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Support Issue forms and PR forms (#20987) * feat: extend issue template for yaml * feat: support yaml template * feat: render form to markdown * feat: support yaml template for pr * chore: rename to Fields * feat: template unmarshal * feat: split template * feat: render to markdown * feat: use full name as template file name * chore: remove useless file * feat: use dropdown of fomantic ui * feat: update input style * docs: more comments * fix: render text without render * chore: fix lint error * fix: support use description as about in markdown * fix: add field class in form * chore: generate swagger * feat: validate template * feat: support is_nummber and regex * test: fix broken unit tests * fix: ignore empty body of md template * fix: make multiple easymde editors work in one page * feat: better UI * fix: js error in pr form * chore: generate swagger * feat: support regex validation * chore: generate swagger * fix: refresh each markdown editor * chore: give up required validation * fix: correct issue template candidates * fix: correct checkboxes style * chore: ignore .hugo_build.lock in docs * docs: separate out a new doc for merge templates * docs: introduce syntax of yaml template * feat: show a alert for invalid templates * test: add case for a valid template * fix: correct attributes of required checkbox * fix: add class not-under-easymde for dropzone * fix: use more back-quotes * chore: remove translation in zh-CN * fix EasyMDE statusbar margin * fix: remove repeated blocks * fix: reuse regex for quotes Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
2022-09-02 03:58:49 -04:00
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