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If you have any questions that RTFM (from the poor manual choice we offer you
;) didn't solve and you are too afraid to do RTSL (Read The Source, Luke), or
you just can't understand something in the source itself, feel free to ask us!
If you have some weird problems, you can't see what they come from, and you are
running latest ELinks version, feel free to ask us!
If you encountered some bug, BUGS file don't know about it, if ELinks crashed
to you and you have latest version, core, backtrace etc., if you have even fixed
the bug and have a patch, feel free to let us know!
If you have idea about some great feature missing from ELinks, if something in
ELinks constantly irritates you, if you have even patch for any new feature and
you think others would appreciate it or even use it, or even we would like to
include it in the mainstream ELinks, feel free to let us know!
Remember, things probably won't change magically. If you don't like
something and you won't let us know, then we _won't_ know, then nothing will
change and then you won't like something and that's not what we desire ;-). So,
don't fear and go for it!
Now, how to feed us back? Probably the best way is to write a mail and target
it to the Links/ELinks mailing list - you can find the address at project
source tree root in file SITES. If your issue is of more confidential character
(like grave security hole you happened to stumble upon while doing full-scale
security audit >:), you may want to contact directly the maintainer - his
address usually converges to <fonseca@diku.dk>.
Obviously, you can feed us back in other ways as well. Except foods (we prefer
pizza, some close location of yourself recommended), we accept drinks, nice
books, CDs with interesting things, computer equipment and accessories, PDAs,
pens + pencils + erasers, and last but not least money. Contact the maintainer,
he'll split the stuff properly amongst himself and other developers >:).