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accessibility-check: 0 (Tidy Classic)
add-meta-charset: no
add-xml-decl: no
add-xml-space: no
anchor-as-name: yes
ascii-chars: no
assume-xml-procins: no
bare: no
break-before-br: no
char-encoding: utf8
clean: no
coerce-endtags: yes
css-prefix: c
custom-tags: no
decorate-inferred-ul: no
doctype: auto
drop-empty-elements: yes
drop-empty-paras: yes
drop-proprietary-attributes: no
enclose-block-text: no
enclose-text: no
escape-cdata: no
escape-scripts: yes
fix-backslash: yes
fix-bad-comments: auto
fix-style-tags: yes
fix-uri: yes
force-output: no
gdoc: no
gnu-emacs: no
hide-comments: no
indent: auto
indent-attributes: no
indent-cdata: no
indent-spaces: 2
indent-with-tabs: no
input-encoding: utf8
input-xml: no
join-classes: no
join-styles: yes
keep-tabs: no
keep-time: no
literal-attributes: no
logical-emphasis: no
lower-literals: yes
markup: yes
merge-divs: auto
merge-emphasis: yes
merge-spans: auto
mute-id: no
ncr: yes
newline: LF
numeric-entities: no
omit-optional-tags: no
output-bom: auto
output-encoding: utf8
output-html: no
output-xhtml: no
output-xml: no
preserve-entities: no
punctuation-wrap: no
quiet: no
quote-ampersand: yes
quote-marks: no
quote-nbsp: yes
repeated-attributes: keep-last
replace-color: no
show-body-only: no
show-errors: 6
show-info: yes
show-meta-change: no
show-warnings: yes
skip-nested: yes
sort-attributes: none
strict-tags-attributes: no
tab-size: 8
tidy-mark: no
uppercase-attributes: no
uppercase-tags: no
vertical-space: no
warn-proprietary-attributes: yes
word-2000: no
wrap: 0
wrap-asp: yes
wrap-attributes: no
wrap-jste: yes
wrap-php: yes
wrap-script-literals: no
wrap-sections: yes
write-back: no