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A left over from the CVS Id removal. Also, for a few files, normalize the
order in which things are declared in headers.
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#include "terminal/terminal.h"
/* {struct open_in_new} and @open_in_new is used for setting up menues
* of how new windows can be opened. */
struct open_in_new {
enum term_env_type env; /* The term->environment the entry covers */
unsigned char *command; /* The default command for openning a window */
unsigned char *text; /* The menu text */
/* The table containing all the possible environment types */
extern const struct open_in_new open_in_new[];
/* Iterator for the @open_in_new table over a terminal environment bitmap. */
#define foreach_open_in_new(i, term_env) \
for ((i) = 0; open_in_new[(i)].env; (i)++) \
if (((term_env) & open_in_new[(i)].env))
/* Returns the number of possible ways to open new windows using the
* environment of @term. */
int can_open_in_new(struct terminal *term);
/* Opens a new window with the executable @exe_name under the given terminal
* @environment and passing the arguments in the string @param.
* For the ENV_XWIN environment, @exe_name being 'elinks' and @param empty the
* window will be opened using: 'xterm -e elinks' */
void open_new_window(struct terminal *term, unsigned char *exe_name,
enum term_env_type environment, unsigned char *param);