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Neuromancer > it compiles...
fonseca > ... and that concludes the rc2 announcement.
Miciah+> Add a href and all is goo.
Miciah+> s/goo/&d/
Miciah+> Somebody make a joke...
fonseca+> [22:51:23]fonseca@ask:~ > mutt -Z
fonseca+> sh: line 1: elinks: command not found
fonseca+> Press any key to continue...
fonseca+> :((
fonseca+> Damn gentoo upgrade.
You can prefix an action with a number. For example:
3<Down> jumps down three links.
Use 'u' to move forward in the document history.
Use '*' to toggle the display of image tags with no ALT attribute.
Use '.' to toggle link numbering.
Set ESC->Setup->Option manager->Document->Browsing->Forms->Insert mode
to '1' to prevent text fields from capturing key presses. When enabled,
one must explicitly 'enter' a selected text-field to edit it.
Pressing '|' will display server headers and '=', page information.
Use '\' to toggle display of the page source.
Use '%' to switch between using the default colors, using
document specified colors except for the background, and
using document specified colors including the background.
You can use the escape key to dismiss any dialog box.
To search in the current frame, hit '/', or '?' to search backwards.
Use 't' to open a new tab and 'T' to open the
selected link in a new tab in the background.
If you are having trouble selecting text with the mouse
for copy and paste, try holding down the shift key.
Use 'n' to show the next search result and 'N' to show the previous.
fonseca+> It is DIY season on planet ELinks. ;)
08:57:49 < Miciah> Cats are not progressive.
mffpasky > you're mad? :) exposing myself to a CVS version of ELinks?!
Click on the LEDs to get an information dialog describing their purpose.
To preload links for later reading, press 'T' on
each one. Then, use '>' and '<' to switch between
tabs, and 'c' to close a tab when you are finished.
fonseca > pasky: Are we in a funny mood today?
pasky > !!!
pasky > !!:!!
pasky > !:::!
pasky > !:::!
pasky > mmmmmmm mmmmmmm ooooooooooo ooooooooooo !:::!
pasky > mm:::::::m m:::::::mm oo:::::::::::oo oo:::::::::::oo !:::!
pasky > m::::::::::mm::::::::::mo:::::::::::::::oo:::::::::::::::o!:::!
pasky > m::::::::::::::::::::::mo:::::ooooo:::::oo:::::ooooo:::::o!:::!
pasky > m:::::mmm::::::mmm:::::mo::::o o::::oo::::o o::::o!:::!
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::mo::::o o::::oo::::o o::::o!:::!
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::mo::::o o::::oo::::o o::::o!!:!!
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::mo::::o o::::oo::::o o::::o !!!
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::mo:::::ooooo:::::oo:::::ooooo:::::o
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::mo:::::::::::::::oo:::::::::::::::o !!!
pasky > m::::m m::::m m::::m oo:::::::::::oo oo:::::::::::oo !!:!!
pasky > mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm ooooooooooo ooooooooooo !!!
fonseca > Alright.
To move a bookmark, press <insert> or '*' on it, move the cursor
above where you'd like it to be, and press the 'Move' button.
hooks.pl: take THAT hooks.lua - *pimp slap*
Pressing Ctrl-W in most text-input fields will auto-complete the entered
text from history or display a menu with possible completions.
To interrupt a connection, press 'z'. The key bound to 'back' also works.
Neuromancer> [--J---]
Neuromancer> You know, maybe it'd save some cycles if that just gets hard coded there instead of the -.
Neuromancer > Sure, it may not compile, but we have PDF docs. Sweet.
[Miciah] Are chr, uchar, LLONG, and LDOUBLE beneficial?
[fonseca] begone spawn of darkness
fonseca > I think it'll take no more than 5 hours to release 0.10.6
Miciah > Yay!
fonseca > The other releases has taken 2 hours, to go through the backlog. But this one is a bit harder.
fonseca > Not all is in the elinks-cvs mailbox.
arcatan > I'm going to quote that when you have hacked 10 hours
fonseca > And I'm going to quote that when I've done it in 3 hours. ;)
Scrool > pasky: HTML renderer doesn't work well with double-width characters. I
want to test it in source code view. But after switching into Source
code view some characters from HTML view stays there.
pasky > ctrl-l
Scrool > What's that?
Scrool > It kills my current build.
Miciah > Scary!
paakku> fonseca: I think quote_level should be unsigned after all, in case it
overflows in html_quote on a 64-bit machine.
fonseca> paakku: I am curious why you especially mention 64-bit?
paakku> 64-bit because exploiting this is likely to need a 6 GB HTML page and
that is not possible on 32-bit.