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# = hooks.rb - ELinks/Ruby hooks
# == Module Constants
# The following global module constants are defined
# * ELinks::VERSION - The ELinks version. :-P
# * ELinks::HOME - The path to ELinks configuration files
# == Debugging Scripts
# When debugging you can use either
# p(obj, ...)
# or
# message(string)
# to print message strings. The printed strings will be shown in a message
# box.
# -----
# LAST UPDATE: 2006/06/21 -- Thomas Adam <thomas.adam22@gmail.com>
# -----
# Called when the user enters something into the goto URL dialog.
# Arguments:
# @url the URL entered in the goto URL dialog.
# @current_url the URL currently being viewed in ELinks.
# Returns the URL to go to. Return nil to use the @url argument as is
# (leave it untouched).
def ELinks::goto_url_hook(url, current_url)
case url
when /^localhost$/
return "http://localhost/"
when /test-ruby/
# Currently used for debugging the exported variables.
message(ELinks::VERSION + " - " + ELinks::HOME);
return current_url
return url
# Called when the user decides to load some document by following a link,
# entering a URL in the goto URL dialog, loading frames from a frameset (?)
# etc.
# Arguments:
# @url the URL being followed.
# Returns the URL to be followed. Return nil to use the @url argument as is.
def ELinks::follow_url_hook(url)
return url
# Called when an HTML document has been loaded - before the document rendering
# begins. Makes it possible to fix up bad HTML code, remove tags etc.
# Arguments:
# @url the URL of the document being loaded.
# @html the source of the document being loaded.
# Returns the preformatted source of the document. Return nil to leave the
# document source untouched.
def ELinks::pre_format_html_hook(url, html)
# Things start here. Note the match alternation to define those sites
# which you want to rerender.
# This regexp object is for matching against specific domains.
r = Regexp.new('http:\/\/'"#{domains}"'\/.*')
s = Regexp.new('http:\/\/'"#{domains}"'\/view(forum|topic)|posting.*\.(html|php).*')
if url.match(/http:\/\/edulinux.homeunix.org\/elinks-render\.html/)
html.gsub!(/(<p class=\"example\">)(.*?)(<\/p>)/, '<h2><font color="red">\2</font></h2>')
return html
if url.match(r)
# Handle viewtopic.php -- this has some very slightly different
# code to the other pages found on phpBB sites. Again, the match
# alternations are important here -- I ought to define a Regexp
# object to handle this eventually, which would save code
# duplication, at any rate.
if url.match(s)
# Start with the menubar at the top, and remove the image
# links. We still have to add the description back in so that
# we know what the link references. :)
html.gsub!(/<(img.*?)>(faq|search|memberlist|usergroups|register|profile|you have no new messages|log out \[.*?\]|chat room<\/a>)/i,'\2')
# Remove the long list of relative links (I don't like them).
html.gsub!(/<link rel.*? \/>/,'')
# Turn on borders for the "main" table.
html.gsub!(/(<table class=\"forumline\".*border=)(\".*?\")(.*?>)/,'\11\3')
# In the LHS of the table for each postee, remove their image
# link, and just display their status instead.
html.gsub!(/(<span class=\"postdetails\">.*?)(<img src.*? \/>)/i,'\1')
# Handle the options for each post. Depending on the status
# of the person viewing this site, they could have none or all
# of these -- either way they've been shortened.
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"Reply With Quote\")\s*(title=\"reply with quote\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2Q \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"edit\/delete this post\")\s*(title=\"edit\/delete this post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2E/D \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"delete this post\")\s*(title=\"delete this post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2D \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"post\")\s*(title=\"post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2--&gt; \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"new post\")\s*(title=\"new post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2--&gt; \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"view newest post\")\s*(title=\"view newest post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2--&gt; \4')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"view latest post\")\s*(title=\"view latest post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2&lt;-- \4')
# See above.
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"view ip address of poster\")\s*(title=\"view ip address of poster\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2IP />')
html.gsub!(/<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\"\s*border=\"0\"\s*height="18"\s*width=\"18\">/, '<table border="0">')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"view user\'s profile\")\s*(title=\"view user\'s profile\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2Profile />')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"send private message\")\s*(title=\"send private message\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2PM />')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"send e-mail\")\s*(title=\"send e-mail\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2email />')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"visit poster\'s website\")\s*(title=\"visit poster\'s website\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2Web />&nbsp;')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"Yahoo Messenger\")\s*(title=\"Yahoo Messenger\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2Yahoo />')
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"Msn Messenger\")\s*(title=\"Msn Messenger\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2MSN />')
# PhpBB's index page defines its layout as a series of tables.
# The main table has a class of 'forumline' -- hence setting its
# border property to 1 helps readability and to proide distinct
# lines between the table sections.
# Change the background colour of the forum pages to white -- the
# default is grey.
html.gsub!(/(body \{\n\tbackground-color: )(\#E5E5E5\;)/,'\1white;')
# Assuming you've told ELinks to remember your login details (not
# that it matters), the "New posts" and "No New Post" indicators
# were typically just defined in words. This looked ugly. Hence
# in this case, I've changed the table structure to change the
# background colour of these cells. A red colour indicates "No new
# posts", whereas a green colour indicates "New Posts".
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"row1\".*?)>(<img src.*No new posts.*>)/, '\1 bgcolor="red">&nbsp;</td>')
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"row1\".*?)>(<img src.*new posts.*>)/i, '\1 bgcolor="green">&nbsp;</td>')
# These lines appear at the bottom of the pages as a kind of "key"
# for the above changes.
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*\"No new posts\".*\>)/,"<font color=\"red\">No New Posts</font></td>")
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*\"New posts\".*\>)/,"<font color=\"green\">New Posts</font></td>")
# Remove duplicate lines within the HTML that would otherwise
# repeat the same thing. (Damn annoying)
html.gsub!(/<td><span class=\"gensmall\">([nN]o)|[Nn]ew posts\<\/span\>\<\/td\>/,"<td></td>")
# As with the red/green background colour for (No|New) Posts
# above, a blue colour in the table indicates that the selected
# thread is locked.
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"row1\".*?)>(<img src.*locked.*>)/i, '\1 bgcolor="blue">&nbsp;</td>')
# Orange indicates that the selected thread has moved.
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"row1\".*?)>(<img src.*moved.*>)/i, '\1 bgcolor="orange">&nbsp;</td>')
# Remove image repetitions at the bottom of the page entirely (the
# only ever serve as a key for the page above -- this is why I am
# using colour here.)
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"gensmall\">(.*?<\/td>|<img src.*?><\/td>))/,'')
html.gsub!(/(<td.*?>)(<img src.*alt=\"(Sticky|Announcement|.*Popular.*)\".* \/><\/td>)/i, '')
html.gsub!(/(<td.*?>)(<img src.*alt=\"Forum is locked\" \/><\/td>)/,'')
# At the very top of the pages, remove the images, but retain the
# links by way of their alt attributes. (For things like FAQ,
# MemeberList, etc.)
# DON'T do this for the pages matched by regexp 's' -- to do so
# would remove many other images those pages rely on (and that
# have been munged in the 's' section above, anyway.)
html.gsub!(/<(img.*?)>(.*?<\/a>)/i, '\2') if not url.match(s)
# OK -- "View Latest Post" becomes "[<--]" which hopefully points
# to the person's name.
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?)(alt=)(\"view (newest|latest) post\")\s*(title=\"view (newest|latest) post\")(.*? \/>)/i, '\1\2&lt;-- \4') if not url.match(s)
# And in a similar fashion, remove the "Goto Page" links.
html.gsub!(/(<img src.*?alt=\"goto page\".*? \/>)/i,'')
# No need to have this in the table at the bottom.
html.gsub!(/(<td class=\"row1\".*?><img src.*alt=\"who is online\".* \/><\/td>)/i,'')
# Remove all the Link: rel references
html.gsub!(/<link rel.*? \/>/,'')
# Some phpBB sites use frames. Ugh
html.gsub!(/(<table width=\"100%\" cellpadding=\"4\" cellspacing=\"1\" border=)1>/,'\10>')
return html
# Determining what proxy, if any, should be used to load a requested URL.
# Arguments:
# @url the URL to be proxied.
# The hook should return one of the following:
# 1. "<host>:<port>" - to use the specified host and port
# 2. "" - to not use any proxy
# 3. nil - to use the default proxies
def ELinks::proxy_hook(url)
return nil
# Called when ELinks quits and can be used to do required clean-ups like
# removing any temporary files created by the hooks.
def ELinks::quit_hook