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/* Global include with common functions and definitions for ELinks */
#ifndef EL__ELINKS_H
#define EL__ELINKS_H
#ifndef __EXTENSION__
#define __EXTENSION__ /* Helper for SunOS */
/* Gives us uint{32,16}_t and longlong and integer limits. */
#include "osdep/types.h"
/* This determines the system type and loads system-specific macros and
* symbolic constants. The other includes may reuse this. This should be
* always the very first ELinks include a source should include (except
* config.h, of course). */
#include "osdep/system.h"
/* This introduces some generic ensurements that various things are how
* they are supposed to be. */
#include "osdep/generic.h"
/* This loads hard-configured settings - which are too lowlevel to configure at
* the runtime but are too unlikely to be changed to be configured through
* config.h. */
#include "setup.h"
/* This maybe overrides some of the standard high-level functions, to ensure
* the expected behaviour. These overrides are not system specific. */
#include "osdep/stub.h"
/* util/math.h is supposed to be around all the time. */
#include "util/math.h"