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# Slovak ELinks translation.
# Radovan Stas <radoone@skmi.science.upjs.sk>
# Peter Samek <samek@upc.uniba.sk>, 2002 - 2004
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: ELinks 0.5pre0.CVS\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2005-11-27 07:21+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-02-13 19:07+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Peter Samek <samek@upc.uniba.sk>\n"
"Language-Team: Slovak <sk-i18n@lists.linux.sk>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-2\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.0.2\n"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:329
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Zavri"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:424 src/bfu/hierbox.c:433 src/dialogs/document.c:43
#: src/dialogs/document.c:240
msgid "Info"
msgstr "Informácie"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:425
msgid "Press space to expand this folder."
msgstr "Na rozbalenie tejto zlo¾ky stlaè medzeru."
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:436 src/bfu/inpfield.c:254 src/bfu/msgbox.c:172
#: src/bfu/msgbox.c:189 src/config/dialogs.c:57 src/config/dialogs.c:391
#: src/cookies/dialogs.c:354 src/dialogs/edit.c:97 src/dialogs/info.c:133
#: src/dialogs/options.c:210 src/dialogs/options.c:290 src/mime/dialogs.c:129
#: src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:110 src/protocol/protocol.c:231
#: src/scripting/lua/core.c:377 src/scripting/lua/core.c:457
#: src/session/session.c:799 src/viewer/text/search.c:1593
#, fuzzy
msgid "~OK"
msgstr "OK"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:547
#, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the item \"%s\" cannot be deleted."
msgstr "Smola, ale polo¾ka \"%s\" nemô¾e by» vymazaná."
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:548
#, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the item \"%s\" is being used by something else."
msgstr "Smola, ale polo¾ku \"%s\" práve pou¾íva nieèo iné."
#. cant_delete_folder
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:551 src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:119
#, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the folder \"%s\" cannot be deleted."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ka \"%s\" nemô¾e by» vymazaná."
#. cant_delete_used_folder
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:552 src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:121
#, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the folder \"%s\" is being used by something else."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ku \"%s\" práve pou¾íva nieèo iné."
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:617
msgid "Delete error"
msgstr "Chyba pri mazaní"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:711
msgid "Delete marked items"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:712
msgid "Delete marked items?"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky?"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:725 src/bfu/hierbox.c:761 src/bfu/hierbox.c:782
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:853 src/config/dialogs.c:832 src/dialogs/menu.c:126
#: src/formhist/formhist.c:418 src/mime/dialogs.c:69 src/session/task.c:272
#: src/terminal/tab.c:191 src/terminal/tab.c:227
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Yes"
msgstr "Áno"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:726 src/bfu/hierbox.c:762 src/bfu/hierbox.c:783
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:854 src/config/dialogs.c:833 src/dialogs/menu.c:127
#: src/formhist/formhist.c:419 src/mime/dialogs.c:70 src/session/task.c:273
#: src/terminal/tab.c:192 src/terminal/tab.c:228
#, fuzzy
msgid "~No"
msgstr "Nie"
#. delete_folder_title
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:746 src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:127
msgid "Delete folder"
msgstr "Zmaza» zlo¾ku"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:747
#, c-format
msgid "Delete the folder \"%s\" and its content?"
msgstr "Zmaza» zlo¾ku \"%s\" a jej obsah?"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:764
msgid "Delete item"
msgstr "Zmaza» polo¾ku"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:765
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Delete \"%s\"?\n"
msgstr ""
"Zmaza» \"%s\"?\n"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:822
msgid "Clear all items"
msgstr "Vymaza» v¹etky polo¾ky"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:823
msgid "Do you really want to remove all items?"
msgstr "Naozaj chce¹ odstráni» v¹etky polo¾ky?"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:920 src/bfu/hierbox.c:951 src/viewer/text/search.c:1013
#: src/viewer/text/search.c:1021 src/viewer/text/search.c:1037
#: src/viewer/text/search.c:1612
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Hµada»"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:922 src/viewer/text/search.c:1014
#, c-format
msgid "Search string '%s' not found"
msgstr "Hµadaný re»azec '%s' nabol nájdený"
#: src/bfu/hierbox.c:951 src/config/dialogs.c:168 src/config/dialogs.c:357
#: src/config/dialogs.c:504 src/cookies/dialogs.c:34 src/cookies/dialogs.c:348
#: src/dialogs/edit.c:91 src/dialogs/edit.c:93 src/scripting/lua/core.c:373
#: src/scripting/lua/core.c:374 src/scripting/lua/core.c:454
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Názov"
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:71 src/bfu/inpfield.c:78
msgid "Bad number"
msgstr "Chybné èíslo"
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:72
msgid "Number expected in field"
msgstr "V rámèeku musí by» èíslo"
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:80
#, c-format
msgid "Number should be in the range from %d to %d."
msgstr ""
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:98 src/config/dialogs.c:458
msgid "Bad string"
msgstr "Zlý re»azec"
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:99
msgid "Empty string not allowed"
msgstr "Prázdny re»azec je neprípustný!"
#: src/bfu/inpfield.c:254 src/config/dialogs.c:392 src/cookies/dialogs.c:355
#: src/dialogs/edit.c:101 src/dialogs/edit.c:104 src/dialogs/options.c:213
#: src/dialogs/options.c:291 src/mime/dialogs.c:130
#: src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:111 src/protocol/bittorrent/dialogs.c:801
#: src/scripting/lua/core.c:378 src/scripting/lua/core.c:458
#: src/session/download.c:544 src/session/download.c:1121
#: src/viewer/text/search.c:1594
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Cancel"
msgstr "Zru¹i»"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:74
#, fuzzy
msgid "Clock"
msgstr "zamknutých"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:75
#, fuzzy
msgid "Digital clock in the status bar."
msgstr "Farba titulku dialógového okna."
#: src/bfu/leds.c:77 src/bfu/leds.c:94 src/config/options.inc:1118
#: src/config/options.inc:1125 src/ecmascript/ecmascript.c:40
#: src/globhist/globhist.c:63 src/mime/backend/mailcap.c:93
#: src/mime/backend/mimetypes.c:52 src/network/ssl/ssl.c:80
msgid "Enable"
msgstr "Zapnú»"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:79
#, fuzzy
msgid "Whether to display a digital clock in the status bar."
msgstr "Farba titulku dialógového okna."
#: src/bfu/leds.c:81
#, fuzzy
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Formuláre"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:83
msgid ""
"Format string for the digital clock. See the strftime(3)\n"
"manpage for details."
msgstr ""
#: src/bfu/leds.c:90
msgid "LEDs"
msgstr "LED indikátory"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:92
msgid "LEDs (visual indicators) options."
msgstr "Nastavenie LEDiek (vizuálnych identifikátorov)"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:96
msgid ""
"Enable LEDs.\n"
"These visual indicators will inform you about various states."
msgstr ""
"Zapnú» LED.\n"
"Tieto visuálne identifikátory mô¾u informova» o rôznych stavoch. "
#. name:
#: src/bfu/leds.c:302 src/bfu/leds.c:344
msgid "LED indicators"
msgstr "LED indikátory"
#: src/bfu/leds.c:303
msgid ""
"What the different LEDs indicate:\n"
" |||||`- Unused\n"
" ||||`-- Unused\n"
" |||`--- A JavaScript pop-up window was blocked\n"
" ||`---- A JavaScript error has occured\n"
" |`----- The state of insert mode for text-input form-fields\n"
" | 'i' means modeless, 'I' means insert mode is on\n"
" `------ Whether an SSL connection was used\n"
"'-' generally indicates that the LED is off."
msgstr ""
#: src/bfu/menu.c:753
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search menu/"
msgstr "Hµada»"
#: src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:97
msgid "read_bookmarks_xbel(): Error in XML_ParserCreate()"
msgstr "read_bookmarks_xbel(): Chyba v XML_ParserCreate()"
#: src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:108
#, c-format
msgid "read_bookmarks_xbel(): Error reading %s"
msgstr "read_bookmarks_xbel(): chyba pri èítaní %s"
#: src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:116
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Parse error while processing XBEL bookmarks in %s at line %d column %d:\n"
msgstr ""
"read_bookmarks_xbel(): Chyba syntaxe v súbore %s na riadku %d v ståpci %d:\n"
#: src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:390 src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:411
msgid "No title"
msgstr "®iadny titulok"
#: src/bookmarks/backend/xbel.c:396
msgid "No URL"
msgstr "®iadne URL"
#. name:
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:47 src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:185
msgid "Bookmarks"
msgstr "Zálo¾ky"
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:49
msgid "Bookmark options."
msgstr "Nastavenie zálo¾iek."
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:52 src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:58
msgid "File format"
msgstr "Formát súboru"
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:54
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"File format for bookmarks (affects both reading and saving):\n"
"0 is the default native ELinks format\n"
"1 is XBEL universal XML bookmarks format (NO NATIONAL CHARS SUPPORT!)"
msgstr ""
"Formát súboru so zálo¾kami (ovplyvòuje naèítanie aj ulo¾enie):\n"
"0 je ¹tandardný Elinks-ový formát (Links 0.9x kompatibilný)\n"
"1 je XBEL, univerzálny XML-orientovaný formát (BEZ PODPORY DIAKRITIKY!)"
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:60
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"File format for bookmarks (affects both reading and saving):\n"
"0 is the default native ELinks format\n"
"1 is XBEL universal XML bookmarks format (NO NATIONAL CHARS SUPPORT!) "
msgstr ""
"Formát súboru so zálo¾kami (ovplyvòuje naèítanie aj ulo¾enie):\n"
"0 je ¹tandardný Elinks-ový formát (Links 0.9x kompatibilný)\n"
"1 je XBEL, univerzálny XML-orientovaný formát (BEZ PODPORY DIAKRITIKY!)"
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:66
#, fuzzy
msgid "Save folder state"
msgstr "Zadaj názov zlo¾ky"
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:68
msgid ""
"When saving bookmarks also store whether folders are\n"
"expanded or not, so the look of the bookmark dialog is\n"
"kept across ELinks sessions. If disabled all folders will\n"
"appear unexpanded next time ELinks is run."
msgstr ""
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:73
msgid "Periodic snapshotting"
msgstr ""
#: src/bookmarks/bookmarks.c:75
msgid ""
"Automatically save a snapshot of all tabs periodically.\n"
"This will periodically bookmark the tabs of each terminal in a separate "
"for recovery after a crash.\n"
"This feature requires bookmark support."
msgstr ""
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:70 src/config/options.inc:970
#: src/dialogs/document.c:145 src/globhist/dialogs.c:65
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titulok"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:71 src/cache/dialogs.c:65
#: src/dialogs/document.c:136 src/dialogs/edit.c:95 src/formhist/dialogs.c:63
#: src/globhist/dialogs.c:66 src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:158
#: src/scripting/lua/core.c:375
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"
#. cant_delete_item
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:115
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the bookmark \"%s\" cannot be deleted."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ka \"%s\" nemô¾e by» vymazaná."
#. cant_delete_used_item
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:117
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but the bookmark \"%s\" is being used by something else."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ku \"%s\" práve pou¾íva nieèo iné."
#. delete_marked_items_title
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:123
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete marked bookmarks"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky"
#. delete_marked_items
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:125
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete marked bookmarks?"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky?"
#. delete_folder
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:129
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Delete the folder \"%s\" and all bookmarks in it?"
msgstr "Zmaza» zlo¾ku \"%s\" a jej obsah?"
#. delete_item_title
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:131
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete bookmark"
msgstr "Edituj zálo¾ku"
#. delete_item
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:133
msgid "Delete this bookmark?"
msgstr ""
#. clear_all_items_title
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:135
#, fuzzy
msgid "Clear all bookmarks"
msgstr "Hµada» v zálo¾kách"
#. clear_all_items_title
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:137
#, fuzzy
msgid "Do you really want to remove all bookmarks?"
msgstr "Naozaj chce¹ odstráni» v¹etky polo¾ky?"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:270
msgid "Add folder"
msgstr "Prida» zlo¾ku"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:270
msgid "Folder name"
msgstr "Názov zlo¾ky"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:326 src/scripting/lua/core.c:369
msgid "Edit bookmark"
msgstr "Edituj zálo¾ku"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:462 src/cache/dialogs.c:229
#: src/globhist/dialogs.c:223 src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:255
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Goto"
msgstr "Choï na"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:463 src/config/dialogs.c:527
#: src/cookies/dialogs.c:421
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Edit"
msgstr "Editova»"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:464 src/cache/dialogs.c:230
#: src/config/dialogs.c:529 src/config/dialogs.c:940 src/cookies/dialogs.c:422
#: src/dialogs/menu.c:444 src/formhist/dialogs.c:210
#: src/globhist/dialogs.c:228 src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:257
msgid "~Delete"
msgstr "Zmaza»"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:465 src/config/dialogs.c:528
#: src/config/dialogs.c:939 src/cookies/dialogs.c:420 src/dialogs/menu.c:442
msgid "~Add"
msgstr "Prid~a»"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:466
#, fuzzy
msgid "Add se~parator"
msgstr "Oddeµovaè v li¹te s tabmi"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:467
#, fuzzy
msgid "Add ~folder"
msgstr "Prida» zlo¾ku"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:468
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Move"
msgstr "Presunú»"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:469 src/cache/dialogs.c:231
#: src/config/dialogs.c:530 src/config/dialogs.c:942 src/dialogs/menu.c:397
#: src/globhist/dialogs.c:229
msgid "~Search"
msgstr "~Hµadaj"
#. This one is too dangerous, so just let user delete
#. * the bookmarks file if needed. --Zas
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:473
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Zresetova»"
#. TODO: Would this be useful? --jonas
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:476 src/globhist/dialogs.c:234
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Ulo¾i»"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:482
msgid "Bookmark manager"
msgstr "Správca zálo¾iek"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:608
msgid "Search bookmarks"
msgstr "Hµada» v zálo¾kách"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:637
msgid "Add bookmark"
msgstr "Prida» zálo¾ku"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:673
msgid "Saved session"
msgstr "Ulo¾ené sedenie"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:681
msgid "Bookmark tabs"
msgstr "Ulo¾i» taby do zálo¾iek"
#: src/bookmarks/dialogs.c:681
msgid "Enter folder name"
msgstr "Zadaj názov zlo¾ky"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:72
#, fuzzy
msgid "Proxy URL"
msgstr "®iadne URL"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:77
msgid "Redirect"
msgstr "Presmerovanie"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:85 src/config/options.inc:508
#: src/dialogs/document.c:156 src/protocol/bittorrent/dialogs.c:126
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Veµkos»"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:87
msgid "Loaded size"
msgstr "Stiahnutá veµkos»"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:90
#, fuzzy
msgid "Content type"
msgstr "Obsah je"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:94 src/dialogs/document.c:201
msgid "Last modified"
msgstr "Posledná zmena"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:102 src/dialogs/document.c:183
msgid "SSL Cipher"
msgstr "SSL ¹ifra"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:106 src/dialogs/document.c:188
msgid "Encoding"
msgstr "Kódovanie"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:112
msgid "Flags"
msgstr "Príznaky"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:115 src/dialogs/document.c:159
msgid "incomplete"
msgstr "neúplný"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:118 src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:177
msgid "invalid"
msgstr "neplatný"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:125 src/cookies/dialogs.c:40 src/cookies/dialogs.c:44
#: src/cookies/dialogs.c:351
msgid "Expires"
msgstr "Expiruje"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:131
msgid "ID"
msgstr ""
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:134 src/config/options.inc:638
msgid "Header"
msgstr "Hlavièka"
#. cant_delete_item
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:187
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but cache entry \"%s\" cannot be deleted."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ka \"%s\" nemô¾e by» vymazaná."
#. cant_delete_used_item
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:189
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Sorry, but cache entry \"%s\" is being used by something else."
msgstr "Smola, ale zlo¾ku \"%s\" práve pou¾íva nieèo iné."
#. delete_marked_items_title
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:195
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete marked cache entries"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky"
#. delete_marked_items
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:197
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete marked cache entries?"
msgstr "Zmaza» oznaèené polo¾ky?"
#. delete_item_title
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:203
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete cache entry"
msgstr "Uvoµni» nepou¾ívané polo¾ky ke¹e"
#. delete_item
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:205
#, fuzzy
msgid "Delete this cache entry?"
msgstr "Uvoµni» nepou¾ívané polo¾ky ke¹e"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:228 src/config/dialogs.c:526 src/cookies/dialogs.c:419
#: src/dialogs/download.c:249 src/dialogs/download.c:478
#: src/formhist/dialogs.c:209 src/globhist/dialogs.c:224
#: src/protocol/auth/dialogs.c:256
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Info"
msgstr "Informácie"
#: src/cache/dialogs.c:236
msgid "Cache manager"
msgstr "Správca ke¹e"
#. Please keep these tables in alphabetical order, and in sync with
#. * the ACT_* constants in kbdbind.h.
#. These two actions are common over all keymaps:
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:5 src/config/actions-main.inc:5
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:5
msgid "Do nothing"
msgstr "Nerobi» niè"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:7
msgid "Attempt to auto-complete the input"
msgstr "Pokus o automatické doplnenie vstupu"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Attempt to auto-complete a local file"
msgstr "Pokus o automatické doplnenie vstupu"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:9
msgid "Attempt to unambiguously auto-complete the input"
msgstr "Pokus o automatické doplnenie vstupu najvhodnej¹ou alternatívou"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:10
msgid "Delete character in front of the cursor"
msgstr "Zmaza» znak pred kurzorom"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:11
msgid "Go to the first line of the buffer"
msgstr "Ís» na prvý riadok buffra"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:12 src/config/actions-menu.inc:8
msgid "Cancel current state"
msgstr "Zru¹i» aktuálny stav"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:13 src/config/actions-main.inc:18
msgid "Copy text to clipboard"
msgstr "Kopírova» text do schránky"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:14
msgid "Delete text from clipboard"
msgstr "Zmaza» text zo schránky"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:15 src/config/actions-menu.inc:9
msgid "Delete character under cursor"
msgstr "Zmaza» znak pod kurzorom"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:16 src/config/actions-menu.inc:10
msgid "Move cursor downwards"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor smerom dole"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:17 src/config/actions-menu.inc:11
msgid "Go to the end of the page/line"
msgstr "Ís» na koniec stránky/riadku"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:18
msgid "Go to the last line of the buffer"
msgstr "Ís» na posledný riadok buffra"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:19 src/config/actions-main.inc:46
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:12
msgid "Follow the current link"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:20 src/config/actions-menu.inc:14
msgid "Go to the start of the page/line"
msgstr "Ís» na zaèiatok stránky alebo riadku"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:21
msgid "Delete to beginning of line"
msgstr "Zmaza» do zaèiatku riadku"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:22
msgid "Delete to end of line"
msgstr "Zmaza» po koniec riadku"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:23 src/config/actions-menu.inc:15
msgid "Move the cursor left"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor vµavo"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:24 src/config/actions-menu.inc:17
msgid "Move to the next item"
msgstr "Presunú» sa na ïal¹iu polo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:25
msgid "Open in external editor"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:26
msgid "Paste text from the clipboard"
msgstr "Vlo¾i» text zo schránky"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:27 src/config/actions-menu.inc:20
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move to the previous item"
msgstr "Presunú» sa so predchádzajúceho rámca"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:28 src/config/actions-main.inc:77
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:21
msgid "Redraw the terminal"
msgstr "Prekresli» terminál"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:29 src/config/actions-menu.inc:22
msgid "Move the cursor right"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor doprava"
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:30
msgid "Toggle regex matching (type-ahead searching)"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-edit.inc:31 src/config/actions-menu.inc:26
msgid "Move cursor upwards"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor smerom hore"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:8
msgid "Abort connection"
msgstr "Preru¹i» spojenie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:9
msgid "Add a new bookmark"
msgstr "Prida» novú zálo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:10
msgid "Add a new bookmark using current link"
msgstr "Prida» novú zalo¾ku na aktuálny odkaz"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:11
msgid "Bookmark all open tabs"
msgstr "Ulo¾i» do zálo¾iek v¹etky otvorené taby"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:12
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open authentication manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu histórie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:13
msgid "Open bookmark manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu zálo¾iek"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:14
msgid "Open cache manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu ke¹e"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:15
msgid "Free unused cache entries"
msgstr "Uvoµni» nepou¾ívané polo¾ky ke¹e"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:16
msgid "Open cookie manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu cookies"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:17
msgid "Reload cookies file"
msgstr "Znovu nahra» súbor s cookies"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:19
msgid "Show information about the current page"
msgstr "Zobrazi» informácie o aktuálnej stránke"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:20
msgid "Open download manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu s»ahovania"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:21
msgid "Enter ex-mode (command line)"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:22
msgid "Open the File menu"
msgstr "Otvori» menu Súbor"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:23
msgid "Find the next occurrence of the current search text"
msgstr "Nájs» ïal¹í výskyt práve hµadaného textu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:24
msgid "Find the previous occurrence of the current search text"
msgstr "Nájs» predchádzajúci výskyt práve hµadaného textu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:25
msgid "Forget authentication credentials"
msgstr "Vymaza» z pamäti prihlasovacie informácie HTTP Autentizácie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:26
msgid "Open form history manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu histórie formulárov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:27
msgid "Pass URI of current frame to external command"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:28
msgid "Maximize the current frame"
msgstr "Maximalizova» aktuálny rámec"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:29
msgid "Move to the next frame"
msgstr "Presunú» sa do ïal¹ieho rámca"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:30
msgid "Move to the previous frame"
msgstr "Presunú» sa so predchádzajúceho rámca"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:31
msgid "Open \"Go to URL\" dialog box"
msgstr "Otvor» dialógové okno \"Choï na URL\""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:32
msgid "Open \"Go to URL\" dialog box containing the current URL"
msgstr "Otvori» dialóg \"Choï na URL\" obsahujúci aktuálne URL"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:33
msgid "Open \"Go to URL\" dialog box containing the current link URL"
msgstr "Otvori» dialóg \"Choï na URL\" obsahujúci URL aktuálneho odkazu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:34
msgid "Go to the homepage"
msgstr "Ís» na domovskú stránku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:35
#, fuzzy
msgid "Show information about the current page protocol headers"
msgstr "Zobrazi» informácie o HTTP hlavièkách aktuálnej stránky"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:36
msgid "Open history manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu histórie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:37
msgid "Return to the previous document in history"
msgstr "Návrat k predchádzajúcemu dokumentu v histórii"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:38
#, fuzzy
msgid "Go forward in history"
msgstr "Ís» dopredu v spätnej histórii"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:39
msgid "Jump to link"
msgstr "Skoè na odkaz"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:40
msgid "Open keybinding manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu klávesových skratiek"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:41
msgid "Kill all backgrounded connections"
msgstr "Ukonèi» v¹etky spojenia na pozadí"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:42
msgid "Download the current link"
msgstr "Stiahnu» cieµ aktuálneho odkazu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:43
msgid "Download the current image"
msgstr "Stiahnu» aktuálny obrázok"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:44
msgid "Attempt to resume download of the current link"
msgstr "Pokúsi» sa obnovi» s»ahovanie aktuálneho odkazu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:45
msgid "Pass URI of current link to external command"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:47
msgid "Follow the current link, forcing reload of the target"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz, (cieµ stiahnutý znovu)"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:48
msgid "Open the link context menu"
msgstr "Otvori» kontextové menu k odkazu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:49
msgid "Open a Lua console"
msgstr "Otvori» Lua konzolu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:50
msgid "Go at a specified mark"
msgstr "Prejs» na zadanú znaèku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:51
msgid "Set a mark"
msgstr "Nastavi» znaèku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:52
msgid "Activate the menu"
msgstr "Aktivova» menu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:53
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move cursor down"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor smerom dole"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:54
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move cursor left"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor vµavo"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:55
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move cursor right"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor doprava"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:56
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move cursor up"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor smerom hore"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:57
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move to the end of the document"
msgstr "Ís» na koniec stránky/riadku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:58
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move to the start of the document"
msgstr "Ís» na zaèiatok stránky alebo riadku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:59
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move one link down"
msgstr "Posunú» sa o stranu vy¹¹ie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:60
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move one link left"
msgstr "Posunú» sa o stranu vy¹¹ie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:61
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move to the next link"
msgstr "Presunú» sa na ïal¹iu polo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:62
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move to the previous link"
msgstr "Presunú» sa so predchádzajúceho rámca"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:63
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move one link right"
msgstr "Posunú» kurzor doprava"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:64
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move one link up"
msgstr "Posunú» sa o stranu vy¹¹ie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:65 src/config/actions-menu.inc:18
msgid "Move downwards by a page"
msgstr "Posunú» sa o stranu ni¾¹ie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:66 src/config/actions-menu.inc:19
msgid "Move upwards by a page"
msgstr "Posunú» sa o stranu vy¹¹ie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:67
msgid "Open the current link in a new tab"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz v novom tabe"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:68
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open the current link in a new tab in the background"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz v novom tabe na pozadí"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:69
msgid "Open the current link in a new window"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz v novom okne"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:70
msgid "Open a new tab"
msgstr "Otvori» nový tab"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:71
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open a new tab in the background"
msgstr "Otvori» nový tab na pozadí"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:72
msgid "Open a new window"
msgstr "Otvori» nové okno"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:73
msgid "Open an OS shell"
msgstr "Otvori» OS shell"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:74
msgid "Open options manager"
msgstr "Otvori» správcu nastavení"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:75
msgid "Open a quit confirmation dialog box"
msgstr "Otvori» dialóg potvrdzujúci skonèenie Elinksu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:76
msgid "Quit without confirmation"
msgstr "Skonèi» bez reptania"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:78
msgid "Reload the current page"
msgstr "Znovu natiahnu» súèasnú stránku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:79
#, fuzzy
msgid "Re-render the current page"
msgstr "Znovu natiahnu» súèasnú stránku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:80
msgid "Reset form items to their initial values"
msgstr "Resetova» formulár na zaèiatoèné hodnoty"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:81
msgid "Show information about the currently used resources"
msgstr "Zobrazi» informácie o práve pou¾ívaných zdrojoch"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:82
#, fuzzy
msgid "Save the current document in source form"
msgstr "Vypísa» daný HTML dokument v zdrojovej podobe na ¹tandardný výstup."
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:83
msgid "Save the current document in formatted form"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:84
msgid "Save options"
msgstr "Ulo¾i» nastavenia"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:85
msgid "Save URL as"
msgstr "Ulo¾i» URL ako"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:86
msgid "Scroll down"
msgstr "Posun v texte smerom dole"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:87
msgid "Scroll left"
msgstr "Posun v texte smerom vµavo"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:88
msgid "Scroll right"
msgstr "Posun v texte smerom vpravo"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:89
msgid "Scroll up"
msgstr "Posun v texte smerom hore"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:90 src/config/actions-menu.inc:23
msgid "Search for a text pattern"
msgstr "Hµada» vzorku textu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:91
msgid "Search backwards for a text pattern"
msgstr "Hµada» spätne vzorku textu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:92 src/config/actions-main.inc:93
msgid "Search link text by typing ahead"
msgstr "Interaktívne hµadanie v texte odkazov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:94
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search document text by typing ahead"
msgstr "Interaktívne hµadanie v texte odkazov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:95
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search document text backwards by typing ahead"
msgstr "Interaktívne hµadanie v texte odkazov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:96
msgid "Show terminal options dialog"
msgstr "Nastavenie terminálu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:97
msgid "Submit form"
msgstr "Odosla» formulár"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:98
msgid "Submit form and reload"
msgstr "Odosla» formulár a obnovi» stránku"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:99 src/terminal/tab.c:188
#: src/terminal/tab.c:224
msgid "Close tab"
msgstr "Zavrie» tab"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:100
msgid "Close all tabs but the current one"
msgstr "Zavrie» v¹etky taby okrem aktuálneho"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:101
msgid "Pass URI of current tab to external command"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:102
msgid "Open the tab menu"
msgstr "Otvori» menu tabov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:103
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move the current tab to the left"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz v novom tabe"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:104
#, fuzzy
msgid "Move the current tab to the right"
msgstr "Otvori» aktuálny odkaz v novom tabe"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:105
msgid "Next tab"
msgstr "Ïal¹í tab"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:106
msgid "Previous tab"
msgstr "Predchádzajúci tab"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:107
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open the terminal resize dialog"
msgstr "Nastavenie terminálu"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:108
#, fuzzy
msgid "Toggle rendering of page using CSS"
msgstr "Prepnú» zobrazovanie tabuliek"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:109
msgid "Toggle displaying of links to images"
msgstr "Prepnú» zobrazovanie odkazov na obrázky"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:110
msgid "Toggle rendering of tables"
msgstr "Prepnú» zobrazovanie tabuliek"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:111
msgid "Toggle usage of document specific colors"
msgstr "Prepnú» pou¾ívanie farieb nastavených v dokumente"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:112
msgid "Toggle rendering page as HTML / plain text"
msgstr "Prepnú» zobrazovanie stránky ako HTML / èistý text"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:113
#, fuzzy
msgid "Toggle mouse handling"
msgstr "Prepnú» ukladanie"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:114
msgid "Toggle displaying of links numbers"
msgstr "Prepnú» èíslovanie odkazov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:115
msgid "Toggle plain renderer compression of empty lines"
msgstr "Prepnú» zluèovanie prázdnych riadkov"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:116
#, fuzzy
msgid "Toggle wrapping of text"
msgstr "Prepnú» zobrazovanie tabuliek"
#: src/config/actions-main.inc:117
msgid "View the current image"
msgstr "Zobrazi» aktuálny obrázok"
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:13
msgid "Expand item"
msgstr "Rozvinú» polo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:16
msgid "Mark item"
msgstr "Oznaèi» polo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:24
msgid "Select current highlighted item"
msgstr "Vybra» práve zvýraznenú polo¾ku"
#: src/config/actions-menu.inc:25
msgid "Collapse item"
msgstr "Zvinú» polo¾ku"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:91
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot parse option %s: %s"
msgstr "Nemô¾em rozpozna» voµbu %s: %s"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:114
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown option %s"
msgstr "Neznáma voµba %s"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:132 src/config/cmdline.c:156 src/config/cmdline.c:224
#: src/config/opttypes.c:38
msgid "Parameter expected"
msgstr "Bol oèakávaný parameter"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:157
msgid "Too many parameters"
msgstr "Príli¹ veµa parametrov"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:162
msgid "error"
msgstr "chyba"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:164 src/network/state.c:47
msgid "Host not found"
msgstr "Nena¹iel som server"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:178
msgid "Resolver error"
msgstr "Chyba pri zis»ovaní IP adresy"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:329
msgid "Remote method not supported"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:381
msgid "Template option folder"
msgstr "©ablónová zlo¾ka"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:404
#, c-format
msgid "(default: %ld)"
msgstr "(¹tandardne: %ld)"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:411 src/config/cmdline.c:440
#, c-format
msgid "(default: \"%s\")"
msgstr "(¹tandardne: \"%s\")"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:416
#, c-format
msgid "(alias for %s)"
msgstr "(alias pre %s)"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:421 src/config/cmdline.c:430
#, c-format
msgid "(default: %s)"
msgstr "(¹tandardne: %s)"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:564
#, fuzzy
msgid "Configuration options"
msgstr "Konfiguraèné voµby:\n"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:568
#, fuzzy
msgid "Usage: elinks [OPTION]... [URL]..."
msgstr ""
"Pou¾itie: elinks [voµby]... [URL]\n"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:569
#, fuzzy
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Nastavenie:\n"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:611
#, fuzzy
msgid "Internal consistency error"
msgstr "Vnútorná chyba"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:646
msgid "Restrict to anonymous mode"
msgstr "Obmedzenie na anonymný re¾im"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:648
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Restricts ELinks so it can run on an anonymous account.\n"
"Local file browsing, downloads, and modification of options\n"
"will be disabled. Execution of viewers is allowed, but entries\n"
"in the association table can't be added or modified."
msgstr ""
"Obmedzí ELinks, tak¾e mô¾e bezpeène be¾a» aj na anonymnom úète.\n"
"Je zakázané prezeranie lokálneho disku a ukladanie súborov,\n"
"spú¹»enie ext. prezeraèov je povolené, ale nedajú sa meni» ich\n"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:653
msgid "Autosubmit first form"
msgstr "Automatické odoslanie prvého formulára"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:655
#, fuzzy
msgid "Automatically submit the first form in the given URLs."
msgstr "Choï a odo¹li prvý formulár, na ktorý narazí¹."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:657
#, fuzzy
msgid "Clone internal session with given ID"
msgstr "Naklonovanie sedenia s daným ID"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:659
msgid ""
"Used internally when opening ELinks instances in new windows.\n"
"The ID maps to information that will be used when creating the\n"
"new instance. You don't want to use it."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:665
msgid "Name of directory with configuration file"
msgstr "Názov adresára s konfiguraèným súborom"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:667
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Path of the directory ELinks will read and write its\n"
"config and runtime state files to instead of ~/.elinks.\n"
"If the path does not begin with a '/' it is assumed to be\n"
"relative to your HOME directory."
msgstr ""
"ELinks bude èíta» a zapisova» konfiguraèné súbory v danom\n"
"adresári namiesto ~/.elinks. Cesta zaèínajúca lomítkom '/' je\n"
"pova¾ovaná za absolútnu cestu. Inak sa predpokladá, ¾e je\n"
"relatívna k domovskému adresáru."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:672
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print default configuration file to stdout"
msgstr "Zobrazi» nápovedu pre konfiguraèné voµby"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:674
msgid ""
"Print a configuration file with options set to the built-in\n"
"defaults to stdout."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:679
msgid "Name of configuration file"
msgstr "Názov konfiguraèného súboru"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:681
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Name of the configuration file that all configuration\n"
"options will be read from and written to. It should be\n"
"relative to config-dir."
msgstr ""
"Meno konfiguraèného súboru, odkiaµ sa budú èíta» a kam sa budú\n"
"zapisova» v¹etky nastavenia. Meno by malo byt relatívne k\n"
"parametru confdir."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:685
msgid "Print help for configuration options"
msgstr "Zobrazi» nápovedu pre konfiguraèné voµby"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:687
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print help for configuration options and exit."
msgstr "Zobrazi» nápovedu pre konfiguraèné voµby a skonèi»."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:689
#, fuzzy
msgid "MIME type assumed for unknown document types"
msgstr "Predpokadaný MIME typ dokumentov"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:691
#, fuzzy
msgid "The default MIME type used for documents of unknown type."
msgstr "©tandardný MIME typ, ktorý predpoklada» pri neznámych dokumentoch."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:693
msgid "Ignore user-defined keybindings"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:695
msgid ""
"When set, all keybindings from configuration files will be\n"
"ignored. It forces use of default keybindings and will reset\n"
"user-defined ones on save."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:699
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print formatted versions of given URLs to stdout"
msgstr "Vypísa» formátovanú verziu daného URL na ¹tandardný výstup"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:701
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print formatted plain-text versions of given URLs to stdout."
msgstr "Vypísa» formátovanú verziu daného URL na ¹tandardný výstup"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:703
msgid "Codepage to use with -dump"
msgstr "Kódová stránka, ktorá má by» pou¾itá na -dump výstup"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:705
#, fuzzy
msgid "Codepage used when formatting dump output."
msgstr "Kódová stránka pou¾itá v dump výstupe."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:707
msgid "Width of document formatted with -dump"
msgstr "©írka dokumenty formátovaného pomocou -dump"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:709
msgid "Width of the dump output."
msgstr "©írka dump výstupu."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:711
#, fuzzy
msgid "Evaluate configuration file directive"
msgstr "Vyhodnoti» danú konfiguraènú voµbu"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:713
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Specify configuration file directives on the command-line\n"
"which will be evaluated after all configuration files has been\n"
"read. Example usage:\n"
"\t-eval 'set protocol.file.allow_special_files = 1'"
msgstr ""
"Voµba umo¾òuje pou¾i» voµbu z elinks.conf v príkazovom riadku:\n"
" -eval 'set protocol.file.allow_special_files = 1'"
#. lynx compatibility
#: src/config/cmdline.c:719
#, fuzzy
msgid "Interpret documents of unknown types as HTML"
msgstr "©tandardný MIME typ, ktorý predpoklada» pri neznámych dokumentoch."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:721
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Makes ELinks assume documents of unknown types are HTML.\n"
"Useful when using ELinks as an external viewer from MUAs.\n"
"This is equivalent to -default-mime-type text/html."
msgstr ""
"Voµba prinúti ELinks predpoklada», ¾e súbory, ktoré vidí sú v HTML.Je to "
"ekvivalentné voµbe -default-mime-type text/html ."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:731
msgid "Print usage help and exit"
msgstr "Zobrazi» nápovedu a skonèi»"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:733
msgid "Print usage help and exit."
msgstr "Zobrazi» nápovedu a skonèi»."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:735
msgid "Only permit local connections"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:737
msgid ""
"Restricts ELinks to work offline and only connect to servers\n"
"with local addresses (ie. No connections to remote\n"
"servers will be permitted."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:741
msgid "Print detailed usage help and exit"
msgstr "Zobrazi» detailnú nápovedu a skonèi»"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:743
msgid "Print detailed usage help and exit."
msgstr "Zobrazi» detailnú nápovedu a skonèi»."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:745
msgid "Look up specified host"
msgstr "Vyhµada» zadaného hostiteµa"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:747
msgid "Look up specified host and print all DNS resolved IP addresses."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:749
msgid "Run as separate instance"
msgstr "Spustenie oddelenej in¹tancie programu"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:751
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Run ELinks as a separate instance instead of connecting to an\n"
"existing instance. Note that normally no runtime state files\n"
"(bookmarks, history, etc.) are written to the disk when this\n"
"option is used. See also -touch-files."
msgstr ""
"Spusti» ELinks ako oddelenú in¹tanciu namiesto toho, aby sa skúsil\n"
"pripoji» k existujúcej. V tomto prípade sa normálne nebudú zapisova»\n"
"na disk ¾iadne konfiguraèné súbory (ani zálo¾ky, história a pod.)\n"
"Viï tie¾ parameter -touch-files."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:756
#, fuzzy
msgid "Disable use of files in ~/.elinks"
msgstr "Nepou¾íva» súbory v ~/.elinks"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:758
msgid ""
"Disables creation and use of files in the user specific home\n"
"configuration directory (~/.elinks). It forces default configuration\n"
"values to be used and disables saving of runtime state files."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:762
#, fuzzy
msgid "Disable link numbering in dump output"
msgstr "Neèíslova» odkazy v dump výstupe."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:764
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Prevents printing of link number in dump output.\n"
"Note that this really affects only -dump, nothing else."
msgstr ""
"Zabráni èíslovaniu odkazov (a zobrazovanie ich zoznamu na konci dokumentu)\n"
"pri -dump výstupe; to bolo ¹tandardné chovanie a¾ po 0.5pre12. Pamätajte "
"¾e sa to týka iba parametra --dump a nièoho iného."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:767
#, fuzzy
msgid "Disable printing of link references in dump output"
msgstr "Neèíslova» odkazy v dump výstupe."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:769
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Prevents printing of references (URIs) of document links\n"
"in dump output.\n"
"Note that this really affects only -dump, nothing else."
msgstr ""
"Zabráni èíslovaniu odkazov (a zobrazovanie ich zoznamu na konci dokumentu)\n"
"pri -dump výstupe; to bolo ¹tandardné chovanie a¾ po 0.5pre12. Pamätajte "
"¾e sa to týka iba parametra --dump a nièoho iného."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:773
msgid "Control an already running ELinks"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:775
msgid ""
"Control a remote ELinks instance by passing commands to it.\n"
"The option takes an additional argument containing the method\n"
"which should be invoked and any parameters that should be passed\n"
"to it. For ease of use, the additional method argument can be\n"
"omitted in which case any URL arguments will be opened in new\n"
"tabs in the remote instance.\n"
"Following is a list of the supported methods:\n"
"\tping() : look for a remote instance\n"
"\topenURL() : prompt URL in current tab\n"
"\topenURL(URL) : open URL in current tab\n"
"\topenURL(URL, new-tab) : open URL in new tab\n"
"\topenURL(URL, new-window) : open URL in new window\n"
"\taddBookmark(URL) : bookmark URL\n"
"\tinfoBox(text) : show text in a message box\n"
"\txfeDoCommand(openBrowser) : open new window"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:791
msgid "Connect to session ring with given ID"
msgstr "Pripoji» sa do skupiny sedení s daným ID"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:793
msgid ""
"ID of session ring this ELinks session should connect to. ELinks\n"
"works in so-called session rings, whereby all instances of ELinks\n"
"are interconnected and share state (cache, bookmarks, cookies,\n"
"and so on). By default, all ELinks instances connect to session\n"
"ring 0. You can change that behaviour with this switch and form as\n"
"many session rings as you want. Obviously, if the session-ring with\n"
"this number doesn't exist yet, it's created and this ELinks instance\n"
"will become the master instance (that usually doesn't matter for you\n"
"as a user much). Note that you usually don't want to use this unless\n"
"you're a developer and you want to do some testing - if you want the\n"
"ELinks instances each running standalone, rather use the -no-connect\n"
"command-line option. Also note that normally no runtime state files\n"
"are written to the disk when this option is used. See also\n"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:808
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print the source of given URLs to stdout"
msgstr "Vypísa» dané URL v zdrojovej podobe na ¹tandardný výstup"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:810
#, fuzzy
msgid "Print given URLs in source form to stdout."
msgstr "Vypísa» daný HTML dokument v zdrojovej podobe na ¹tandardný výstup."
#: src/config/cmdline.c:814
msgid "Touch files in ~/.elinks when running with -no-connect/-session-ring"
msgstr ""
"Pou¾íva» súbory v ~/.elinks aj pri spustení s -no-connect/-session-ring"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:816
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"When enabled, runtime state files (bookmarks, history, etc.) are\n"
"written to disk, even when -no-connect or -session-ring is used.\n"
"The option has no effect if not used in conjunction with any of\n"
"these options."
msgstr ""
"Ak nastavené na 1, stavové súbory (zálo¾ky, história, ...) budú ukladané\n"
"na disk aj v prípade, ¾e bol pou¾itý parameter -no-connect alebo\n"
"-session-ring; inak nemá tento parameter ¾iadny význam,"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:821
msgid "Verbose level"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:823
msgid ""
"The verbose level controls what messages are shown at\n"
"start up and while running:\n"
"\t0 means only show serious errors\n"
"\t1 means show serious errors and warnings\n"
"\t2 means show all messages"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/cmdline.c:829
msgid "Print version information and exit"
msgstr "Vypísa» informáciu o verzii a skonèi»"
#: src/config/cmdline.c:831
msgid "Print ELinks version information and exit."
msgstr "Vypísa» informáciu o verzii ELinksu a skonèi»"
#: src/config/conf.c:720
msgid ""
"## This is ELinks configuration file. You can edit it manually,\n"
"## if you wish so; this file is edited by ELinks when you save\n"
"## options through UI, however only option values will be altered\n"
"## and all your formatting, own comments etc will be kept as-is.\n"
msgstr ""
"## Toto je konfiguraèný súbor Elinksu. Mô¾ete ho ruène editova»,\n"
"## pokiaµ si to ¾eláte; tento súbor je editovaný Elinksom pri ukladaní\n"
"## nastavení cez u¾ívateµské rozhranie, ale menené sú v¾dy iba hodnoty\n"
"## volieb a v¹etko va¹e formátovanie, vlastné komentáre a pod. zostane\n"
"## tak ako je.\n"
#: src/config/conf.c:728
msgid ""
"## This is ELinks configuration file. You can edit it manually,\n"
"## if you wish so; this file is edited by ELinks when you save\n"
"## options through UI, however only option values will be altered\n"
"## and missing options will be added at the end of file; if option\n"
"## is not written in this file, but in some file included from it,\n"
"## it is NOT counted as missing. Note that all your formatting,\n"
"## own comments and so on will be kept as-is.\n"
msgstr ""
"## Toto je konfiguraèný súbor Elinksu. Mô¾ete ho ruène editova»,\n"
"## pokiaµ si to ¾eláte; tento súbor je editovaný Elinksom pri ukladaní\n"
"## nastavení cez u¾ívateµské rozhranie, ale menené sú v¾dy iba hodnoty\n"
"## volieb a chýbajúce hodnoty budú pridané na konci súboru; voµba sa\n"
"## nepova¾uje za chýbajúcu, ak sa nachádza v includovanom súbore.\n"
"## V¹etko va¹e formátovanie, vlastné komentáre a pod. zostane zachované.\n"
"## \n"
#: src/config/conf.c:738
msgid ""
"## This is ELinks configuration file. You can edit it manually,\n"
"## if you wish so, but keep in mind that this file is overwritten\n"
"## by ELinks when you save options through UI and you are out of\n"
"## luck with your formatting and own comments then, so beware.\n"
msgstr ""
"## Toto je konfiguraèný súbor Elinksu. Mô¾ete ho ruène editova»,\n"
"## ak si to ¾eláte; ale pamätajte na to, ¾e tento súbor Elinks prepí¹e\n"
"## zaka¾dým keï ulo¾íte nsatavenia cez u¾ívateµské rozhranie. A s va¹ím\n"
"## formátovaním a poznámkami je amen.\n"
#: src/config/conf.c:749
msgid ""
"## Obviously, if you don't like what ELinks is going to do with\n"
"## this file, you can change it by altering the config.saving_style\n"
"## option. Come on, aren't we friendly guys after all?\n"
msgstr ""
"## Samozrejme, ak sa vám nepáèi to èo Elinks urobí s týmto súborom,\n"
"## mô¾ete to ovplyvni» zmenou voµby config.saving_style. Nie sme a¾\n"
"## takí zlí, nie? ;-)\n"
#: src/config/conf.c:762
msgid "Automatically saved options\n"
msgstr "Automaticky ulo¾ené nastavenie\n"
#: src/config/conf.c:774
msgid "Automatically saved keybindings\n"
msgstr "Automaticky ulo¾ené klávesové skratky\n"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:53
msgid "Write config success"
msgstr "Zapísanie konfigurácie prebehlo úspe¹ne"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:54
#, c-format
msgid "Options were saved successfully to config file %s."
msgstr "Nastavenia boli úspe¹ne zapísané do konfiguraèného súboru %s."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:58
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Do not show anymore"
msgstr "U¾ neukazova»"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:64
msgid "Cannot read the file"
msgstr "Nemô¾em èíta» súbor"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:67
#, fuzzy
msgid "Cannot get file status"
msgstr "Nemô¾em zisti» stav socketu"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:70
msgid "Cannot access the file"
msgstr "Nemô¾em pristupova» k súboru"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:73
msgid "Cannot create temp file"
msgstr "Nemô¾em vytvori» doèasný súbor"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:76
msgid "Cannot rename the file"
msgstr "Nemô¾em premenova» súbor"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:79
msgid "File saving disabled by option"
msgstr "Ukladanie do súboru bolo vypnuté v nastavení"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:82 src/network/state.c:46
msgid "Out of memory"
msgstr "Do¹la pamä»"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:85
msgid "Cannot write the file"
msgstr "Nemô¾em zapisova» do súboru"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:90
#, fuzzy
msgid "Secure file saving error"
msgstr "Bezpeèné otváranie súboru zlyhalo"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:98
msgid "Write config error"
msgstr "Chyba pri zápise konfigurácie"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:99
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Unable to write to config file %s.\n"
msgstr ""
"Nemô¾em zapísa» do konfiguraèného súboru %s.\n"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:154
#, fuzzy
msgid "modified"
msgstr "Data zmenené"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:173
msgid "(expand by pressing space)"
msgstr "(rozbali» stlaèením medzery)"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:176 src/config/dialogs.c:358
#: src/config/options.inc:779
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Typ"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:201 src/config/dialogs.c:387 src/cookies/dialogs.c:35
#: src/cookies/dialogs.c:349
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Hodnota"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:205
msgid ""
"This value has been changed since you last saved your configuration."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/dialogs.c:211 src/config/dialogs.c:362
msgid "N/A"
msgstr "niè"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:213 src/config/dialogs.c:360
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Popis"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:320 src/protocol/bittorrent/dialogs.c:594
#: src/protocol/protocol.c:225 src/session/session.c:282
#: src/session/session.c:961 src/viewer/text/textarea.c:362
#: src/viewer/text/textarea.c:369
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Chyba"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:321
msgid "Bad option value."
msgstr "Chybná hodnota voµby."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:348 src/config/dialogs.c:416 src/cookies/dialogs.c:321
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editova»"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:417
msgid ""
"This option cannot be edited. This means that this is some special option "
"like a folder - try to press a space in order to see its contents."
msgstr ""
"Túto voµbu nie je mo¾né zmeni». To znamená, ¾e je to nejaká ¹peciálna voµba,"
"ako napr. strom volieb - skús stlaèi» medzeru, objaví sa obsah tohto stromu."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:459
msgid ""
"Option names may only contain alpha-numeric characters\n"
"in addition to '_' and '-'."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/dialogs.c:479 src/config/dialogs.c:504
msgid "Add option"
msgstr "Pridaj voµbu"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:480
msgid "Cannot add an option here."
msgstr "Do tejto zlo¾ky nemô¾em prida» novú voµbu."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:531 src/config/dialogs.c:943 src/cookies/dialogs.c:424
#: src/dialogs/options.c:212 src/formhist/dialogs.c:213
#: src/protocol/bittorrent/dialogs.c:788 src/session/download.c:1105
#, fuzzy
msgid "Sa~ve"
msgstr "Ulo¾i»"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:536
msgid "Option manager"
msgstr "Správca nastavenia"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:698
msgid "Keystroke"
msgstr "Kombinácia kláves"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:700 src/config/options.inc:1138
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Akcia"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:701
msgid "Keymap"
msgstr "Klávesová mapa"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:826
msgid "Keystroke already used"
msgstr "Kombinácia kláves je u¾ pou¾itá"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:827
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The keystroke \"%s\" is currently used for \"%s\".\n"
"Are you sure you want to replace it?"
msgstr ""
"Kombinácia kláves \"%s\" je v súèasnosti pou¾ívaná pre akciu \"%s\".\n"
"Naozaj ju chce¹ zmeni»?"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:850 src/config/dialogs.c:867 src/config/dialogs.c:904
msgid "Add keybinding"
msgstr "Prida» klávesovú skratku"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:851
msgid "Invalid keystroke."
msgstr "Neplatná kombinácia kláves."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:868
msgid "Need to select a keymap."
msgstr "Potrebné vybra» klávesovú mapu."
#: src/config/dialogs.c:941 src/dialogs/info.c:134 src/globhist/dialogs.c:230
#, fuzzy
msgid "~Toggle display"
msgstr "Prepnú» URL/názov"
#: src/config/dialogs.c:948
msgid "Keybinding manager"
msgstr "Správca klávesových skratiek"
#: src/config/home.c:121
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Commandline options -config-dir set to %s, but could not create directory %s."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/home.c:126
#, c-format
msgid "ELINKS_CONFDIR set to %s, but could not create directory %s."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/home.c:149
msgid ""
"Unable to find or create ELinks config directory. Please check if you have "
"$HOME variable set correctly and if you have write permission to your home "
msgstr ""
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:209
msgid "Main mapping"
msgstr "Hlavné mapovanie"
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:210
msgid "Edit mapping"
msgstr "Editova» mapovanie"
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:211
msgid "Menu mapping"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:524
msgid "Unrecognised keymap"
msgstr "Neznáma klávesová mapa"
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:527
msgid "Error parsing keystroke"
msgstr "Chyba pri èítaní kombinácie kláves"
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:531
msgid "Unrecognised action (internal error)"
msgstr "Nerozoznaná akcia (vnútorná chyba)"
#: src/config/kbdbind.c:547
#, fuzzy
msgid "Error registering event"
msgstr "Chyba pri zapisovaní do socketu"
#: src/config/options.inc:18
msgid "Configuration system"
msgstr "Konfiguraèný systém"
#: src/config/options.inc:20
msgid "Configuration handling options."
msgstr "Nastavenie systému konfigurácie."
#: src/config/options.inc:22
msgid "Comments"
msgstr "Komentáre"
#: src/config/options.inc:24
msgid ""
"Amount of comments automatically written to the config file:\n"
"0 is no comments are written\n"
"1 is only the \"blurb\" (name+type) is written\n"
"2 is only the description is written\n"
"3 is full comments are written"
msgstr ""
"Spôsob ukladania komentárov do konfiguraèného súboru:\n"
"0 = nezapísa» ¾iadne komentáre\n"
"1 = uklada» iba struèné komentáre (meno a typ)\n"
"2 = uklada» iba popis voµby\n"
"3 = uklada» v¹etky komentáre"
#: src/config/options.inc:30
msgid "Indentation"
msgstr "Odsadenie"
#: src/config/options.inc:32
msgid ""
"Shift width of one indentation level in the configuration\n"
"file. Zero means that no indentation is performed at all\n"
"when saving the configuration."
msgstr ""
"Poèet medzier na jednu úroveò odsadenia v konfiguraènom súbore.\n"
"Nula znamená neodsadzova» vôbec."
#: src/config/options.inc:36
msgid "Saving style"
msgstr "Spôsob ukladania"
#: src/config/options.inc:38
msgid ""
"Determines what happens when you tell ELinks to save options:\n"
"0 is only values of current options are altered\n"
"1 is values of current options are altered and missing options\n"
" are added at the end of the file\n"
"2 is the configuration file is rewritten from scratch\n"
"3 is values of current options are altered and missing options\n"
" CHANGED during this ELinks session are added at the end of\n"
" the file"
msgstr ""
"Urèuje èo sa stane keï poviete ELinksu aby ulo¾il va¹e nastavenie:\n"
"0 povolí iba zmenu existujúcich volieb\n"
"1 povolí zmenu existujúcich volieb, chýbajúce voµby budú pridané\n"
" na koniec súboru\n"
"2 spôsobí úplné prepísanie konfiguraèného súboru novým\n"
"3 povolí iba zmenu existujúcich volieb a pridanie volieb zmenených od\n"
" spustenia ELinku na koniec súboru"
#: src/config/options.inc:47
msgid "Comments localization"
msgstr "Prelo¾ené komentáre"
#: src/config/options.inc:49
msgid ""
"If set to 1, comments in the configuration file will be\n"
"translated to the language used by UI. Note that if you have\n"
"different language set in different terminals, the language\n"
"used in the configuration file MAY be the same as on the\n"
"terminal where you saved the file, but it should be generally\n"
"considered unpredictable."
msgstr ""
"Ak nastavené na 1, budú komentáre v konfiguraènom súbore prelo¾ené\n"
"do jazyka pou¾ívaného v ELinkse. Uvedomte si ale, ¾e pokiaµ máte\n"
"v rôznych termináloch rôzne nastavené jazyky, jazyk pou¾itý v\n"
"konfiguraènom súbore MÔ®E by» rovnaký ako na termináli, kde ste\n"
"ulo¾ili súbor, ale vo v¹eobecnosti je výsledok nepredvídateµný."
#: src/config/options.inc:57
msgid "Saving style warnings"
msgstr "Varovanie o spôsobe ukladania"
#: src/config/options.inc:59
msgid ""
"This is internal option used when displaying a warning about\n"
"obsolete config.saving_style. You shouldn't touch it."
msgstr ""
"Toto je interná polo¾ka pou¾ívaná pri zobrazovaní varovania o nevhodnej\n"
"hodnote config.saving_style zdedenej zo star¹ích verzií ELinks. Ruky preè."
#: src/config/options.inc:62
msgid "Show template"
msgstr "Zobrazova» ¹ablóny"
#: src/config/options.inc:64
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Show template options in autocreated trees in the options\n"
"manager and save them to the configuration file."
msgstr ""
"Urèuje, èi zobrazova» v správcovi nastavenia voµby s názvom _template_\n"
"(¹ablóny) a uklada» ich do konfiguraèného súboru."
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:70 src/dialogs/info.c:181
msgid "Connections"
msgstr "Spojenia"
#: src/config/options.inc:72
msgid "Connection options."
msgstr "Nastavenie spojenia."
#: src/config/options.inc:75
msgid "Asynchronous DNS"
msgstr "Asynchrónne DNS"
#: src/config/options.inc:77
#, fuzzy
msgid "Whether to use asynchronous DNS resolving."
msgstr "Pou¾i» asynchrónny DNS resolver?"
#: src/config/options.inc:79
msgid "Maximum connections"
msgstr "Maximum spojení"
#: src/config/options.inc:81
msgid "Maximum number of concurrent connections."
msgstr "Maximálny poèet súèasných spojení."
#: src/config/options.inc:83
msgid "Maximum connections per host"
msgstr "Maximálny poèet spojení na jeden server"
#: src/config/options.inc:85
msgid "Maximum number of concurrent connections to a given host."
msgstr "Maximálny poèet paralelných spojení na jeden server."
#: src/config/options.inc:87
msgid "Connection retries"
msgstr "Opakovanie spojenia"
#: src/config/options.inc:89
msgid ""
"Number of tries to establish a connection.\n"
"Zero means try forever."
msgstr ""
"Poèet pokusov na vytvorenie spojenia.\n"
"Nula znamená neobmedzený poèet."
#: src/config/options.inc:92 src/network/state.c:52
msgid "Receive timeout"
msgstr "Èas vypr¹al"
#: src/config/options.inc:94
msgid "Receive timeout (in seconds)."
msgstr "Èas vypr¹al (v sekundách)"
#: src/config/options.inc:97 src/config/options.inc:107
msgid "Try IPv4 when connecting"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:99
msgid ""
"Whether to try to connect to a host over IPv4.\n"
"Note that if connection.try_ipv6 is enabled too,\n"
"it takes precedence. And better do not touch this\n"
"at all unless you are sure what are you doing.\n"
"Note that you can also force a given protocol\n"
"to be used on a per-connection basis by using an URL\n"
"in the style of i.e. http4://elinks.or.cz/."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:109
msgid ""
"Whether to try to connect to a host over IPv4.\n"
"Do not touch this option.\n"
"Note that you can also force a given protocol\n"
"to be used on a per-connection basis by using an URL\n"
"in the style of i.e. http4://elinks.or.cz/."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:117
msgid "Try IPv6 when connecting"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:119
msgid ""
"Whether to try to connect to a host over IPv6.\n"
"Note that you can also force a given protocol\n"
"to be used on a per-connection basis by using an URL\n"
"in the style of i.e. http6://elinks.or.cz/."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:125
msgid "Timeout for non-restartable connections"
msgstr "Èasový limit pre neobnoviteµné spojenia"
#: src/config/options.inc:127
msgid "Timeout for non-restartable connections (in seconds)."
msgstr "Èasový limit pre vypr¹anie neobnoviteµných spojení (v sekundách)."
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:133
msgid "Document"
msgstr "Dokument"
#: src/config/options.inc:135
msgid "Document options."
msgstr "Nastavenie dokumentu."
#: src/config/options.inc:137
msgid "Browsing"
msgstr "Prezeranie"
#: src/config/options.inc:139
msgid "Document browsing options (mainly interactivity)."
msgstr "Nastavenie prezerania dokumentu (najmä interaktivita)."
#: src/config/options.inc:142
#, fuzzy
msgid "Access keys"
msgstr "Prístupové klávesy"
#: src/config/options.inc:144
msgid ""
"Options for handling of link access keys.\n"
"An HTML document can use the ACCESSKEY attribute to assign\n"
"an access key to an element. When an access key is pressed,\n"
"the corresponding element will be given focus."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:149
msgid "Automatic links following"
msgstr "Automatické nasledovanie odkazov"
#: src/config/options.inc:151
msgid ""
"Automatically follow a link or submit a form if appropriate\n"
"accesskey is pressed - this is the standard behaviour, but it's\n"
"considered dangerous."
msgstr ""
"Automaticky nasleduj odkaz alebo odo¹li formulár ak bola stlaèená\n"
"príslu¹ná prístupová klávesa - toto je ¹tandardné chovanie, ale je\n"
"pova¾ované za zneu¾iteµné autorom dokumentu."
#: src/config/options.inc:155
msgid "Display access key in link info"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:157
msgid "Display access key in link info."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:159
msgid "Accesskey priority"
msgstr "Priorita prístupových kláves"
#: src/config/options.inc:161
msgid ""
"Priority of 'accesskey' HTML attribute:\n"
"0 is first try all normal bindings; if it fails, check accesskey\n"
"1 is first try only frame bindings; if it fails, check accesskey\n"
"2 is first check accesskey (this can be dangerous)"
msgstr ""
"Priorita HTML atribútu 'accesskey':\n"
"0 = vyskú¹a» najskôr v¹etky normálne klávesové skratky: ak pre\n"
" klávesu nie sú ¾iadne definované, skúsi» accesskey\n"
"1 = vyskú¹a» najskôr iba klávesové skratky rámcov: ak pre klávesu\n"
" nie su ¾iadne definované, skúsi» accesskey\n"
"2 = najskôr skúsi» accesskey (to mô¾e by» nebezpeèné)"
#: src/config/options.inc:167
msgid "Forms"
msgstr "Formuláre"
#: src/config/options.inc:169
msgid "Options for handling of the forms interaction."
msgstr "Nastavenia pre obsluhu formulárov."
#: src/config/options.inc:171
msgid "Submit form automatically"
msgstr "Automatické posielanie formuláru"
#: src/config/options.inc:173
msgid ""
"Automagically submit a form when enter is pressed with a text\n"
"field selected."
msgstr "Automagicky odo¹li formulár ak je stlaèený Enter na textovom políèku."
#: src/config/options.inc:176
msgid "Confirm submission"
msgstr "Potvrdzova» odosielanie"
#: src/config/options.inc:178
msgid "Ask for confirmation when submitting a form."
msgstr "Pýta» potvrdenie pri posielaní formulára."
#: src/config/options.inc:180
msgid "Default form input size"
msgstr "©tandardná veµkos» vstupného políèka formulára"
#: src/config/options.inc:182
msgid "Default form input size if none is specified."
msgstr "©tandardná veµkos» textového políèka formuláru."
#: src/config/options.inc:184
msgid "Insert mode"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:186
msgid ""
"The setting for this option affects how key presses are handled\n"
"when one selects a text-input form-field. When enabled, one must\n"
"explicitly 'enter' a selected text-field to edit it; this prevents\n"
"text fields from capturing key presses, such as presses of a scroll\n"
"key, when it is inadvertently selected. When disabled, key presses\n"
"are always inserted into a selected text field."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:193
#, fuzzy
msgid "External editor"
msgstr "Vnútorná chyba"
#: src/config/options.inc:195
msgid ""
"Path to the executable that ELinks should launch when the user\n"
"requests to edit a textarea with an external editor.\n"
"If this is blank, ELinks will use the value of the environmental\n"
"variable $EDITOR. If $EDITOR is empty or not set, ELinks will then\n"
"default to \"vi\"."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:202
msgid "Images"
msgstr "Obrázky"
#: src/config/options.inc:204
msgid "Options for handling of images."
msgstr "Nastavenia pre narábanie s obrázkami."
#: src/config/options.inc:206
#, fuzzy
msgid "Display style for image tags"
msgstr "Spôsob zobrazovania odkazov na obrázky"
#: src/config/options.inc:208
msgid ""
"Display style for image tags when displayed:\n"
"0 means always display IMG\n"
"1 means always display filename\n"
"2 means display alt/title attribute if possible, IMG if not\n"
"3 means display alt/title attribute if possible, filename if not"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:214
msgid "Maximum length for image filename"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:216
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Maximum length of image filename when displayed:\n"
"0 means always display full filename\n"
"1-500 means display filename with this maximal length;\n"
" if it is longer, the middle is substituted by an asterisk"
msgstr ""
"Zobrazova» [cieµové meno súboru] namiesto [IMG] ako popisku obrázkov:\n"
"-1 znamená v¾dy ukazova» iba [IMG]\n"
"0 znamená v¾dy ukazova» celé meno cieµového súboru\n"
"1-500 znamená ukazova» cieµové meno súboru s touto maximálnou då¾kou;\n"
" ak je väè¹ia, prostriedok je nahradený hviezdièkou"
#: src/config/options.inc:226
msgid "Image links tagging"
msgstr "Znaèkovanie odkazov na obrázky"
#: src/config/options.inc:228
msgid ""
"When to enclose image links:\n"
"0 means never\n"
"1 means never if alt or title are provided (old behavior)\n"
"2 means always"
msgstr ""
"Kedy dáva» odkazy na obrázky do zátvoriek:\n"
"0 = nikdy\n"
"1 = iba keï obrázku chýba popiska (alt) alebo titulok\n"
"2 = v¾dy"
#: src/config/options.inc:233
msgid "Image link prefix"
msgstr "Prefix odkazu na obrázok"
#: src/config/options.inc:235
msgid "Prefix string to use to mark image links."
msgstr "Re»azec, ktorý sa má vlo¾i» pred odkaz na obrázok."
#: src/config/options.inc:237
msgid "Image link suffix"
msgstr "Suffix odkazu na obrázok"
#: src/config/options.inc:239
msgid "Suffix string to use to mark image links."
msgstr "Re»azec, ktorý sa má vlo¾i» za odkaz na obrázok."
#: src/config/options.inc:241
msgid "Maximum length for image label"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:243
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Maximum length of image label (alt/title):\n"
"0 means always display full label\n"
"1-500 means display label with this maximal length;\n"
" if it is longer, the middle is substituted by an asterisk"
msgstr ""
"Zobrazova» [cieµové meno súboru] namiesto [IMG] ako popisku obrázkov:\n"
"-1 znamená v¾dy ukazova» iba [IMG]\n"
"0 znamená v¾dy ukazova» celé meno cieµového súboru\n"
"1-500 znamená ukazova» cieµové meno súboru s touto maximálnou då¾kou;\n"
" ak je väè¹ia, prostriedok je nahradený hviezdièkou"
#: src/config/options.inc:248
msgid "Display links to images w/o alt"
msgstr "Zobrazova» odkazy na obrázky bez alt"
#: src/config/options.inc:250
msgid ""
"Display links to images without an alt attribute. If this option\n"
"is off, these images are completely invisible."
msgstr ""
"Zobrazova» odkazy na obrázky bez popisky (atribútu 'alt'). Ak je\n"
"táto voµba vypnutá, také obrázky sú úplne neviditeµné."
#: src/config/options.inc:253
msgid "Display links to images"
msgstr "Zobrazova» odkazy na obrázky"
#: src/config/options.inc:255
msgid ""
"Display links to any images in the document, regardless of them\n"
"having an alt attribute or not. If this option is off, the alt\n"
"attribute contents is shown, but as normal text, not selectable\n"
"as a link."
msgstr ""
"Zobrazova» odkazy na akékoµvek obrázky v dokumente, èi u¾ majú popisku\n"
"(atribút alt) alebo nie. Ak je táto voµba vypnutá, je zobrazný obsah\n"
"atribútu alt, ale iba ako normálny text, nie je to odkaz."
#: src/config/options.inc:261
msgid "Links"
msgstr "Odkazy"
#: src/config/options.inc:263
msgid "Options for handling of links to other documents."
msgstr "Nastavenia pre zaobchádzanie s odkazmi na iné dokumenty."
#: src/config/options.inc:265
msgid "Active link"
msgstr "Aktívny odkaz"
#: src/config/options.inc:267
msgid "Options for the active link."
msgstr "Nastavenia aktívneho odkazu."
#: src/config/options.inc:269
msgid "Colors"
msgstr "Farby"
#: src/config/options.inc:271
msgid "Active link colors."
msgstr "Farby aktívneho odkazu."
#: src/config/options.inc:273 src/config/options.inc:538
#: src/config/options.inc:864
msgid "Background color"
msgstr "Farba pozadia"
#: src/config/options.inc:275 src/config/options.inc:540
#: src/config/options.inc:865
msgid "Default background color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba pozadia."
#. ==========================================================
#. ============= BORING PART (colors) START =================
#. ==========================================================
#. XXX: All bfu colors needs to have both 'text' and 'background'
#. * options even if it is not used. get_bfu_color() depends
#. * on it.
#. The colors and mono tree should be similar but with different default
#. * values of course so always use the macros below.
#: src/config/options.inc:277 src/config/options.inc:534
#: src/config/options.inc:862
msgid "Text color"
msgstr "Farba textu"
#: src/config/options.inc:279 src/config/options.inc:536
#: src/config/options.inc:863
msgid "Default text color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba textu."
#: src/config/options.inc:281
msgid "Enable color"
msgstr "Zapnú» farby"
#: src/config/options.inc:283
msgid ""
"Enable use of the active link background and text color\n"
"settings instead of the link colors from the document."
msgstr ""
"Zapnú» pou¾itie farby textu a pozadia aktívneho odkazu podµa\n"
"nastavenia v prehliadaèi namiesto podµa dokumentu."
#: src/config/options.inc:286
msgid "Bold"
msgstr "Tuèné"
#: src/config/options.inc:288
msgid "Make the active link text bold."
msgstr "Nakresli» text aktívneho odkazu tuène."
#: src/config/options.inc:290
msgid "Invert colors"
msgstr "Inverzné farby"
#: src/config/options.inc:292
msgid "Invert the fore- and background color so the link stands out."
msgstr "Inverzná farba popredia a pozadia, takze odkaz vystupuje z textu."
#: src/config/options.inc:295 src/config/options.inc:827
#: src/dialogs/options.c:207
msgid "Underline"
msgstr "Podèiarknutie"
#: src/config/options.inc:297
msgid "Underline the active link."
msgstr "Podèiarknu» aktívny odkaz."
#: src/config/options.inc:300
msgid "Directory highlighting"
msgstr "Zvýrazni» odkazy na adresáre"
#: src/config/options.inc:302
msgid "Highlight links to directories in FTP and local directory listing."
msgstr "Zvýrazni» odkazy na adresára vo výpisoch FTP a lokálneho disku."
#: src/config/options.inc:304
msgid "Number links"
msgstr "Èíslova» odkazy"
#: src/config/options.inc:306
msgid "Display numbers next to the links."
msgstr "Zobrazova» èísla pri odkazoch."
#: src/config/options.inc:308
msgid "Handling of target=_blank"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:310
msgid ""
"Define how to handle links having target=_blank set:\n"
"0 means open link in current tab\n"
"1 means open link in new tab in foreground\n"
"2 means open link in new tab in background\n"
"3 means open link in new window"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:323
msgid "Use tabindex"
msgstr "Pou¾íva» tabindex"
#: src/config/options.inc:325
msgid ""
"Whether to navigate links using tabindex specified ordering.\n"
"The TABINDEX attribute in HTML elements specifies the order\n"
"in which links should receive focus when using the keyboard\n"
"to navigating the document."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:330
#, fuzzy
msgid "Missing fragment reporting"
msgstr "Rámèek menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:332
msgid "Open a message box when document has no tag with given id."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:334
msgid "Number keys select links"
msgstr "Numerické klávesy vyberajú odkazy"
#: src/config/options.inc:336
msgid ""
"Number keys select links rather than specify command prefixes. This\n"
"is a tristate:\n"
"0 means never\n"
"1 means if document.browse.links.numbering = 1\n"
"2 means always"
msgstr ""
"Numerické klávesy vyberajú odkazy namiesto toho aby urèovali opakovacie\n"
"prefixy pre ostatné akcie. Táto voµba ma 3 stavy:\n"
"0 = nikdy\n"
"1 = iba ak document.browse.links.numbering = 1\n"
"2 = v¾dy"
#: src/config/options.inc:342
msgid "Warn about maliciously crafted URIs"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:344
msgid ""
"When following a link the user ID part of the URI is\n"
"checked and if a maliciously crafted URI is detected a\n"
"warning dialog will ask before following the link."
msgstr ""
#. TODO - this is somehow implemented by ff, but disabled
#. * for now as it doesn't work.
#: src/config/options.inc:350
msgid "Wrap-around links cycling"
msgstr "Zacyklené prechádzanie medzi odkazmi"
#. 0
#: src/config/options.inc:352
msgid ""
"When pressing 'down' on the last link, jump at the first one, and\n"
"vice versa."
msgstr ""
"Pri stlaèení klávesy 'dole' na poslednom odkaze sa presuò na prvý odkaz\n"
"a naopak."
#: src/config/options.inc:356
#, fuzzy
msgid "Scrolling"
msgstr "Posun v texte smerom vpravo"
#: src/config/options.inc:358
#, fuzzy
msgid "Scrolling options."
msgstr "Nastavenie terminálu."
#: src/config/options.inc:360
#, fuzzy
msgid "Horizontal step"
msgstr "Horizontálny okraj textu"
#: src/config/options.inc:362
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Number of columns to scroll when a key bound to scroll-left or scroll-\n"
"right is pressed and no prefix was given."
msgstr ""
"Poèet riadkov, o ktoré sa má dokument odskrolova» po stlaèení klávesy\n"
"zodpovedajúcej akcii scroll-up/scroll-down (hore/dolu) a nebol daný ¾iadny\n"
"èíselný prefix."
#: src/config/options.inc:365
msgid "Extended horizontal scrolling"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:367
msgid ""
"Whether to allow horizontal scrolling when the document\n"
"does not extend off the screen. Useful for copy/paste\n"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:371
#, fuzzy
msgid "Margin"
msgstr "Upozornenie"
#: src/config/options.inc:373
msgid ""
"Size of the virtual margin - when you click inside of that margin,\n"
"document scrolls in that direction."
msgstr ""
"Veµkos» virtuálneho okraja - po kliknutí do tohto citlivého okraja,\n"
"dokument odskroluje v danom smere."
#: src/config/options.inc:376
msgid "Vertical step"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:378
msgid ""
"Number of lines to scroll when a key bound to scroll-up or scroll-\n"
"down is pressed and no prefix was given."
msgstr ""
"Poèet riadkov, o ktoré sa má dokument odskrolova» po stlaèení klávesy\n"
"zodpovedajúcej akcii scroll-up/scroll-down (hore/dolu) a nebol daný ¾iadny\n"
"èíselný prefix."
#: src/config/options.inc:382
msgid "Searching"
msgstr "Hµada»"
#: src/config/options.inc:384
msgid "Options for searching."
msgstr "Nastavenie vyhµadávania."
#: src/config/options.inc:386
msgid "Case sensitivity"
msgstr "Rozli¹ovanie veµkosti písma"
#: src/config/options.inc:388
msgid ""
"Whether the search should match the document text while maintaining\n"
"case sensitivity."
msgstr "Urèuje, èi sa má pri hµadaní bra» ohµad na veµkos» písma."
#: src/config/options.inc:392
msgid "Regular expressions"
msgstr "Regulárne výrazy"
#: src/config/options.inc:394
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Enable searching with regular expressions:\n"
"0 for plain text searching\n"
"1 for basic regular expression searches\n"
"2 for extended regular expression searches"
msgstr ""
"Zapnú» hµadanie pomocou regulárnych výrazov.\n"
"0 = hµadanie èistého textu.\n"
"1 = vyhµadávanie základných regulárnych výrazov.\n"
"2 = vyhµadávanie roz¹írených regulárnych výrazov."
#: src/config/options.inc:400
msgid "Show search hit top or bottom dialogs"
msgstr "Zobrazova» upozornenie o vyhµadávaní, ktoré dosiahlo koniec dokumentu"
#: src/config/options.inc:402
msgid ""
"Whether to show a dialog when the search hits top or bottom of the\n"
msgstr ""
"Povoli» zobrazovanie upozornenia keï vyhµadávanie dosiahne koniec alebo\n"
"zaèiatok dokumentu."
#: src/config/options.inc:405
msgid "Wraparound"
msgstr "Cykli»"
#: src/config/options.inc:407
msgid "Wrap around when searching. Currently only used for typeahead."
msgstr ""
"Ak vyhµadávanie dosiahne koniec dokumentu, pokraèova» od zaèiatku.\n"
"Zatiaµ pou¾ívané iba pre interaktívne vyhµadávanie."
#: src/config/options.inc:409
msgid "Show not found"
msgstr "Akcia pri nenájdení výskytu"
#: src/config/options.inc:411
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"How to inform the user when nothing is matched:\n"
"0 means do nothing\n"
"1 means beep the terminal\n"
"2 means pop up message box"
msgstr ""
"Èo robi» ak nebol nájdený ¾iadny výskyt.\n"
"Zatiaµ iba pre interaktívne vyhµadávanie:\n"
"0 = nerob niè\n"
"1 = pípni na temináli\n"
"2 = zobraz chybovú správu"
#: src/config/options.inc:416
#, fuzzy
msgid "Typeahead searching"
msgstr "Interaktívne vyhµadávanie"
#: src/config/options.inc:418
msgid ""
"Start typeahead searching when an unbound key is pressed without\n"
"any modifiers. Note that most keys have default bindings, so this\n"
"feature will not be useful unless you unbind them.\n"
"0 disables this feature; typeahead searching will only be used\n"
" when you press a key bound to search-typeahead or similar\n"
"1 automatically starts typeahead searching thru link text\n"
"2 automatically starts typeahead searching thru all document text"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:427
msgid "Horizontal text margin"
msgstr "Horizontálny okraj textu"
#: src/config/options.inc:429
msgid "Horizontal text margin."
msgstr "Horizontálny okraj textu."
#: src/config/options.inc:431
msgid "Document meta refresh"
msgstr "Automatické obnovovanie dokumentov"
#: src/config/options.inc:433
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Automatically follow document-specified refresh directives ('<meta>\n"
"refresh' tags). Web-page authors use these to instruct the browser\n"
"to reload a document at a given interval or to load another page.\n"
"Regardless of the value the refresh URI is accessible as a link.\n"
"Use the document.browse.minimum_refresh_time to control the minimum\n"
"number of seconds a refresh will wait."
msgstr ""
"Automaticky nasledova» obnovovacie direktívy ¹pecifikované v dokumente\n"
"('<meta> refresh' tagy). Autori webových stránok pou¾ívajú tento "
"na automatické znovunatiahnutie dokumentu v danom intervale alebo na\n"
"presmerovanie na inú stránku. Nezávisle na nastavení je cieµová adresa\n"
"k dispozícii aj ako odkaz na zaèiatku dokumentu. Pokiaµ chcete zdola\n"
"obmedzi» minimálny interval pre obnovovanie dokumentu, pou¾ite voµbu\n"
#: src/config/options.inc:440
msgid "Document meta refresh minimum time"
msgstr "Minimálna prestávka pre automatické obnovovanie"
#: src/config/options.inc:442
msgid ""
"The minimum number of milliseconds that should pass before\n"
"refreshing. If set to zero the document refresh time is used\n"
"unchanged. It can fix going back in history for some sites that\n"
"use refreshing with zero values."
msgstr ""
"Minimálny èas v milisekundách, ktorý by mal ubehnú» pred automatickým\n"
"obnovením stránky. Ak nastavený na nulu, tak sa pou¾ije èas nastavený v\n"
"dokumente. Táto voµba mô¾e pomôc» pri pohybe spä» v histórii pre niektoré\n"
"stránky pou¾ívajúce obnovovanie s nulovým èasom."
#: src/config/options.inc:447
msgid "Tables navigation order"
msgstr "Poradie navigácie v tabuµkách"
#: src/config/options.inc:449
msgid "Move by columns in table, instead of rows."
msgstr "Presun po odkazoch pôjde po ståpcoch namiesto po riadkoch."
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:455
msgid "Cache"
msgstr "Ke¹ (doèasná pamä»)"
#: src/config/options.inc:457
msgid "Cache options."
msgstr "Nastavenie ke¹e."
#: src/config/options.inc:459
msgid "Cache information about redirects"
msgstr "Ke¹ova» informáciu o presmerovaniach"
#: src/config/options.inc:461
msgid ""
"Cache even redirects sent by server (usually thru HTTP by a 302\n"
"HTTP code and a Location header). This was the original behaviour\n"
"for a quite some time, but it causes problems in a situation very\n"
"common to various web login systems - frequently, when accessing\n"
"certain location, they will redirect you to a login page if they\n"
"don't receive an auth cookie, the login page then gives you the\n"
"cookie and redirects you back to the original page, but there you\n"
"have already cached redirect back to the login page! If this\n"
"option has value of 0, this malfunction is fixed, but occasionally\n"
"you may get superfluous (depends on how you take it ;-) requests to\n"
"the server. If this option has value of 1, experienced users can\n"
"still workaround it by clever combination of usage of reload,\n"
"jumping around in session history and hitting ctrl+enter.\n"
"Note that this option is checked when retrieving the information\n"
"from cache, not when saving it to cache - thus if you will enable\n"
"it, even previous redirects will be taken from cache instead of\n"
"asking the server."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:479
msgid "Ignore cache-control info from server"
msgstr "Ignorova» informáciu o ke¹ovaní od servera"
#: src/config/options.inc:481
msgid ""
"Ignore Cache-Control and Pragma server headers.\n"
"When set, the document is cached even with 'Cache-Control: no-cache'."
msgstr ""
"Ignorova» hlavièky Cache-Control a Pragma, prijaté od servera.\n"
"Ak nastavené, dokument je ke¹ovaný aj keï hlavièka obsahuje\n"
"'Cache-Control: no-cache'."
#: src/config/options.inc:484
msgid "Formatted documents"
msgstr "Sformátované dokumenty"
#: src/config/options.inc:486
msgid "Format cache options."
msgstr "Nastavenie cache formátovaných dokumentov."
#: src/config/options.inc:488
msgid "Number"
msgstr "Èíslo"
#: src/config/options.inc:490
msgid ""
"Number of cached formatted pages. Do not get too generous\n"
"here, 'formatted' means that all the accompanying structures\n"
"are kept in memory so that you get the cached document\n"
"immediatelly, but these structures may take a lot - 2x the\n"
"size of the HTML source is probably not unusual, but it can\n"
"be even more if the document consists of a lot of short lines\n"
"(padded right, if possible) and links and not much other markup.\n"
"So if you set this to 256 and then you don't like your ELinks\n"
"eating 90M, don't come complaining to us. ;-)\n"
"Also note that the format cache itself is not counted to the\n"
"memory cache size, but the HTML source of the formatted documents\n"
"is always cached, even if it is over the memory cache size\n"
"threshold. (Then of course no other documents can be cached.)"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:504 src/dialogs/info.c:200
msgid "Memory cache"
msgstr "Pamä»ová cache"
#: src/config/options.inc:506
msgid "Memory cache options."
msgstr "Nastavenie pamä»ovej cache."
#: src/config/options.inc:510
msgid "Memory cache size (in bytes)."
msgstr "Veµkos» pamä»ovej cache (v bajtoch)"
#: src/config/options.inc:514
msgid "Charset"
msgstr "Znaková sada"
#: src/config/options.inc:516
msgid "Charset options."
msgstr "Nastavenie znakovej sady."
#: src/config/options.inc:518
msgid "Default codepage"
msgstr "©tandardná kódová stránka"
#: src/config/options.inc:520
msgid ""
"Default document codepage. 'System' stands for\n"
"a codepage determined by a selected locale."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:523
msgid "Ignore charset info from server"
msgstr "Ignorova» informáciu o kódovej stránke od servera"
#: src/config/options.inc:525
msgid "Ignore charset info sent by server."
msgstr "Ignorova» informáciu o kódovej stránke poslanej serverom."
#: src/config/options.inc:529
msgid "Default color settings"
msgstr "©tandardné nastavenie farieb"
#: src/config/options.inc:531
msgid "Default document color settings."
msgstr "©tandardné nastavenie farieb dokumentu"
#: src/config/options.inc:542
msgid "Link color"
msgstr "Farba odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:544
msgid "Default link color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:546
msgid "Visited-link color"
msgstr "Farba nav¹tíveného odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:548
msgid "Default visited link color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba nav¹tíveného odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:550
#, fuzzy
msgid "Image-link color"
msgstr "Farba nav¹tíveného odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:552
#, fuzzy
msgid "Default image link color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:554
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bookmarked-link color"
msgstr "Farba nav¹tíveného odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:556
#, fuzzy
msgid "Default bookmarked link color."
msgstr "©tandardná farba odkazu"
#: src/config/options.inc:558
msgid "Directory color"
msgstr "Farba adresára"
#: src/config/options.inc:560
msgid ""
"Default directory color.\n"
"See document.browse.links.color_dirs option."
msgstr ""
"©tandardná farba adresára.\n"
"Viï. voµbu document.browse.links.color_dirs."
#: src/config/options.inc:567
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increase contrast"
msgstr "Zabezpeèi» kontrast"
#: src/config/options.inc:569
msgid ""
"Increase the contrast between the foreground and background colors\n"
"to ensure readability. For example it disallows dark colors on a\n"
"black background. Note, this is different from ensuring the contrast\n"
"with the ensure_contrast option."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:574
msgid "Ensure contrast"
msgstr "Zabezpeèi» kontrast"
#: src/config/options.inc:576
#, fuzzy
msgid "Makes sure that the back- and foreground color are never equal."
msgstr "Zabezpeèi» aby farby pozadia a textu neboli rovnaké."
#. If you change this please also change ACT_MAIN_DOCUMENT_COLORS action
#. * handling.
#: src/config/options.inc:581
msgid "Use document-specified colors"
msgstr "Pou¾íva» farby nastavené v dokumente"
#: src/config/options.inc:583
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Use colors specified in document:\n"
"0 is use always the default settings\n"
"1 is use document colors if available, except background\n"
"2 is use document colors, including background. This can\n"
" mostly look very impressive, but some sites will appear\n"
" really ugly. Note, that obviously if the background is\n"
" not black, it will break the behaviour of transparency."
msgstr ""
"Pou¾íva» farby nastavené v dokumente:\n"
"0 pou¾i» v¾dy ¹tandardné nastavenie\n"
"1 pou¾i» farby nastavené v dokumente, okrem pozadia\n"
"2 pou¾i» farby nastavené v dokumente, vrátane pozadia.\n"
" To èasto vyzerá veµmi pôsobivo, ale niektoré stránky vyzerajú naopak\n"
" veµmi ¹karedo (bohu¾iaµ vrátane slashdotu (ale skúste si nastavi»\n"
" vo svojom profile aby zobrazoval 'plain' verziu, a celý svet bude\n"
" vyzera» nejako kraj¹ie)). Uvedomte si tie¾, ¾e pokiaµ pozadie nie\n"
" je èierne, tak to pokazí priehµadnos», pokiaµ ju máte na svojom\n"
" termináli nastavenú."
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:596
msgid "Downloading"
msgstr "S»ahovanie"
#: src/config/options.inc:598
msgid "Options regarding files downloading and handling."
msgstr "Nastavenie s»ahovania súborov a ich obsluhy."
#: src/config/options.inc:600
msgid "Default download directory"
msgstr "©tandardný adresár pre s»ahované súbory"
#: src/config/options.inc:602
msgid "Default download directory."
msgstr "©tandardný adresár pre s»ahované súbory."
#: src/config/options.inc:604
msgid "Set original time"
msgstr "Nastavi» pôvodný èas"
#: src/config/options.inc:606
msgid ""
"Set the timestamp of each downloaded file to the timestamp\n"
"stored on the server."
msgstr ""
"Nastavi» èas vytvorenia stiahnutého súboru na taký èas vytvorenia,\n"
"aký je ulo¾ený na serveri."
#. Does automatic resuming make sense as an option?
#: src/config/options.inc:610
msgid "Prevent overwriting"
msgstr "Zabráni» prepísaniu"
#: src/config/options.inc:612
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Prevent overwriting the local files:\n"
"0 is files will silently be overwritten\n"
"1 is add a suffix .{number} (for example '.1') to the name\n"
"2 is ask the user"
msgstr ""
"Zabráni» prepísaniu lokálnych súborov:\n"
"0 = prepísa» bez upozornenia\n"
"1 = prida» príponu .<èíslo> (napr. '.1'), ak také meno existuje\n"
"2 = opýta» sa u¾ívateµa."
#: src/config/options.inc:617
msgid "Notify download completion by bell"
msgstr "Upozorni» na ukonèenie s»ahovania pípnutím"
#: src/config/options.inc:619
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Audio notification when download is completed:\n"
"0 is never\n"
"1 is when background notification is active\n"
"2 is always"
msgstr ""
"Zvukové upozornenie po ukonèení s»ahovania:\n"
"0 = nikdy\n"
"1 = ak je nastavené upozoròovanie na skonèenie s»ahovania\n"
"2 = v¾dy"
#: src/config/options.inc:625
msgid "Dump output"
msgstr "Dump výstup"
#: src/config/options.inc:627
msgid "Dump output options."
msgstr "Nastavenie dump výstupu."
#: src/config/options.inc:629 src/config/options.inc:831
#: src/config/opttypes.c:394 src/dialogs/document.c:163
msgid "Codepage"
msgstr "Kódová stránka"
#: src/config/options.inc:631
msgid ""
"Codepage used in dump output. 'System' stands for\n"
"a codepage determined by a selected locale."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:634
msgid "Footer"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:636
#, c-format
msgid "Footer string used in dumps. %u is substituted by URL."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:640
#, c-format
msgid "Header string used in dumps. %u is substituted by URL."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:642
#, fuzzy
msgid "Numbering"
msgstr "Èíslo"
#: src/config/options.inc:644
#, fuzzy
msgid "Whether to print link numbers in dump output."
msgstr "Neèíslova» odkazy v dump výstupe."
#: src/config/options.inc:646
#, fuzzy
msgid "References"
msgstr "Zdroje"
#: src/config/options.inc:648
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Whether to print references (URIs) of document links\n"
"in dump output."
msgstr ""
"Zabráni èíslovaniu odkazov (a zobrazovanie ich zoznamu na konci dokumentu)\n"
"pri -dump výstupe; to bolo ¹tandardné chovanie a¾ po 0.5pre12. Pamätajte "
"¾e sa to týka iba parametra --dump a nièoho iného."
#: src/config/options.inc:651
#, fuzzy
msgid "Separator"
msgstr "Oddeµovaè v li¹te s tabmi"
#: src/config/options.inc:653
msgid "String which separates two dumps."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:655
msgid "Width"
msgstr "©írka"
#: src/config/options.inc:657
#, fuzzy
msgid "Width of screen in characters when dumping documents."
msgstr "©írka obrazovky v znakoch pri dumpovaní HTML dokumentu."
#: src/config/options.inc:661
msgid "History"
msgstr "História"
#: src/config/options.inc:663
msgid "History options."
msgstr "Nastavenie histórie."
#: src/config/options.inc:665
msgid "Keep unhistory"
msgstr "Udr¾ova» antihistóriu"
#: src/config/options.inc:667
#, fuzzy
msgid "Keep unhistory (\"forward history\")."
msgstr "Udr¾ova» antihistóriu (\"doprednú históriu\")?"
#: src/config/options.inc:670
msgid "HTML rendering"
msgstr "HTML zobrazenie"
#: src/config/options.inc:672
msgid "Options concerning the display of HTML pages."
msgstr "Voµby týkajúce sa zobrazovania HTML stránok."
#: src/config/options.inc:674
msgid "Display frames"
msgstr "Zobrazi» rámce"
#: src/config/options.inc:676
msgid "Display frames."
msgstr "Zobrazi» rámce."
#: src/config/options.inc:678
msgid "Display tables"
msgstr "Zobrazi» tabuµky"
#: src/config/options.inc:680
msgid "Display tables."
msgstr "Zobrazi» tabuµky."
#: src/config/options.inc:682
msgid "Display subscripts"
msgstr "Zobrazi» dolné indexy"
#: src/config/options.inc:684
msgid "Display subscripts (as [thing])."
msgstr "Zobrazi» dolné indexy (ako [index])"
#: src/config/options.inc:686
msgid "Display superscripts"
msgstr "Zobrazi» horné indexy"
#: src/config/options.inc:688
msgid "Display superscripts (as ^thing)."
msgstr "Zobrazi» horné indexy (ako ^index)"
#: src/config/options.inc:690
msgid "Rendering of html link element"
msgstr "Zobrazovanie HTML elementu 'link' (¹peciálnych odkazov)"
#: src/config/options.inc:692
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"How to render <link> tags from the HTML header:\n"
"0 is nothing\n"
"1 is title\n"
"2 is name in addition\n"
"3 is hreflang in addition\n"
"4 is type in addition\n"
"5 is everything"
msgstr ""
"Èo v¹etko ukazova» pri HTML elemente 'link':\n"
"0 niè\n"
"1 titulok\n"
"2 e¹te zobrazi» meno\n"
"3 e¹te zobrazi» hreflang (jazyk cieµového dokumentu)\n"
"4 e¹te zobrazi» typ\n"
"5 v¹etko"
#: src/config/options.inc:700
msgid "Underline links"
msgstr "Podèiarkova» odkazy"
#: src/config/options.inc:702
msgid "Underline links."
msgstr "Podèiarkova» odkazy."
#: src/config/options.inc:704
msgid "Wrap non breaking space"
msgstr "Rozdeµova» nedeliteµné medzery"
#: src/config/options.inc:706
msgid ""
"If set do not honour non breaking space (the nbsp entity)\n"
"but allow to wrap the text. This can help keeping the width\n"
"of documents down so no horizontal scrolling is needed."
msgstr ""
"Ak nastavené, tak nedeliteµné medzery (&nbsp; entity) budú\n"
"pova¾ované za normálne medzery a bude na nich rozdeµovaný text.\n"
"To mô¾e pomôc» proti veµmi ¹irokým dokumentom, aby nebolo nutné\n"
"horizontálne skrolova» pri ich pozeraní."
#: src/config/options.inc:711
msgid "Plain rendering"
msgstr "Zobrazovanie textových dokumentov"
#: src/config/options.inc:713
msgid "Options concerning the display of plain text pages."
msgstr "Nastavenia týkajúce sa zobrazovania stránok s èistým textom."
#: src/config/options.inc:715
msgid "Display URIs"
msgstr "Zobrazi» URI"
#: src/config/options.inc:717
msgid "Display URIs in the document as links."
msgstr "Zobrazi» URI v dokumente ako odkazy."
#: src/config/options.inc:719
msgid "Compress empty lines"
msgstr "Zlúèi» prázdne riadky"
#: src/config/options.inc:721
msgid "Compress successive empty lines to only one in displayed text."
msgstr "Zlúèi» niekoµko za sebou idúcich prázdnych riadkov do jedného."
#: src/config/options.inc:724
msgid "URI passing"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:726
msgid "Rules for passing URIs to external commands."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:730
msgid ""
"A rule for passing URI to an external command.\n"
"The format is:\n"
"%c in the string means the current URL\n"
"%% in the string means '%'\n"
"Do _not_ put single- or double-quotes around %c."
msgstr ""
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:740
#, fuzzy
msgid "Information files"
msgstr "Názov konfiguraèného súboru"
#: src/config/options.inc:742
#, fuzzy
msgid "Options for information files in ~/.elinks."
msgstr "Nastavenia aktívneho odkazu."
#: src/config/options.inc:744
#, fuzzy
msgid "Save interval"
msgstr "Interval automatického ukladania"
#: src/config/options.inc:746
msgid ""
"Interval at which to trigger information files in ~/.elinks\n"
"to be saved to disk if they has changed (seconds; 0 to disable)"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:749
msgid "Use secure file saving"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:751
msgid ""
"First write data to unique temporary file, then rename this file\n"
"upon successfully finishing this. Note that this relates only to\n"
"config files, not downloaded files. You may want to disable\n"
"it if you are using some exotic permissions for concerned files.\n"
"Secure file saving is automagically disabled if file is symlink.\n"
"Warning: some systems (ie. OS/2, Win32) require that destination\n"
"file doesn't exist when rename(3) is called, breaking atomicity,\n"
"and reducing reliability of this feature."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:760
msgid "Use fsync(3) with secure file saving"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:762
msgid ""
"When using secure file saving, call fsync(3), if the OS\n"
"supports it, to force the OS immediately to write the data\n"
"to permanent storage. This is optional for those who wish\n"
"to avoid excessive disk I/O."
msgstr ""
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:771
msgid "Terminals"
msgstr "Terminály"
#: src/config/options.inc:773
msgid "Terminal options."
msgstr "Nastavenie terminálu."
#: src/config/options.inc:777
msgid "Options specific to this terminal type (according to $TERM value)."
msgstr "Voµby specifické pre tento typ terminálu (podµa hodnoty $TERM)."
#: src/config/options.inc:781
msgid ""
"Terminal type; matters mostly only when drawing frames and\n"
"dialog box borders:\n"
"0 is dumb terminal type, ASCII art\n"
"1 is VT100, simple but portable\n"
"2 is Linux, you get double frames and other goodies\n"
"3 is KOI-8\n"
"4 is FreeBSD"
msgstr ""
"Typ terminálu, zale¾í na òom hlavne pri kreslení rámèekov a okrajov\n"
"dialógových okien:\n"
"0 = \"hlúpy\" terminál, pou¾íva sa tzv. ASCII art\n"
"1 = VT100, jednodychý ale univerzálny\n"
"2 = Linuxový terminál, získate dvojité rámèeky a ine pekné vecièky\n"
"3 = KOI-8\n"
"4 = FreeBSD terminál"
#: src/config/options.inc:789 src/dialogs/options.c:203
msgid "Switch fonts for line drawing"
msgstr "Prepína» fonty pri kreslení èiar"
#: src/config/options.inc:791
msgid ""
"Switch fonts when drawing lines, enabling both local characters\n"
"and lines working at the same time. Makes sense only with linux\n"
msgstr ""
"Prepína» fonty pri kreslení èiar. Vïaka tomu by malo zároveò fungova»\n"
"kreslenie èiar a miestnych znakov. Má význam iba pre linuxový\n"
#: src/config/options.inc:795 src/dialogs/options.c:208
msgid "UTF-8 I/O"
msgstr "UTF-8 vstup/výstup"
#: src/config/options.inc:797
msgid ""
"Enable I/O in UTF8 for Unicode terminals. Note that currently,\n"
"only the subset of UTF8 according to terminal codepage is used."
msgstr ""
"Pou¾íva» UTF8 vstup/výstup pre Unicode podporujúce terminály. Treba\n"
"si ale uvedomi», ¾e v súèasnosti je podporovaná iba podmno¾ina UTF8 v\n"
"závislosti na aktuálne zvolenom kódovaní terminálu."
#: src/config/options.inc:800 src/dialogs/options.c:204
msgid "Restrict frames in cp850/852"
msgstr "Ohranièené rámèeky v cp850/852"
#: src/config/options.inc:802
msgid ""
"Restrict the characters used when drawing lines. Makes sense\n"
"only with linux terminals using the cp850/852 character sets."
msgstr ""
"Obmedzi» znaky pou¾ívané na kreslenie èiar. Má význam pou¾íva» iba\n"
"pre linuxové terminály pou¾ívajúce kódovanie cp850 alebo cp852."
#: src/config/options.inc:805 src/dialogs/options.c:205
msgid "Block cursor"
msgstr "Blokova» kurzor"
#: src/config/options.inc:807
msgid ""
"Move cursor to bottom right corner when done drawing.\n"
"This is particularly useful when we have a block cursor,\n"
"so that inversed text is displayed correctly."
msgstr ""
"Presunú» kurzor do pravého dolného rohu po skonèení vykresµovania "
"To je zvlá¹» u¾itoèné, pokiaµ kurzor zakrýva znak pod ním, lebo to zlep¹í\n"
"èitateµnos» textu, ktorý by ináè bol pod kurzorom.."
#: src/config/options.inc:811
msgid "Color mode"
msgstr "Farebný re¾im"
#: src/config/options.inc:813
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The color mode controls what colors are used and how they are\n"
"output to the terminal. The color modes are:\n"
"0 is mono mode, only 2 colors are used\n"
"1 is 16 color mode, uses the common ANSI colors\n"
"2 is 256 color mode, uses XTerm RGB codes"
msgstr ""
"Farebný re¾im urèuje, aké farby sú pou¾ívané a ako sú nastavované na\n"
"va¹om termináli. Farebné re¾imy sú:\n"
"0 = monochromatický re¾im; sú pou¾ité iba dve farby\n"
"1 = 16 farieb; vyu¾íva farby podµa ANSI ¹pecifikácie\n"
"2 = 256 farieb; vy¾aduje terminál xterm-256color\n"
#: src/config/options.inc:819 src/dialogs/options.c:206
msgid "Transparency"
msgstr "Transparentnos»"
#: src/config/options.inc:821
msgid ""
"If we should not set the background to black. This is particularly\n"
"useful when we have a terminal (typically in some windowing\n"
"environment) with a background image or a transparent background -\n"
"it will be visible in ELinks as well. Note that this option makes\n"
"sense only when colors are enabled."
msgstr ""
"Urèuje, aby nebolo nastavené pozadie, pokiaµ by malo by» èierne. To je\n"
"zvlá¹» u¾itoèné, ak máme terminál (typický v nejakom okennom prostredí)\n"
"s obrázkom ako pozadie alebo s priehµadným pozadím - bude viditeµné aj\n"
"v ELinkse. Samozrejme táto voµba má zmysel iba ak je zapnutá podpora farieb."
#: src/config/options.inc:829
msgid "If we should use underline or enhance the color instead."
msgstr "Pou¾íva» buï podèiarkovanie alebo zvýraznenie pou¾itej farby."
#: src/config/options.inc:833
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Codepage of charset used for displaying content on terminal.\n"
"'System' stands for a codepage determined by a selected locale."
msgstr "Kódová stránka znakovej sady pou¾itej na zobrazovanie na terminále."
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:840
msgid "User interface"
msgstr "U¾ívateµské rozhranie"
#: src/config/options.inc:842
msgid "User interface options."
msgstr "Nastavenie u¾ívateµského rozhrania."
#: src/config/options.inc:846
msgid "Color settings"
msgstr "Nastavenie farieb"
#: src/config/options.inc:848
msgid "Default user interface color settings."
msgstr "©tandardné nastavenie farieb u¾ívateµského rozhrania."
#: src/config/options.inc:875
msgid "Color terminals"
msgstr "Farebné terminály"
#: src/config/options.inc:877
msgid "Color settings for color terminal."
msgstr "Nastavenie farieb pre farebné terminály."
#: src/config/options.inc:879
msgid "Non-color terminals"
msgstr "Nefarebné terminály."
#: src/config/options.inc:881
msgid "Color settings for non-color terminal."
msgstr "Nastavenie farieb pre nefarebné terminály."
#. FIXME: obsolete, how to alias them correctly ? --Zas
#: src/config/options.inc:884
msgid "Main menu bar"
msgstr "Li¹ta s hlavným menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:886
msgid "Main menu bar colors."
msgstr "Farby li¹ty s hlavným menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:888
msgid "Unselected main menu bar item"
msgstr "Nevybratá polo¾ka hlavného menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:890
msgid "Unselected main menu bar item colors."
msgstr "Farba nevybratej polo¾ky hlavného menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:892
msgid "Selected main menu bar item"
msgstr "Vybratá polo¾ka hlavného menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:894
msgid "Selected main menu bar item colors."
msgstr "Farba vybratej polo¾ky hlavného menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:896 src/config/options.inc:925
msgid "Hotkey"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:898
msgid "Main menu hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:900 src/config/options.inc:929
msgid "Unselected hotkey"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:902
msgid "Main menu unselected hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:904 src/config/options.inc:933
msgid "Selected hotkey"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:906
msgid "Main menu selected hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:909
msgid "Menu bar"
msgstr "Li¹ta s menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:911
msgid "Menu bar colors."
msgstr "Farby li¹ty s menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:913
msgid "Unselected menu item"
msgstr "Nevybratá polo¾ka menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:915
msgid "Unselected menu item colors."
msgstr "Farby nevybratej polo¾ky menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:917
msgid "Selected menu item"
msgstr "Vybratá polo¾ka menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:919
msgid "Selected menu item colors."
msgstr "Farby vybratej polo¾ky menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:921
msgid "Marked menu item"
msgstr "Oznaèená polo¾ka menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:923
msgid "Marked menu item colors."
msgstr "Farby oznaèenej polo¾ky menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:927
msgid "Menu item hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:931
msgid "Menu item unselected hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:935
msgid "Menu item selected hotkey colors."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:937
msgid "Menu frame"
msgstr "Rámèek menu"
#: src/config/options.inc:939
msgid "Menu frame colors."
msgstr "Farby rámèeka menu."
#: src/config/options.inc:942
msgid "Dialog"
msgstr "Dialóg"
#: src/config/options.inc:944
msgid "Dialog colors."
msgstr "Farby dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:954
msgid "Generic"
msgstr "Obecné"
#: src/config/options.inc:956
msgid "Generic dialog colors."
msgstr "Obecná farba dialógu. "
#: src/config/options.inc:958
msgid "Frame"
msgstr "Rámèek"
#: src/config/options.inc:960
msgid "Dialog frame colors."
msgstr "Farba rámèeku dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:962
msgid "Scrollbar"
msgstr "Skrolovadlo"
#: src/config/options.inc:964
msgid "Scrollbar colors."
msgstr "Farby skrolovadla."
#: src/config/options.inc:966
#, fuzzy
msgid "Selected scrollbar"
msgstr "Farby vybratého tabu."
#: src/config/options.inc:968
msgid "Scrollbar selected colors."
msgstr "Farby vybranáho skrolovadla."
#: src/config/options.inc:972
msgid "Dialog title colors."
msgstr "Farba titulku dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:974
msgid "Text"
msgstr "Text"
#: src/config/options.inc:976
msgid "Dialog text colors."
msgstr "Farby textu dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:978 src/viewer/text/form.c:1451
msgid "Checkbox"
msgstr "Za¹krtávací ¹tvorèek"
#: src/config/options.inc:980
msgid "Dialog checkbox colors."
msgstr "Farby za¹krtávacieho ¹tvorèeka."
#: src/config/options.inc:982
#, fuzzy
msgid "Selected checkbox"
msgstr "Vybratý tab"
#: src/config/options.inc:984
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dialog selected checkbox colors."
msgstr "Farby vybraté tlaèidla."
#: src/config/options.inc:986
msgid "Checkbox label"
msgstr "Popis za¹krtávacieho ¹tvorèeka"
#: src/config/options.inc:988
msgid "Dialog checkbox label colors."
msgstr "Farby popisu za¹krtávacieho ¹tvorèeka."
#: src/config/options.inc:990
msgid "Button"
msgstr "Tlaèidlo"
#: src/config/options.inc:992 src/config/options.inc:1000
msgid "Dialog button colors."
msgstr "Farby tlaèidla."
#: src/config/options.inc:994
msgid "Selected button"
msgstr "Vybraté tlaèidlo."
#: src/config/options.inc:996 src/config/options.inc:1004
msgid "Dialog selected button colors."
msgstr "Farby vybraté tlaèidla."
#: src/config/options.inc:998
msgid "Button shortcut"
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:1002
#, fuzzy
msgid "Selected button shortcut"
msgstr "Vybraté tlaèidlo."
#: src/config/options.inc:1006 src/viewer/text/form.c:1455
msgid "Text field"
msgstr "Textové pole"
#: src/config/options.inc:1008
msgid "Dialog text field colors."
msgstr "Farby textového poµa."
#: src/config/options.inc:1010
msgid "Text field text"
msgstr "Text v textovom poli"
#: src/config/options.inc:1012
msgid "Dialog field text colors."
msgstr "Farby textu textového poµa."
#: src/config/options.inc:1014
msgid "Meter"
msgstr "Teplomer"
#: src/config/options.inc:1016
msgid "Dialog meter colors."
msgstr "Farby teplomeru dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:1018
msgid "Shadow"
msgstr "Tieò"
#: src/config/options.inc:1020
msgid "Dialog shadow colors (see ui.shadows option)."
msgstr "Farby tieòa dialógového okna."
#: src/config/options.inc:1022
msgid "Title bar"
msgstr "Li¹ta s titulkom"
#: src/config/options.inc:1024
msgid "Title bar colors."
msgstr "Farby li¹ty s titulkom."
#: src/config/options.inc:1026
msgid "Generic title bar"
msgstr "Obecná li¹ta s titulkom"
#: src/config/options.inc:1028
msgid "Generic title bar colors."
msgstr "Farby obecnej li¹ty s titulkom."
#: src/config/options.inc:1030
msgid "Title bar text"
msgstr "Text titulku"
#: src/config/options.inc:1032
msgid "Title bar text colors."
msgstr "Farby textu li¹ty s titulkom."
#: src/config/options.inc:1035
msgid "Status bar"
msgstr "Stavová li¹ta"
#: src/config/options.inc:1037
msgid "Status bar colors."
msgstr "Farby stavovej li¹ty."
#: src/config/options.inc:1039
msgid "Generic status bar"
msgstr "Obecná stavová li¹ta"
#: src/config/options.inc:1041
msgid "Generic status bar colors."
msgstr "Farby obecnej stavovej li¹ty."
#: src/config/options.inc:1043
msgid "Status bar text"
msgstr "Text stavovej li¹ty"
#: src/config/options.inc:1045
msgid "Status bar text colors."
msgstr "Farby textu stavovej li¹ty."
#: src/config/options.inc:1048
msgid "Tabs bar"
msgstr "Li¹ta s tabmi"
#: src/config/options.inc:1050
msgid "Tabs bar colors."
msgstr "Farby li¹ty s tabmi."
#: src/config/options.inc:1052
msgid "Unvisited tab"
msgstr "Nenav¹tívený tab"
#: src/config/options.inc:1054
msgid ""
"Tab colors for tabs that have not been\n"
"selected since they completed loading."
msgstr ""
"Farby tabu, ktorý e¹te nebol nav¹tívený, ale u¾ je\n"
"kompletne natiahnutý."
#: src/config/options.inc:1057
msgid "Unselected tab"
msgstr "Nevybratý tab"
#: src/config/options.inc:1059
msgid "Unselected tab colors."
msgstr "Farby nevybratého tabu."
#: src/config/options.inc:1061
msgid "Loading tab"
msgstr "Nahrávam tab"
#: src/config/options.inc:1063
msgid "Tab colors for tabs that are loading in the background."
msgstr "Farby tabu, ktorý sa práve nahráva na pozadí."
#: src/config/options.inc:1065
msgid "Selected tab"
msgstr "Vybratý tab"
#: src/config/options.inc:1067
msgid "Selected tab colors."
msgstr "Farby vybratého tabu."
#: src/config/options.inc:1069
msgid "Tab separator"
msgstr "Oddeµovaè v li¹te s tabmi"
#: src/config/options.inc:1071
msgid "Tab separator colors."
msgstr "Farby oddeµovaèov li¹ty s tabmi."
#: src/config/options.inc:1074
msgid "Searched strings"
msgstr "Hµadaný re»azec"
#: src/config/options.inc:1076
msgid "Searched string highlight colors."
msgstr "Farba zvýraznenia vyhµadaných re»azcov."
#. ==========================================================
#. ============= BORING PART (colors) END ===================
#. ==========================================================
#. Keep options in alphabetical order.
#: src/config/options.inc:1085
msgid "Dialog settings"
msgstr "Dialógové okná"
#: src/config/options.inc:1087
msgid "Dialogs-specific appearance and behaviour settings."
msgstr "Nastavenie vzhµadu a správania dialógových okien."
#: src/config/options.inc:1090
msgid "Minimal height of listbox widget"
msgstr "Minimálna vý¹ka listboxu"
#: src/config/options.inc:1092
msgid ""
"Minimal height of the listbox widget (used e.g. for bookmarks\n"
"or global history)."
msgstr ""
"Minimálna vý¹ka listboxu (pou¾íva sa napr. na zálo¾ky alebo globálnu\n"
#: src/config/options.inc:1095
msgid "Drop shadows"
msgstr "Tiene"
#: src/config/options.inc:1097
msgid ""
"Make dialogs drop shadows (the shadows are solid, you can\n"
"adjust their color by ui.colors.*.dialog.shadow). You may\n"
"also want to eliminate the wide borders by adjusting setup.h."
msgstr ""
"Zobrazova» tiene dialógových okien (tiene sú nepriehµadné, ich farbu je ale\n"
"mo¾né upravi» voµbami ui.colors.*.dialog.shadow). Mo¾no budete chcie» zú¾i»\n"
"okraje dialógových okien upravením setup.h."
#: src/config/options.inc:1101
#, fuzzy
msgid "Underline menu hotkeys"
msgstr "Podèiarkova» horúce klávesy"
#: src/config/options.inc:1103
msgid ""
"Whether to underline hotkeys in menus to make them more\n"
"visible. Requires the underlining is enabled for the terminal."
msgstr ""
"Zapnú» podèiarkovanie horúcich kláves v menu aby boli viac viditeµné.\n"
"Funguje to ale iba ak terminál podèiarkovanie podporuje."
#: src/config/options.inc:1106
#, fuzzy
msgid "Underline button shortcuts"
msgstr "Podèiarkova» horúce klávesy"
#: src/config/options.inc:1108
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Whether to underline button shortcuts to make them more\n"
"visible. Requires the underlining is enabled for the terminal."
msgstr ""
"Zapnú» podèiarkovanie horúcich kláves v menu aby boli viac viditeµné.\n"
"Funguje to ale iba ak terminál podèiarkovanie podporuje."
#: src/config/options.inc:1112
msgid "Timer options"
msgstr "Nastavenie èasovaèov"
#: src/config/options.inc:1114
msgid ""
"Timed action after certain interval of user inactivity. Someone can\n"
"even find this useful, although you may not believe that."
msgstr ""
"Naèasovaná akcia, ktorá sa spustí po urèitom èase neèinnosti u¾ívateµa.\n"
"Niekomu sa to mô¾e hodi», aj keï tomu nemusíte veri»."
#: src/config/options.inc:1120
msgid ""
"Whether to enable the timer or not:\n"
"0 is don't count down anything\n"
"1 is count down, but don't show the timer\n"
"2 is count down and show the timer near LEDs"
msgstr ""
"Zapínanie èasovaèa:\n"
"0 = niè neodpoèítava»\n"
"1 = odpoèítava», ale potichu (niè neukazova»)\n"
"2 = odpoèítava» a ukazova» zostávajúci èas pri LED indikátoroch"
#: src/config/options.inc:1127
msgid ""
"Whether to enable the timer or not:\n"
"0 is don't count down anything\n"
"1 is count down, but don't show the timer\n"
"2 is count down and show the timer near LEDs (DISABLED)"
msgstr ""
"Zapínanie èasovaèa:\n"
"0 = niè neodpoèítava»\n"
"1 = odpoèítava», ale potichu (niè neukazova»)\n"
"2 = odpoèítava» a ukazova» zostávajúci èas pri LED indikátoroch (VYPNUTÉ)"
#: src/config/options.inc:1133
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Då¾ka trvania"
#: src/config/options.inc:1135
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Inactivity timeout in seconds. The maximum of one day\n"
"should be enough for just everyone (TM)."
msgstr "Èas neèinnosti u¾ívateµa. Jeden deò by mal ka¾dému staèi» (TM)."
#: src/config/options.inc:1140
msgid "Keybinding action to be triggered when timer reaches zero."
msgstr ""
#: src/config/options.inc:1143
msgid "Window tabs"
msgstr "Taby"
#: src/config/options.inc:1145
msgid "Window tabs settings."
msgstr "Nastavenie tabov."
#: src/config/options.inc:1147
msgid "Display tabs bar"
msgstr "Zobrazi» li¹tu s tabmi"
#: src/config/options.inc:1149
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Show tabs bar on the screen:\n"
"0 means never\n"
"1 means only if two or more tabs are open\n"
"2 means always"
msgstr ""
"Kedy zobrazova» na obrazov