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Hello All,
when the binary is compiled on Linux using MinGW for Win64
it's almost certain You'll get to some error, core dump etc.
To prevent the need to change the Linux for Windows to debug
the problems there are tools already provided by MinGW to
fix eventual complications.
Let's walkthrough a simple example. In my case the elinks
binary compiled in the very minimalistic configuration
2022-04-25 06:55:57 +00:00
but when I opened http it does throw Socket Exception.
2022-04-24 17:55:13 +00:00
First You want to compile the win64 executable using the
CFLAG=-g ...
The inspiration for this document is taken from the curses
gdb howto's currently available on the internet.
I assume You work on X windows with at least 2 terminals
[ SCR01 and SCR02 ] or GNU screen (apt-get install screen).
When I'll mention SCR01 that means 1st terminal or screen
in the screen manager and SCR02 is the second one.
First we want to run the elinks in standalone console
to have independent textual interface. And start the
debug server (gdbserver.exe) for windows listening
on certain port. This can be done using:
SCR01$ wineconsole Z:/usr/share/win64/gdbserver.exe \
localhost:12345 elinks.exe
New window with elinks will appear and elinks will open
on default settings. It's win64 binary running under wine.
There is de-facto no difference from standard windows
command window.
Now we'll prepare script to execute command on gdb startup
called win64.gdb with following content:
target remote localhost:12345
On the second terminal we'll execute the mingw win64 debugger
and run the script to connect to the elinks on cmd windows
from SCR01 like this:
SCR02$ x86_64-w64-mingw32-gdb -x win64.gdb
On SCR02 You'll see message debugger is connectedto the running
win64 elinks wine session.
Next step is to read symbols from executable in the gdb on SCR02:
(gdb) file elinks.exe
A program is being debugged already.
Are you sure you want to change the file? (y or n) y
Reading symbols from elinks.exe...done.
Then just read directory with the problematic function
(e.g. src/network in my case) like this:
(gdb) dir network
Verify the source file can be read by gdb:
(gdb) list socket.c:10
5 #endif
7 #include <errno.h>
8 #include <string.h>
9 #include <sys/types.h>
11 #include <netinet/in.h> /* OS/2 needs this after sys/types.h /
12 #endif
14 #include <sys/socket.h> / OS/2 needs this after sys/types.h */
set breakpoint:
(gdb) b dns_exception
Breakpoint 1 at 0x48296c: file socket.c, line 189.
and continue with program running
(gdb) c
simulate the problematic part
And there we go... we have the exception break and full stack:
Breakpoint 1, dns_exception (socket=0x8e84f8) at socket.c:189
189 {
(gdb) bt
#0 dns_exception (socket=0x8e84f8) at socket.c:189
#1 0x0000000000478bcc in select_loop (init=0x47706b ) at select.c:628
#2 0x000000000047784b in main (argc=1, argv=0x831a40) at main.c:364
For detailed information run gdb and execute help.
... now just find what's causing the Socket exception ...