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#include "document/options.h"
#include "intl/charsets.h" /* unicode_val_T */
#include "main/object.h"
#include "main/timer.h"
#include "protocol/uri.h"
#include "util/color.h"
#include "util/lists.h"
#include "util/box.h"
struct cache_entry;
struct document_refresh;
struct el_form_control;
struct frame_desc;
struct frameset_desc;
struct module;
struct screen_char;
/** Nodes are used for marking areas of text on the document canvas as
* searchable. */
struct node {
LIST_HEAD(struct node);
struct el_box box;
/** The document line consisting of the chars ready to be copied to
* the terminal screen. */
struct line {
struct screen_char *chars;
int length;
/** Codepage status */
enum cp_status {
struct point {
int x, y;
/* Tags are used for ``id''s or anchors in the document referenced by the
* fragment part of the URI. */
struct tag {
LIST_HEAD(struct tag);
int x, y;
unsigned char name[1]; /* must be last of struct. --Zas */
enum link_type {
enum script_event_hook_type {
struct script_event_hook {
LIST_HEAD(struct script_event_hook);
enum script_event_hook_type type;
unsigned char *src;
struct link {
unicode_val_T accesskey;
enum link_type type;
unsigned char *where;
unsigned char *target;
unsigned char *where_img;
/** The title of the link. This is in the document charset,
* and entities have already been decoded. */
unsigned char *title;
/** The set of characters belonging to this link (their coordinates
* in the document) - each character has own struct point. */
struct point *points;
int npoints;
int number;
/** This is supposed to be the colour-pair of the link, but the actual
* colours on the canvas can differ--e.g., with image links. */
struct color_pair color;
/*! XXX: They don't neccessary need to be link-specific, but we just
* don't support them for any other elements for now. Well, we don't
* even have a good place where to store them in that case. */
LIST_OF(struct script_event_hook) *event_hooks;
union {
unsigned char *name;
struct el_form_control *form_control;
} data;
#define get_link_index(document, link) (link - document->links)
#define link_is_textinput(link) \
((link)->type == LINK_FIELD || (link)->type == LINK_AREA)
#define link_is_form(link) \
((link)->type != LINK_HYPERTEXT && (link)->type != LINK_MAP)
#define get_link_form_control(link) \
(link_is_form(link) ? (link)->data.form_control : NULL)
#define get_link_name(link) \
(!link_is_form(link) ? (link)->data.name : NULL)
#ifdef CONFIG_UTF8
/** A searchable character on the document canvas.
* struct document.search is an array of struct search, initialised by
* get_src, q.v. The elements of the array roughly correspond to the document
* canvas, document.data; each element corresponds to a regular character, a
* run of one or more control characters, or the end of a line on the canvas.
* If an instance of struct search corresponds to a regular character, then that
* character is stored in @a c and @a n is equal to 1. If an instance of struct
* search corresponds to a run of control characters, then a space character ' '
* is stored in @a c and @a n is equal to to the length of the run. If an instance
* of struct search corresponds to the end of a line, then a space is stored in
* @a c and @a n is equal to 0.
struct search {
int x, y; /* Co-ordinates on the document canvas,
* document.data. */
signed int n; /* The number of characters on the
* document canvas to which this object
* corresponds. If the value is 0, then this
* object marks the end of a line. If the value
* is 1, then this object corresponds to a
* single character. If the value is greater
* than 1, then this object corresponds to a run
* of control characters. */
unicode_val_T c; /* The character on the document canvas to which
* this object corresponds or ' ' if that
* character is a control character or if this
* object marks the end of a line. */
/* RAM is cheap nowadays */
struct search {
int x, y;
signed int n:24; /* This structure is size-critical */
unsigned char c;
struct document {
OBJECT_HEAD(struct document);
struct document_options options;
LIST_OF(struct form) forms;
LIST_OF(struct tag) tags;
LIST_OF(struct node) nodes;
/** ECMAScript snippets to be executed during loading the document into
* a window. This currently involves @<script>s and onLoad handlers.
* Note that if you hit a string beginning by '^' here, it is followed
* by an external reference - you must wait with processing other items
* until it gets resolved and loaded. New items are guaranteed to
* always appear at the list end. */
LIST_OF(struct string_list_item) onload_snippets;
/** @todo FIXME: We should externally maybe using cache_entry store the
* dependencies between the various entries so nothing gets removed
* unneeded. */
struct uri_list ecmascript_imports;
/** used by setTimeout */
timer_id_T timeout;
/** @todo FIXME: We should externally maybe using cache_entry store the
* dependencies between the various entries so nothing gets removed
* unneeded. */
struct uri_list css_imports;
/** Calculated from the id's of all the cache entries in #css_imports.
* Used for checking rerendering for available CSS imports. */
unsigned long css_magic;
struct uri *uri;
/* for obtaining IP */
void *querydns;
unsigned char *ip;
/** The title of the document. The charset of this string is
* document.options.cp. */
unsigned char *title;
struct cache_entry *cached;
struct frame_desc *frame;
struct frameset_desc *frame_desc; /**< @todo RENAME ME */
struct document_refresh *refresh;
struct line *data;
struct link *links;
/** @name Arrays with one item per rendered document's line.
* @{ */
struct link **lines1; /**< The first link on the line. */
struct link **lines2; /**< The last link on the line. */
/** @} */
struct search *search;
struct search **slines1;
struct search **slines2;
struct point *search_points;
#ifdef CONFIG_UTF8
unsigned char buf[7];
unsigned char buf_length;
/* base char + 5 combining chars = 6 */
unicode_val_T combi[UCS_MAX_LENGTH_COMBINED];
/* the number of combining characters. The base char is not counted. */
unsigned int combi_length;
/* Positions of the last base character.*/
int comb_x, comb_y;
unsigned int cache_id; /**< Used to check cache entries. */
int cp;
int width, height; /**< size of document */
int nlinks;
int nsearch;
int number_of_search_points;
struct {
color_T background;
} color;
enum cp_status cp_status;
unsigned int links_sorted:1; /**< whether links are already sorted */
#define document_has_frames(document_) ((document_) && (document_)->frame_desc)
/** Initializes a document and its canvas.
* @returns NULL on allocation failure.
* @relates document */
struct document *
init_document(struct cache_entry *cached, struct document_options *options);
/** Releases the document and all its resources.
* @relates document */
void done_document(struct document *document);
/** Free's the allocated members of the link. */
void done_link_members(struct link *link);
/** Calculates css magic from available CSS imports. Used for determining
* validity of formatted documents in the cache. */
unsigned long get_document_css_magic(struct document *document);
void update_cached_document_options(struct session *ses);
struct document *get_cached_document(struct cache_entry *cached, struct document_options *options);
/** Release a reference to the document.
* @relates document */
void release_document(struct document *document);
int get_format_cache_size(void);
int get_format_cache_used_count(void);
int get_format_cache_refresh_count(void);
void shrink_format_cache(int);
extern struct module document_module;
/** @todo FIXME: support for entities and all Unicode characters.
* (Unpaired surrogates should be rejected, so that the ECMAScript
* interface can convert the access key to UTF-16.)
* For now, we only support simple printable character. */
#define accesskey_string_to_unicode(s) (((s)[0] && !(s)[1] && isprint((s)[0])) ? (s)[0] : 0)
int find_tag(struct document *document, unsigned char *name, int namelen);