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@ -301,26 +301,6 @@ dump_backtrace(FILE *f, int trouble)
fprintf(f, "[%p] %s\n", stack[i], strings[i]);
/* User torturation. */
/* You are worried about what you see here? You don't see anything in
* the first place. Also, be assured that we know what are we doing. */
/* (We are killing the user, obviously.) */
/* TODO: Gettextify? Er, better not. More people (translators) could
* find out what are we doing... ;-) --pasky */
/* TODO: Be more cruel when in trouble? ;-) --pasky */
fputs( "Wheeeeeeeeeee! You played with the config.h by hand, didn't you?\n"
"Of _COURSE_ you did! Is that how a nice .. creature behaves like?\n"
"Of _COURSE_ it isn't! I feel offended and thus I will revenge now!\n"
"You will _suffer_ >:).\n"
"CPU burning sequence initiated...\n", f);
/* TODO: Include cpuburn.c here. --pasky */
while (1);