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Jonas Fonseca
6a822b5fd9 Fix *-recursive targets for old bash versions
Apparently some old bash versions (2.03 atleast) on SunOS is not able to
handle 'for i in $(SUBDIRS); do ... done' when $(SUBDIRS) is empty.
2005-09-27 19:02:09 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
249fac4345 Tune the clean-l usage
- Fix the doc/ clean target which was called clean-local
 - Consistently use $(RM)
 - Introduce CLEAN variable to make it simpler to costumize local cleaning
2005-09-27 18:27:17 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
50f4b46616 dom_node_cmp(): Minor optimization 2005-09-27 14:39:40 +02:00
Petr Baudis
d8bc3f7b15 Merge with /srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-26 16:09:29 +02:00
Petr Baudis
87938bbeca Rename locale no to nb
Apparently new name for the locale, makes new gettexts happy. Pointed
out by darix and probably someone else too.
2005-09-26 16:09:00 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
23497405cb More installation fixes
- Use the mkinstalldirs in $(top_srcdir)/config
 - Fix buggy scripting of srcdir which broke the local gettext install
 - Add the local uninstall stuff so we have it around
2005-09-23 20:30:56 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
49a6d7cf8d Revive doc/.gitignore 2005-09-23 15:08:02 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
7446adecd5 Remove *.tmp files created by pod2html 2005-09-23 15:07:40 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
c2879b655b Merge with git+ssh://pasky.or.cz/srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-23 14:51:51 +02:00
Strahinya Radich
f86a009108 Add Serbian translation 2005-09-23 14:51:14 +02:00
Petr Baudis
bd0f5ba60d We call $(mkinstalldirs) $(MKINSTALLDIRS)
Should fix make install.
2005-09-23 09:08:47 +02:00
Petr Baudis
ade2ae0a69 Add simple support for the display CSS property
display: inline, display: block and display: inline-block (aliased to
inline) is now supported. I hope I didn't break anything. :-)

This makes the new yucky CSS'd slashdot look at least a bit better.
2005-09-22 22:07:33 +02:00
Petr Baudis
31bdf06d8f More detailed element*.linebreak description 2005-09-22 21:52:12 +02:00
Petr Baudis
7a91098135 Use is_*_element() to determine whether element is block or inline
Use that in the stack killing code, where we do some pretty funny checks
and stuff. The decision is based on the linebreak struct attribute,
non-zero for block elements.
2005-09-22 21:44:28 +02:00
Russ Rowan
a3f177e088 Really fix binary installation. 2005-09-22 10:07:27 -04:00
Frobozz the Neuromancer,668,302-521-2606,609-645-8080
0815fe1cf8 Fix installation of elinks binary. 2005-09-22 08:50:59 -04:00
Russ Rowan
7d5d63bb29 Several minor grammar and spelling corrections. Mainly to test that I have
GIT_COMMITTER_NAME set properly.
2005-09-22 08:07:01 -04:00
Jonas Fonseca
779db5014e Clean up and clarify the autotools variables
Remove AUTOMAKE variable, spotted by Miciah and me. Notice that the unset
variables are needed for future rebuilding of .in files.
2005-09-22 13:50:10 +02:00
Russ Rowan
efc2d3b235 Correct installation of man5 manpages. 2005-09-22 07:27:25 -04:00
Laurent MONIN
f1c57a05e1 Merge with git+ssh://pasky.or.cz/srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-19 16:04:34 +02:00
Laurent MONIN
787059253c download_dialog_layouter(): store bittorrent test result in a temporary
2005-09-19 16:02:27 +02:00
Frobozz the Neuromancer,668,302-521-2606,609-645-8080
c914d6a1e3 Added contrib/grafthistory.sh 2005-09-19 08:46:50 -04:00
Jonas Fonseca
5455795394 Upgrade to use cg-commit-id for getting build ID
The recent cogito-0.15 renamed commit-id to have the cg-prefix.
2005-09-19 11:04:03 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
2ce808cb0f Revert building of po/ with out running configure 2005-09-18 21:34:13 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
655ff2c6b3 Remove the stupid CVS docs retrieving script
The docs are available in the generated tarballs, and GIT doesn't support
2005-09-18 18:52:00 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
baadeebab1 More CVS -> GIT conversions
Update INSTALL to both 'cover' GIT checkouts and requirements for the new
build system. Hacking info no more advices to add CVS Id lines.
2005-09-18 18:47:20 +02:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters
c308df5eca Remove Makefile.base. 2005-09-18 03:42:30 +00:00
Jonas Fonseca
87e993b9d4 Allow po/ to build without running configure 2005-09-18 02:37:25 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
0827ec61c7 Update NEWS with 0.10.6 release and GIT move 2005-09-18 02:02:02 +02:00
Petr Baudis
e52144349d Don't install elinks.1 from srcdir since it's autogenerated. 2005-09-17 20:44:50 +02:00
Petr Baudis
67ba923af4 Generate doc/man/man1/elinks.1. 2005-09-17 20:43:57 +02:00
Petr Baudis
871c2dab3a Try to fix installation when built out-of-tree. 2005-09-17 20:37:32 +02:00
Petr Baudis
1c382625fd Install the ELinks binary during make install. 2005-09-17 20:37:23 +02:00
Laurent MONIN
a9f70fd776 really_close_tab(): call number_of_tabs() only if needed. 2005-09-17 20:14:33 +02:00
Laurent MONIN
8d234b242b DEBUG_HARDIO tidyup. 2005-09-17 20:06:01 +02:00
Petr Baudis
c94471fde8 Throw in install-sh, missing, and mkinstalldirs, and detect BSD install
presence in the configure script.
2005-09-17 20:00:58 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
150beefabb Fix building when commit-id is not found 2005-09-17 16:21:35 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
9921e58aba Put the commit ID in the version string
Finally, we are able to identify the builds more accurately. Now we check
if commit-id (cogito tool) is available and pass the output to vernum.c
compilation which then exports it as a build_id string.

The first line of --version is now a bit long, we should probably move the
build date to a second indented line or something.
2005-09-17 14:45:59 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
e8a17b97db Indent the output of CC and LINK
Use indentation to align directory and .c file names in the output (for
make all) so it is easier to distinguise lines.
2005-09-17 14:41:51 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
ffcb7582b8 Remove some unused config strings 2005-09-17 13:19:10 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
a5dd59884e Update compiles in URIs
*.elinks.or.cz -> *.elinks.cz
cvsweb.elinks.or.cz -> pasky.or.cz/gitweb.cgi (rename to ELINKS_GITWEB_URL)
2005-09-17 12:57:19 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
a7e8926622 Move notice of GNUTLS >= 1.2 requirement to NEWS file 2005-09-17 11:54:14 +02:00
Petr Baudis
9e1472a72a Merge with /srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-17 08:46:26 +02:00
Petr Baudis
a87d775eeb Merge with git+ssh://pasky.or.cz/srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-17 08:45:23 +02:00
Petr Baudis
f8908d956a Add missed CONFIG_NLS to Makefile.config 2005-09-17 08:14:20 +02:00
Petr Baudis
744a87cea2 Significantly retouch the OpenSSL vs. GNUTLS tractate. 2005-09-17 04:01:08 +02:00
Petr Baudis
5f05336170 Move bits around to more appropriate places 2005-09-17 03:53:50 +02:00
Petr Baudis
8623d1ce8c Mention that the GNUTLS SSL support is 1.2+
Suggested by Miernik.
2005-09-17 03:53:27 +02:00
Petr Baudis
d68fd7aa4b Remove some ancient reducing-binary-size stuff
Instead refer to doc/small.txt.
2005-09-17 03:51:35 +02:00
Petr Baudis
86655626b5 General retouching, style and grammar fixes etc. 2005-09-17 03:48:21 +02:00