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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct bitfield;
struct module;
struct screen_char;
struct terminal;
/** The terminal's screen manages */
struct terminal_screen {
/** This is the screen's image, character by character. */
struct screen_char *image;
/** The previous screen's image, used for optimizing actual drawing. */
struct screen_char *last_image;
/** The current and the previous cursor positions. */
int cx, cy;
int lcx, lcy;
/** Whether to redraw screen */
unsigned int was_dirty:1;
struct bitfield *dirty;
/** Mark the screen ready for redrawing. */
void set_screen_dirty(struct terminal_screen *screen, int from, int to);
/** Initializes a screen. Returns NULL upon allocation failure. */
struct terminal_screen *init_screen(void);
/** Cleans up after the screen. */
void done_screen(struct terminal_screen *screen);
/** Update the size of the previous and the current screen image to
* hold @a x time @a y chars. */
void resize_screen(struct terminal *term, int x, int y);
/** Updates the terminal screen. */
void redraw_screen(struct terminal *term);
/** Erases the entire screen and moves the cursor to the upper left corner. */
void erase_screen(struct terminal *term);
/** Meeep! */
void beep_terminal(struct terminal *term);
extern struct module terminal_screen_module;
#ifdef __cplusplus