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If make -k was used and a sub-Make fails, build the rest before propagating.

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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 2006-05-21 14:55:22 +03:00 committed by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
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@ -210,10 +210,19 @@ RULES_REC = $(addsuffix -recursive,$(RULES))
.PHONY: $(RULES) $(RULES_LOCAL) $(RULES_REC) $(addsuffix -default,$(RULES))
# The -recursive rules decend all subdirs.
# The -recursive rules descend all subdirs.
# If make -k was used and a sub-Make fails, then keep building the
# remaining subdirectories, but return an error at the end.
ifneq (,$(findstring k,$(MAKEFLAGS)))
@suberr=0; \
$(foreach subdir,$(sort $(SUBDIRS)), \
$(call ncmd,recmake,$(subdir),$(subst -recursive,,$@)) || suberr=1;) \
exit $$suberr
@$(foreach subdir,$(sort $(SUBDIRS)), \
$(call ncmd,recmake,$(subdir),$(subst -recursive,,$@)) || exit 1;)
# Dummy -local rules