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Bug 841, CVE-2006-5925: Prevent enabling the SMB protocol.

src/protocol/smb/smb.c: Added #error directives so that this
vulnerable code cannot be accidentally compiled in.

features.conf: Disable CONFIG_SMB by default and explain why.

configure.in: If CONFIG_SMB is enabled, disable it and warn the user.
This is for people who have customized features.conf.
This commit is contained in:
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 2006-11-18 20:39:01 +02:00 committed by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
parent 5571716abd
commit f915c31127
3 changed files with 18 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -1246,7 +1246,13 @@ EL_ARG_ENABLE(CONFIG_NNTP, nntp, [NNTP protocol],
[ --enable-nntp enable nntp protocol support])
[ --disable-smb disable SMB protocol support (requires smbclient)])
[ --enable-smb not currently allowed])
dnl [ --disable-smb disable SMB protocol support (requires smbclient)])
if test "$CONFIG_SMB" != no; then
AC_MSG_WARN([Ignoring --enable-smb because of vulnerability CVE-2006-5925.
If you want to use SMB, please vote for bug 844 or post a patch.])
EL_ARG_ENABLE(CONFIG_MOUSE, mouse, [Mouse handling],

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@ -373,9 +373,15 @@ CONFIG_NNTP=no
# will need to install Samba (or at least just the smbclient part, if you can
# install it separately).
# Default: enabled if smbclient will be found
# Unfortunately, ELinks doesn't yet properly validate the file name passed to
# smbclient, and this caused vulnerability CVE-2006-5925 (bug 841). To close
# the vulnerability, configure.in now disables the SMB protocol regardless
# of what you specify here. If you would like to fix the code so that the
# protocol can be safely enabled again, please see bug 844.
# Default: disabled
### Cascading Style Sheets

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@ -4,6 +4,9 @@
#define _GNU_SOURCE /* Needed for asprintf() */
#error SMB protocol support is vulnerable to CVE-2006-5925. Do not use.
#error If you want to use SMB, please vote for bug 844 or post a patch.
#include "config.h"