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Change ELusive reference to reference to SGML+DOM stuff ref.

Such a change takes one _really_ bored ELinks hacker in a night bus
(and a distributed VCS, woo-hoo). Yawn.
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Petr Baudis 2005-09-17 03:09:45 +02:00 committed by Petr Baudis
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@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ What yet needs to take its way to Bugzilla:
Some rules for sane handling of texinfo documentation
Rewrite HTML parser (see ELusive, src/elusive/TODO)
Rewrite HTML parser (see the SGML+DOM stuff, src/document/sgml)
Reorganization of user interface (nothing particular at all, just an
uncertain feel that it could be better and bear a look of some UI designer ;)