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# Upgrade from an old Gitea
To update Gitea, download a newer version, stop the old one, perform a backup, and run the new one.
Every time a Gitea instance starts up, it checks whether a database migration should be run.
If a database migration is required, Gitea will take some time to complete the upgrade and then serve.
Follow below steps to ensure a smooth upgrade to a new Gitea version.
## Check the Changelog for breaking changes
To make Gitea better, some breaking changes are unavoidable, especially for big milestone releases.
Before upgrade, please read the [Changelog on Gitea blog](https://blog.gitea.io/)
Before upgrading, please read the [Changelog on Gitea blog](https://blog.gitea.com/)
and check whether the breaking changes affect your Gitea instance.
## Verify there are no deprecated configuration options
New versions of Gitea often come with changed configuration syntax or options which are usually displayed for
at least one release cycle inside at the top of the Site Administration panel. If these warnings are not
resolved, Gitea may refuse to start in the following version.
## Backup for downgrade
Gitea keeps compatibility for patch versions whose first two fields are the same (`a.b.x` -> `a.b.y`),
@ -60,6 +64,11 @@ Backup steps:
If you are using cloud services or filesystems with snapshot feature,
a snapshot for the Gitea data volume and related object storage is more convenient.
After all of steps have been prepared, download the new version, stop the application, perform a backup and
then start the new application. On each startup, Gitea verifies that the database is up to date and will automtically
perform any necessary migrations. Depending on the size of the database, this can take some additional time on the
first launch during which the application will be unavailable.
## Upgrade with Docker
* `docker pull` the latest Gitea release.

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# 从旧版 Gitea 升级
想要升级 Gitea只需要下载新版停止运行旧版进行数据备份然后运行新版就好。
每次 Gitea 实例启动时,它都会检查是否要进行数据库迁移。
如果需要进行数据库迁移Gitea 会花一些时间完成升级然后继续服务。
## 为重大变更检查更新日志
为了让 Gitea 变得更好,进行重大变更是不可避免的,尤其是一些里程碑更新的发布。
在更新前,请 [在 Gitea 博客上阅读更新日志](https://blog.gitea.io/)
在更新前,请 [在 Gitea 博客上阅读更新日志](https://blog.gitea.com/)
并检查重大变更是否会影响你的 Gitea 实例。
## 在控制面板中检查过期的配置项
Gitea也许会在升级后无法重启。你可以访问 https://docs.gitea.com 获得要升级的版本
## 降级前的备份
Gitea 会保留首二位版本号相同的版本的兼容性 (`a.b.x` -> `a.b.y`)
@ -56,6 +60,10 @@ Gitea 会保留首二位版本号相同的版本的兼容性 (`a.b.x` -> `a.b.y`
最好对 Gitea 的数据盘及相关资料存储进行一次快照。
在所有上述步骤准备妥当之后,要升级 Gitea只需要下载新版停止运行旧版进行数据备份然后运行新版就好。
每次 Gitea 实例启动时,它都会检查是否要进行数据库迁移。
如果需要进行数据库迁移Gitea 会花一些时间完成升级然后继续服务。
## 从 Docker 升级
* `docker pull` 拉取 Gitea 的最新发布版。