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* Let the chips fall where they may: To let something happen, no matter if it's good or bad
* Once in a blue moon: rarely
* Sleep on it: To think about something for a while before making a decision.
* out of the picture: no longer involed, irrelevant
* fish out of water: a situation that you're unfamiliar with so you're uncomfortable

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Ooops, It's getting longer ...
* shed: a small building to store things / nhà kho
* perception: nhận thức
* obsessed: unable to stop thinking about sth / ám ảnh
* can't get enough of something: want more of sth
* intimate: thân mật
* amused: showing that sth is funny / thích thú
* congressman: nghị sĩ quốc hội
* exacerbate: make sth bad even worse
* all at once: suddenly
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