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Release info
You can see the complete list of recent changes, bugfixes and new features in
the link:http://pasky.or.cz/gitweb.cgi[gitweb interface]. See the ChangeLog
file for details.
ELinks now:
* SSL support via GNUTLS now requires 1.2 or higher
* support for Lua 4.x was dropped, we only support Lua 5.x now
* Python scripting back-end (experimental)
* 88 colors support
* default URI-rewrite rule, used when no other rules match but the string that
was entered in the Go to URL box does not resemble a URI
* support prefixes for add-bookmark-link, document-info, goto-url-current-link,
history-move-back, and history-move-forward
* BitTorrent protocol (experimental)
* FSP protocol via a CGI script (see contrib/cgi/README.FSP) (experimental)
* sysmouse support on the BSD console
* new GNU make based build system (aclocal from automake is still required)
* move from CVS to GIT
ELinks 0.10.6:
* external editor is configurable at run-time
ELinks 0.10.4:
* explicit keyboard accelerators were defined for buttons in dialogue boxes and
are now highlighted
ELinks 0.10.2:
* Ruby scripting back-end (experimental)
* Debian package files (apt-get install devscripts && debuild -uc -us)
ELinks 0.10.0 (Thelma):
* simple CSS
* simple JavaScript/ECMAScript support by the SpiderMonkey Mozilla JS engine
* plain-text mark-up (_^Hx to underline, x^Hx to embolden)
* HTML source high-lighting using DOM implementation
* multiple URIs on the command line
* tabs moving (press Alt-'>' or Alt-'<')
* periodic snapshotting of all tabs in all terminals
* exmode CLI support (press ':' followed by action and args) (experimental)
* cursor routing (aka w3m-style navigation)
* modal text-input form-fields editing (enabled by default)
* manual cookies creating and editing
* incremental searching (press '#/')
* Perl scripting back-end (experimental)
* build-time configurability and feature documentation through features.conf
* Mozilla-compatible -remote option (http://www.mozilla.org/unix/remote.html)
* support for specifying IP family as protocol postfix (i.e. http4 or ftp6)
* internationalized domain names via libidn (RFC 3490)
* data URI protocol (RFC 2397)
* gopher protocol (RFC 1436)
* NNTP protocol (RFC 977 and 2980) (experimental)
* build system fine-tuned to use automake conditionals
* -localhost option to block connections to remote hosts
* -verbose option to control messages printed at startup
* -default-keys command line option to ignore user-defined keybindings
* -confdir option renamed to -config-dir
* -conffile option renamed to -config-file
* enhanced documentation
ELinks 0.9.2:
* directional links navigation
* 'unset' configuration directive, which can be used, e.g., to delete default
MIME type settings or external protocol handlers.
ELinks 0.9.1:
* support <object> tags by displaying a link to the data
* add beginning-of-buffer and end-of-buffer actions for text fields
* automatic session saving/restoring support (disabled by default)
* add-bookmark-tabs (bookmark all tabs) option and menu item
* fold successive blank lines when displaying a plain-text document
(disabled by default; use the option document.plain.compress_empty_lines)
* 'fresh' color for any tab that has not been selected
since its document was loaded
ELinks 0.9.0 (Skyrider):
* used gettext for internationalization
* support for background document colors
* tabs support
* new MIME subsystem adding mimetypes files support
* local CGI support
* Guile scripting extensions
* HTML meta refresh
* forms history
* 256 colors support
* regex searches
* cookies manager, cache manager and download manager
* document marks support
* displaying URIs in plain documents as links
* SMB protocol support (requires smbclient)
* builtin user prefixes support (enter 'gg' or 'gg:elinks' to the goto dialog)
* HTTPS proxy support
* typeahead link searching (press '#')
ELinks 0.4.0 (Iceberg):
* merged HTTP_AUTH
* basic proxy auth support
* cookies parser rewritten
* support for tabindex,accesskey,title attribute
* FTP support dramatically improved: bugfixes, interoperability fixes, passive
mode support, ...
* global history support (+vlink support)
* make some modules (cookies,bookmarks,globhist,..) optional at compile time
* secure saving support (see secure_save option desc. if you're doing weird
things with your links files like symlinking or nonstandart permissions!!!)
* support for utf8 i/o
* mouse wheel support
* portability enhancements
* performance enhancements
* file/http gzip/bzip2 decompression support
* downloads resuming support
* mailcap support
* hierarchic bookmarks support, XBEL bookmarks support
* source layout was dramatically reorganized
* relocated ELinks configuration files, changed format (if you are upgrading
from Links or older ELinks version, read INSTALL file to see how to convert
your old config files!!!)
* options are now in tree hierarchy and are configurable generically
* keybindings can be configured from the user interface
* colorful user interface
* tiny useless LED-like indicators support
* GNUTLS support parallel to the OpenSSL support (fixes some license issues)
* extensive memory debugging support
ELinks 0.3.0:
* unhistory
* external textarea editor
* DNS rewrite - we handle multi RR per host correctly
* IPv6 support
* rewritten options handling
* bookmarks filtering (aka bookmarks search)
* bookmarks resaving (save on the disk after every change)
* added possibility to change default colors settings
Links 0.96-pb3:
* secured cookies file creation
* support for title attribute of img tag
* Catalan translation
* Romanian translation
* changing of User-Agent string sent to webserver
* <listing> tag support
Links 0.96-pb2:
* cookies expiration, saving and resaving
* do NOT strip everything after ? in form action
* http referrer, true http referrer
* limited textarea external editor support
* partial fix of &#13;
* enhanced manual page
* fixed multi-level HTTP moved when using -dump/-source
* fixed keybindings