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Fix wrong xorm Delete usage (#27995)

## Bug in Gitea
I ran into this bug when I accidentally used the wrong redirect URL for
the oauth2 provider when using mssql. But the oauth2 provider still got
Most of the time, we use `Delete(&some{id: some.id})` or
`In(condition).Delete(&some{})`, which specify the conditions. But the
function uses `Delete(source)` when `source.Cfg` is a `TEXT` field and
not empty. This will cause xorm `Delete` function not working in mssql.

61ff91f960/models/auth/source.go (L234-L240)

## Reason
Because the `TEXT` field can not be compared in mssql, xorm doesn't
support it according to [this
code](b23798dc98/internal/statements/statement.go (L552-L558))
in xorm
if statement.dialect.URI().DBType == schemas.MSSQL && (col.SQLType.Name == schemas.Text ||
   col.SQLType.IsBlob() || col.SQLType.Name == schemas.TimeStampz) {
   if utils.IsValueZero(fieldValue) {
   return nil, fmt.Errorf("column %s is a TEXT type with data %#v which cannot be as compare condition", col.Name, fieldValue.Interface())
When using the `Delete` function in xorm, the non-empty fields will
auto-set as conditions(perhaps some special fields are not?). If `TEXT`
field is not empty, xorm will return an error. I only found this usage
after searching, but maybe there is something I missing.


Co-authored-by: delvh <dev.lh@web.de>
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Nanguan Lin 2023-11-12 15:38:45 +08:00 committed by GitHub
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commit d95102d650
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@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ func CreateSource(ctx context.Context, source *Source) error {
err = registerableSource.RegisterSource()
if err != nil {
// remove the AuthSource in case of errors while registering configuration
if _, err := db.GetEngine(ctx).Delete(source); err != nil {
if _, err := db.GetEngine(ctx).ID(source.ID).Delete(new(Source)); err != nil {
log.Error("CreateSource: Error while wrapOpenIDConnectInitializeError: %v", err)