valid`, so it's checked in `ParseToken`
function in `services/auth/source/oauth2/token.go`


Co-authored-by: Giteabot <teabot@gitea.io>
2023-07-19 09:57:10 +00:00
harryzcy c5e187c389
Upgrade go dependencies (#25819) 2023-07-14 11:00:31 +08:00
isla w e882398c5a
Update emoji set to Unicode 15 (#25595)
Update emoji set to Unicode 15 which was added upstream here:

<img width="854" alt="Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11 02 56 AM"


Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
2023-06-29 16:29:48 +00:00
Yevhen Pavlov 5fa4415bbb
Update github.com/google/go-github to v53 (#25157)
The new `go-github` version
[53](https://github.com/google/go-github/releases/tag/v53.0.0) has been
2023-06-09 19:42:51 +00:00
6543 4c81dae297
Update github.com/google/go-github to v52 (#24004)
based on https://github.com/google/go-github/pull/2743

because of


Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
2023-05-31 00:31:51 +00:00
KN4CK3R 05209f0d1d
Add RPM registry (#23380)
Fixes #20751

This PR adds a RPM package registry. You can follow [this
tutorial](https://opensource.com/article/18/9/how-build-rpm-packages) to
build a *.rpm package for testing.

This functionality is similar to the Debian registry (#22854) and
therefore shares some methods. I marked this PR as blocked because it
should be merged after #22854.

2023-05-05 20:33:37 +00:00
techknowlogick a1cd455c85
Bump golang deps (#24533) 2023-05-05 17:17:19 +08:00
KN4CK3R bf999e4069
Add Debian package registry (#24426)
Co-authored-by: @awkwardbunny

This PR adds a Debian package registry.
You can follow [this
tutorial](https://www.baeldung.com/linux/create-debian-package) to build
a *.deb package for testing.
Source packages are not supported at the moment and I did not find
documentation of the architecture "all" and how these packages should be


Part of #20751.

Revised copy of #22854.


Co-authored-by: Brian Hong <brian@hongs.me>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
Co-authored-by: Giteabot <teabot@gitea.io>
2023-05-02 12:31:35 -04:00
Yarden Shoham c0ddec8a2a
Revert "Add Debian package registry" (#24412)
Reverts go-gitea/gitea#22854
2023-04-28 18:06:41 -04:00
KN4CK3R bf77e2163b
Add Debian package registry (#22854)
Co-authored-by: @awkwardbunny

This PR adds a Debian package registry. You can follow [this
tutorial](https://www.baeldung.com/linux/create-debian-package) to build
a *.deb package for testing. Source packages are not supported at the
moment and I did not find documentation of the architecture "all" and
how these packages should be treated.


Co-authored-by: Brian Hong <brian@hongs.me>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
2023-04-28 17:51:36 -04:00
silverwind 572af214a7
Ensure final newline in `assets/go-licenses.json` (#24407)
This will ensure that the file always has a final newline. I'm not sure
where this bug with inconsistent final newline actually comes from, it
is likely Windows-related.


Co-authored-by: delvh <dev.lh@web.de>
2023-04-28 13:39:18 -04:00
JakobDev 65fe0fb22c
Allow `webp` images as avatars (#24248)
Users can now upload `webp` images.
Browsers supporting webp images then display this as the avatar of this
user (every major browser except IE).


Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
2023-04-21 13:15:49 -04:00
techknowlogick 985f76dc4b
Update redis library to support redis v7 (#24114) 2023-04-13 18:41:04 -04:00
harryzcy 1ee45305e0
Update github.com/google/go-github to v51 (#23946)
`github.com/google/go-github` has new major version releases frequently.
It is required to update all import path, in additional to `go.mod`
2023-04-08 19:27:30 +08:00
wxiaoguang 8f00979f73
Drop "unrolled/render" package (#23965)
None of the features of `unrolled/render` package is used. 

The Golang builtin "html/template" just works well. Then we can improve
our HTML render to resolve the "$.root.locale.Tr" problem as much as

Next step: we can have a template render pool (by Clone), then we can
inject global functions with dynamic context to every `Execute` calls.
Then we can use `{{Locale.Tr ....}}` directly in all templates , no need
to pass the `$.root.locale` again and again.
2023-04-08 14:21:50 +08:00
techknowlogick 92c160d8e7
Add meilisearch support (#23136)
Add meilisearch support

Fixes #20665
2023-03-28 22:23:23 -04:00
Jason Song 19bfea6d7d
Update act (#23512)
Update replace:
- replace github.com/nektos/act => gitea.com/gitea/act v0.234.2-0.20230131074955-e46ede1b1744
+ replace github.com/nektos/act => gitea.com/gitea/act v0.243.1

Update require:
-	github.com/nektos/act v0.0.0
+	github.com/nektos/act v0.2.43

Actually, `v0.2.43` doesn't work, it will be replaced by `gitea/act`, so
it's OK to put any version here. But `gitea/act` is based on
`nektos/act`, so keeping the right upstream version will make security
dependabot help.

BTW, the [security
report](https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/security/dependabot/20) is
false positive, we don't use the artifact server in act, see #22738.
2023-03-16 18:09:11 +08:00
zeripath 740a5ecdd9
Update go.mod dependencies (#23126)
This PR does a bulk update of a lot of our go deps.

I have not included nektos/act and xorm for the following reasons:
* Xorm updates can sometimes be complex and I'd rather do that in a
separate PR
* I think people more update with the actions code should double check
that the latest nektos/act library works correctly.


Signed-off-by: Andrew Thornton <art27@cantab.net>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
2023-02-24 20:18:49 +00:00
KN4CK3R f8c1e14a13
Use import of OCI structs (#22765)
Fixes #22758

Otherwise we would need to rewrite the structs in `oci.go`.
2023-02-06 10:07:09 +00:00
Jason Song 4011821c94
Implement actions (#21937)
Close #13539.

Co-authored by: @lunny @appleboy @fuxiaohei and others.

Related projects:
- https://gitea.com/gitea/actions-proto-def
- https://gitea.com/gitea/actions-proto-go
- https://gitea.com/gitea/act
- https://gitea.com/gitea/act_runner

### Summary

The target of this PR is to bring a basic implementation of "Actions",
an internal CI/CD system of Gitea. That means even though it has been
merged, the state of the feature is **EXPERIMENTAL**, and please note

- It is disabled by default;
- It shouldn't be used in a production environment currently;
- It shouldn't be used in a public Gitea instance currently;
- Breaking changes may be made before it's stable.

**Please comment on #13539 if you have any different product design
ideas**, all decisions reached there will be adopted here. But in this
PR, we don't talk about **naming, feature-creep or alternatives**.

### ⚠️ Breaking

`gitea-actions` will become a reserved user name. If a user with the
name already exists in the database, it is recommended to rename it.

### Some important reviews

- What is `DEFAULT_ACTIONS_URL` in `app.ini` for?
  - https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/21937#discussion_r1055954954
- Why the api for runners is not under the normal `/api/v1` prefix?
  - https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/21937#discussion_r1061173592
- Why DBFS?
  - https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/21937#discussion_r1061301178
- Why ignore events triggered by `gitea-actions` bot?
  - https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/21937#discussion_r1063254103
- Why there's no permission control for actions?
  - https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/21937#discussion_r1090229868

### What it looks like


#### Manage runners

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### List runs

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### View logs

<img width="1792" alt="image"


### How to try it


#### 1. Start Gitea

Clone this branch and [install from

Add additional configurations in `app.ini` to enable Actions:

ENABLED = true

Start it.

If all is well, you'll see the management page of runners:

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### 2. Start runner

Clone the [act_runner](https://gitea.com/gitea/act_runner), and follow
to start it.

If all is well, you'll see a new runner has been added:

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### 3. Enable actions for a repo

Create a new repo or open an existing one, check the `Actions` checkbox
in settings and submit.

<img width="1792" alt="image"
<img width="1792" alt="image"

If all is well, you'll see a new tab "Actions":

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### 4. Upload workflow files

Upload some workflow files to `.gitea/workflows/xxx.yaml`, you can
follow the [quickstart](https://docs.github.com/en/actions/quickstart)
of GitHub Actions. Yes, Gitea Actions is compatible with GitHub Actions
in most cases, you can use the same demo:

name: GitHub Actions Demo
run-name: ${{ github.actor }} is testing out GitHub Actions 🚀
on: [push]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - run: echo "🎉 The job was automatically triggered by a ${{ github.event_name }} event."
      - run: echo "🐧 This job is now running on a ${{ runner.os }} server hosted by GitHub!"
      - run: echo "🔎 The name of your branch is ${{ github.ref }} and your repository is ${{ github.repository }}."
      - name: Check out repository code
        uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - run: echo "💡 The ${{ github.repository }} repository has been cloned to the runner."
      - run: echo "🖥️ The workflow is now ready to test your code on the runner."
      - name: List files in the repository
        run: |
          ls ${{ github.workspace }}
      - run: echo "🍏 This job's status is ${{ job.status }}."

If all is well, you'll see a new run in `Actions` tab:

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### 5. Check the logs of jobs

Click a run and you'll see the logs:

<img width="1792" alt="image"

#### 6. Go on

You can try more examples in [the
of GitHub Actions, then you might find a lot of bugs.

Come on, PRs are welcome.


See also: [Feature Preview: Gitea


Co-authored-by: a1012112796 <1012112796@qq.com>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: delvh <dev.lh@web.de>
Co-authored-by: ChristopherHX <christopher.homberger@web.de>
Co-authored-by: John Olheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
2023-01-31 09:45:19 +08:00
John Olheiser 2052a9e2b4
Consume hcaptcha and pwn deps (#22610)
This PR just consumes the
[hcaptcha](https://gitea.com/jolheiser/hcaptcha) and
[haveibeenpwned](https://gitea.com/jolheiser/pwn) modules directly into

Also let this serve as a notice that I'm fine with transferring my
license (which was already MIT) from my own name to "The Gitea Authors".

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
2023-01-29 09:49:51 -06:00
KN4CK3R fc037b4b82
Add support for incoming emails (#22056)
closes #13585
fixes #9067
fixes #2386
ref #6226
ref #6219
fixes #745

This PR adds support to process incoming emails to perform actions.
Currently I added handling of replies and unsubscribing from
issues/pulls. In contrast to #13585 the IMAP IDLE command is used
instead of polling which results (in my opinion 😉) in cleaner code.

- When sending an issue/pull reply email, a token is generated which is
present in the Reply-To and References header.
- IMAP IDLE waits until a new email arrives
- The token tells which action should be performed

A possible signature and/or reply gets stripped from the content.

I added a new service to the drone pipeline to test the receiving of
incoming mails. If we keep this in, we may test our outgoing emails too
in future.

Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
2023-01-14 23:57:10 +08:00
techknowlogick b36854df37
Update golang deps (#22410)
Note, hashicorp's LRU has been updated to v2 which supports generics but
this was left out as it is a more involved upgrade.
2023-01-12 09:21:16 +01:00
techknowlogick 6f231a7980
Replace deprecated Webauthn library (#22400)
Fix #22052

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
2023-01-11 21:51:00 -05:00
isla w f41ad344cb
Update Emoji dataset to Unicode 14 (#22342)
Gitea emoji dataset was out of date because it gets manually built and
hasn't been rebuilt since it was added. This means Gitea doesn't
recognize some newer emoji or changes to existing ones.

After changing the max unicode version to 14 I just ran: `go run

This should address the initial issue seen in #22153 where Gitea doesn't
recognize a standard alias used elsewhere when importing content.

14 is the latest supported version from the upstream source as 15 is not
widely supported (in their opinion) yet
2023-01-04 11:52:48 -06:00
Lunny Xiao e72acd5e5b
Split migrations folder (#21549)
There are too many files in `models/migrations` folder so that I split
them into sub folders.
2022-11-02 16:54:36 +08:00
qwerty287 a813c9d8f3
Allow creation of OAuth2 applications for orgs (#18084)
Adds the settings pages to create OAuth2 apps also to the org settings
and allows to create apps for orgs.

Refactoring: the oauth2 related templates are shared for
instance-wide/org/user, and the backend code uses `OAuth2CommonHandlers`
to share code for instance-wide/org/user.

Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
2022-10-09 20:07:41 +08:00
delvh 81d7270cde
Add new CSS variables --color-accent and --color-small-accent (#21305)
At the moment, this is only used to replace the color of the `viewed`
checkbox and of the `has changed` label.
Previously, the used variable accentuated always either darker or
lighter, which meant that one theme looked good while the other didn't.

Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
2022-10-07 17:48:03 +08:00
delvh acee32ca09
Prevent invalid behavior for file reviewing when loading more files (#21230)
The problem was that many PR review components loaded by `Show more`
received the same ID as previous batches, which confuses browsers (when
clicked). All such occurrences should now be fixed.

Additionally improved the background of the `viewed` checkbox.

Lastly, the `go-licenses.json` was automatically updated.

Fixes #21228.
Fixes #20681.

Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
2022-09-22 01:02:56 +08:00
silverwind b5d21c0adf
Generate go-licenses during tidy again (#21108)
We can not have the `frontend` target depend on golang because of they
way drone is set up. Move the `go-licenses` generation back into `tidy`
where it will now also be checked for consistency during `tidy-check`.

(I assume all `main` branch builds should currently fail [like

The reasony why it shouldn't be treated the same as for example `go
generate` is because output files are checked in. tidy is imho the
optimal target to run this after.

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
2022-09-09 11:33:01 -04:00
silverwind 52c2ef7902
Rewrite go license generator in go (#21078)
This removes the JS dependency in the checks pipeline. JSON output is
different because the previous JS did indent the license data
differently and a JSON key was changed, but the end result is the same
as it gets re-indented by wepack.

Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: zeripath <art27@cantab.net>
2022-09-07 17:35:54 -04:00
silverwind 49efd1fb96
Add go licenses to licenses.txt (#21034)
`make go-licenses` will generate `assets/go-licenses.json` which is then included in the webpack build. 

This step depends on both go and node being present, so unfortunately, I could not automate the generation by hooking it up to `tidy` as that target is triggered on CI where we do not have a docker image with both go an node.

It should be ran from time to time, ideally after each go mod update.
2022-09-04 00:20:46 +02:00
John Olheiser a48d6ba4b4
Go 1.19 format (#20758)
* 1.19 gofumpt

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>

* Change CSV test

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>

* Commit whitespace fixes from @zeripath

Co-authored-by: zeripath <art27@cantab.net>

* Update emoji

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>

* bump swagger & fix generate-swagger

Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: zeripath <art27@cantab.net>
Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <lauris@nix.lv>
2022-08-30 21:15:45 -05:00
Jan-Eric Schober b65ad70f53
Add the possibility to allow the user to have a favicon which differs from the main logo (#18542)
* Changed the filename of the favicon SVG

This allows the user to have a favicon which differs from the logo.

* Added favicon.svg

This is needed to accommodate the changes for allowing the user to have a differing logo and favicon

* Adjusted page to accommodate what icon is used as favicon

* Added functionality to also generate the favicon.svg via generate-images.js

* Adjusted the description for the new favicon compatibility

Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>

* Updated generate-images.js to generate favicons from a separate favicons.svg file

This belongs to PR #18542.

* Added description on how custom favicons can be generated

* Replaced space indents with tabs

* Synced changes with current state of the file

* Synced changes with current state of the file

Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
Co-authored-by: zeripath <art27@cantab.net>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <lauris@nix.lv>
2022-05-23 23:54:48 +08:00
techknowlogick f8a668ab0c
Clean up SVG (#13680)
* Clean up SVG

* update per feedback

* fix css style

* Delete gitea.png

* no new line at end of file

* fix newline?

Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
2020-12-17 16:33:53 -05:00
silverwind 7cf23399a0
Rework 'make generate-images' (#12316)
* Rework 'make generate-images'

- Remove external dependencies and replace it with a node script that
  does does the same.
- Move detail removal from gitea-sm.png to favicon.png
- Remove favicon.ico and its generation, it is unused and we already serve
  favicon.png in its place.

Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/12314

* use proper centering value for preserveAspectRatio

* fix lint

* use fabric

* better linting fix

* fix typo

* mention detail-remove class in docs
2020-07-26 17:47:51 +08:00
silverwind 8188176b58
Direct SVG rendering (#12157)
Introduce 'make svg' which calls a node script that compiles svg files
to `public/img/svg`. These files are vendored to not create a dependency
on Node for the backend build.

On the frontend side, configure webpack using `raw-loader` so SVGs can
be imported as string.

Also moved our existing SVGs to web_src/svg for consistency.

Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/11618
2020-07-12 12:10:56 +03:00
Cirno the Strongest b918609acc
Use custom SVGs for commit signing lock icon (#12017)
* Use custom SVGs for commit signing lock icon

* missing spans

* editorconfig

* xmlns and remove aria-hidden

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
2020-06-28 00:05:50 -04:00
mrsdizzie 3af51f1ab7
Update emoji dataset with skin tone variants (#11678)
* Update emoji dataset with skin tone variants

Since the format of emoji that support skin tone modifiers is predictable we can add different variants into our dataset when generating it so that we can match and properly style most skin tone variants of emoji. No real code change here other than what generates the dataset and the data itself.

* use escape unicode sequence in map

Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
2020-06-02 02:22:40 -04:00
mrsdizzie 4563eb873d
Support unicode emojis and remove emojify.js (#11032)
* Support unicode emojis and remove emojify.js

This PR replaces all use of emojify.js and adds unicode emoji support to various areas of gitea.

This works in a few ways:

First it adds emoji parsing support into gitea itself. This allows us to

 * Render emojis from valid alias (😄)
 * Detect unicode emojis and let us put them in their own class with proper aria-labels and styling
 * Easily allow for custom "emoji"
 * Support all emoji rendering and features without javascript
 * Uses plain unicode and lets the system render in appropriate emoji font
 * Doesn't leave us relying on external sources for updates/fixes/features

That same list of emoji is also used to create a json file which replaces the part of emojify.js that populates the emoji search tribute. This file is about 35KB with GZIP turned on and I've set it to load after the page renders to not hinder page load time (and this removes loading emojify.js also)

For custom "emoji" it uses a pretty simple scheme of just looking for /emojis/img/name.png where name is something a user has put in the "allowed reactions" setting we already have. The gitea reaction that was previously hard coded into a forked copy of emojify.js is included and works as a custom reaction under this method.

The emoji data sourced here is from https://github.com/github/gemoji which is the gem library Github uses for their emoji rendering (and a data source for other sites). So we should be able to easily render any emoji and :alias: that Github can, removing any errors from migrated content. They also update it as well, so we can sync when there are new unicode emoji lists released.

I've included a slimmed down and slightly modified forked copy of https://github.com/knq/emoji to make up our own emoji module. The code is pretty straight forward and again allows us to have a lot of flexibility in what happens.

I had seen a few comments about performance in some of the other threads if we render this ourselves, but there doesn't seem to be any issue here. In a test it can parse, convert, and render 1,000 emojis inside of a large markdown table in about 100ms on my laptop (which is many more emojis than will ever be in any normal issue). This also prevents any flickering and other weirdness from using javascript to render some things while using go for others.

Not included here are image fall back URLS. I don't really think they are necessary for anything new being written in 2020. However, managing the emoji ourselves would allow us to add these as a feature later on if it seems necessary.

Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/9182
Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/8974
Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/8953
Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/6628
Fixes: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/5130

* add new shared function emojiHTML

* don't increase emoji size in issue title

* Update templates/repo/issue/view_content/add_reaction.tmpl

Co-Authored-By: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>

* Support for emoji rendering in various templates

* Render code and review comments as they should be

* Better way to handle mail subjects

* insert unicode from tribute selection

* Add template helper for plain text when needed

* Use existing replace function I forgot about

* Don't include emoji greater than Unicode Version 12

Only include emoji and aliases in JSON

* Update build/generate-emoji.go

* Tweak regex slightly to really match everything including random invisible characters. Run tests for every emoji we have

* final updates

* code review

* code review

* hard code gitea custom emoji to match previous behavior

* Update .eslintrc

Co-Authored-By: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>

* disable preempt

Co-authored-by: silverwind <me@silverwind.io>
Co-authored-by: 6543 <6543@obermui.de>
Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <lauris@nix.lv>
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