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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 6f9501346e Remove GFDL-licensed test file
In recent ELinks release announcements, I have described:

  This release of ELinks is mostly licensed under version 2 of the GNU
  General Public License.  More permissive licences apply to some parts
  of it, and there is also one test file under the GNU Free Documentation
  License; please see COPYING for the list.

Remove that test file, so its GPL-incompatible licence need not be
mentioned in future announcements.  The file however remains
downloadable as part of the elinks.git repository and releases like
elinks-0.11.6.tar.gz.  Those should still be covered by the licence.
2009-07-09 00:11:52 +03:00

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This directory contains various weird documents for testing whether we're
parsing and rendering them properly. Frequently, documents are getting added
here when we implement feature needed for their correct presentation or fix bug
occuring inside of these documents. No automated testsuite yet, though.
Possible meaningful content of the documents is completely irrelevant and you
should ignore it. Noone takes any responsibility for it :).