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Witold Filipczyk
7ea7cacade [.config] Read/write configuration from ~/.config/elinks . Refs #199
Note, configs and other files from ~/.elinks/ are not moved
to ~/.config/elinks/ automatically. You must do it yourself.

ELINKS_CONFDIR and HOME_ETC also are no longer supported.
2022-12-26 17:48:55 +01:00
M. Levinson
ec1bedc25e Python: Document more goto_url_hook and follow_url_hook return values.
Document what happens if goto_url_hook or follow_url_hook returns None or "".
doc/events.txt already explains the corresponding C values.

[ commit message by me --KON ]
2007-01-12 00:02:50 +02:00
M. Levinson
26473f72f5 Python: Give goto_url_hook only one argument, like follow_url_hook.
On Dec 31, 2006, at 11:30am, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo writes:
>src/scripting/python/hooks.c (script_hook_url) calls hooks as
>goto_url_hook(new-url, current-url) and follow_url_hook(new-url).
>It has a comment saying that the current-url parameter exists
>only for compatibility and that the script can instead use
>elinks.current_url().  However, the current-url parameter was
>added in commit 87e27b9b3e and is
>not in ELinks 0.11.2, so any compatibility problems would only
>hit people who have been using 0.12.GIT snapshots.  Can we remove
>the second parameter now before releasing ELinks 0.12pre1?

The decision isn't up to me, but I think this is a good idea. Here's a
patch that would update the documentation and hooks.py, as well as hooks.c.

FYI, if this patch is applied then anyone who's still trying to use a
goto_url_hook that expects a second argument will get a "Browser scripting
error" dialog box that says:

	An error occurred while running a Python script:

	TypeError: goto_url_hook() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)
2007-01-01 17:45:36 +02:00
M. Levinson
78bd416dc0 Bug 880: Prevent SIGSEGV in init_python when -no-home is used.
Before this patch, init_python would crash trying to set up elinks.home
at the Python side.  Now it uses None as the value in that case.
Also, init_python no longer adds "(null)" to $PYTHONPATH.
2006-12-08 19:59:41 +02:00
M. Levinson
0c1ba7306f doc: Additional functionality for Python backend.
This should have been in commit ebadc9bf9e.
2006-11-26 11:37:51 +02:00