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#include "document/format.h"
#include "terminal/color.h"
#include "util/color.h"
#include "util/box.h"
struct session;
/** Active link coloring options */
struct active_link_options_colors {
color_T foreground;
color_T background;
struct active_link_options {
unsigned int enable_color:1;
unsigned int underline:1;
unsigned int bold:1;
unsigned int invert:1;
struct active_link_options_colors color;
struct active_link_options_colors insert_mode_color;
/** This mostly acts as a option cache so rendering will be faster. However it
* is also used to validate and invalidate documents in the format cache as to
* whether they satisfy the current state of the document options. */
struct document_options_colors {
color_T link;
color_T vlink;
color_T bookmark_link;
color_T image_link;
color_T link_number;
struct document_options_image_link {
unsigned char *prefix;
unsigned char *suffix;
int filename_maxlen;
int label_maxlen;
int display_style;
int tagging;
unsigned int show_any_as_links:1;
struct document_options {
enum color_mode color_mode;
/** cp is the codepage for which the document is being formatted;
* typically it is the codepage of a terminal. It is set in
* render_document_frames(). */
int cp, assume_cp, hard_assume;
int margin;
int num_links_key;
int use_document_colors;
int meta_link_display;
int default_form_input_size;
int document_width;
/** @name The default (fallback) colors.
* @{ */
struct text_style default_style;
struct document_options_colors default_color;
/** @} */
unsigned int use_link_number_color:1;
/** Color model/optimizations */
enum color_flags color_flags;
/* XXX: Keep boolean options grouped to save padding */
/** @name CSS stuff
* @{ */
unsigned int css_enable:1;
unsigned int css_import:1;
unsigned int css_ignore_display_none:1;
/** @} */
/** @name HTML stuff
* @{ */
unsigned int tables:1;
unsigned int table_order:1;
unsigned int frames:1;
unsigned int images:1;
unsigned int display_subs:1;
unsigned int display_sups:1;
unsigned int underline_links:1;
unsigned int wrap_nbsp:1;
/** @} */
/** @name Plain rendering stuff
* @{ */
unsigned int plain_display_links:1;
unsigned int plain_compress_empty_lines:1;
/** @} */
/** @name Link navigation
* @{ */
unsigned int links_numbering:1;
unsigned int use_tabindex:1;
/** @} */
unsigned int plain:1;
unsigned int wrap:1;
/* XXX: Everything past this comment is specialy handled by compare_opt() */
unsigned char *framename;
/** The location of the window in which the document is rendered.
* <dl>
* <dt>The position of the window (box.x and box.y)
* <dd>This is not compared at all since it doesn't make any
* difference what position the document will fit into a frameset
* or so.
* <dt>The width of the window (box.width)
* <dd>This controls how wide tables can be rendered and so on. It is
* thus also to blame for the extra memory consumption when
* resizing because all documents has to be rerendered. We only
* need to compare it if not #plain.
* <dt>The height of the window (box.height)
* <dd>Only documents containing textarea or frames uses it and we
* only compare it if #needs_height is set.
* </dl> */
struct el_box box;
unsigned int needs_height:1;
unsigned int needs_width:1;
/** Internal flag for rerendering */
unsigned int no_cache:1;
unsigned int gradual_rerendering:1;
#ifdef CONFIG_UTF8
unsigned int utf8:1;
#endif /* CONFIG_UTF8 */
/** Active link coloring.
* This is mostly here to make use of this option cache so
* link drawing is faster. --jonas */
struct active_link_options active_link;
/** Options related with IMG tag */
struct document_options_image_link image_link;
/** Fills the structure with values from the option system.
* @relates document_options */
void init_document_options(struct session *ses, struct document_options *doo);
/** Free allocated document options.
* @relates document_options */
void done_document_options(struct document_options *options);
/** Copies the values of one struct @a from to the other @a to.
* Note that the document_options.framename is dynamically allocated.
* @relates document_options */
void copy_opt(struct document_options *to, struct document_options *from);
/* Compares comparable values from the two structures according to
* the comparable members described in the struct definition.
* @relates document_options */
int compare_opt(struct document_options *o1, struct document_options *o2);
#define use_document_fg_colors(o) \
((o)->color_mode != COLOR_MODE_MONO && (o)->use_document_colors >= 1)
#define use_document_bg_colors(o) \
((o)->color_mode != COLOR_MODE_MONO && (o)->use_document_colors == 2)
/** Increments the numeric value of the option identified by @a option_name,
* resetting it to the minimum value when it is already at the maximum value,
* and redraws the document. */
void toggle_document_option(struct session *ses, unsigned char *option_name);